Passions Update Tuesday 12/24/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne


Tabitha is lying in her coffin and hears Connie and Cecil trying to steal everything in her house that is not nailed down. She emerges just in time to stop them from stealing everything she owns. Connie and Cecil make their way out the door and over to the Bennett house to continue to wreak havoc. The duo steals items from the Bennett house. They also sneak upstairs to ruin Kay’s maid of honor dress as well as switching her hairspray with blue hair dye. Grace and David wake up together in Grace’s bed. David decides to sneak out before anyone can catch him.

Whitney and Chad wake up in each other’s arms, and Whitney realizes that they spent the night together. She tells Chad that her father will kill them both if she does not get home in time to prevent being caught.

At the Russell house, Liz realizes that Whitney is not home. She thinks fast, too, and tries to prevent T.C. from discovering that Whitney never came home during the night. Liz messes up her neatly made bed and takes her tennis racket out of the closet and leaves it downstairs by the door. Eve and TC find that Whitney is not in her room, but both Liz and Whitney make an excuse that she awoke early for a quick tennis practice before the wedding.

Fox makes himself at home as he interrupts a private moment between Gwen and Ethan during their honeymoon. He informs Ethan that he needs to borrow a pair of his cufflinks for his hot date with "stepmommy" because he misplaced his last pair. Theresa makes her way into Ethan and Gwen’s room to ask if her date is ready. Fox tells her that he is ready to leave.

A saddened Kay prepares for the worst day of her life, Miguel and Charity’s wedding day. She informs her family that she is not feeling well, yet she knows that she has to go to the wedding because she is the maid of honor.

Theresa happily enjoys watching Ethan's reaction when she informs everyone that Fox will be escorting her to Miguel's wedding. Whitney thanks Liz for her cover story by giving her one of her necklaces.

Gwen confronts Ethan by asking if he's still in love with Theresa. Sam catches David trying to sneak out of their house. The wedding begins, and Kay faints just before Miguel and Charity begin their vows.

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