Passions Update Thursday 12/26/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne


The angel girl watches the town of Harmony from Heaven. She is concerned about the residents of Harmony and wants them to have a joyous Christmas.

Tabitha joins the Bennett family for Christmas as well as John and David. Charity is heartbroken over losing Miguel as Kay gloats about being pregnant. Sam and David call a truce for the holidays and decide to make the best of their situation. The Bennetts exchange gifts. Kay and Jessica discover that they bought one another the same CD. Charity bought Kay a bikini, but told her that she didn’t realize Kay wouldn’t be able to wear it because she had no clue she would be carrying Miguel’s baby. Jessica and Grace give Charity her presents but realize that Charity shouldn’t have opened one of the gifts, a guide to making your husband happy in the kitchen. Noah calls home for the holidays.

Simone gives Chad a very expensive gift, a piece of original sheet music with an autograph. Chad informs her that the gift is too expensive, and he cannot accept it. However, TC talks him into it, and he happily accepts it. Liz gives Eve a photo of themselves as children and gets an emotional reaction from her sister. TC overhears the two talking about sisters. He mistakenly thinks that the photo is about sisters and the reason Liz gave it to Eve is because the photo reminds her of Whitney and Simone.

Fox gives a "present" to his parents that triggers a less than happy reaction. He informs them that he is staying in Harmony and will be working at Crane Industries.

Theresa and Ethan exchange gifts. Ethan opens his gift to discover a laptop while Theresa receives a book on how to be a successful woman in the board room. Gwen is unhappy with their closeness. Theresa shows her family their new home, the Lopez-Fitzgerald family Christmas present. Pilar is less than eager to accept the gift at first, but finally gives in. Paloma calls home and the family sings to her. Everyone takes a tour of the house before the Christmas feast.

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