Passions Update Thursday 1/9/03

Passions Update Thursday 1/9/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Chad has been picking names from a computer to make dance partners and his name is the last to be picked and Whitney is his partner. Everyone claps as they move close together to dance in the middle of the floor.

Simone returns with drinks for she and Chad, and she sees her man dancing with Whitney. “Damn you Whitney…” Every time that Simone turns her head, Chad is off with that Whitney. She is sure that Whitney is the one that is trying to get Chad for herself, and she can’t let her get away with that. She isn’t showing her hand as Kay has coached her that she has to keep the secret too to get the better of Whitney.

Reese knows that Kay has been tampering with the computer to change the names after he tampered with it. It is funny that the names are not the ones that he picked as the computer wizard there. He fixed the names so that Miguel and Charity would have a chance to dance together and now Kay is dancing with Miguel. That wasn’t the plan and Reese and Jessica know that. Therefore, it only makes sense that Kay has gotten a hold of the remote for the computer and has changed the names so that she will be the one that dances with Miguel and her plan worked.

Grace sees Kay dancing with Miguel and she vows that she will not let her daughter come between Miguel and Charity this way. Sam has been trying to get Grace to forget about the kids and let them live their own lives but she has been having trouble with that…specifically Kay. Kay has been doing everything in her power to get Miguel to herself and now that Grace watches her dancing with Miguel, she can see that Kay is being successful in keeping Miguel from Charity.

Fox sees that Gwen is watching Theresa and Ethan dance together and he remarks to her that they make a good couple. He knows that Gwen wants to have Ethan to herself, but it seems clear that Ethan is still taken by Theresa and has difficulty paying the same or more attention to his own wife.

Rebecca assures Ivy that Theresa is going to be gone very soon. They will be even able to use her as their own piñata after she is thrown out of the house.


Luis and Sheridan are dancing and he remarks that now she is officially married to Antonio. She admits that is true. It is awkward being at Sheridan’s wedding and not being her husband, but Luis does his best to deal with the situation.

Antonio can’t see the dancing out there so Pilar tells him that everyone is having a wonderful time. He suddenly falls to the floor clutching his head. Pilar and everyone else runs to him to assist as they know that at any time he could die from his illness.

Pilar hopes that her son will be alright. Eve has arrived at the party after having being at the hospital tending to Mrs. Wallace, and Pilar tells her that Antonio suddenly fell to the floor. He has trouble breathing it seems. He comes to and asks for Sheridan. Sheridan tells him that she is right there for him. Eve asks about Antonio’s pills but he has not brought them with him. Eve warns him that he has to have his pills with him all the time in case this happens. Luckily, she is there to make things better for him. Eve wants to take Antonio to the hospital now but he will not go. He will not spend one moment away from his bride or his wonderful wedding party. Eve has given him an injection and he feels fine now. He would like to go back to the cottage now but he will stay for a while so that he can properly finish out the wedding reception. Eve has reservations about continuing the wedding but she allows him to stay. Antonio would like to throw the garter now. That is tradition and he would like to stick to it as closely as possible for Sheridan’s sake. Sheridan sits on a chair and Antonio stoops before her to remove the garter. All the eligible bachelors get to the front to catch the garter. Luis is the one that receives it. Everyone claps. Fox is angry that no one else got the garter. He feels that no one else got a chance to catch the garter, but there is nothing that he can do about that. That means that Luis is the next one to get married. Now the ladies get in line to receive the bouquet. Sheridan takes her position. On the count of three… One! Two! Three! Beth arrives and knocks everyone over doing a dive to the front, and she manages to get the bouquet while it is still airborne and no one else can get it before her. She falls to the ground in front of all the women, but she has gotten her prize and that means that she is the next in line to get hitched. She had to get it as Luis got the garter. That makes it right that everyone expect her to be the next to marry and since Luis was to be her intended anyway, she will marry him. She giggles like a maniac at the thought. Everyone claps, but Luis is looking at her strangely as she has been acting funny since the start of the wedding. She is coming across a little desperate.

Beth goes to Luis and she remarks that she sees that he has caught the garter. She proudly shows off her bouquet so that all can [put 2 and 2 together for themselves. Hank takes Luis from the group asking if Beth knows that Luis left the hospital intending to marry Sheridan. Luis thinks that Beth knows nothing of what he intended to do and he feels sorry for her and isn’t sure how he is going to tell her that he wanted to be with Sheridan. After all, this was to be Beth’s wedding day too. What is Luis going to do now?

Beth congratulates Antonio and Sheridan on their marriage. She goes on and on about how wonderful it is that they are married and she is sure that they will be happy together forever. She saw part of the ceremony on the computer at the hospital and she thought that it was just beautiful. Antonio is happy that she and Luis will be getting married next. Beth runs off to join Luis and Antonio remarks that it is time that he and Sheridan go to the cottage. Luis will help them get over there and Beth will tag along.

As Antonio and Sheridan leave the room, everyone throws rice and claps.

Pilar hopes that her son will be okay. Eve hopes so too.

Theresa says that everyone can stay as long as they like. Just because Antonio and Sheridan have left doesn’t mean that the others have to go. Julian finds Theresa very generous with his money.

Theresa goes over to Ethan to finish their dance but he doesn’t think that is a very good idea. She begs him and he decides to dance some more with her. She takes his arm and heads to the dance floor.

Gwen tells her mother that the first chance she gets, she is getting an apartment and moving out of this house. Rebecca tells her not to do that. Rebecca has a plan but Gwen doesn’t think it is a good idea. Gwen knows that Ethan will be angry if she knows that her mother is scheming against Theresa. Rebecca tells her that there will be no more talk about moving as Ethan may get back everything that he has lost since he found out that he is really the son of Sam Bennett. Rebecca assures her daughter that Theresa is going to get bounced out of the house very soon. Theresa is as good as gone from the mansion.

Fox has been listening to Rebecca talk to Gwen and he thinks that Rebecca is talking out of turn. He will see about Theresa moving out of the mansion.

Hank comes over to Sam remarking that dancing with Grace seems like old times. Sam thinks that things are going to be much better soon. Grace has said that she will try to forget about the kids, so it seems that he will be able to work things out with her.

Kay goes over to Miguel to continue their dance but Miguel doesn’t want to dance anymore. Grace comes up to see what Kay wants from Miguel. Miguel wants to go and talk to Charity but she has left. Miguel will have to talk to her another time. Miguel leaves and Grace turns to her daughter as she would like to talk to her now.

Chad and Whitney are considering dancing again but Simone comes up and takes Chad off to dance with her.

Liz is very emotional because of Antonio and his problems. It is a sad situation. Liz sees Eve is at the party and she turns to TC and asks him to finish the dance they were having to lift her spirits. He agrees to dance with her. As they dance they discuss how Eve is really busy. TC has trouble finding time for his wife but he tries.

Theresa loves the song that she is dancing to with Ethan. Theresa has to feed the baby and offers that Ethan come with her but he decides to go and dance with his wife.

Ethan comes to see his wife asking her to dance with him. Rebecca is fine with Ethan taking her daughter for a dance. They leave to dance.

Theresa announces that she has to go now but she tells everyone to stay and have a good evening. Everyone claps.

Fox has a strange smile on his face as he starts walking in Theresa’s direction.

Antonio and Sheridan, Luis and Beth all come to the cottage and Antonio carries Sheridan over the threshold. He kisses her as Luis watches. Beth sees that Luis is having trouble with this scene and she goes over to her fiancée to be beside him and help him see that she is the one that he needs.

Luis is feeling awkward now and thinks that it is time to go. He heads to the door without Beth and leaves. Beth congratulates Antonio who tells her that she is next. Beth leaves and the door is closed.

Beth looks in the window thinking that Antonio is right, as it is her turn to be married next to Luis.

Antonio tells Sheridan that the injection that Eve gave him worked and he feels much better. He has a surprise for Sheridan. He gets an envelope from his pocket and Sheridan looks at it wondering if Antonio is up to this. He will do this for her. He wants the best for his beautiful bride.

Fox comes to see Theresa and her baby in her room. She feels that she overdid it at the party. Fox would like to spend more time with her but he might have to wait. He remarks that her baby is beautiful. He is his mother’s beautiful boy. Fox asks her what it is that Rebecca has on Theresa. Theresa has no idea what he is talking about. Rebecca can’t have anything on Theresa as Theresa has done nothing. Fox thinks that Rebecca sounded pretty confident in what she was saying.

Liz tells TC that she could use some fresh air and a drink. They head out to the patio.

The song is over and Chad gets away from Simone to go and talk to Whitney. Simone is right behind him. Whitney runs off to get something to drink and Chad is left with Simone again. He says that it is time for him to change the music and he runs off to see Whitney who is upset as he can’t be with Whitney as he would like to be.

Grace tells Kay to knock it off. Kay has no idea what she is saying. Grace tells her that everyone knows that she has manipulated the dancing to get a dance with Miguel. Kay tells her mother that she is going to be with Miguel and they are going to be a family. She tells her mother that Miguel told her that he loved her and he has fathered a child with her. Charity has to get used to that and her mother has to get used to that too apparently.

Kay tries to leave her mother but Grace grabs her arm and stops her. Sam sees that and comes over. He thought that Grace was going to forget about all this so that they could have a nice evening together. Grace accuses Kay again of causing tricks to upset Charity. Kay thinks that she has every right to be after Miguel as she has no job or money to raise her child. Grace tells her daughter that she has gotten herself in this situation. Grace says that Kay will have to take care of herself and the baby. Kay will do all that but she will not let Miguel alone.

Chad gets a flower and gives it to Whitney. She loves the flower. Simone sees the two together from afar. Eve comes up to Simone asking if she has seen her father.

TC and Liz are outside together discussing how they love the snow. Liz knows that he used to be a tennis pro and she went online to read about TC as a rising start. TC is thrilled that Liz has gone to trouble to find out about him. TC says that Eve has never tried to find out about TC as a tennis pro. He is flattered that Liz has been that interested in him and his past career.

Theresa puts her child down for a nap. Fox warns Theresa that Rebecca and Gwen are after her. Theresa knows that and has never trusted them. Fox thinks that she has done very well for herself. Theresa plans to do better but she seems to have everything that she could desire. What else could she want? Fox figures that she still wants Ethan.

Luis is home now and he can stop pretending that he is happy about Sheridan’s wedding. He removes his coat and goes to get a drink. He pours himself some liquor and drinks it down. What a night. Someone touches him on his shoulder and he turns in a defensive stance. Beth cries out as Luis has the power to hurt her since he has been so surprised.

Simone sees as Chad kisses Whitney after giving her the flower. She does nothing to intrude.

Eve finds Liz with TC outside. TC goes on about how Liz has been researching him on the net. Eve says that it is funny how TC and Eve always find their way back together no matter how far apart they seem to be.

Kay tells her mother that she isn’t a little girl anymore and she wants her father to help her with her stance. Sam thinks that Kay should treat her mother with respect but Grace should let Kay work this out on their own. Kay will not live by her parents double standard. Grace tells Kay that she will abide by her rules as long as she lives under her mother’s roof. Kay will see Miguel whenever she wants. Kay thinks that it is time that she left Grace’s house. Kay gets her things and walks off. Sam can’t believe that Grace did that. She should have discussed this with him before taking a hard line.

Ivy thinks that when Rebecca gets Theresa out of the house, this will be the best New Year’s Eve that she has ever had.

Fox knows that he is right that Theresa still wants Ethan. Theresa says that Ethan is married now but Fox knows that isn’t an answer. They overhear Gwen and Ethan in the hall promising that nothing will not get between them. Ethan reminds Gwen that they are still on their honeymoon and he would still like to enjoy it. Fox closes the door. He warns Theresa again that she has to be careful around Rebecca and Ivy. Theresa likes that he is concerned for her but she never underestimates Rebecca and Gwen.

Luis is sorry that he has almost hurt Beth. She knows that he is upset and that is why she has followed him home. He is tired and he offers to take her home. She tells him that her mother is in the hospital and she doesn’t want to go home that night. He tells her that they still have the reservations for the Inn. He thinks that they could go there and she likes that idea. They can be by themselves and talk. Just he and she. She likes that very much.

Antonio and Sheridan are at the Cliffside Inn where Luis and Beth are planning to go. They are going to go to their room. Their luggage will be brought up later.

The man at the front desk is leaving his shift and the girl that comes on shift sees that there are two Mr. And Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgeralds booked to be at the Inn that night. What is funny also is that they have adjoining rooms.

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