Passions Update Wednesday 1/15/03

Passions Update Wednesday 1/15/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tries again to throw Ivy out of the house and into the snow where she belongs. The woman has ice in her veins anyway, so she won’t feel the difference. She hates the woman that has been picking on her family for a while. She tried to get Rebecca out of the house, but Julian wants her there as a guest, so there is nothing that Theresa can do about that. Julian thinks that Theresa should take it easy on Ivy and not be so hard on her. She is an invalid and shouldn’t be treated quite so harshly. Rebecca doesn’t care if she stays or goes only that the door is closed quickly as it is getting cold. Ivy can’t believe that the woman is being so cold to her as they were just having drinks together and acting like pals. Ivy has no idea where she will go if she leaves. She pulls her coat closer around her in fear of what may happen to her if she has to go.

Gwen can’t believe that Theresa is being so cruel to Ivy. Who does she think that she is anyway? She and Ethan are on the computer in the library, trying to find a way to save Ivy from the cold. Ethan doesn’t defend what Theresa is doing, but he understands it, and he looks for a way to get Ivy to stay in the house by hitting the computer to find a precedent to save her from getting kicked out. Ethan comes up with an idea. He has to talk to Theresa and Ivy right now to see if it will work.

Grace has a cake that she has prepared for the kids, and Sam wants none of it. He is still upset with the way that things went with Kay and Grace earlier. The other kids are in the room and have witnessed the horrible confrontation. Whitney sees that things are not going well for Sam and Grace and she pretends that she is in a better mood. Whitney asks for a piece of the cake as does the other kids to help the way things are going. Grace is glad that the other kids are trying to make things nice after what happened with Kay earlier. They are good kids. She and Sam argued in front of everyone over whether Kay should be treated with kid gloves or not and that had to have been embarrassing for the kids as well. Grace wondered how Kay got Miguel into bed with her earlier that evening. She knows that Miguel loves Charity and that he would do nothing to spoil that intentionally. That angered Sam that Grace thought that Kay manipulated Miguel that way. Grace puts the cake down and starts putting dishes away. She remarks that she is going to bring Kay something to eat as she needs nourishment for the baby. Kay is upstairs and Sam and Grace hope that the excitement for the evening is over now. Grace hopes that Kay stays in the house that night and does not move out. Something terrible could happen to her if she leaves the house. Grace just feels it.

Eve remembers her talk with her sister earlier. Liz seems to think that she has the upper hand in Eve’s marriage, but Eve set her straight. Eve told her sister that she can’t take TC away as hard as she may try. Eve tells Liz that TC will not leave her because of her past, that is over and done with. Liz thinks that something as simple as Eve’s career is going to be the thing that makes TC leave her. Eve has no time for her husband anymore and TC can see that and he resents that. Eve hates leaving her sister alone in the house with TC but she is sure that the woman is asleep now. Eve had to leave as Antonio had another attack and has gone unconscious. She had her pager off but the phone rang and she answered to Sheridan who told her of the problem with Antonio. Eve couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t come and take care of the problem herself.

At the house, Liz is sleepwalking, or pretending to, and she goes up to TC’s room and waits outside. When he came out, she planted a big kiss on him and he didn’t wake her as that is dangerous. He backs away from her but she stays attached to him. That is no good as that only walks her into his room, closer to the bed.

Beth is praying that she will get Luis and not Sheridan, when her mother comes into the hospital chapel and finds her daughter there. Mrs. Wallace has heard her daughter’s prayers and hopes that God will not give her the wishes. Beth wishes that she could really kill her mother. Mrs. Wallace finds her daughter to be a wicked, wicked daughter.

Sheridan is feeling guilty as Pilar comes in to see her son in the hospital. Pilar hears Sheridan saying that this is all her fault. Pilar wants to know what it is that Sheridan has done to Antonio to make him go into the hospital this way. She trusts Sheridan to take care of her son, so what is she upset about? She questions if Sheridan has done something and she would like the whole story as to what may have gone wrong with Antonio and how his illness has been caused.

Julian tries to help Ivy stay in the house but Theresa will not hear of it. Julian thinks that there may be a place on the property where Ivy can stay but Theresa won’t let her stay anywhere near there. The woman has to get out! Theresa gets the wheelchair and pushes Ivy out right as Ethan arrives with news about whether Ivy can stay there or not.

Grace is worried about the baby and Charity thinks that this is all her fault but Grace assures her that this problem isn’t her fault at all. Sam gives Grace a sad look as he hears her siding with Charity in all this again. This is the very reason why Kay is so upset all the time. Grace tells Simone that she should go and talk to Kay and keep her calm as they are best friends and maybe Simone can talk some sense into Kay. Simone looks at Chad and Whitney, not wanting to leave them alone. Simone agrees to go but is reluctant to leave as Chad and Whitney are there together and will be left without her again. As she walks out, she looks back to see Chad with his hand on Whitney’s back, leading her through the room.

Sam thinks that he and Grace should talk about how to approach Kay from now on to make the family work better. Sam knows that if they keep pushing Kay, they are going to lose her and maybe forever. Grace thinks that maybe he is right and that they should talk and sort this thing out, once and for all.

Simone gets upstairs to find her friend packing her things. She actually has boxes out and is filling them up. Simone is shocked. She knows that Kay shouldn’t do this and tries to make her see that. Kay thinks that her family will not care if she leaves or not. Kay feels that her family is better without her anyway, so why shouldn’t she go? Jessica isn’t even in her corner anymore. They used to be so close and now, Jessica is against her as the others are. A sister should be caring to her sibling but look at Whitney, she doesn’t care that she is taking Chad from Simone either.

Whitney is upset by what she has witnessed that night between Jessica and Kay. She doesn’t want that to happen to her sister. Whitney will not talk to her sister that night as she is afraid of ending up like Liz and her sister.

Liz is kissing TC and finally he manages to pry her off him. He would like to wake her up from her sleepwalking but the nurse on the phone warned him that he shouldn’t wake a sleepwalker.

Pilar wants to know the whole truth about Antonio’s illness. Luis explains that Antonio was supposed to have his medication at a specific time and he didn’t get it. Luis and Sheridan saw each other in the inn and they forgot about Antonio and the fact that he was to take his pills. Miguel can’t believe his ears. Pilar understands now. She turns to Sheridan. “You killed my son…YOU KILLED MY SON!”

Ivy wheels herself back into the house thinking that Ethan is going to save her. She wants to finally tell Theresa what she finally thinks of her.

Grace and Sam decide to go in the living room and talk. They seem to be getting along better now.

Charity tells Jessica that it is all her fault that this has happened. Jessica tells her that Kay is the one that has caused all of this. She does nothing but hurt people. Jessica’s afraid that this is Kay’s nature.

Simone is sure that she won’t let her sister betray her the way that she thinks she is. Kay things are not going to be better for anyone there anyway. Everyone in Harmony is having bad luck. Kay talks as if she has been having premonitions.

Luis can’t believe that his mother is blaming he and Sheridan for Antonio being ill. She apologizes. Miguel and Pilar were only worried about Antonio. Eve comes to tell the group that things don’t look good for Antonio.

Miguel tries to comfort his mother about Antonio. Sheridan is overcome with guilt and walks into another room to sit alone. Luis comes after her. Sheridan thinks that Pilar is going to blame her if anything happens to Antonio. If he dies, then Luis’s mother is not going to be happy to have her as a daughter-in-law.

TC is panicking now and he calls the hospital to get Eve to tell him what to do about Liz and her sleepwalking. As a nurse answers the phone, Liz grabs TC again and starts kissing him again. He drops the phone and lets Liz keep kissing him. The nurse on the phone calls out, “Hello? Hello?” No one answers. Eve comes up to the nurse who has no explanation as to who has called or what they want.

Grace tells Sam that she thinks that tough love is what Kay needs. Sam disagrees. He is glad that Kay has gone to bed and not left the house. Grace thinks that there were a lot of hints that Kay was going to end up this way and she thinks that they should have seen this. Sam would like to try a new way to reach Kay. She keeps talking about how they never give her attention. That may not be true, but that is her perception. It is her reality and that is the key to reaching her. That is the key to keeping her in the house.

Kay hasn’t been having premonitions. She thinks that she has to take charge of her life, as does Simone. She sees a teddy bear that Miguel won for her at the country fair. She knows that he loved her then. Simone hates that Kay is fighting with her sister this way. Simone wouldn’t want to fight with her sister the way that Kay fights with her sister. Kay thinks that when Whitney takes Chad, Simone will think differently. Grace is all sweet and lightness too, until Ivy tries to take Sam from her.

Ivy tells Theresa that she is a slug that married Julian and then got herself knocked up by the man. Ivy calls her the bitch that she is. Ivy thinks that she has won, but Ethan tells her that he didn’t find anything. Theresa gets it. She explains that there is no reason why she should be able to stay in the house. She actually has won and Ivy is out of the house. “YOU are out of here! I WON! I WON! I WON!”

Ivy can’t believe that Ethan hasn’t found anything. He tried everything to get her to stay but he has nothing. Ethan hopes that Theresa will show some compassion but Theresa will not do that. She will wheel her out to the street. Theresa knows that Ivy would like to see her dead and Theresa is not going to let her do that. Ethan tells his mother that if Theresa wants to kick her out, there is nothing that Ivy can do to stop her. That is it! “Chop Chop! I want you out of this house now!”

Eve finds Mrs. Wallace walking around and she reprimands her for walking around too much. Mrs. Wallace knows that she shouldn’t ‘t overdo it. She sits in a nearby chair as she doesn’t want to go back to her hospital bed yet. That is fine with Eve.

Luis and Sheridan are nearby in chairs talking. Beth gets up to go over there and Mrs. Wallace stops her telling her to mind her business. Beth warns her that she may be in that hospital bed permanently, if she doesn’t behave.

Luis and Sheridan talk. He tells her that they are going to be together and that this isn’t her fault. She doesn’t believe that. He tells her that he will choose her if he has to choose between she and his family. He loves her as she is the only woman that he loves. They hug.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth are watching as Luis and Sheridan share a hug. Mrs. Wallace is glad that Beth is watching. That means to her that Beth will never have that man. “So, Give it up!”

Julian likes that Theresa is so fierce in her anger. Rebecca reminds him that Theresa is going to be out of the house in no time. Rebecca promises him that.

Gwen sees that she has to watch Theresa carefully. They are seeing her true colours now. Fox doesn’t mind watching Theresa. She is a pretty attractive picture. Gwen isn’t kidding. She warns him to be careful. Fox knows that Theresa hates Ivy but she is just like her.

Theresa tells Ivy again to leave. Ethan wants her to be reasonable and let the woman stay. This is cruel. Theresa knows that if the situation were reversed, Ivy would throw her out into the snow with her baby. Ethan knows that his mother is just upset. He turns to her to get her to say that she wouldn’t do that to Theresa. Ivy says nothing. She can’t even pretend that she wouldn’t throw Theresa out with her baby. Theresa goes to the phone. She is calling the cops and she is going to have Ivy carted away.

Sam wants to just stop accusing each other and try to reach their daughter. Sam doesn’t want Kay to leave the house that night. There is a terrible storm out there. Grace had no intention of Kay leaving the house that night. She will try to reach Kay but she will need help from him. Simone comes downstairs to report that Kay isn’t happy and that she is packing. Grace knows that the storm is rough outside and she offers that the kids stay but Whitney says that they should leave and they have the car, so they should be okay. The kids go and get their coats and say their goodbyes. Simone walks out behind Chad and Whitney and the door is closed.

Charity and Jessica come into the living room and Grace hugs them both. Sam says that they love them very much. Grace silently prays that nothing destroys her family.

Kay is packing and she finds a picture of her family. “Damn you mother!” She flings the picture at the wall and it shatters.

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth again, that she is not going to get Luis. Beth tells her mother that she is going to have a chat with Sheridan and when she is done, Sheridan is not going to go near Luis again.

Luis and Sheridan are hugging and telling each other how much they love each other. He will do anything for her, even give up his family. He leaves to get her a tissue.

Beth tells her mother to keep her mouth shut and she goes over to Sheridan and tells her that she has overheard what has been said. Sheridan says again that it is her fault that Antonio is lying the hospital bed. Beth confirms that it is her fault that Antonio is in the hospital bed and she knows that if Antonio dies, Pilar is going to blame her for his death, forever! Sheridan looks into Beth’s eyes, not sure what to make of what she is saying.

Theresa calls the police saying that there is a trespasser there and she wants her removed. The cops tell her that there is a storm and that there aren’t enough people there to send out. Theresa tells the officer that she is Mrs. Crane and that she pays the taxes in this town and if she doesn’t get an officer there immediately, she will have the man’s badge. The officer tells her that there will be someone there immediately. Theresa turns to Ivy as she is about to throw her butt out into the snow.

The officer at dispatch calls Sam telling him that Mrs. Crane called saying that she needs someone over there. Sam decides that he will be the one to go over there and put out the fire. Grace asks about the call. Sam tells her that he has to go to work. Grace can’t believe that he is leaving when the whole house is in turmoil this way.

Eve is doing her best to save Antonio. Pilar knows that Eve has been spending too much time at the hospital. Eve says that TC is fine and that she will see him when she gets home.

At TC’s house, Liz has gotten the key and she goes to the door and locks it. TC can’t believe what he is seeing. “She locked the door?” Liz turns to him and puts the key in her bosom, deep down inside. She walks up to TC and says, “Make love to me…”

The kids are driving home and Whitney is glad that she has the parents that she has. “Nothing can come between them.” Chad looks at Whitney using the rear view window. Suddenly, he loses control of the car and it goes spinning out of control. The kids all scream.

Beth tells Sheridan that she has gone too far. She says that Sheridan has let Antonio down. Pilar has been like a second mother to her and Beth has been close to the family too. Beth will not stand by and let her tear apart the family that she loves. She loves. She wants Sheridan to face it as she believes that she and Luis can never be together.

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