Passions Update Friday 11/29/02

Passions Update Friday 11/29/02--Canada; 12/1/02--U.S.

By Ashton
Pictures by Juanita


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Whitney finds herself drowzy as she prepares for her tournament against a Wimbeldon Champion. TC blames it on her being out late, however, the real reason is Kay and Simone's schemes. Kay notices a lipstick mark on Reese's shirt, which makes him and Jessica look nervous. After Whitney looses, TC yells out her. Kay suggests she was out with a boyfriend, and TC blows up at Whitney when he hears this. Eve tells him to leave her alone. Eve becomes upset when hearing Liz and TC laugh, and him giving her Tennis lessons.

Theresa's Party

Theresa has decided to have a Thanksgiving Fiesta at the mansion. She tells Pilar of the paper eating and slapping she did to Rebecca, Ivy, and Julian last night. Pilar talks to Maria Celeste, who will be doing a secret expose on the Cranes using her hidden camera. Pilar suspects Theresa has a way to win Ethan back. After overhearing Ivy, Rebecca, and Julian talk about how they love thanksgiving the "Crane way" Theresa shows them it's going to be different-a marachi band. However, what amuses Rebecca is the donkeys Theresa brought in. Theresa congratulates Gwen and Ethan. Gwen informs her they will be getting married in a few days. Theresa then says, "That's not enough time!" and explains it as to meaning throwing an engagement party. Rebecca and Ivy taunt Theresa, however, she just smiles. Maria Celeste comes in, and Julian flirts with her, and she pretends to flirt back.

Luis, Sheridan, and Antonio

Luis has a dream of Sheridan making love to Antonio. When he wakes up, he tells Pilar of it, who is bringing him breakfast, and she talks him into going to Theresa's party;it may be Antonio's last family celebration. Sheridan comes in and her and Luis begin to talk about being married one day; Antonio overhears this and asks, "How could my own brother do this to me?"

Beth's Dream

Beth dreams of a rock n roll wedding in which she is getting married in the living room, mrs wallace tied to the wall and mouth covered with tape. As she mumbles, father Lonagain says: SHUTUP YOU OLD CRONE! Beth wakes up, and Mrs. Wallace throws water on her. Beth leaves to the celebration, and Mrs. Wallace begins to pray...until she discovers blue berry pie, and then she sings about it.