Passions Update Friday 1/3/03

Passions Update Friday 1/3/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Grace and Sam come to see Charity in her room. Charity has been crying as this was to be the happiest day of her life. She should have been married to Miguel by now. She should have been a happy bride by now. How did this happen to her? Grace holds the girl as she cries. Sam helplessly looks on.

Simone sees Chad who has come to the house. She runs to him and links her arm in his. She is happy to see him in spite of the secret that she knows he has been keeping from her regarding her sister. She has a gift for him but she will give that to him later. TC takes this opportunity to take a picture of the girls and Chad at the front of the house. The kids all smile for the camera in spite of what really lies in their minds.

Liz tells Eve that this is the last Christmas that she is going to have with her family. Both women watch as the kids have their pictures taken by TC. Liz kisses the woman on her cheek, wishing her a happy Christmas as it is sure to be her last happy one with her family.

Fox is in the Crane living room when his family and extended family enter along with Theresa. Fox is being as sarcastic as ever. Theresa is glad that she is going to be with her family for the holidays. All have to wonder where she is going to be with her family. Rebecca jokes that she will have to go to the immigration office for that. The doorbell rings and Theresa opens to her family and others that are friends of hers. She has called them all over there. Theresa wants Little Ethan’s Christmas to be the best that he will ever have and she is sure that it will be.

Chad and Whitney are out in the snow talking about the wedding that is coming up. They would like to go the church together but that would only cause a bad scene for everyone, especially Whitney’s father. Chad knows that is the truth and he knows that they have to keep their secret a little longer in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the truth finally comes out.

Theresa enters the church with Antonio, Miguel and her mother. Everyone is dressed to a tee. Theresa is dressed in a fancy red dress and Miguel and the other ushers are dressed in tuxedos. Theresa asks about Beth and can’t believe that she is going to be Beth’s Matron of Honour. Antonio is looking forward to marrying Sheridan. That is all that he can think about. He is sorry about Theresa and Ethan, but Theresa still believes that when 2 people are to be together, nothing can stop them. Everyone knows what she means. She feels that she is still going to be with Ethan in the end and she is willing to wait patiently for that to happen. Antonio has to agree.

Gwen is talking to Sheridan trying to make her see that she can’t marry Antonio if she has any doubts about doing it. If she really loves Luis, she should marry that man instead. She should be true to herself. She should really go to Luis. Sheridan thinks that if Luis didn’t want to marry Beth, he would have said so already. Gwen thinks that she is crazy to do this. She should go to Luis just one more time to make sure that she is doing the right thing for her. That talk could change everything. Sheridan sees that she is right and she agrees to go and see Luis before the wedding.

Hank gives Luis a talk as he is getting ready for his wedding. Hank thinks that the man isn’t ready to give up on Sheridan forever and he should do something about that. Luis has to admit that he isn’t ready to give up on Sheridan but what can he do now he wonders?

Ivy finds David thinking in the snow before the wedding and she tells him to perk up as he is about to get Grace and he should be happy about that. They have worked very hard and she thinks that he should be happy with the way that things are turning out. Ivy tells him to console Grace about Kay and make her think that he cares. That seems to be the way to Grace’s heart these days. Ivy thinks that this New Year is off to a marvellous start.

Grace and Sam enter the church and Grace checks to make sure that Charity is okay with being there. She wasn’t going to come but she wanted to be there for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Charity knows that she has to get used to seeing Miguel places so this will be her first time since the horrible events that have taken place.

Sam ushers Kay to their seats. Miguel is an usher and he goes to the back of the church to get Charity who is the next person to be seated. He knows that she probably doesn’t want to speak to him but he goes to her anyway. She is sad as she looks up into his eyes.

Chad and Whitney are hugging when others arrive for the wedding, so they stop hugging and Chad tells her that he can’t wait for the day that they will be walking down the aisle together. AS they are kissing, Simone walks by and sees them.

Antonio greets Liz. Pilar thinks that she looks lovely. Antonio knows that she always looks beautiful. Pilar and Theresa leave Liz and Antonio to talk. Liz thinks that he looks wonderful on his wedding day. It means a lot that Liz wishes him all the best. He will never forget all the times that they shared together. He hopes that she gets the same joy that he is having now. Antonio calls for Theresa and she comes over. Antonio wants her to help him find Father Lonigan. They walk off and Pilar can see that Liz still loves Antonio, however, Liz is willing to give up Antonio is he really wants to be with Sheridan.

Luis is fighting his feelings for Sheridan. Hank is telling him to go and talk to Sheridan, but Luis thinks that Sheridan has made up her mind. Sheridan didn’t show up at the judge’s office and so he thinks that there is nothing that he can do. He has to accept that she is going to marry his brother. He loves Beth, but that is different. He knows that he is going to be happy with Beth. He is committed to her and he is going to be happy.

Sheridan has decided that she is going to go to Luis and ask him why he didn ’t go to the judge’s office. Beth is outside the door and she hears that Sheridan is going to go and see Luis. Beth enters the room telling Sheridan that she is beautiful and that Antonio is a lucky man. She says that she can ’t believe that Luis is going to be her husband after all these years. Beth said that the night before, she had the most incredible time with him. She knows that the bride and groom are not to be together the night before the wedding but they just couldn’t resist each other. The wedding planner comes in seeing that Beth isn’t ready. She makes Beth grab her dress and hurry to put it on. The planner asks Sheridan if she is ready to go down the aisle. Sheridan says yes, she is ready to go down the aisle. It seems that she is going to forget about her plan to talk to Luis after all.

Rebecca is dressed and she comes to show herself off to Julian. He can’t believe that she is going to the wedding but she has a plan to get back at Theresa and get her out of Julian’s life.

Fox comes up to Theresa wanting to know what she is thinking about. She doesn’t want to tell him but he thought that they were closer than that. He flirts with her terribly but she should know that she is a pretty hot woman. He knows why brides always pick out ugly dresses for their attendants. Theresa is lovely and is one of the most beautiful women there in spite of her not being the bride.

Ethan arrives alone as Gwen came early to help Sheridan out. He meets his mother outside. They enter the church together and there is Theresa with Fox. She is giggling and flirting madly with Fox. Ivy thinks that the girl has no shame.

Miguel would like to get someone else to seat Charity if that is what she wants but that is fine with her that he takes her to the seat. Kay is watching and Jessica knows that she will never have Miguel’s heart as Charity does.

Eve arrives and Pilar tells her that the wedding is a little hard on Liz. The wedding is hard for Liz as she loves Antonio. What a shame. It seems that Liz’s whole life has been bad. Perhaps someday, Liz will meet someone that is right for her. Pilar sees someone that she has to talk to and she leaves. Liz comes up to Eve and Eve tells her that Pilar thinks that she is a wonderful person. Eve knows that her sister is not all that great. Liz offers to tell everyone at the wedding all about the relationship that she has with her sister. TC comes up and takes Liz to her seat. He is so sweet. The wedding is about to start…

The ushers take their places at the front with Luis and Antonio. Luis and Antonio shake hands at the front and Antonio thanks Luis again for the double wedding. The planner starts the procession and the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer start walking…next are the bridesmaids. As Theresa walks by Ivy, she smiles extra wide for Ivy. Gwen is next in line and then the wedding music begins. Beth is first to come out and she slowly makes her way up the aisle. Luis looks down on her…

Sheridan is waiting for her turn to go to the front. She waits at the back patiently.

Beth has made her way to the front and Luis smiles at her but then he looks to the back of the church and sees the woman that he really wants standing at the back, ready to start her walk up the aisle. Their eyes meet…

Tabitha is upset that she is pregnant and going to have a baby. She wants to cause misery and mayhem but something is happening. Suddenly a bright light comes and a crib is put in the middle of the floor. She wants it removed but it stays. There is a note there. It is from Timmy telling her that she will make a wonderful mother. Tabitha wishes that Timmy were there to help her through this.

At the church Julian and Rebecca arrive and they are shocked that the flowers are real. They were expecting piñatas instead. Rebecca is sure that there will be some at the reception.

Hank is looking down the aisle at Sheridan and he can see that Sheridan wants Luis. He tells Luis and Luis believes it too. He admits that Hank is right. He wants to be with Sheridan as much as she wants to be with him.

Tabitha looks at Timmy’s little clothes wondering why he had to leave. Life is so boring without him. Connie and Cecil are a mockery of what a real doll should be. They are not fit to shine Timmy’s shoes. The laughs that she had with Timmy and the challenges that they tackled were great. They fought sometimes but they always made up in the end. On the desk before Tabitha, there is a bright light. Tabitha has to think back to the baby. Tabitha is willing to give having the baby a try for Timmy’s sake. If he were there, he would buck her up to the challenge. Tabitha thinks that she could learn what she needs to know to take care of a baby. Walks…diaper changes… If she starts looking up recipes for really good meals, she hopes that she will be struck down. She is willing to give having this baby a go. She will try to be happy about it. She makes an oath…”I Tabitha Lennox…am going to be a mommy and a damn good one at that…”

Sheridan makes her way up the aisle.

Pilar panics as she sees Luis remove Beth’s hand from his arm…

Miguel can see that Luis still loves Sheridan and that he is going to stop the wedding…

Beth panics and tells Luis that Sheridan looks radiant. She tells Luis that Sheridan told her that she was sure that the marriage to Antonio is the right choice. This causes Luis to change his mind again and go ahead with the marriage to Beth. Beth smiles as she can feel the tide changing in her favour once again.

Hank whispers to Luis, “What are you doing?” Luis tells him that Sheridan has made her choice and that the wedding is going to go ahead as planned.

Tabitha sings a lullaby and rocks the crib with her foot. She has plenty of time to learn the right words for the baby songs. She has a lot to do. She took good care of Timmy and she is sure that she can do that again. Timmy turned out well in spite of her, not because of her. She worries that her offspring will not be as good as Timmy was. What if her child is truly the spawn?… The puff of smoke comes out from the bottom of the basement door. Now she really has something to think about.

Sheridan is still walking up the aisle. She isn’t smiling but she is beautiful, nonetheless. Luis thinks back to the time when he was going to marry her before.

Mrs. Wallace can’t believe her eyes. Her wretched daughter is going to pull this off.

Pilar prays…”Heavenly father…Please let nothing go wrong…”

Sheridan finally makes it to the front of the church…Everyone is seated. Father Lonigan starts his ceremony.

Sheridan steals a glance at Luis over Beth’s head as the minister talks… Luis catches that glance and turns from her to face the minister again.

Father Lonigan wants everyone to think about their hopes and resolutions for the coming year…

Miguel looks at Charity thinking that he is going to make this up to her.

All that Charity ever wanted was Miguel and now that is not going to happen.

Kay is thinking that she managed to break up Miguel and Charity and that is her first step.

Ivy is going to win Sam back once and for all.

Liz is going to ruin her sister’s life as she has had hers ruined.

Eve is going to protect her family…

Whitney is going to work hard on her tennis this year.

Chad is going to hold on to his love.

Simone is not going to let her sister still Chad from her.

Ethan will watch Fox as he is not to be trusted.

Theresa is going to get Ethan back.

Fox is going to get to know Theresa better…. A lot better.

Mrs. Wallace wants Beth away from Luis or his life will be a living hell.

Julian is going to get rid of his wives and get himself a pretty young thing.

Rebecca is going to get the goods on Theresa. Theresa is going down!

Pilar wants happiness for all her children.

The minister continues. “You are going to be joined in holy matrimony…” Beth and Antonio are quick to agree with the minister but Luis and Sheridan have a harder time agreeing to the vows.

The minister is about to start the traditional vows…”let us begin…”

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