Passions Update Monday 1/6/03

Passions Update Monday
1/6/03--Canada; 1/7/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

Luis and Sheridan have trouble saying that they were ready to be married to the minister but they mustered it up. Luis is asked first to agree to take Beth as his wife. Luis tells Father Lonigan that he will take Beth to be his wife.

Mrs. Wallace can’t believe that the wedding is going to happen.

Beth shouts out “I do…” before Father Lonigan can even get the question out.

Mrs. Wallace panics in her chair. She knows that if she lets her daughter marry Luis, she will end up in a home for sure. She prays quietly that the Lord will do something. She prays for something to happen so that she still has Beth for herself.

She knows that Beth may kill her for this but she has to do something.

Luis remembers his talk with Hank. He was to meet Sheridan, and she didn’t show up. Luis figured that Sheridan decided that she had to marry Antonio.

Sheridan thinks back to Luis not showing up to elope. Gwen found Sheridan who was devastated that Luis didn’t show up the night before. She was sure that Luis wanted to marry her.

Mrs. Wallace panics. She is sitting in the first pew behind the 2 couples. She remembers Beth threatening her. She has done things in the past, and Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth isn’t kidding and can hurt her. She suddenly gets up shouting out as loud as she can. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN….” Beth turns to the direction where her mother was sitting and is now standing. She looks daggers at the old woman. She was warned...

Tabitha is warned by the demons in the basement that she had better take care of that baby that she is having. She agrees to do her best. The demons give her a book to help her raise the baby as a good witch. Tabitha was looking for that book all over. She is told to leave the basement and she hurries out, glad to be out of there. The demons are her bosses, but they are no picnic. Once upstairs, she suddenly feels nauseous. Something is going on now. She burps and a purple haze comes from her lips. She knows that can’t be good. Every time that she burps the haze comes out of her mouth.

Mrs. Wallace shouts to everyone at the wedding that something must be wrong. Beth goes to her mother and tells her that she had better be quiet. Mrs. Wallace has something to say. She wants everyone to listen to her. She wants to tell the truth. She is standing now and suddenly she falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Someone shouts out, “She is dead!” Beth whispers, “One can only hope!” Eve rushes to the woman and kneels beside her to try to revive her if possible.

Julian and Rebecca think that the old woman probably just sprang a leak.

Tabitha is still burping purple haze, and she knows that she has to fix it. She gets the book and flips the pages. She finds the cure. Minto Rigamortis will fix this. She has to eat it fresh, and she knows where she saw some of that. At the grounds of the church. She doesn’t want to go there as that wedding is going on, and Julian is probably there. She burps the cloud again, and she knows that she has to go there whether she likes it or not.

Julian and Rebecca are sitting in their pew when the sexy maid Lydia calls to Julian. Rebecca hates that the woman is waving at her fiancé. Julian gets up to go and see what the maid wants. Rebecca makes a mental note to fire Lydia first chance that she gets.

Beth is getting anxious. She pushes by Eve trying to shake her mother awake. Eve is shocked by Beth’s behavior. Beth promises her mother that she can live with her and Luis after she gets married. Mrs. Wallace doesn’t move. Luis pulls Beth off her mother and tries to calm her down. Eve says that Mrs. Wallace has had a heart attack. Beth thinks that they should prop her up in the pew and carry on. Ethan makes an announcement that the wedding will be delayed for a while.

Kay sees Charity and Miguel talking, and she runs over there to talk to them. Grace sees Kay going over to talk to Miguel and Charity, and Grace wants to intervene but Sam stops her. Sam has no idea what Kay can be like. Grace remembers Kay slapping her in the face. Sam reminds Grace that Kay is his daughter, too.

David and Ivy hear what is going one with Sam and Grace, and they discuss it quietly, but John comes alone to say what he thinks about all of this happening.

Liz knows that Eve has to go to the hospital with Mrs. Wallace and she promises to look after TC while Eve is gone.

Luis tells Beth that they have to go to the hospital with Beth’s mother.

Antonio announces that he would like to go ahead with his half of the wedding. Beth thinks that is a great idea. Luis reluctantly says that he agrees. He thinks that is what Sheridan and Antonio really want. Eve comes over to tell Luis and Beth that they have to go. The three of them leave, and Sheridan looks after them.

Rebecca is on the phone gathering information, and Theresa demands to know what she is doing. Rebecca tells her that when it is time, she will be the first to know what is going on.

Whitney hates that another wedding has been messed up. She and Chad walk off together smiling.

Simone happens to see them, wondering where they are going.

Miguel tries to talk to Charity about fixing things. He is sure that evil will win if they don’t get back together. Kay comes up to talk to Miguel about her doctor’s appointments and their baby.

Grace is freaking out that Kay is acting this way. He feels that a child needs both parents ,and so Kay needs to talk to Miguel sometimes. Grace thinks that Sam is referring to his life that he had with Ivy.

Chad and Whitney are standing in the snow outside the church, and he surprises her with a limo so that they can take a ride alone together and get away from the crowd inside. She looks into the car and sees that he has taken care of everything. She looks around and sees that they have drink and food inside. They wish each other a happy New Year as they kiss inside the car.

Simone is standing around wondering where Chad and Whitney have taken off to. She has been trying to keep tabs on those two but that has proving to be more difficult than she thought that it would be.

Julian bumps into Tabitha and is short-tempered with her. She hasn’t been feeling well because of her pregnancy and has come outside to get some air. Julian is sorry for being short with her but he has been having a rough time of it lately. Family has been proving to be very difficult. Julian explains that one of his brood has been misbehaving and has been driving him nuts. Children can be problematic he explains. She knows just what he means.

Sam is talking to Grace about her treatment of Kay. He finds that she has been too hard on the girl, and he would like it to stop. Grace disagrees with him. She thinks that Kay is totally out of control and needs sharp discipline. She has been trying her best to stop her from getting in the way of Charity’s happiness by going after Miguel, and now she is horrified at the things that Kay continues to do to get the man for herself. Sam gets a call from the station and he has to make a call back to headquarters. He has to leave Grace for a few moments, but he will be back. He warns Grace not to get on Kay’s nerves.

Kay wants to talk to Miguel but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. She doesn’t care what he says, she wants him to be with her, and she commences following him around the church. He walks away, and Kay tries to follow him. Grace sees her and runs to her telling her to stay away from Miguel and Charity, so that they can have some happiness. Kay isn’t going to listen to her. She think Grace doesn’t really care for her daughter. Kay feels that she has to look out for herself. Sam sees Grace with Kay ,and he shouts at her that he can’t believe that she is after Kay again.

TC and Liz come to see Antonio, to see how he is doing. Sheridan stands by quietly. Antonio asks TC to call Eve so that they can find out how Mrs. Wallace is doing at the hospital.

TC calls and learns that Mrs. Wallace isn’t doing good. Eve learns that things are okay there, and she wishes that she were there instead of her sister. TC assures her that she is the only woman for him. Liz whispers…”Not for long.” TC finishes his call and reports that Beth and Luis are not going to make it back from the hospital.

Antonio tells Sheridan that they might as well get married now. Sheridan tries to stall but Antonio thinks that they should just get on with it.

Ethan calls Luis and tells him that he should come back to the church right away. Luis can’t do that as Mrs. Wallace isn’t doing very well. Ethan can see that Sheridan doesn’t want to marry Antonio. Ethan is sure that if Luis comes back to the church now, he will be able to marry Sheridan and start his life with her that night.

Julian decides to go back inside. He warns Tabitha to bundle up as it is cold outside. He tells her that if she ever needs someone to keep her warm, she should give him a call. He gives her a card with his number on it. He leaves, and she thinks that he is stupid thinking that mortal children are a pain. Wait till he sees his magic kid. Tabitha has to wonder again is she is up to all of this. She leaves, and Fox comes out of the bushes wondering what is up with his father and Tabitha.

Liz looks at TC and thinks how she has grown fond of her brother-in-law.

Simone finds the limo parked with the lights on. She wonders if Chad and Whitney are inside. There is only one way to find out and she heads over to the car to peek inside.

Ivy is drooling over the way that Sam and Grace are arguing. She knows that soon she will be with Sam and David will be with Grace.

Kay runs to her father saying that Grace hates her. Kay tells her father that it is hard for her to be pregnant and alone, but now she has to deal with her mother hating her. Sam is clearly sympathetic to her daughter, and he holds her as she smiles over his shoulder.

Miguel finds Charity who happens to be with John. Charity thinks that Miguel should go and talk to Kay for a change. Miguel pushes the issues but then John steps in telling Miguel to leave her alone.

Theresa looks over at Ethan knowing that one day she is going to end up with him. She knows she will.

Rebecca knows that it is going to be all over for Theresa as the most recent Mrs. Crane.

Sheridan talks to Gwen. She decides that she wants Luis to comeback so that she can be in his life again.

Ethan tells Luis that Antonio and Sheridan haven’t married yet. He is sure the Luis should come back now so that the wedding can be ended, and he can get the woman that he finally wants. Beth is behind Lui,s and she can see that he is having an intense conversation with someone. She panics. She has no idea who he is talking to, but she wants to find out. She is still in her wedding gown but she can’t marry Luis yet as her mother is ill and in the hospital. “Who is Luis talking to?” Beth wonders with terror on her face as she clutches the curtains that open up to her mother’s room.

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