Passions Update Tuesday 1/14/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells Ivy and Rebecca that she wants them out of the house. It is snowing outside and Theresa doesn’t care. She has listened to these women cut her up often enough and it is going to stop. She let Rebecca and Ivy share her home and they have been trashing her family. Rebecca tells Theresa that she is still the housekeeper’s daughter so she should quiet down and behave herself. Rebecca and Ivy make no move to get out of the house. They feel that they have just as much right to be in the house as she does and in fact, Rebecca has a plan that is going to get Theresa out of the house for good. Ivy has no intention of leaving and demands that the door be shut as it is cold and the cold air is getting in the house. Theresa gets behind Ivy’s wheelchair and shoves it out. Ivy goes flying into the snow with her wheelchair going in another direction. Theresa turns to Rebecca and tries to shove her out too, but Rebecca cries the it is snowing outside. Julian comes down finding the melee in the foyer. He wonders what the hell is going on. People can hear the noise all through the house. Ethan shows up and goes to get his mother who is lying in the snow. Theresa says again that this is her house and she wants the 2 women out of her house now. Julian turns to her noticing the condescending voice that Theresa uses as she claims the house as her own.

Eve can’t believe that her sister is still trying to get her husband. Liz burst into the room earlier and interrupted Eve as she was about to make love to TC. She was very rude and said that she wanted milk to make a spot of tea. When Eve returned with the tea, Liz had TC dancing and she was holding him oh so close. They also had drinks in their hands. Liz works so fast and eve knows that she has to be careful of her sister as she is devious and will not be stopped. Liz thinks that when TC finds out about Eve’s past, he is going to dump her. Liz is going to see to that.

Beth is mad that Sheridan has surfaced and is going to steal Luis from her again. She was wondering where Luis was and she went out into the hall to find that Luis and Sheridan were together talking about getting back together and telling Antonio that they really belonged together. They were determined to get back together. It didn’t matter that Beth had managed to screw up their elopement, it didn’t matter that she missed the wedding of a lifetime. She tried everything that she could and now she is still going to lose Luis to that woman. Beth will see Luis and Sheridan dead first before she lets Sheridan have her man again.

Luis and Sheridan decide that the lies have gone on long enough. He walks with her in the corridor of the Cliffside Inn and they are determined to be together. They are holding hands and planning a life together that they should have already had, but things kept getting in the way for them. They will let nothing stand in the way now. He doesn’t want to hurt Antonio but he can’t be without Sheridan anymore. Sheridan agrees that they should tell Antonio the truth now. They have waited long enough. They open the door to Antonio and Sheridan’s room and they find Antonio on the floor passed out. Sheridan runs to him. “Antonio!” The pills are all around him. He should have taken those pills but apparently he didn’t.

Eve is sure that Liz’s tricks are not going to work. She can try and try to be with TC but Eve knows that her husband only loves her and will not stray. Liz is sure that she can get TC into bed and she would love nothing more than to have Eve walk in one day and find them in bed together. Eve thinks that she knows how to take care of husband so there will be no reason for him to want anyone else. She is sure of her love for TC and TC’s love for her. She tells Liz that while she is alone in her bed, trying to get to sleep, TC will be making love to her all night and there is nothing that Liz will be able to do about that. Liz will see about that.

Eve re-enters her room and pours herself a drink as well as her husband. Yes, she is going to give him the night of a lifetime. TC comes out of the bathroom thinking that his wife has been talking to someone but she is alone. She says that she has been talking to herself. She tells him that she has been doing that for years, but he never noticed. She just keeps surprising him over and over. She offers him a drink and he takes it sipping slowly as they talk. They know that they are all alone as the girls are at the Bennetts. The evening has been planned well. Eve has gotten another doctor to take over her shift so she will not be disturbed and her pager will not go off that night. She has planned the evening well so that she and her husband can stay alone and uninterrupted. There will be no phone calls, or interruptions at all. This reminds him of when they were first married. They used to have all the time in the world to be together. They would meet up all the time and make love and spend time. They are going to have a lot more nights like this, Eve promises.

Ethan picks up his mother and brings her back into the house. He gets her wheelchair as well and sits it upright for her to sit in it. Theresa tells her not to get too comfortable as she will not be staying. Theresa is tired of being treated badly by the 2 women and she isn’t going to have it anymore. Ethan knows that Rebecca and Ivy have not been helping their situation by attacking Theresa at every turn, but he wants her to think carefully of what she is doing. Theresa says that she is Mrs. Julian Crane and she has let Rebecca and Ivy stay there long enough. Rebecca wants Julian to do something but he is at a loss for words. Theresa is on a rampage and he isn’t sure that he should put his foot in this one.

Rebecca reminds Julian quietly, that she has games that they have to play and he will have no one to play with if she is put out of the house. Julian loves nothing more than the sex games that he and Rebecca play. Julian goes to Theresa telling her that she knows that their marriage is a mistake. The house is her home but the house is his too and he has the right to invite guests into his home. Rebecca is a guest, so he wants her to stay. Ivy wants Julian to state that she is a guest too. Julian thinks that Theresa is right about Ivy going. She should have been gone a long time ago. He tells Ivy that she is to go. Fox thinks that this is fun and that he should have moved back home a long time ago.

The maid is calling for an ambulance but she can’t get one there. The snow is too heavy. Antonio is dying. Luis offers to help. He will get a van and take him to the hospital. Sheridan runs to the phone to call Eve.

Eve is making love to TC when the phone starts ringing. Eve worries about the call. It could be the hospital calling or someone for the girls. Eve answers to Sheridan who says that Antonio has gone unconscious. He missed his last does of medication. Eve tells her to get Antonio to the ER and she will meet her there. Eve is sorry that she has to go. TC can’t believe that she is going to the hospital. She just can’t believe it.

Beth is in her room with a knife, vowing that she will not let this happen to her. She hears the door opening and thinks that Luis and Sheridan are coming to talk to her in her room and tell her that they are back together again. She grabs the knife and holds it up in front of herself menacingly. She waits for the door to open.

Fox pours Theresa champagne and they toast to her being free at last of the two witches of the east. Ethan knows that Theresa hasn’t seen eye to eye with Ivy but she shouldn’t throw her out on the street. Theresa has tried to be nice to that woman but enough is enough. Ethan would like to know what brought this on. Theresa said that there is a business meeting there the next day and the problem was that Ivy threw out the cleaning crew and they she was scheming against Theresa. Ivy had no idea that there was a meeting the next day and she is willing to leave the room. Theresa knows the truth. She heard the 2 women plotting against her and calling her family names. They ripped her apart. Ivy is asked if she said these things. Ivy pauses before she answers. Fox thinks that this is getting better and better.

Eve dresses hoping that TC is not unhappy with her. She knows Antonio the best and now she has to go and tend to him. She can’t hand this over to another doctor. TC seems upset. He understands. He would like to know when they are going to get some time together. She promises him that she will be available to him soon. He doesn’t want her to make promises that she can’t keep. He knows that she will not have time for him now for a few days. They haven’t had time together in months. She is sorry that this has been happening. She has been trying to be a good doctor and good mother, but she hasn’t been a good wife. She is hurt by what he is saying. He knows that she means it but he loves her and he loves that she is so dedicated to the girls and he needs her. She is sorry. She understands his feelings and she swears that she is going to make things better. She thanks him for understanding. She promises to be back before long. She grabs her bag and leaves the room.

Eve worries about Liz going after TC that night but she is sure that Liz is sleeping now and that there is nothing to worry about right now.

Liz is sleeping and she dreams of Eve being greeted by men after having sung at the club…she needed her sister to help her and she begged her not to go…suddenly, Liz sees Antonio who tells her that this isn’t going to work. He doesn’t believe that she loves him as there is always a wall, a distance between them. She promises to try harder but he can’t deal with her anymore. He tells her that he is sorry and he walks off…she hears her sister laughing with her men…Eve looks at her sister and tells her to go back to her bed…alone…next, TC comes into the shower and finds Liz there naked…she tells TC that she will fill in for Eve at the party as Eve is not there….her sister…telling her that she will be making love to her husband for hours…. Suddenly, Liz is awakened by the sound of a car starting up. She goes to the window and finds that Eve is leaving by herself.

Luis comes into the room and Beth hides her knife. He tells her that Antonio is sick and that he has to take him to the emergency room. Beth offers to come with him. They rush out.

Luis goes to the other room and finds his brother there. Luis and Sheridan pick him up off the floor and carry him out. Sheridan shouts out to Beth to get the suitcases in the closet. Beth has her knife in her hand and she sure wishes that she could use it but now isn’t the time. She drops the things in her hand and gets moving to help.

Ivy admits that she may have said something that Theresa may have misunderstood earlier. Fox heard her and she was nasty and cruel. Gwen can’t believe that Ivy has done this. Ivy said that they were drinking and that she didn’t mean this. Fox is being cold to her. Fox laughs at her as he remembers that she shipped him and his sisters off but Ethan was allowed to be with her. He will have no warm and fuzzy memories about her. He tells her to save it. Ethan understands Theresa’s way of thinking and Pilar has been a friend of hers for years. Theresa has heard enough. She knows that she has to deal with Rebecca but she doesn’t have to deal with Ivy and she wants her out of there now.

TC is trying to sleep but he can’t. He hears a noise and gets up wondering what the noise was. He goes to the door and finds Liz outside. She doesn’t turn to him or answer to him when he calls to her. He finds an object at her feet. He soon realizes that she is asleep. He knows that he shouldn’t wake her, so he goes to call Eve to find out what to do.

Eve meets Luis and Sheridan at the hospital. Eve can’t promise that Antonio is going to make it through the night. She will try to help but there is little more that she will be able to do for him.

Ivy pleads with her son to find a legal precedent for her to stay in the house. Ethan tells her that there is nothing that can be done. Theresa will not let up. Julian will not help either. He doesn’t see how he can keep two women as guests. He leaves to get something to drink. Ethan doesn’t think that there is anything that he can do but he will check. He goes to the library.

Gwen gives Theresa a dirty look and Theresa thinks to herself that she will be next. Theresa tells Ivy that she is to go now and if Ethan is able to save her she can come back. She wants the woman out now or she will throw her out again.

Julian smiles at Theresa’s feistiness. Rebecca doesn’t think that it is funny.

TC calls for Eve but he can’t get to her as Antonio is almost dying. TC asks the nurse on the phone what to do with a person that is sleepwalking. He is told that he should leave the woman alone and let her enact out whatever it is that she wants. TC gets off the phone and finds Liz behind him. She still seems to be in a trance.

Sheridan is worried and thinks that she should have been there for Antonio.

Beth knows that if Antonio dies, it will be her fault.

Eve comes to Luis and Sheridan and tells them that Antonio is still unconscious. Things don’t look very good. They just have to wait and see. Eve says that this didn’t have to happen. Sheridan should have gotten the medication to Antonio on time. What could have been more important than making sure that Antonio got his medication. Luis admits that Sheridan was with him. Eve can’t believe this.

Theresa tells Ivy that she should go to a hotel or to one of her sorority sisters’ house. Julian would like to get Ivy out but he knows that there is a fierce storm raging. Theresa says that if Ivy dies out in the snow, she will send flowers. She has had it as she has been insulted by Ivy for the last time. She tells Ivy to leave right now. “Move it!” Ivy wheels her chair to the door and Theresa opens it for her to exit. All stand around to see her leave. Ivy pulls on her coat before she leaves.

TC still tries to revive Liz. She suddenly grabs him by the neck and slowly kisses him on the mouth passionately.

Beth goes to the hospital chapel to pray…”Please…God…don’t let Antonio die…he is Sheridan’s husband and she will leave Luis alone if Antonio lives, but if he doesn’t, I hope that she will be so poisoned with guilt that she will never have a relationship with Luis again. I hope that Sheridan blames herself for Antonio’s death. That guilt will keep them apart forever and that will destroy their love…” Beth hears a sound in the room and she jumps up. “Are you mad at me? I want Sheridan to be miserable. She has tried to destroy my life and whether or not Antonio lives, I will never let Sheridan take Luis away from me! NEVER!”

Eve can’t believe that Sheridan has left Antonio and met with Luis instead of giving him his medication. They didn’t know that they were in adjoining rooms. They were supposed to meet at the judge’s office but something went wrong. They both thought that the other had changed their mind. There was a misunderstanding. They were going to tell Antonio the truth and that is when they found Antonio. Eve doesn’t care about them. She has a patient in trouble because of Sheridan. Eve hopes that this doesn’t kill Antonio as Luis and Sheridan will not be able to live with that. They might have put a curse on their love.

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