Passions Update Tuesday 12/17/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

At the party, Miguel and Charity continue to discuss Charity’s negative vibes about their wedding. Miguel reassures her that everything will be all right. Kay plans to tell her family about David and Ivy’s plan to break up Sam and Grace’s marriage. TC questions Liz about her horrible sister. Liz warns him that once he finds out it will change everything. Ivy and Rebecca share a toast at the thought of Ethan and Gwen’s wedding taking place. Theresa plans to show the envelope with the employment papers to Ethan and Gwen. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth about the chances of Antonio dying. She tells her Sheridan will go back to Luis once Antonio is gone.

Meanwhile, Fox Crane is playing a game of poker with several men in a casino. Two women are watching as the play. Fox ups the stakes and wins the first game.

Dr. Russell rushes to Antonio’s side. Hank informs Theresa that Antonio has collapsed. Charity senses that something terrible has just taken place and learns that Antonio was knocked unconscious. Everyone ruses to Antonio’s side. David informs Ivy that Kay knows about their plan. Ivy tells David not to worry and vows that she will not let Kay ruin their plan.

Dr. Russell administers CPR as everyone watches and worries about Antonio’s condition. Eve finds a pulse and tells everyone that Antonio is not dead. He sits up and says that he has a headache but he’s fine. Eve tries to encourage him to go to the hospital. He refuses to go to the hospital and says that he wants to go home. Sheridan and Luis comfort Pilar after she hears the news that Antonio’s condition is getting worse. Charity has a premonition that people at the party are trying to stand in the way of true love and stop the upcoming weddings. Whitney and Theresa discuss Theresa’s current plan to break Ethan and Gwen’s relationship apart. Whitney tells Theresa that she is glad that she decided not to give the employment papers to Ethan. Theresa then tells Whitney that she’s right but she will find another way to break them up.

Fox continues to play poker and win. Fox buys a drink for the two women who are watching them. He overhears the women discussing Ethan and Gwen’s upcoming wedding while they are reading the newspaper. One of the women told the other that she couldn’t believe that Ethan was disinherited as a Crane. Fox smirked at the comment.

Sam tells Grace that he wonders what Kay meant when she was talking about David and Ivy’s “friendship.” Ivy stops Kay in her tracks and informs her that she is not to tell anyone about the plan. She warns her that she will be burnt if she plays with fire.

Antonio is lying in bed at the cottage with Liz and Pilar by his side. Eve tells everyone that Antonio needs his rest and that they should all leave. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sheridan excuses herself for a breath of fresh air. Luis takes her the cup of tea that she had just made for herself. Sheridan tells Luis that she needs to talk to him. She asks him if he would still marry Beth if Antonio died before the double wedding took place.

Miguel tries to calm Charity down after her premonition. Charity says that she saw Liz, Theresa, Beth, and Mrs. Wallace in her vision. She questions her vision and wonders what seeing all of their faces meant. She remembers that she also saw Kay’s face too. She tells Miguel that she thinks Kay is going to ruin their wedding day.

Sam asks Kay what she meant when she was talking about David and Ivy as John, David, Grace, and Ivy look on.

Back at the cottage, Eve makes a list of instructions for Sheridan to take care of Antonio. Beth and Mrs. Wallace eavesdrop on Luis and Sheridan’s conversation. Sheridan tells Luis that she never stopped loving him.

Kay tells everyone that she didn’t mean anything by what she said and didn’t know why she said it. She makes up an excuse to get out of trouble. Theresa catches Ethan away from Gwen as he’s getting a drink and tells him that she’s giving him a long term contract with benefits.

Fox reads the paper announcing Gwen and Ethan’s wedding. He later continues with another game of poker.

Theresa asks her assistant Trish to give the papers to Gwen just before their wedding. Trish refuses but Theresa reminds her who she’s working for. Miguel tells Charity that she needs to relax and calm down after having the premonitions, he assures her that it is only pre-wedding jitters.

Kay continues to worm her way out telling the truth about David and Ivy. Kay apologizes for insinuating that anything was going on between the two of them. Sam and Kay have a heart to heart conversation. Ivy tells Kay that it was a wise decision to keep her mouth shut.

Pilar heads to the kitchen to make Antonio some soup for when he wakes up. TC pressures Liz to tell him who her sister is. Liz says that it is not the right time and that she will tell him later. Eve and TC are ready to leave and ask Liz if she wants to ride with them. She decides to stay with Antonio for a while longer. Beth whispers into Antonio’s ear that he cannot die until she and Luis are married.

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