Passions Update Wednesday 12/18/02

Passions Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

Beth is getting ready to go to Ethan and Gwen’s wedding. Mrs. Wallace taunts her by telling her that she will never get Luis. Beth calls Sheridan to check on Antonio. She tells her that he is doing better but he suddenly grabs his head. Sheridan asks Antonio if he’s okay.

At the Bennett’s, Sam and Ethan are having a heart to heart conversation. Sam tells Ethan how proud he is of him. Kay complains that Ethan got a good night’s sleep in her bed while she had to sleep on an air mattress. She complains to her mother that nobody in the family cares about her. Grace tells her to grow up. Grave then congratulates Ethan on his big day. Sam tells Ethan that Grace still takes his breath away. Grace tells him that he doesn’t have to say that. They share a kiss. Ethan says that he can’t wait to kiss his beautiful bride.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Gwen steps into the living room dressed in her wedding gown. Rebecca tells her that she looks so beautiful and she is going to make her cry. Julian tells Gwen that he is happy to be walking her down the aisle. Rebecca tells Gwen that she can’t believe that her father still refuses be in the same room with her. Pilar and Theresa enter the living room. Pilar tells Gwen how beautiful she looks. Theresa agrees and says she wants Gwen to have an unforgettable day. Gwen tells Ivy and Rebecca to stop glaring at Theresa and tells them to relax because she is marrying Ethan and nothing will stop the wedding.

Theresa asks Pilar if she will check on little Ethan for her. She then calls Trish to make sure she is still going to deliver the papers to Gwen just before the wedding.

Mrs. Wallace is decorating their Christmas tree and continues to taunt Beth. Luis arrives to take Beth and Mrs. Wallace to the church. Beth tells Luis to keep the car warm and that she will be ready soon. Beth tells her mother that she is not going to the wedding. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is going and that there is nothing she can do to stop her. Beth tapes Mrs. Wallace to a chair and places the skirt for the Christmas tree under her chair in case she has an accident. Beth tells her that she is paying her back for ruining the material for her wedding dress.

At the Bennett’s, Sam and Grace continue to kiss as Jessica, Charity, and John enter the living room. Miguel arrives to take Charity to the church. He tells her how beautiful she looks. Grace tells Sam that they shouldn’t have kissed like that and Sam tells her that he cannot help it because he loves her so much. They share another kiss. David watches them through the window. Kay catches David standing outside and asks why he is there. He tells her that he is there to shoot some photos of Ethan before the wedding. David takes photos of Ethan with Sam. Grace tells Kay not to do anything to come between Charity and Miguel. Miguel tells Charity that he cannot wait for David to take their wedding photos. Charity tells Miguel that she cannot help but feel that something or someone will try to stop their weddings.

Beth and Luis arrive at the church. Luis tells her that he is sorry that Mrs. Wallace couldn’t make it to the wedding. Beth tells Luis that she cannot wait for their wedding day. Luis has a flashback of his and Sheridan’s wedding rehearsal. Antonio and Sheridan arrive at the church. Beth asks Antonio if he is still up to marrying Sheridan. Sheridan asks Luis if he has given any more thought to her question about marrying Beth if Antonio dies. She tells him that she wants to be with him more than anything but it is his call.

Gwen tells Julian that they need to get to the church because she does not want to be late for her own wedding. Theresa tells Trish that she will see her soon and hangs up the phone. Ivy and Rebecca overhear and ask Theresa who she was talking to. She tells them that it is none of their business. They tell her that she better not do anything to spoil their wedding day. She tells them that she wants and heads out the door.

Mrs. Wallace breaks free from the tape and yells, “Free at last!” She heads toward the door to go to the church.

Meanwhile, at the church, Beth and Antonio and Sheridan and Luis continue their conversations. Everyone at the Bennett house arrives at the church as well as the Russell‘s. Liz says that the church is beautiful and asks TC if he and Eve were married there to which he replies yes. Everyone is escorted to their seats. Rebecca, Ivy, and Theresa arrive. Rebecca tells Ethan the he needs to get away from the front door because he cannot see Gwen because it is bad luck. Theresa hugs Ethan and congratulates him on his big day. He tells Theresa that he has not received the employment papers and she tells him not to worry that he will get them soon enough. Rebecca motions for Gwen to come inside after Ethan takes his place at the altar. The bridesmaids see Gwen and shriek as they run to her to tell her how beautiful she looks. Julian asks if she is ready to get started. She says yes and he tells Hank to let Father Lonigan know that they are ready to start. The music begins as the bridesmaids begin walking down the aisle. Theresa is all smiles as Whitney tells her that she knows she is up to something. Theresa tells her to sit back and enjoy the show. David snaps photos of the bridesmaids as they make their way down the aisle. Mrs. Wallace enters the church just in time for the wedding. She takes a seat beside Beth and Luis. She tells Beth that she will make her pay for leaving her home alone. Antonio asks how Sheridan looks. Luis tells him that she looks like a beautiful princess, a dream come true, and angel on earth.

The wedding march begins as everyone stands and turns around. Theresa worries that Trish will not make it on time. Trish arrives just as Gwen and Julian start to make their way down the aisle. She runs in the church and yells, “Wait!” She tells Julian that she has to give Ethan the papers right away. Julian tells her that it can wait and she tells him that it cannot wait. Julian demands the papers and tells her that she will be fired if she does not hand them over. She hands him the papers. Theresa learns from Trish that Julian took the papers and is worried that Gwen will not see them and call off the wedding.

Theresa asks Trish how she could be so stupid to give Julian the papers. Rebecca wonders why Gwen and Julian are stalling. She tells Ivy that she should go see what is going on. Julian has a flask of liquor in hand as he fixes Gwen’s dress. Rebecca walks up to them and tells them to get moving and returns to her seat. Gwen and Julian make their way down the aisle. Theresa says to herself that she has lost Ethan. She has a flashback of her and Ethan and begins to cry and says tells Whitney that she has lost Ethan for good. Julian tells Gwen that he cannot believe that Trish rushed in with those papers. She learns that Trish is Theresa’s assistant and demands to see the papers. Julian tells her that it is absurd to hand over the papers because she is walking down the aisle. She tells him that she does not care because she knows Theresa is up to something. She then grabs the papers out of Julian’s pocket. Whitney tells Theresa to stand up and act like an adult. She pulls Theresa up off the bench and she sees Gwen with the papers and says, “This may work after all.” Gwen reads the papers and is upset with the fact that Ethan accepted the job at Crane Industries without telling her. Julian tells Gwen to move along. Rebecca sees Theresa smiling and tells Ivy that he knows Theresa is trying to break their wedding up. Gwen makes her way to Ethan with an angry look on her face. She looks at Theresa and then Ethan, calling him a lying son of a bitch then hauls off and slaps him. Theresa tells Whitney that her plan is working better than she thought it would.

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