Passions Update Monday 1/13/03

Passions Update Monday
1/13/03--Canada; 1/14/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Ivy and Rebecca are celebrating with a drink that Theresa is going to be an unpleasant memory. The wedding of Antonio and Sheridan has ended and the ladies are ready for bed but first they will have a little drinkie-poo to discuss the evening and how things are coming together for Ethan and Gwen. Rebecca is going to get Theresa out of their lives, but she is not sure when it is going to happen. She only knows that it will. She will give Ivy the details soon but not yet. Theresa will be heading south very soon so Ivy shouldn’t worry about her any longer getting in the way of Ethan’s plans.

Theresa is feeding her baby in her nightgown while in her room. The baby is very hungry but manages to get to the bottom of his bottle. She loves him very much and she feels that he knows it. There is knocking on the door and Fox comes in noticing that her light is still on. He wants to have a nightcap with her and she is up to it , thinking that a drink is just what she needs. Little Ethan is put into his crib and Theresa turns to Fox who puts the bottle on the table in the room. Fox likes to see her with her son as she clearly nurtures him. He wishes his mother were that way. Ivy was only nurturing to Ethan but now maybe Fox can get some nurturing from Theresa now. He moves closer to her in a flirting manner.

Eve comes home and TC is waiting for her. He is in a romantic mood and he starts walking to her before she even knows that he is there. He kisses her as soon as she gets her coat off which she finds to be a delight. He knows that they haven’t gotten much time together but this night, he is in the mood for love and nothing will get in their way. The girls are over at the Bennetts, so TC and Eve are going to make every second count now that they are completely alone.

Liz comes home seeing TC and Eve in the window. She watches them for a while…She remarks that Eve should get it while she can as she will be kissing TC and her life goodbye soon enough.

Beth will not let Luis break off their plans again. She is alone in the suite of the Cliffside Inn and she is spraying her perfume throughout the room and plumping up pillows as she waits for her lover to return. He thinks that they are only going to talk but she has news for her. She is going to get him drunk so that he will forget Sheridan forever. She has to make him want her again as he did before.

Luis is walking the halls of the Cliffside Inn thinking over what he and Beth were talking about earlier. She wanted him to think about being with her in spite of the fact that he has only loved Sheridan and still loves her. He finds no reason to marry Beth at this point. Enough damage has been done. He hears a voice and he finds Sheridan there saying that she is on her honeymoon. Luis had no idea that they would be spending their honeymoon there. Luis guesses that he is on his honeymoon too then, even though he isn’t married. Sheridan is shocked to hear that, and she thinks that he may have eloped with Beth even though he didn’t have to do that as she was already out of his reach..

Luis would have married Beth but her mother had a heart attack, he explains. Their both being there is quite a coincidence, Sheridan finds. Luis knows that his parents spent their honeymoon there and he is not surprised that Antonio has chosen this place to have his honeymoon. Sheridan asks about Mrs. Wallace and learns that she is better and only had a mild heart attack. Sheridan is sorry that Luis didn’t get to marry Beth but that didn’t stop Sheridan from marrying Antonio. Both seem angry with the other for not making more of an effort to get together.

Liz looks through the window and finds TC and Eve kissing. She dreams that she is the one that is kissing TC. She would be dressed in a fancy gown and have a fancy hair-do and she would be the one with the big house and career. He would be happy she thinks to be told that Eve was a lowlife. He would lose all respect for Eve. He would see that Eve is nothing but a lying bitch. TC will be glad that his daughters are away from that lying bitch forever. TC will be happy to make the rest of Liz’s days happy as she was the one that gave him freedom from Eve. They would kiss and hug and there would be nothing that Eve could do about it. Eve would come to the window and bang on it begging to be let in, but TC wouldn’t have anything to do with her. He would order her off the property before she was arrested. Liz would be upset that Eve is bothering him but he wouldn’t care as he would have Liz to love. Eve would pound and pound on the window but they would only shut the blinds in her face as she cries in the snow.

Liz enters the house and interrupts TC and Eve from their kissing.

Fox flirts with Theresa and wants to kiss her but she pushes him away playfully. He apologizes to her for his behaviour. She tells him to go ahead and pour the wine. He offers her a glass. They know that birds of a feather flock together. They toast their mutual affection. Fox can hear that Ethan and Gwen are still awake next door. They are still on their honeymoon. Fox would like to dance with her but Theresa only wants the music next door to stop playing in her ears. Fox hears what she is saying and he sympathizes with her.

Theresa know that she should be okay with Ethan being married but Fox understands her feelings. She messed up being married to Ethan and she messed it up. Then she was going to get married a second time, but Gwen got pregnant by accident. Their making love next door is like a knife in her heart. Fox is sorry that she is hurting. She hates Gwen for what she has done to Theresa’s dream of a life with Ethan. She asks Fox if he has ever wanted something that bad. He tells her yes. He has felt that very same way. He knows exactly how she feels.

TC is glad to see Liz and he runs to greet her at the door. Liz says that she is there as she didn’t have any milk for her coffee and that is why she is there. TC is only happy to help. Eve is not so willing but she helps anyway.

The maid comes to Antonio to bring him a blanket as it is going to be cold that night. He lets her in and she hurries to the bed remarking that he is in a honeymoon suite. He tells her that his bride has gone to get some ice and that she will be back in a second.

Sheridan can’t understand why Luis is surprised that she married Antonio. She thinks hat he chose Beth over her. Luis denied that he has done any such thing. “How can you even say that?”

TC brings Liz a drink and he makes himself one as well. She thanks him for dancing with her at the wedding. she thinks that he has been too hard on himself. Women should know how to follow his lead. Eve always jokes about his dancing. She thinks that Eve could be proved wrong. They put down their drinks and Liz moves to TC and they start dancing and swinging to no music. Eve returns to find them dancing and Liz looks over to her from TC’s shoulder.

Fox explains that when Ethan was thought to be the heir, he was the one that got everything from the family. He was groomed to take over Crane Industries. Fox got tennis lessons and ballroom lessons. Fox knows that happened a long time ago. Theresa can see that the man’s family hurt him. Fox has just been spending his family’s money to ease the pain. Theresa remembers when she was Ivy’s personal assistant, she saw the way that Fox was treated by the family. Theresa got upset over his family sending him money all the time and so she started sending Fox gifts instead. Fox thinks that she is owed a big thank you. His mother’s behaviour changed due to the letters, but that was all Theresa. Fox remembers one time, in a letter, it was written, “Dearest Fox, you may have been born my second son, but don’t think that you are second rate.” That made him feel good. He knows now that the words in that letter were Theresa’s. Theresa s thinks that she should have let him think that Ivy wrote the letters. Fox pretends that he doesn’t care.

Sheridan tells Luis that he never showed up for the appointment with the judge. Luis says that he showed up that morning and she wasn’t there. He says that he fell asleep and when he woke up, he rushed to the judge’s office and he wasn’t there. She can’t believe that he really did intend to marry her and he …her. They both wanted to marry each other. They rush to each other’s arms and hold each other. She rubs his back as she thinks of what could have been.

Theresa wants Fox to admit that his mother hurt him. He thinks that all of that is ancient history. Theresa blames Ivy for ruining her life. She thinks that Theresa isn’t good enough for Ethan. Theresa hates Ivy as much as Ivy hates her. Fox wonders why Ivy stays there as she isn’t married to Julian anymore. Theresa threatened to throw her out once but she didn’t want to offend Ethan by kicking her out. Fox wouldn’t care. There is knocking at the door and the maid enters to tell Theresa that Rebecca and Ivy threw the staff out of the living room. Theresa needs that room that next day. Theresa decides that she has some bitches to deal with. Fox follows as he wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Eve comes over to where Liz and TC are dancing and Eve spills the milk on Liz. Eve tells Liz that she is going to bed with TC now. Liz thanks them for the milk and she says goodnight to TC. He leaves and Liz wishes Eve sweet dreams before she goes. Liz knows that Eve has won this round, but the final victory is going to be hers.

The maid has finished with the room and she offers Antonio help but he tells her that Sheridan is going to be back soon. She loves her husband and will be back soon enough. The maid leaves and Antonio thinks that he can’t wait for Sheridan to come back.

Beth has been waiting for Luis to return. She runs to the door and the maid is there to give Beth an extra blanket. Beth lets the maid in and she remarks that Beth must love her husband a lot. The maid says that the other couple next door, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are having a great time. Beth perks up at the sound of the name. The maid says that Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald is waiting for his wife to return. Beth hurries the maid out of the room, knowing that Sheridan has been next door all along. Beth gets her robe to cover her and she goes looking for Luis.

Beth finds Luis and Sheridan together hugging in the hall. She hears them discussing the appointment with the judge. Sheridan was angry that Luis didn’t’ show up. They missed each other by minutes. Luis remembers smelling her perfume but he thought that he imagined it. Sheridan knows that they were so close to getting married and now they are with the wrong people. Beth is so angry at hearing what Sheridan is saying that she makes a fist and bangs it into the wall. Luis and Sheridan hear the noise and wonder what it is. They head off in that direction to see what is up.

Beth hurries away before she can be found out by Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan told Luis that she has been heartbroken that they couldn’t’ be married. Luis thought that the heart attack would have given them another shot at being together, but now Sheridan is married to Antonio. She would like to be Luis’s wife more than anything. Luis would like to make love to her all night long but he has been raised a certain way and he can’t commit adultery. She can’t do that either. They both know that they want to be together and so, Luis will never let go of her. What are they going to do? Luis tells her that they are going to tell Antonio the truth. They should have done that a long time ago.

Eve comes in wearing a sexy negligee set. She finds that TC has been preparing for this night. He has missed her all night long. IT has been a long time since they were together. TC leaves to change and she shouts at him to hurry.

Eve goes outside her door and finds her sister there. Eve thinks that the woman has no decency or shame. Eve has had all that she can take and she orders Liz out of the house. Liz wants to know how Eve is going to explain that she has kicked her new best friend out in the cold?

Theresa comes downstairs and Fox is behind her. She hears Rebecca and Ivy talking about her. They say that she is the Taco Bella of Harmony. Rebecca says she doesn’t belong in this fine house. Ivy thinks that Theresa and her spawn should go back to where they came from. Rebecca says that there are so many of ‘them’ here. “What is the border patrol up to?” The women laugh and joke about Theresa as the man-stealing cucaracha… Theresa comes in telling the women that they are not going to like what she does now. Theresa tells them that this is her house and the witches are there because she allows it. Fox reminds his mother to be careful of what she says. Ivy says that she isn't afraid of Theresa. She knows that Julian is going to get tired of Theresa. She is warned that she shouldn’t get too comfy there, neither should her refried family. Theresa thinks that the ladies have had too much to drink. The women are not afraid. Theresa tells the 2 women to beat it and get out now! Rebecca and Ivy continue to sit and sip their drinks, ignoring what Theresa is saying to them.

Theresa is serious and she tells the women to get out of the house. Ivy decides that she isn’t going anywhere. Theresa gets behind Ivy’s wheelchair and pushes her to the door. She orders her out of the house. It is snowing but she doesn’t care. The 2 dragons have made her life a living hell. They trash her mother and her family and she isn’t going to take it anymore. Ivy says that the house is hers. Theresa gets behind the wheelchair and pushes it quickly out the door. Ivy takes a flying leap into the snow, face first.

Eve tells Liz again to get out of there. Liz tells her sister that she knows what Eve’s husband wants and Liz knows how to give it. Eve orders the woman to go to hell. She gets back in her room and tries to shut the door but Liz stops her from shutting it and that is a big mistake as that makes Eve very angry and she grabs Liz’s arm and pulls her out of the room…into the hall.

Antonio is trying to take his pills, but falls flat on his face.

Beth returns to the room and can’t believe what Luis has done to her. She knows that he is having second thoughts. Beth thinks that she has been brought there for nothing more than a dumping. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He is swearing his undying love to that 2-timing slut Sheridan and she isn’t going to let them get away with this. She will kill them…She looks at a knife and picks it up. “I will kill them both!”

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