Passions Update Friday 12/20/02

Passions Update Friday 12/20/02

By Ashton
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne


Theresa has a flashback of the wedding. (Begin Flashback) Father Lonigan says to Ethan, “You may kiss the bride.” Ethan and Gwen share a kiss as everyone applauds. Pilar and Whitney try to comfort Theresa while Rebecca and Ivy cheer because Ethan and Gwen became husband and wife. (End Flashback)

At the reception, Pilar and Whitney comfort Theresa as she realizes that Ethan is now a married man. The guests congratulate Ethan and Gwen as they enter. Outside, Fox jumps over a wall and heads for the door to the mansion. Miguel asks Charity if she is feeling better since her premonitions did not come true. She tells him that she feels better about their wedding.

Sam and Grace discuss the fact that Ivy always manages to come between them. Sam reassures her that Ivy will not come between them during the party. Rebecca and Julian catch Mrs. Wallace stealing silverware from the mansion. Julian tells Rebecca to keep an eye on her. Mrs. Wallace continues to taunt Beth about the upcoming wedding and the fact that she will never marry Luis. Antonio, Sheridan, Beth, and Luis talk about Theresa being strong and gracious for hosting Gwen and Ethan’s reception.

Simone interrupts Chad and Whitney’s conversation. Ethan and Gwen share a kiss as Pilar and Theresa walk by. Gwen thanks Theresa for hosting the reception. Sam and Grace continue to discuss Ivy’s manipulations. He tells her that Ivy will never come between them and that they will be together forever. He also promises Grace the first dance of the night. Unbeknownst to Sam, Ivy informs Eve that she will share the first dance with Sam. Eve tells her that she could be crippled for the rest of her life if she gets out of the wheelchair and dances. Simone tells Whitney that she knows she and Chad are meant to be together forever.

Chad steps onto the dance floor to announce the first dance. He tells everyone that it is a tradition for the parents of the groom to share the first dance. Whitney whispers into his ear to correct him. He then announces that the groom’s father will be dancing with his wife. Ivy interrupts just as Sam is about to dance with Grace. She stands up and extends her hand for a dance. Ivy and Sam begin to dance.

Sheridan pulls Luis aside to tell him that she is worried about Antonio. She asks Luis to give her an answer as to whether or not he will marry Beth if Antonio dies before the wedding. Gwen tells Theresa that she overreacted at the church and realized that she owed her a big thank you for offering Ethan the job in Harmony. Theresa congratulates Gwen on her marriage. Pilar tells Theresa that she is very proud of the way that she handled the situation. Theresa informs her mother that she has to find a way to get over Ethan and move on with her life.

Liz tells Eve that she will lose TC to her once he finds out the truth. Ivy and Sam continue to dance with Grace and she accepts. Fox enters the party and says to himself, “It is the perfect night for some fireworks.”

Gwen confronts Theresa while she is fixing a plate of food. Gwen tells Theresa to cut the act and to be honest with her. She tells her that she knows she tried to stop Ethan from getting the job in Alaska and why she offered him the job at Crane Industries. Sheridan and Luis continue to discuss Antonio’s medical condition and their future. Sam tells Ivy that he is going to dance with Grace, and she suddenly faints. They rush Ivy to the bedroom as Chad continues the music and tells everyone to continue dancing. Chad and Whitney plan to meet at his studio after the party. Julian tells Beth that he wants Mrs. Wallace gone after he catches her stealing. Beth informs him that she is not ready to leave yet but she would send for a taxi to pick her up.

Fox heads for his old bedroom while the reception continues. Sam, Grace, Ethan, Gwen, and Eve are all in Ivy’s room. Eve checks Ivy out and tells her that she is okay but she wants to run some tests on her later. She tells Ethan that someone should stay with her to make sure she follows doctor’s orders. Ethan volunteers but Ivy will not let him stay because it is his wedding night. Ethan asks Sam to stay because he is the only person that he can trust with her. Sam agrees, and Grace rushes out of the room as David follows after her.

Simone catches Chad and Whitney together at the studio. Meanwhile, at the Bennett’s, Kay plants a broken mirror in the floor to make Charity think that she broke it which will give her seven years of bad luck.

Back at the mansion, TC offers to take Liz home while Eve tends to Ivy. Ethan carries Gwen over the threshold, lays her on the bed, and kisses her. Next door, Pilar takes baby Ethan to her room so that Theresa can get a good night's rest. Fox enters the room and strips down to his boxers then starts to climb into bed with Theresa. She screams loudly as everyone upstairs wonders what is going on.

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