Passions Update Thursday 12/19/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

Fox is playing another round of poker. He loses the first game. The dealer tells him that his lucky streak must be over. However, he continues to play with no chips. He uses his cufflinks, a family heirloom, as a wager.

Ethan asks Gwen what is wrong and she cries, “How could you, Ethan?” and runs out of the church. Charity tells Miguel that she knew something was bad was going to happen. Ethan runs after Gwen. Gwen tells Ethan that he has been lying to her. She asks him if he has lost his mind because he is working for Theresa. Charity tells Miguel that she is worried that something that will happen to ruin their own wedding. Luis looks for Sam to ask if he knows what is going on. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that her wedding to Luis is not going to turn out any better than this one. She also tells Beth that she never married her father. Ivy and Rebecca wonder why Gwen ran out of the church.

Gwen questions Ethan on whether or not he took the job with Theresa. The two argue as Theresa overhears and tells Whitney that she has to go and see what is going on. Theresa hides behind a statue to eavesdrop on Gwen and Ethan as they argue. Ethan asks Gwen if he trusts her and she tells him that she does but it is Theresa that she does not trust. They continue to argue about Theresa. The wedding guests overhear Ethan and Theresa arguing. Antonio asks Sheridan if she is all right and she tells him that she is but she cannot imagine why Gwen would have slapped Ethan. Father Lonigan asks Rebecca if he should tell the guests to go home and she tells him no that it is just a lover’s spat.

Rebecca, Julian, and Ivy head to the back of the church to find out what is going on. Gwen tells them that Ethan took the job at Crane Industries. Ivy and Rebecca realize that Theresa is responsible for trying to stop the wedding. Rebecca asks the others if they think Theresa pulled strings to keep Ethan from getting a job at another law firm. Julian and Ethan both agree that she could not have because she did not have many contacts. Theresa interrupts their conversation to tell them that Ethan turned the job down at first because he did not want to hurt Gwen and that he only took the job after he realized he could not get a job anywhere else. Gwen asks Ethan if what Theresa said was true and he answered, “Yes.“ Theresa tells Gwen that she cannot believe she does not trust Ethan and questions why she is marrying him without trust. Rebecca then tries to choke Theresa.

Fox loses another hand of poker. He uses a watch as a wager in the next hand, a watch that he bought himself for Christmas. One of the women asks him if he is going home for Christmas to which he replies, “At the rate I’m going, I will have to go home for Christmas.”

Theresa tells Gwen that she had no idea she would find out about the employment papers during the wedding. Gwen tells Theresa not to patronize her. Gwen then tells Ethan that he can either marry her or keep the job at Crane Industries. Ethan tells Gwen that he does not want to choose between the two and that she is the only one that he loves and begs her to not to call off the wedding. He tells her to think about her decision and if she decides to call everything off, he will tell everyone that it has been called off and that he is the reason why.

The guests are talking amongst themselves as they wait on Gwen’s decision. Kay tells Charity that she had premonitions of bad things happening at the weddings. Miguel informs Kay that he will never speak to her again if she tries to pull anything at their wedding. Simone tells Kay that she overheard their conversation and warns her to leave them alone.


Fox plays another hand of poker and loses yet again. The dealer tells him that he is finished and that he has lost all he is allowed to lose in one sitting. Fox tells the dealer that he will come back and try to win back all of his stuff. He picks up the newspaper announcing Gwen and Ethan’s wedding and decides to head for Harmony.

Back at the church, the ceremony continues. Father Lonigan asks if anyone opposes their union. Everyone in the church turns around to look at Theresa. Rebecca tells Ivy that if Theresa says one word to stop the wedding that she will jump her. Father Lonigan continues the service by asking Ethan, “Will you take this woman to be your wife?” Ethan responds, “I will.”

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