Passions Update Monday 12/2/02

Passions Update Monday

By Ashton
Pictures by Juanita

Cast: Theresa, Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca, Ivy, Maria Celeste, Pilar, Julian, Antonio, Sheridan, Luis, Beth, Tabitha, Connie, Cecil, Jessica, Reese, Kay, Grace, Sam, David, John

Luis and Sheridan's Near Miss

Antonio has walked in on Luis telling Sheridan he loves her. He asks how his brother could betray him like this. Beth walks in, and tells Sheridan to move. Beth tells Antonio, who is still blind, that Luis was talking to her, not Sheridan. Luis is upset he didn't find out.

Theresa's Thanksgiving Fiesta

Gwen and Ethan announce they are trying to decide whether or not to move out of the mansion, since Ethan is Ivy's lawyer. Ivy insists Ethan move out-or else Theresa will tear him away from Gwen once again. Pilar lashes out at Ivy and Rebecca for talking about her daughter. Theresa tells them all to just enjoy each other's company. Maria Celeste tells Pilar she must go; she has a show to do. But first she wants to play with Julian a bit more. After giving him a hot pepper and nearly choking him, Rebecca runs up to hand him a glass of wine. Theresa tells everybody it's time to say what they are thankful for. Rebecca beckons Julian to go first. Julian says he has nothing to be thankful for, Theresa ate the divorce paper. Ethan is amazed and runs to Theresa to see what he's talking about. Theresa tells him the whole story; how after finding out Ethan wasn't marrying her, and finding Julian celebrating, she snatched the paper and ate it. Ethan tells her that she is the most amazing person he knows and picks her up and hugs her. Gwen becomes upset. Gwen asks Ethan why he never says those things to her; maybe she shouldn't have accepted his proposal. Ethan tells her she is wrong; he will be a wonderful husband and father in all ways. As Julian is choking on the pepper, Maria Celeste tell him, she must go, a reporter's job is never done, and tells him that he will see all of what he did today on her show when this episode airs. He begins choking more at the thought of this, as Maria bids Pilar and Theresa farewell. Luis, Sheridan, Antonio, and Beth arrive. Antonio says that what he is thankful for is Sheridan. He asks father Lonagin if he has the papers set to combine the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and The Cranes. Father Lonagin tells him, "Yes, all the papers for LUIS and Sheridan to be married are ready" not knowing about Antonio's condition and what is going on. Antonio is astounded.

Tabitha's Memories

Tabitha sits in her house, morning over Timmy, remembering about a special Thanksgiving they had together once, and looking at pictures of him while drinking Martimmys. Connie and Cecil walk in, wanting to go to the Bennetts to eat. Tabitha refuses when Jessica calls to invite her. After Tabitha walks out, Connie gets on the phone pretending to be Tabitha, announcing she is on her way to the feast. Connie then threatens to reveal Tabitha is a witch if she doesn't take them. Tabitha says if they promise to behave, she'll take them. They promise-with their fingers crossed! On the way to the Bennetts, Cecil intentionally gets hit by a car, and bites the driver.

Grace's Dinner

Grace is just preparing her Tomato Soup Cake and pie when Sam comes home from the grocery, bringing the traditional foods he brings on Thanksgiving-but he soon finds that David has already done that. Grace tells him that after last night she was not sure she could rely on Sam. Sam blows up at her, and Jessica and Kay walk out. Grace tells Sam that this year David will make the punch, not Sam; she is too mad at him. Sam, again, blows up at Grace. Kay walks in on Jessica and Reese in a rather compromising position, and they are startled. Kay becomes angry with Grace when Grace tells her to move away from the fire so John can sit by it. Tabitha arrives, with two dolls. Reese accuses the stiff Connie of being a real live doll-the one that stole his car. Jessica tells him that now that they are "close" that she can tell him he needs to take his medication. Hank arrives, along with Miguel and Charity. Charity talks to Tabitha about Timmy, and comforts her; telling her that he still lives on, and Tabitha listens to her heart beat, as they hug. Tabitha tells Connie and Cecil she can't destroy Tabitha, she is no immediate harm to them-this is before Charity announces her and Miguel will be married Christmas Eve. Everyone is happy-except Kay, Tabitha, Connie and Cecil. Kay runs off, and refuses to Grace that she will not congratulate them. Tabitha explains to Cecil the harm Charity could cause to them if she gets married and comes into their full powers.

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