Passions Update Tuesday 1/7/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Whitney are in the limo kissing and being together while they wait on word about the wedding. Chad has been very thoughtful getting the limo so that he and Whitney can be alone.. They see someone outside the limo. Whitney panics that it might be Simone. Did they remember to lock the door?

Kay denies that she is doing anything to Miguel and Charity. Her mother, once again doesn't believe her one bit. She thinks that Kay is a conniving young woman that will stop at nothing to get the man that she wants, even though that might hurt her cousin Charity. Kay denies it and Sam seems to be siding with his daughter. Having Sam on Kay's side is a coup for her but her mother is very disturbed by the way that Sam is looking at things.

Miguel is trying to talk to Charity but John won't let him near her. He hates what Miguel has done to his cousin and he is not going to stand for anymore of it. Miguel tells Charity that he loves her and that she is the only one that he wants to be with. He would like to talk to her so that they can be together again. Charity is torn. She really thinks that he should leave her alone but she would like to talk to him and see what he has to say.

Rebecca is out in the snow thinking how Theresa won't have the title of Mrs. Crane anymore. If what she thinks, is right, Theresa is going to be out in the snow in no time. She only has to confirm some information. She walks around smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Pilar worries what Rebecca is up to but she is more worried about Luis and Sheridan and Antonio, and what is going to happen at this wedding tonight. Theresa tells Pilar that something keeps stopping Luis and Sheridan from being together. No matter what they plan, it never works out. Pilar goes back inside the church and Rebecca sees Theresa alone. That makes her smile all the more.

Julian gets a call from Alistair who is sunning on some beach surrounded by beautiful young women. He wants to know about the wedding and how things are going there. Julian tells his father that Mrs. Wallace has had an accident and the wedding has been postponed. Alistair already knew that. He has been on top of all of the information going on there. Alistair was hoping that Julian would be able to tell him something more. Alistair tells Julian that Ethan called Luis telling him that there is a chance that he can be with Sheridan again. Julian doesn't want that to happen and he should have known about that before Alistair. Alistair knows that Luis may get the answers to all their secrets and Julian may spend the rest of his life in jail if he gets closer to the Cranes by marrying Sheridan. Julian panics as he is very afraid of going to jail.

Father Lonigan wants to know what is happening with the wedding. Antonio just wants to marry Sheridan and he would like to get on with it.

Gwen asks Sheridan again if she is going to go through with this. Sheridan looks down the aisle and she sees Luis riding in on a white horse. He looks beautiful as he comes in and all the guests turn as he rides in. He goes to the front of the church, on his horse and announces that he is there to marry Sheridan. He tells everyone that they need to know the truth that he loves Sheridan and she loves him and, they are to be married.

Simone hears voices in the limo and she tries the door. She thought that she heard her sister's voice in there. She is going to find out what is going on. The door is unlocked and she opens it to look inside. "Oh my God!"

Kay wants her mother to think about her happiness for a change. She is always last in line for her mother's affection. She thought that her mother cared about two-parent families so why shouldn't she understand why Kay wants and needs to talk to Miguel? Grace does care about two-parent families but not ones that are made with deception like this. Kay thinks that this is about only she being the one that should be the single mother in this world. All the good things that apply to other pregnant and unfortunate girls, don't apply to Kay apparently.

Charity decides that she wants to talk to Miguel and John steps aside to reluctantly let him through. Miguel comes to Charity to tell her that he made a stupid mistake with Kay. He really did think that he was making love to Charity and not Kay. He did betray her by not telling her the truth and that is what has hurt her the most. He should have told her the truth if he really believed in their love.

Sheridan can't believe that Luis is there to take her away. He looks so handsome and gallant on his trusty white steed. She goes to him on the horse and he pulls her on back so that he can take her away.

Antonio has no idea what is going on. He can't see what is happening but he hears it all. Pilar tells him that she will make sure that he understands. Sheridan has been dreaming all along. She has been thinking that Luis coming to save her would happen. She can't stop this wedding to Antonio alone.

Beth sees that Luis is thinking again. They are at the hospital. Beth is frantic that this wedding happens. She turns to her mother and warns her that if she is faking this attack, she will never forgive her. She will make her mother's life a living hell.

Luis is on the phone with Ethan and he learns that the marriage that Antonio and Sheridan are to have hasn't happened yet. Ethan has no idea why Sheridan didn't show up to elope the night before. Ethan knows it for a fact that Sheridan will change her mind. He wants Luis to have all the information. Luis gets off the phone and tells Hank that if he shows up, he can stop the wedding. What is Luis going to do?

Julian is told by Alistair that he has to stay alert and convince Sheridan to marry Antonio. Julian will do just that. Alistair will try to find out more. Pilar comes by and Julian learns that Sheridan is still inside. She leaves and Fox arrives. Julian warns him that he is not getting away with the gambling debts that he has incurred. They see Theresa go by and Fox decides that he is going to talk to his stepmother. Julian thinks that Theresa should be handled like toxic waste.

Sam asks Grace about her family values. Grace tells him that nothing is wrong with her family values. Kay says that Miguel said that loved her. She hates coming in 3rd or 4th with her mother. She wants her mother to stop pushing her away or she will lose her daughter too. Sam can't believe Grace's stance. Sam thinks that maybe Kay is right that Grace loves Charity more than she loves her own daughter.

Miguel tells Charity again that he is sorry that he was wrong but he will do anything to get her to make up with him again. Kay finds them talking and calls for Miguel. She knows that she is interrupting but Charity tells her that it is alright. Charity tells Kay that she isn't to go. Charity tells Miguel to go and be with Kay to talk about appointments. Charity tells Miguel that after he has dealt with his responsibilities, she will talk to him but not now. She walks off and Kay and Miguel go to talk.

Antonio asks Liz about the man in her life that she seems to be smitten. She admits that the man is in Harmony. Antonio would like to meet the man but he isn't in Liz's life yet. There are problems, she says. Antonio hopes that she works things out. He would like the best for her. She should be with someone wonderful. Liz knows that the man is truly wonderful. Antonio would like to know that problem. Liz tells him that the man that she cares for is married. Antonio can't believe that Liz would break up a homelike that.

TC calls his wife who misses him very much. TC tells her that Liz is talking to Antonio. Eve thinks that she may be able to make it to the church soon. She tells her husband that she loves him and he reciprocates. Eve hangs up sure that Liz will never get with TC.

Luis can't believe that Antonio and Sheridan are not married yet. If that is the case, then why didn't Sheridan come to meet him the night before. Beth is silently listening and she knows that she was the one that drugged Luis the night before. How can she stop Luis from marrying Sheridan now? Hank thinks that Luis should do what is in his heart. He can't let this chance pass him by. Beth is behind the curtain crying out to herself. "Don't leave me Luis...Don't leave me again..."

Simone looks into the limo and sees Chad alone in the limo with champagne and other treats. She grabs the champagne and gives it to him to open.

Whitney has snuck out the other door of the limo and is stooping beside the door. She hopes that she will be able to get together with Chad real soon as a real couple.

Sam hates what is happening with he and Grace. They used to be on the same team. Sam reminds her that Kay is pregnant and should be with the father of her baby. Grace doesn't want to argue anymore as there is a wedding going on. Grace walks from him. Ivy and David have been listening and they see when Grace leaves Sam. Ivy decides that she needs to go and comfort Sam. David knows that he may get Grace now, but he will be losing his soul.

Rebecca gets another call and is thrilled to death. She knows now for sure that Theresa's days at the mansion are numbered.

Fox flatters Pilar on her children. Pilar gives him an icy stare and walks off. Fox thinks that Theresa is brilliant and he is glad that she is his mentor. She sees that Ethan is watching her and she moves over to Fox and plays with his lapels. Ethan comes running up telling Fox not to go near Theresa. He will not have the man ruining her life the way that he ruins everything that he touches.

Julian snoops around and hears Gwen telling Sheridan not to marry Antonio as that will make him miserable and she as well. Gwen leaves to tend to some things. Julian comes up to Sheridan and tells her that she should be careful with the situation. He reminds her that Alistair is listening to everything.

Liz explains that she is in love with the married man as the woman that he is married to is a liar and despicable. Sheridan is listening and sees when Antonio has a headache. Sheridan and Liz try to help him with the pain. Antonio really wants to just marry Sheridan now. Marrying her will be the thing that fills all of his dreams. He would like to get married now. Julian is listening and hopes that Sheridan will do it now. Sheridan decides to start the ceremony again. Antonio hugs her and calls to Father Lonigan to start the wedding for them again. Sheridan thinks to herself that Luis should show up now and save her.

Luis tells Eve that Ethan has called him telling him to come back to the wedding and be with Sheridan. He heard an old man talking about not being with the woman that he loved and that made him think of his situation. Eve tells him that he can't let a true love slip away.

Beth is behind the curtain and she hears Eve's advice to Luis. She prays to herself. "Please Luis...Don't leave me and go back to Sheridan..."

Grace tells David that she has no idea where she went wrong with Kay. David tells Grace that she should trust her heart. Grace is glad that she has David to talk to.

Sam tells Ivy what has been happening with Grace. Ivy agrees with him thinking that Miguel has to live up to his responsibilities. He realizes that he and Ivy have always had so much in common.

Gwen comes up and wants to know what is going on with Fox, Ethan and Theresa. Fox says that she should be a little worried about the uncommon bond that Ethan has with Theresa. Ethan is about to hit him but doesn't.

The start of the wedding has been announced and Theresa makes Fox sit with her.

Gwen wonders if she has anything to be worried about. He tells her no as she is his wife.

Antonio assures his mother that he is going to be fine as long as he can marry Sheridan.

Sheridan panics and wonders where Luis is.

Beth is crying now and praying that Luis will not go back to the church.

Eve and Hank have Luis almost ready to go back to the church. Luis can't hurt Beth again. Eve thinks that Beth will understand. Luis decides that if there is one chance in a million that he can be with Sheridan, he will take it. He has to tell Beth but he has no time. He feels awful but he can't take the time to tell Beth that he is going. Hank and Eve push him out the door.

Beth hears that Luis is gone and she turns to her mother wondering how she can make her mother pay for this. "How do I make you pay?"

Beth is determined to make her mother pay and she will. She goes to the machine that is keeping her mother alive...

Antonio would like Father Lonigan to do the entire ceremony again for he and Sheridan. Sheridan keeps peeking at the back door wondering if Luis will make it to stop this wedding. Suddenly, Rebecca's cell phone rings and she apologizes to everyone and then answers her phone. She is very happy with the call and hangs up. Julian wants to know what she is doing. She tells him that she found a way to get rid of Theresa permanently. That would make a perfect evening for Julian. Rebecca's phone rings again and everyone turns to look at Rebecca and Julian. Julian takes a call from Alistair who tells him that Luis is on his way to the church to stop the wedding.

Luis is in his cop car driving with the sirens on. It is snowing and he has the wipers going too. He knows that he has to do everything in order to stop the wedding of Antonio and Sheridan.

Eve comes to talk to Beth. Beth pretends that she is crying over her mother. Eve assures her that Mrs. Wallace is going to be fine. Eve thinks that there must be something else that is bothering her. Eve's pager goes off but she will be back as soon as she can. Beth thanks her for her help. Once alone, Beth says to herself that her mother will not recover. She says goodbye to her mother as she is sending her to hell. She goes over to the machine and pulls the plug. Mrs. Wallace takes a sharp breath and then the alarm on the machine goes off. Beth watches as her mother takes slow breaths.

Julian is told to keep Sheridan in the church until she is married. Julian knows that is what he has to do.

Father Lonigan continues with the ceremony as Sheridan looks frantically back to the door from time to time.

Julian goes to the church door and blocks it so that Luis can't enter. He blocks the windows too.

Julian comes running back in the main room of the church to go to other doors and windows to make sure that everything is locked.

Luis manages to get into the church through some door that Julian didn't manage to get to.

Luis goes into the main room of the church, running, and he sees that Antonio and Sheridan are at the altar ready to do the deed. He shouts out, "STOP!" Everyone, including Julian, turns to find Luis at the bottom of the aisle. Sheridan and Antonio turn in that direction. Sheridan is happy to see her true love. "Luis..."

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