Passions Update Monday 12/16/02

Passions Update Monday

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

Tabitha is dressed in all black as she prepares for her appointment with Mr. DeBlanc at the crematorium. She is going to pick out a casket for Cracked Connie, Cecil, and herself.

Miguel, Charity, Kay, and Jessica arrive at the Seascape for the engagement party. Jessica tells Kay that there is nothing she can do to stop Charity and Miguel's wedding. Charity and Miguel discuss Charity's latest premonition about Kay being a devil. Sam, Grace, David, Eve, TC, and Liz arrive. Liz announces that her sister will be attending the party and tells TC that it won't be long until he finds out who she is.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace are getting ready for the party at their house. Mrs. Wallace continues to taunt Beth by saying that her and Luis will never be together. Beth replies by asking where her axe is. Luis arrives just in time to pick them up. Beth warns her mother that she should not try anything to stop their wedding or there will be four weddings and a funeral.

Theresa is in her office, dressed for the party, and sitting at her desk watching Little Ethan on her computer monitor. Whitney arrives to go to the party with Theresa. Theresa then informs her that Ethan accepted her job offer at Crane Industries. Ivy, Rebecca, Gwen, and Ethan are all in the bedroom. Gwen asks Ethan what news he has for her.

Cracked Connie and Cecil ask Tabitha why she is going to pick out a casket. She tells them that they will be "crispy critters" if Miguel and Charity get married and do the deed. Tabitha heads out the door but not before Cracked Connie and Cecil inform Tabitha that they are going with her. Charity excuses herself to freshen up. Kay sees that Charity is gone and walks over to Miguel. He apologizes to Kay but then warns her that she better not try anything to break up their wedding or she will lose him as a friend.

Back at the mansion, Ethan tries to tell Gwen that he accepted the job offer. Gwen keeps interrupting by telling him how happy they will be in Alaska. In Theresa's office, Theresa tells Whitney about her plan for the employment papers to be delivered to Ethan in time to break up the wedding.

Sheridan and Antonio arrive at the Seascape. Sheridan sees Luis with Beth and asks herself how everything could have gone wrong with her and Luis. Sam and Grace discuss their situation with David. Sam admits that he wants to get back what he and Grace had before David came to town. TC asks Liz if her sister is at the party and she tells him that he will meet her soon. Later on, Eve asks Liz why she is torturing her and Liz tells her that it is payback time and the life she's been living is over. Kay asks Miguel why he's been so mean to her. Miguel tells her that he knows what she's doing and tells her to back off. He also tells her that she'd better not do anything to break up their wedding. Ethan and Gwen arrive at the party. Theresa learns that Ethan hasn't told Gwen about his job offer and she continues to with her plot to break up their wedding.

Tabitha arrives at the crematorium with Cracked Connie and Cecil to choose a casket. She tells Mr. DeBlanc that she needs a casket large enough for three. He informs her that it's illegal to bury more than three bodies in one casket but she assures him that its only for one body and two dolls. Cracked Connie and Cecil shut themselves in a casket and scream that they can't breathe. Mr. DeBlanc wonders what is going on.

Back at the party, Ivy taunts Eve as they watch Liz and TC dancing together. Eve rushes off to the bathroom. Sam confides in Grace that he loves only her. He tells her that Ivy is not in his heart. Antonio loses his balance and Sheridan and Pilar are worried about him. Theresa makes a toast to the engaged couples. Sam makes a toast as well. David adds to the toast by saying that love is the most important thing. Gwen pulls Ethan to the side and pulls him into a kiss. Theresa sees that Ethan is about to tell Gwen about his job offer but she interrupts them before the gets the chance to tell her. Mrs. Wallace and Beth watch as Antonio and Sheridan share a dance. Mrs. Wallace comments that Antonio is still drop dead gorgeous but its only a matter of time before he's going to drop dead.

Cracked Connie and Cecil continue to scream inside the casket and Mr. DeBlanc insists that he open the lid. He and Tabitha walk over to the casket and open it to find Cracked Connie and Cecil screaming. Mr. DeBlanc faints. When he regains consciousness, Tabitha tries to convince him that they are not alive.

Miguel and Charity share a dance and talk about how much they love one another. John sees Kay watching Charity and Miguel and informs her that he knows what she's trying to do. Luis watches Antonio and Sheridan dance as he and Hank talk about Luis marrying Beth.

Mr. DeBlanc yells to Tabitha, "They are alive." He and Tabitha argue about whether or not the dolls are alive as Cracked Connie and Cecil continue to cause trouble. He then faints again after overhearing Tabitha tell Cracked Connie and Cecil that she was cremated over 300 years ago.

Charity tells Miguel that she has a bad feeling and Miguel tries to convince her that nothing is wrong and that they will get married. Theresa interrupts Ethan and Gwen and tells them there is something they all need to discuss. Antonio tells Sheridan that he needs to get a drink. She leads him off the dance floor and he starts to stumble. She then asks if he is okay and he' says he's never felt better. He grabs his head and trips over a table full of food. Everyone rushes to his side. Luis tries to find a pulse and informs everyone that he is not breathing.

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