Passions Update Friday 12/6/02

Passions Update Friday 12/6/02

By Ashton
Pictures by Juanita


Theresa's Talk With Whitney

Whitney comes to visit Theresa, excited about her and Chad. She explains to Theresa about losing the Tennis match. She then asks Theresa to show her the engagement ring. Theresa explains about Gwen getting pregnant and Ethan not proposing. This sends Whitney into an upset of how everyone is with the wrong person. She believes this means she and Chad won't be able to be together. Theresa tells Ethan she will miss him and offers him a job. He refuses, then moves out.

Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio

Luis and Beth are engaged. After Antonio tells Sheridan he wishes she would marry Luis after he dies, she rushes out to tell Luis. But is upset when is engaged.

Kay and Miguel's Chat

Kay lashes out at Miguel, saying how she hates him, and all men. Charity overhears them and questions it.

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