Passions Update Thursday 1/16/03

Passions Update Thursday 1/16/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Charity can’t stop blaming herself for Kay’s problems. She is sure that if she hadn’t moved there in the first place, Miguel would probably be married to Kay and not trying to be with Charity. Everyone but Kay seems to think that Charity is overreacting to the whole thing and is blaming herself unnecessarily. Jessica tries to talk some sense into her. The whole family is fighting because of this problem. Jessica is sure that Kay is the one that caused all the chaos in the family. Charity really didn’t do anything and Jessica wants her to understand that.

Kay has broken a picture of her family as she has been packing. She looked at it and saw her whole family in the picture. It angers her that they don’t support her the way that she would like them to. She flung the picture at the wall and it broke. Now she picks it up and looks at it. She thinks that her mother doesn’t care about her happiness at all. She starts ripping up the picture after taking it out of its frame. She thinks that Grace only cares for Charity. The first thing that she wants to do is get out of the house.

Sam has to go to work and Grace thinks that he is abandoning his family. He explains that there is a storm out and he has to help as that is his job. Grace thinks that nothing is more important than the domestic dispute in his own house. She has no idea that he is going over to the Cranes to see about a ‘Mrs. Crane’, but she knows that he must be needed on a terrible night like this. He remembers the fight that Grace and Kay had earlier. Grace is right, there are problems at home. That is the cause of Kay moving out and that will not change any time soon, so Sam staying home right now is not going to make things any better any time soon.

Sam remembers the argument that night. Kay didn’t care that there is a blizzard out, she said she is still going to move. Kay is pregnant and feels that Grace only cares for Charity and that hurts her. Jessica said that Kay tricked Miguel into having sex with her, and Kay called her a bitch. Sam can’t worry about that now. He has been called to go to the Crane house to take care of a Mrs. Crane and so he will be off but he is careful not to tell Grace exactly where he is going. Grace wants to know what is more important than his family, that he feels that he has to leave the house.

Ethan can’t send his mother out into the cold. He knows what Theresa is trying to do, and he understands her hurt, but he can’t do it. Ethan decides that he will be the one that takes his mother somewhere if she really has to leave, but he can’t believe the way that Theresa is acting. Julian and Rebecca know that Ivy is history now, as there is nothing else that seems to be available to Ivy to use to stay in the house. Theresa is sure that she wants to throw Ivy out of the house, so people trying to make her see things differently, won’t work. She tells Ivy that the cops are on the way and soon she will be out of her life forever. Ivy watches Theresa with venom in her eyes.

TC tries to get out of the bedroom where Liz is with him. She is sleepwalking and she has locked his bedroom door and put the key in her bosom. He tries the door anyway and finds that it is truly locked. He has to get out of there. She has been kissing TC and he is afraid to wake Liz as that could turn out to be very dangerous. He called the nurse earlier and was told that sleepwalkers shouldn’t be wakened as that could prove to be very dangerous for them. They should be allowed to act out whatever it is that they are doing. TC has been doing his best to leave Liz to her sleepwalking tactics, but he can’t let her keep kissing him so passionately in his bedroom. He is a married man and Eve could come home at any minute.

Eve is at work and learns that there is a load of emergencies coming in. That means that she won’t be getting home then for a while. She wanted to be with TC that evening, but that seems like it isn’t going to happen. Eve will be ready for the emergencies that are coming in. She hopes that her kids made it okay on the way home. She really should call them to make sure that they are okay.

Chad, Whitney, and Simone are in the minivan and they are all unconscious. Chad had an accident and the 3 of them are stuck. The storm has been terrible to drive in and maybe they should have taken Grace up on her offer to stay over, but it is to o late for that now. The windshield wipers are still going.

Beth tells Sheridan that she is the one that is responsible for Antonio’s accident and she says that Sheridan has done something unforgivable. She married Antonio and he should have been her first priority. Sheridan said that she was shocked that Luis was there. Beth finds that not to be an excuse. Sheridan feels terrible as it is and she never meant to hurt Pilar. Beth thinks that Pilar was right to blame her for Antonio getting ill. Everyone will blame her as she will be seen as the one that has killed her husband. Mrs. Wallace watches from afar and she can’t believe her daughter has done this. This act and speech that she is putting on Sheridan is the most despicable thing that Mrs. Wallace has seen her daughter do to date.

TC tries to get the key from Liz, but that only starts her on another kissing frenzy. She grabs a hold of TC and she doesn’t let him go.

Eve decides to call home and no one answers. She finds that very strange.

Sam reminds Grace that this is one time that she has to make a sacrifice for his job. She agreed to that as his wife long ago. Sam is sure that Kay will not be leaving the house that night as the storm is raging.

Kay calls some movers and tells them that she would like them to come and get her out of her parents’ house.

Ivy goes to Rebecca asking her to hurry with her plan to get Theresa out of the house. Ivy tells her to hurry. Fox suspects that something is going on with Rebecca and Ivy, and Rebecca tells him to mind his own business. Fox says that he is worried about his mother but he still likes Theresa. He just doesn’t want to see Ivy frozen like an icicle.

Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her that he knows that she is not cruel. she likes that he notices that. He can’t believe that she is going to throw his mother out into the cold. Ivy has gotten on Theresa’s last nerve. Theresa doesn’t know why she has to be nice to Ivy. Ethan asks her to overlook the words or anger. Theresa remembers what they were saying about her. They were drinking and they were talking about her…calling her a taco bella….saying that she doesn’t belong in a fine house like this. They said that she and her spawn should move out. Rebecca says that there are so many of ‘them’ there. “The border patrol must have a terrible time with them!” Theresa tells Ethan again that the police are on their way and the police will be happy to let Ivy stay with them in a jail cell.

Beth remembers praying to God saying that she will have Luis no matter what she has to do. Beth goes back to Sheridan and she tells her that she heard that Luis would leave his family if Sheridan was blamed for Antonio’s death. Would she really let that happen? Should Luis forgive her if she let him divorce his family? Beth tells her that enough is enough. Luis might try to forgive her in the beginning and eventually, he would stop loving her and he would find that Sheridan really was the one responsible for Antonio’s death.

Luis returns and Sheridan runs to him and hugs him close.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth as watching nearby and Mrs. Wallace shakes her head. Beth seems to try and try but is never able to separate Luis and Sheridan. She will never learn it seems. Her speech to Sheridan apparently has fallen on deaf ears.

Grace asks Sam again to stay and work this out with her and Kay. Sam says that he has to go but they will deal with the problem later. They have 3 kids and maybe they should be more attentive to Kay. Grace promises to do the best that she can with Kay while he is gone. Grace offers to check on Kay. Sam thinks that if Grace knew where he was going, she would be angry with that too. He leaves.

Kay comes down the stairs dragging baggage. Grace comes to her asking what she is doing. Kay says that she is moving out.

Eve is worried about her husband and where he could be as he is not answering the phone. He is sure that if anything is wrong, he will call her.

TC breaks the lip lock that Liz has on him and looks at the phone to see who called. It was Eve. He knows that she is going to be curious as to where he is as he didn’t answer the phone earlier.

Simone, Chad and Whitney wake up in the van. Chad is upset that he has gotten the girls in this mess. The girls tell him that this wasn’t his fault. Simone looks out of the windshield and sees smoke. “Oh my Got! The car is on fire!”

Rebecca has an idea for a sex game later. He is the landlord and she is the tenant. When she can’t pay the rent, she has to find another way to play. They start playing on the couch while others watch. Fix breaks their mood by saying, “YUCK!

Ethan tries to talk sense to Theresa. Fox even thinks that Theresa is over the top this time. The doorbell rings. Theresa runs to the door to let Sam in. He says that he heard there was a domestic dispute. Theresa wasn’t expecting him to come to the call. He had to as the other officers are busy.

Ivy is thrilled as punch! Sam has arrived to deal with Theresa throwing her out of the house and she knows that Sam won’t let that happen. She starts smiling at Theresa, who doesn’t seem so sure now what is going to happen.

Ivy goes to Sam to explain that Theresa is throwing her out of the home. Theresa explains that ‘this bitch’ is to be taken out of her home. Theresa hates that Sam has to do this but she wants it done. Sam tells her that the weather is bad and some of the power is off in town, so she should put up with Ivy. Theresa orders him to take Ivy out of the house. Ivy is sure that Sam will side with her on this.

Chad explains that Simone isn’t seeing smoke, she is seeing steam. Simone is happy that he is so smart. She tells him that she couldn’t have a better boyfriend. She is not going to let anything get between them. She remembers Kay telling her that she has to be ruthless. Kay told her that she should be checking in on Whitney from time to time, and make sure that Whitney has no idea that she knows what they are doing.

Luis and Sheridan are hugging and he tells her that things are not looking good for Antonio. Sheridan starts to say something but Eve comes in with the rest of the family. Eve says that it is time to discuss Antonio’s condition. Eve says that they have to make some decisions that are going to affect Antonio’s life and the lives of the rest of the family.

Chad helps Simone out of the car and when he goes in to get Whitney, he asks her to tell Simone the truth now. Whitney will not do it. She is sure that Simone will fall out of love with him soon. Chad isn’t sure about that. Chad brings Whitney out of the car. Chad can tell that he won’t be able to get the car out of the ditch that night. He goes to the front and sees that there isn’t that much damage. He is sorry that he has messed up TC’s car. They will have to walk home now, but Simone doesn’t mind as she has Chad by her side.

Kay is telling her mother and sister that she is leaving. She feels that she is wasting her time staying there.

Theresa wants Ivy taken out of there and put in jail. Sam thinks that they can talk this out. Theresa thinks that Ivy should be glad that she can go to jail, instead of being in the street. Ivy can’t believe that just because she has had a little bastard child, she thinks that she can throw people out. Sam tells Ivy that Theresa has a right to throw Ivy out. Ivy thought that Sam would have helped her, but there isn’t any. Ethan thinks that there should be something else that can be done, but Theresa will not budge. Sam says that if Julian says that Ivy can stay, that might work. All eyes turn to Julian.

Ivy goes to Julian and tells him that she would like him to tell Theresa that she can stay. Julian knows that she was his wife 20 years, but that was 20 years too long. He hasn’t forgiven her for pretending that Ethan was his son for all that time. Julian thinks that Ivy has had her fun and now it is time for her to go.

TC pushes Liz off him and makes her sit on the bed. Things are getting crazy. He tells himself that he isn’t doing anything wrong. This is going to look bad to his kids. He thinks that he will be able to explain this to everyone. He knows that soon Liz will wake up and he will tell her everything that has happened. He has been pacing back and forth and when he makes a final turn, Liz is there and she grabs his face and kisses him passionately some more.

Simone, Chad and Whitney get home and Simone says that she is going to go and tell her parents that they are there. Simone knows that they were thinking of having a romantic evening but she also knows that they will be worried when they get up and the car is not there. Whitney thinks that she is right. She takes off her coat and heads upstairs to talk to her parents.

Beth remembers her mother talking to her about being evil and destroying lives the way that she does. Beth thinks that she shouldn’t have to just stand by and watch Sheridan go off with Luis. Beth thinks that she is just protecting what is hers. Her mother tells her again that Luis isn't’ going to be hers, no matter what she does.

As Eve is talking to Antonio’s family and friends, the alarm in his room goes off. Eve runs in there and shouts out, “Code Blue!” The family comes in and stands by Antonio’s bed as they listen to the alarm on Antonio’s machine.

Ivy wheels her way back into the living room and Sam follows her telling her that if she doesn’t leave the premises, she will be placed under arrest.

Kay has her things packed and is going to leave with some of her things for now. Charity tells Kay that her mother cares for her and she really shouldn’t be going out. Grace would like to work this out but Kay doesn’t want to. Grace said that she wanted her out of the house and so she is leaving.

TC is still kissing with Liz.

Simone, Chad and Whitney are upstairs now. The girls are really lucky they think that their parents are there for them and that they don’t have problems like the Bennetts. They are at TC and Eve’s bedroom door and they are ready to knock to talk to their parents.

Eve brings in a team and they work on Antonio as the monitor continues to blare. The family is around.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace are at the bedside where they are working on Antonio. Mrs. Wallace knows that if Antonio dies, Beth will have lost Luis forever and that will be the end of all this as Luis will have no more excuses for not marrying Sheridan. Beth warns her mother to keep her mouth shut about this. ,She will not hear of anything that her mother has to say on the matter. She turns her head again to Antonio’s frail body where Eve is doing CPR on him, and trying to talk him into getting up, “Come on Antonio, get up…”

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