Passions Update Thursday 1/2/03

Passions Update Thursday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells Ethan how happy she is that he took the job at Crane Industries as the office building is being decorated for New Years. Ethan tells Theresa that the employees must be shocked to see the decorations and how much Theresa cares for the employees. She informs him that she wants to treat her employees they way she would want to be treated. He tells her that she is amazing and is the perfect person for the vice president job at Crane Industries.

Mrs. Wallace prays to the angels and saints for her daughter’s sake. She remembers Beth leaving the house with a gun, intent on killing Sheridan and Luis. Luis is passed out on his bed and Sheridan in a chair at the judge’s office. Beth comes home, holding the gun close to her and shaking. Mrs. Wallace asks if she murdered Sheridan and Luis.

Ethan asks Theresa what is on the agenda for the day. She informs him that Fox gathered information for their meeting later in the day. Ethan warns Theresa that Fox has never worked a day in his life and tells her to be careful where he is concerned. Fox hands Theresa the folder full of information that she asked for. He then tells Ethan that he laid a folder on his desk as well as reserved the conference room for their meeting.

Beth informs her mother that she did not kill Luis and Sheridan, but tells her detail by detail how she stopped them from meeting one another at the judge’s office. Hank finds Luis passed out on his bed and wakes him up, telling him it is his wedding day. Luis realizes that he missed meeting Sheridan to elope so he tells Hank that he has to get to the judge’s office as quickly as possible to see if Sheridan is there. Gwen finds Sheridan at the judge’s office as Sheridan tells her what happened. She fears that she has lost Luis forever.

Theresa tells Fox that she is very impressed with the work he did for her. Ethan enters Theresa’s office with the folder that Fox compiled for him. Fox tells Ethan the he hopes he found the file helpful. Ethan tells him that its quite thorough and asks who he paid to compile the folder for him. Whitney stops by to see Theresa and is introduced to Fox, who is quite taken with her.

Beth continues to recount her plot to keep Sheridan and Luis from eloping. Sheridan tells the judge’s secretary that no one must know that she was there. The secretary shows her the marriage license and Sheridan rips it up and throws it in the trash. Gwen and Sheridan leave the judge’s office. Hank and Luis are on their way out of elevator just as Gwen and Sheridan step on an elevator going down.

Theresa, Whitney, and Fox talk about tennis. Fox asks if Whitney has a boyfriend to which Theresa replies, “No.” He tells her that he would like to play tennis with her sometime. Fox leaves the office and Theresa questions Whitney as to why she didn’t want her to tell Fox that she is dating Chad. Ethan again warns Theresa to be careful around Fox.

Beth is preparing her wedding dress as Mrs. Wallace continues to taunt her by telling her that there will be no wedding. Luis goes to the judges office and asks the secretary if Sheridan was there. She tells him no, per Sheridan’s request. Luis is heartbroken because he thinks that Sheridan didn’t want to get married. Sheridan asks Gwen why Luis didn’t show up. She tells her that she couldn’t believe that he doesn’t love her as much as she loves him. Gwen encourages her to call Luis to see why he wasn’t there but she refuses. She then has a flashback of her favorite moments with Luis.

Theresa tells Whitney that she is more determined than ever to get Ethan back, despite the fact that he is married and his wife is expecting a child. She informs her that she will use Fox in her plot to get Ethan back. Ethan stops Fox in the hallway and warns him to leave Theresa and Whitney alone. Fox tells Ethan that he knows he’s still in love with Theresa. Ethan asks Fox if he wants Theresa to which he replies, “Maybe I want Theresa and maybe I don’t. I haven’t decided yet.”

Sheridan is at the church, preparing for her wedding to Antonio. She begins to cry and says that she cannot go through with everything. Gwen encourages her to call Luis to find out what happened before she walks down the aisle. Sheridan tells her that she needs to take a walk and clear her head and runs into Luis in the hallway.

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