Passions Update Friday 1/10/03

Passions Update Friday 1/10/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is in the back of Chadís car wondering how long he and Whitney are going to hide their relationship from Simone. She believes that they should be honest with Simone and stop sneaking around her back. Almost everyone else knows about Chad and Whitney and that will be embarrassing for Simone when she finds out. Whitney would like to be upfront with her sister, but she canít do it. Kay kept secrets and now it is tearing Jessicaís whole family apart. If Miguel had only been upfront with Charity, he would probably be with her now.

Sam and Grace are still arguing over Kay who has threatened to move out. They are in their living room now and talking over the subject some more. Sam thinks that Kay needs to be close to her family and not move out. Sam thinks that Kay has rejected her mother and not the whole family. Grace has no way to reach her daughter and is at odds end with her. Sam thinks that Miguel is responsible for this too. Why isnít Grace as mad at Miguel over what has happened as he is just as responsible? Kayís actions were premeditated and Charity is the only one that isnít innocent here.

Charity hears Simone and Kay discuss Kayís predicament in her room. She hears Kay saying that she isnít going to stay in the house any longer. She feels that no one is on her side there. She is packing her things to leave as she rambles on. Charity enters the room telling Kay that she thinks that this whole thing has been her fault and that she wishes that she were dead. Kay wishes that too. Simone looks at Kay in horror at the terrible thing that she has said to Charity.

Antonio and Sheridan are in their room at the inn for their honeymoon. Sheridan has to tip the bellboy as Antonio canít see and he feels bad about that, but there are a few things that he can still do that he doesnít need his sight for. He pulls Sheridan to him so that he can start making love to his beautiful bride. That is not what she wants but she submits to him touching her.

Luis and Beth are at the Cliffside inn too, and Beth is happy to be there with him in spite of the fact that she is not there as his wife. He decides to get another room besides the honeymoon suite for them to hang out in but Beth tells him that she wants to be in the suite anyway. She thinks that would be very nice. Luis made it clear to her that they were going to just sit and talk about things that night and Beth said that she understood, so there are no assumptions on both parts. Luis doesnít care though. He needs someone to talk to that night as Sheridan starts her honeymoon with his brother. As long as he is not in the same town and Antonio and Sheridan that night, that is okay with him. He should be able to get through the night because they are away.

Antonio canít believe that Sheridan is finally his wife. Sheridan canít believe that either. They are hugging and she is looking off over his shoulder, knowing the she has lost the fight to be with her true love.

Chad and Whitney are dropping Jessica off at home and Whitney is afraid of Simone seeing her with Chad in the car. She canít live with herself if Simone is devastated. Liz is in the car and she thinks that Whitney should be right to be scared. She shouldnít be toying with her sisterís feelings this way. Sisters carry things like this to their death.

Simone canít believe that Kay could wish Charity death. That was a horrible thing to say to someone. Kay thinks that this is all Charityís fault. Charity knows that if she didnít come to town, Miguel would probably be with Kay now. Kay assures her that they would be married now if it werenít for Charity. Kay blames Charity for all that is happening with her family and her unborn child having no father.

Grace promised her sister that she would take care of Charity as their own and that is why she treats Charity as well or better than Kay. She loves Kay but it isnít the same with Kay. Sam knows that but if Miguel refuses to marry Kay, that will be his decision and no one elseís. Grace agrees but first Miguel has to be left alone to make that decision on his own and not forced to make a decision by Kay. Grace really doesnít know what is going on with the kids but she is sure that Kay has been playing dirty pool this time. Grace knows that Kay is sneaky and manipulative and Sam has to know that too. Sam finds her to be alienating her daughter and that isnít right. Grace says that she loves Kay as much as Sam, but Sam isnít sure about that. Grace thinks that they should have tried tough love with Kay. Sam disagrees. Kay needs more compassion and more caring in his eyes. Sam is going to tell Kay that he would like her to stay in the house. Grace says no. Sam canít believe his ears. What can Grace be thinking to say a thing like that? Grace will not let Kay stay in the house if she is going to come between Charity and Miguel this way.

Luis gets a call from Hank who is worried about him. Luis says that he is fine. He walks away from Beth to talk to Hank in private on his cell phone. He tells Hank that he and Beth have signed into the Cliffside inn. Why should he cancel his honeymoon vacation when he can let Beth down there in a beautiful place. Beth is listening to the conversation and hears that Luis is going to dump her. She moves a little closer to him to hear more. Luis has realized that he loves Sheridan too much to marry Beth and he is going to break up with Beth that night. There is no need for him to marry Beth anymore it seems. Beth is gone. Luis gets off the phone and returns to Beth who has mysteriously moved back to where she was when he left her to take the call. The concierge comes in and he gets Luisís name which is Lopez-Fitzgerald. The staff at the inn was expecting them it seems. He doesnít have his book handy but he gives Luis the keys anyway to his room which is door number 11. After Luis and Beth leave to go to their room, The other girl working in the inn comes back with the book after spilling coffee on it. She knows that there are 2 Lopez-Fitzgeralds in the inn that night and that they are in adjoining rooms.

Sheridan is getting ready for her honeymoon. She leaves Antonio to go and put on her get-up for the night.

Luis and Beth are shown to their room and they canít believe how nice it is. Chocolate covered strawberries are in the room but Luis didnít get them for Beth as she thought. Beth is getting more and more disappointed by the moment. She gets really quiet now. She has overheard Luisís conversation with Hank and in spite of Sheridan marrying Antonio, it seems that he doesnít really want her after all. She isnít sure what else she can do to get him for herself. Luis is sorry that her wedding day was ruined. He knows that he was mainly the cause of it and not her mother getting ill. She was thinking about her mother, she says when asked why she is so thoughtful and quiet. She is worried about him too though. She knows that it is hard for him to deal with Sheridan being married to Antonio but it has happened and he has to deal with that the best that he can. Luis has something that he wants to talk to her about. She is willing to listen to anything that he has to tell her. He decides that they should get settled in first after seeing how disappointed she is looking at him. He gets their bags and puts them near a door that seems to be a closet.

Sheridan is ready for bed now. She is wearing a black peignoir and she isnít looking very happy. This isnít the honeymoon that she expected that she would have. She expected that she would be with Luis when she finally made it to her honeymoon. She sits beside him, and he rubs her shoulders. He knows that she is beautifulÖabsolutely beautiful. Behind them is the door to the room next door where Luis and Beth are staying.

Whitney asks Liz about her problems with her sister. Whitney couldnít stand that happening to her sister. Liz thinks that her sister was the worst as she never loved her sister back. Liz thinks that the truth should be told now to Simone. That would be better for her to hear the truth from her sister and soon. Chad knows that what Liz is saying is true.

Kay thinks that Charity decided to come to town and take Miguel from her. Kay has been in love with Miguel since she was a kid but Charity didnít know that and Miguel never told her that. Grace and Sam come into the room after hearing the things that Kay has been saying to Charity. Grace tells her that is enough.

Luis tries the mystery door in the room and it is locked. That must mean that it is not a closet and must be an adjoining door to the next room. Luis moves the bags to the other side of the room.

Antonio is living the life of his dreams and he is going to spend the night with the woman that he loves. Sheridan kisses him now but she has been crying. She decides to live up to her role and she kisses Antonio telling him that she loves him. Antonio tells her that She loves him too.

Chad, Whitney and Liz walk Jessica into the house and Whitney decides that she has to tell Simone the truth that night. Whitneyís mother has always told her that honesty is the best policy. Liz finds that hard to believe. Liz wishes that Whitney knew the lies that her mother used to tell. Liz is going to take TC and the two girls from her for her faults.

Grace tells Charity that she is a wonderful girl. Kay reminds her mother that all that Charity does is have evil premonitions. Grace has no idea how those things happened and she thinks that Kay was the one that invited evil there. Sam stops Grace right there. Kay isnít going to listen to her mother say all of these evil things. She grabs her suitcase and leaves the room intending to leave the house.

Kay comes downstairs and Chad and Whitney along with Liz witness Grace telling Kay that she should leave the house then since she doesnít want to get along. Jessica shouts out that Kay was the one that tricked Miguel. Kay calls her a little bitch.

Antonio decides that they should dance first before making love. The first dance that they had together was the tango. Antonio may be blind, but if Al Pacino can do it, he can do it. Sheridan thinks back to dancing the tango with Luis. She puts on the music and she and Antonio start twirling to the music.

Luis comes to Beth now telling her that he would like to talk now. He has no idea where he is going to start. She is kind and loyal and caring. She feels like a golden retriever. He is impressed with the way that she has handled the day. Beth is glad that her mother is out of the woods. Luis finds her selfless when she should be feeling sorry for herself. He thinks that she would do anything for the people that she cares for. She finds that he would do the same. He hasnít been completely honest with her and he is going to start now.

Kay thought that she could count on her sister but it seems that she canít do that now. Jessica has changed the way that she feels because of the way that Kay has behaved. Jessica tries to defend herself, but Kay even remembers that Jessica has taken even Reese for her. Grace thinks that Kay is taking her frustrations out on her sister. Kay knows that she will not even listen to Sam. She feels that her mother should just stone her to death. Her whole family seems to have turned against her.

Antonio and Sheridan sit and eat and Sheridan seems to have to do everything for Antonio. She doesnít mind as Antonio took care of her when she was pulled from the ocean. He has been so wonderful to her and now he has no eyesight. He wants that night to be a celebration of their love, a commitment for the rest of their lives. She loves him and he knows that as she wouldnít be there if that were not true. He is living his dream and this is the happiest night of his life.

Luis tells Beth that when he left the hospitalÖ She tells him that he has to explain nothing to her. She knows that he loves Sheridan. She sees things that Antonio canít. She knows that Sheridan still holds his heart but Sheridan is married and soon she hopes to be married to Luis. That is where they are right now. How can she help him get through this? She wants to make his dreams come true now that Sheridan is married to his brother.

Whitney gets a call from her mother and she tells her mother that she is at the Bennetts. Her mother says that night they can stay out late. Whitney guesses that TC and Eve must be having a romantic night together. Liz decides that she would like to go home now. She will walk. Chad offers to drive her there. Whitney decides that she shouldnít tell Simone the secret that night. Liz tells Whitney that she should tell the truth right now to her sister before it is too late. Liz leaves on her own to walk home and that is when Chad and Whitney hear a loud crashing noise. They hurry into the other room to find Kay having a tantrum and throwing things into the wall. She declares that she hasnít done anything wrong.

Sheridan decides that Antonio has to take his medicine and then later they will make love. She gets up to get his medicine.

Beth only cares about making Luis happy. She loves him and she has loved him forever. She understands the part of him that loves Sheridan. She asks if he would have married her if her mother hadnít gotten sick. He tells her that he would have married her. Sheridan is married but Beth is still there for him. She wants the good marriage and beautiful children. Luis wants those things, so what is the problem? He canít believe that she will stay with someone that loves someone else. She loves Luis and not any other man. She knows that he still loves Sheridan but she is sure that he also loves her. That is where they should start then. Beth offers to be a good wife and give him the beautiful children. She will love him enough to forget about Sheridan. She asks him only one thing. She wants him to commit to her completely. Can he do that?

Liz is on her way home in the snow by herself. She is going to ruing the romantic evening that Eve has planned for her husband that night.

Kay is still having a rampage.

Whitney thinks that she should wait to tell Simone the truth that night. Liz is a nice woman but her relationship with her sister is different.

Charity tells everyone that she shouldnít have come there. She walks off and Kay tries to go after her, but her mother stops her. Kay is feeling forgotten again. Grace decides that she is going to go and see Charity, but Sam tells her that Kay is their daughter and they have to deal with her problems first. Kay didnít get herself pregnant by herself. Grace knows that but she has to wonder how Kay got Miguel in bed with her. Jessica is frantic now. She sees that her family is being torn apart. She blames Kay for that.

Sheridan has to go off for a moment and she puts her robe on over her peignoir. She will only be gone for 5 minutes. She gets the ice bucket and leaves the room. She asks herself what has she done? How can she be a good wife as all that she can think about is Luis.

Beth says that Luis has time to think about marrying her. Luis really does care for Beth, no matter what. She tells him to go someplace quiet to think about what she has said. When he gets back, he might feel like opening the champagne after all. Luis leaves the room and Beth goes to the champagne knowing that it always helps. She will use it to seduce him into a romantic mood. She canít have him leave her now, not after Sheridan has married Antonio.

Luis is walking the halls in the Inn and he hears Antonio calling for Sheridan. He walks to where he hears the voices and finds Sheridan sitting on a couch all alone. She sees him and stands up to face him.

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