Passions Update Wednesday 1/8/03

Passions Update Wednesday 1/8/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Beth has pulled the plug on her mother and the alarm rings as she tells her unconscious mother lies there that she will never interfere in her life again. Mrs. Wallace has been a great source of trouble for Beth. Beth was at the altar ready to say ‘I do’, when Mrs. Wallace stood up screaming that the wedding has to stop and that she had something important to tell everyone. Beth gave her the harshest look that she had but Mrs. Wallace wouldn’t be stopped. Mrs. Wallace had to do this as she knows that the second that Beth married Luis, she would have put her mother in a home and that is the last thing that Mrs. Wallace wanted for herself. She wants Beth to stay with her and take care of her until the end. Beth ran over to her mother at the ceremony and told her that if she was faking a heart attack, she would pay dearly. Eve was shocked to hear Beth talk this way to her mother as her mother seemed to genuinely be ill. Mrs. Wallace was taken to the hospital with Luis and Beth in tow. There was no way for Beth to continue the wedding at this time.

Jessica fills in Reese on what has been happening at the hospital. He seems to have missed it all.

Gwen wonders if Ethan is ever going to be over Theresa. It seems that every time that she turns her head in his direction, he is over talking to her or watching her. Earlier, she caught him coming to her rescue when he thought that Fox was making the moves on Theresa. She came over to see what was going on and Fox and Ethan almost got into it right there at the church. Theresa pulled Fox off to sit with her to watch the wedding and Ethan assured Gwen that everything is fine and that he has eyes only for her.

Kay watches the wedding but can only think of the day when she is going to marry Miguel. She thinks that it is going to be just as glorious. Kay envisions that she and the newborn baby are at the altar as she marries Miguel. He will be all for it then and he will gladly kiss her as they are pronounced ‘man and wife’. Father Lonigan will be there and Kay will be decked out in a beautiful gown for the occasion. That is what she is sure is going to happen. She won’t let Miguel go back to Charity…no way.

Luis enters the wedding shouting stop! He was called by Ethan and told to get over to the wedding as this seemed to be the last chance that Luis would have to be with Sheridan. Everyone could see that Sheridan was not interested in marrying Antonio and so if Luis comes over, there might be a chance that Luis could save the day for her. They were to meet the night before to elope but Beth intervened and drugged Luis and he didn’t get a chance to make the elopement.

Rebecca finds Luis’s entrance romantic. She knows that he loves Sheridan and the thought that he would interrupt a wedding to get her for himself is nothing more than the best surprise a woman could get from the man that she loves. Julian thinks that the wedding is nothing more than trouble for everyone. He has a lot riding on this wedding. If Luis marries Sheridan, he will be found out and sent to jail for trying to murder Sheridan. He really is the one responsible for all of this happening. Now that Luis is there, it looks like everything is going to pot. He will not let this marriage take place and Julian fully knows that.

Luis tells all the guests of the wedding that it has to stop. The wedding has to stop.

The nurses are alerted that the alarm for the machine has gone off in Mrs. Wallace’s room and they all run to see what is happening. A nurse enters and Beth says that the plug must have fell out. She apologizes thinking that she has tripped over the plug and pulled it out of the wall. She pretends that she is upset by the fact that her mother may have died over this. Beth thinks that her mother is dead but the nurse tells her that her mother is fine and breathing on her own, so the machine makes no difference really. Eve arrives and learns that Mrs. Wallace is fine now and breathing on her own. Eve is glad with the report. The nurse tells of the monitor plug coming out but that didn’t hurt Mrs. Wallace at all. Eve is upset when she sees the medication that is in Mrs. Wallace’s room. It is the wrong one. It was meant for another patient and in fact is very dangerous if given to the wrong person. Beth listens as Eve angrily tells the nurse that she made a terrible mistake as the injection that she could have given Mrs. Wallace would have killed her for sure. Eve and the nurse leave to tend to another patient that is in trouble as an alarm is sounding. The nurse mistakenly leaves the syringe in the room beside the bed. After they are gone, Beth hops over the bed to grab the syringe with the deadly mixture in it.

Miguel stands up and tries to explain for Luis’s outburst to the guests of the wedding. He says that Luis was only going to wish the bride and the groom well. He tries to make it seem as if Luis were only rushing in as he thought that he was going to miss the wedding. Luis shakes his head in agreement to that explanation as he couldn’t find the right words to say what he really wanted to say.

The wedding will continue and Sheridan knows now that she has no chances left to be with Luis. Antonio says that Luis stopped the wedding because he thought that he would miss the wedding and Antonio is glad that Luis has made it. He is sure that Luis wants to see his brother marry the woman that he loves. Father Lonigan is glad that Luis could make the wedding. Father Lonigan tells Antonio that he can now kiss the bride. Antonio and Sheridan kiss and the wedding is over. Luis seems to have missed his only chance to be with the woman that he loves and he knows it.

Beth is about to put the needle to her mother’s arm when a nurse comes in for the syringe. Beth hides it behind her wedding gown and puts it on a table when the nurse is looking elsewhere for the needle. Another patient needs it right away. For that patient, the mixture is perfect and will not cause any harm at all. After the nurse leaves with the syringe, Beth tells her mother that she has dodged that bullet, but she assures her mother that she is going to find a way to kill that old woman.

Antonio and Sheridan have had their first kiss as a married couple. Antonio calls for Luis to come over and give Sheridan a kiss for her wedding. Luis comes over to Sheridan and kisses her cheek. He welcomes her to his family. Antonio takes Sheridan’s hand and they are presented to the guests as Mr. And Mrs. Antonio Fitzgerald. Antonio and Sheridan walk out of the church as all throw rice…and everyone follows them out to the limo and Sheridan has one more look at Luis as she gets in the car. It is done. She sits in the limo thinking of him and how everything has gone wrong. A tear falls from her cheek, but she quickly wipes it from her face…they go to the Crane mansion to have the reception and the guests arrive to celebrate. Sheridan feeds Antonio cake as Luis watches…Antonio and Sheridan head to the floor to have the first dance. Antonio holds her close as Luis watches and tries to make a happy face for everyone. Sheridan can’t even smile.

Eve gets a call from TC and she is glad to her from him. She learns that Antonio and Sheridan got married. Eve knew that Luis was going to stop the wedding but he couldn’t. The event was a disaster but the wedding went off anyway. That is so sad. Everyone is trying to be upbeat. TC is at the reception now and he hates being at the Crane mansion. Liz is there when he gets off the phone. She learns that he was talking to Eve. She offers to take care of TC until Eve comes. She really wants to steal TC from Eve so that she can take care of him forever.

Theresa and Fox talk and Theresa seems smitten by him. Ethan hears them talking. Gwen comes over to talk to Ethan and asks him to pay a little attention to her for a change. He apologizes to her and they kiss.

Fox loves the reception that Theresa has thrown for the married couple. She tells him that the evening has some surprises in store. He hopes that the surprises are for him. She seems full of them. He has managed to surprise a few people in his time and he would like to give her some. Pilar comes over to tell Theresa that she has had a lot to drink that night and she warns her daughter to stay away from Fox. She has a lot to worry about. Theresa offers to go and talk to Luis and cheer him up.

Ivy and Sam are together and Theresa sees them and she can’t wait to throw a wrench in Ivy’s plan to get Sam.

Ivy tells Sam that he is right by not interfering in Kay’s life. Sam wishes that he could get Grace to see his point of view. Sam has no idea why they can’t agree on anything. Now they never agree. Ivy remembers telling David that she will do anything to get Sam. She would even kill to do that. She hopes that she never gets to that point. David knew that she was telling the truth. She is very determined. She has already done things that are terrible to get Sam to be hers.

David knows that Grace must be very frustrated arguing with Sam all the time over Kay. She is glad that she has David to talk to at least. She needs someone.

Charity agrees to talk to Miguel and he tells Charity that they love each other and they have to find a way to work this out and be together.

Kay is watching Miguel and Charity and she is humiliated and infuriated. Simone can’t help Kay right now as she has her own problems. She has been watching Chad and Whitney and she goes over to them. She isn’t going to give up on Chad so that her sister can have him.

Julian and Rebecca discuss the reception and they are shocked that there are no refried beans there. Rebecca keeps looking at her cell phone. She has a plan but she doesn’t tell Julian what she is up to. Rebecca has a plan that is going to bounce Theresa right out of the house.

Theresa goes to see Luis and see how he is doing. Luis isn’t doing good at all. There is nothing that anyone can do for Luis right now. He wishes that he could turn back time 5 minutes. He was only 5 minutes late and he has lost everything that he has dreamed of.

Liz asks TC about boats and the water. They both like to fish it seems. TC asks Reese if he can get into the security cameras and hook up the reception so that Eve can watch it on the Internet. TC is so sweet. Liz hears what he is planning to do.

Simone goes to get Chad to make him come with her to see what is available to eat. They walk off leaving Whitney on her own.

Kay goes over to Miguel to ask him if he would take her home as she isn’t feeling well. Grace comes up behind them asking what the problem is. Kay says that she is not feeling well. Grace tells her that pregnant women have morning sickness and not evening sickness.

Reese calls Eve to tell her that she can see the reception on the Internet if she wants. He tells her to sign onto the hospital website on the computer. He instructs her as to how to see the reception. She loves that he has done this for her. This was all TC’s idea. Reese tells TC that they are on the net for Eve. Sam and TC wave to the camera.

Theresa tells Luis that she knows how he feels as Gwen got pregnant as she was about to marry Ethan. They have both had a lot of ifs and buts, but it is wonderful to see Antonio happy knowing that he doesn’t have long to live. Theresa still thinks there is a chance for her brother. Theresa knows that Antonio is sick and they can lose him soon. Luis doesn’t want to think about that. Theresa understands that. All she is saying is that it isn’t over. In fact, she has a surprise for her brother. It is something that might help Luis move on with his life.

Chad comes back to Whitney and Theresa comes to tell her friends that it is time to start the special project. Whitney has no idea what her friend is up to. Theresa wants to rock everyone’s world at the party.

Chad announces that they are all going to play a little game. Theresa has a computer that will select who will be dancing with who. Chad turns on the big monitor and the first to dance will be Julian Crane and someone called Natalie Adams. The woman is very beautiful and is wearing a red sexy gown. Julian dips her as Chad continues picking names from the screen.

Kay and Grace are fighting and Sam comes over to find that the same old fight is playing itself out. Kay runs off. Kay thinks that it is awful for 2 people that love each other to be kept apart. Grace leaves and Ivy comes up to Sam telling him that she is sorry that things don’t seem to be working out.

Miguel tries to talk to Charity again but she runs off to make sure that Kay is alright. Reese talks to Miguel who only wishes that he could have a couple of minutes to be alone with Charity to talk. Reese gets an idea.

Theresa thinks her plan is working just fine.

Reese decides that Charity and Miguel are going to get a dance together. He gets out his little gadget from his pocket and starts madly typing. Jessica loves that he is so smart and can help the unlucky couple.

Beth sees the computer and learns from a nurse that Antonio and Sheridan really did get married after all. She is pleased as pudding as that means that she still has a chance with Luis.

Kay finds the remote to the computer and she types in her name so that she will be dancing with Miguel and Charity won’t.

Chief and Mrs. Bennett are next to dance. Everyone claps at that. Sam goes over to his wife and takes her hand and pulls her to the dance floor. Theresa glares at Ivy who tells her to go to hell.

Sam and Grace talk about their wedding day and how they loved each other. He loves her more now than he did then. He would like to forget about the kids and think about them. He thinks that they should get together later and drink some wine and talk. Grace thinks that sounds good. Sam leaves her to put his plan into action.

Ivy is mad that Theresa has put Sam and Grace together.

The next couple is Ethan and Theresa. Theresa goes over to Gwen and Ethan and pulls him from her. Fox likes that Theresa is a scheming vixen.

The next name is Miguel and Kay. This is the first couple that no one claps for.

Reese is upset as he didn’t type that into the computer.

Charity is sick at watching Kay and Miguel and she walks off.

TC and Eve are next but Eve isn’t there and so Liz takes her place.

Eve is at the hospital and she turns to the computer to see Liz dancing with her husband.

The next names called are Luis’s and Sheridan’s. Luis thinks that he had better not but Antonio insists that Luis dance with his bride. They move to the dance floor and he holds her close.

Pilar stands with Antonio and he asks how Luis and Sheridan look. Pilar says that they look perfect together.

Luis and Sheridan dance but they look sad and forlorn. They can barely look into each other’s eyes.

Eve decides that Liz is not going to take TC from her. She takes off her gown and decides that it is time that she go back to the wedding.

Chad and Whitney are next to dance. Simone returns to find Chad and Whitney dancing. “Damn you Whitney…”

Reese knows that someone did something to change the partners that had been set up.

Grace sees Charity leaving and she can tell that something is wrong. She sees Kay dancing with Miguel and she knows that Kay is up to her madness again. She is not going to let Kay do this to Charity and Miguel.

Fox goes over to Gwen to remark that Ethan and Theresa make a good couple. Gwen hates that.

Rebecca tells Ivy that she shouldn’t worry bout Theresa as she will be gone very soon.

Luis remarks to Sheridan that she is now married to Antonio. She admits that it is true.

Antonio wants to know what is going on. Pilar tells him that everyone is enjoying their dance together. Suddenly, Antonio falls to the ground and Pilar calls out to him. He is holding his head again as he does when he gets his headaches. “Antonio! Antonio!” Pilar falls to the ground with him to attend to him.

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