Passions Update Wednesday 11/27/02

Passions Update Wednesday 11/27/02--Canada; 11/28/02--U.S.

By Ashton
Pictures by Juanita


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After Ethan has proposed to her, Gwen and Rebecca become quite smug and begin to slander a heartbroken Theresa. Julian comes in and orders Theresa out, she signed the divorce papers. Ethan realizes Theresa signed away her whole life because she thought he was marrying her. He then walks off to be with Gwen, leaving Theresa alone. In an attempt to get Ivy into bed, Julian tells her her wheel chair is sexy, but she pushes him away. Theresa discovers Ivy, Julian, and Rebecca are celebrating her loss of everything upstairs.

When Theresa gets upstairs, the three begin to ridicule her. Unable to stop herself, Rebecca tells Theresa she has lost everything; her and her baby will be out in the gutter. She will have to eat her words. Theresa decides Rebecca is right; She snatches the divorce papers from Julian, stuffs them in her mouth, and chows down, licking her fingers afterwards. Soon, Theresa double slaps Ivy and Rebecca, then smacks Julian. Theresa walks out, and Ivy and Julian blames Rebecca for this; thus begin hitting her. Theresa overhears Gwen and Ethan talking happily, and tells Pilar she will have no more tears; only revenge.

Sheridan pleads for Luis to take her back. He tells her she had a chance to be with him, but she didn't take it. Pilar pleads with him not to be upset with Sheridan. Just as Luis is lashing out at Sheridan, Antonio walks in, wondering why Sheridan hasn't come to bed with him yet. He tells Luis how lucky he is to have a brother who would drop being with Beth to stay on the couch with his sick brother in case he needs anything.

While Whitney and Chad make love in the recording studio, Kay and Simone plot to make Whitney lose the tournament tomorrow, by giving her a overdose of pills. TC arrives at home, and is angered that Whitney is not home yet, that is too late and she will loose her chances. Whitney realizes that it is late and heads home. She tries to sneak in, but Kay sees her and tattles to TC where she is. Whitney then promises she will go straight to bed. Kay brings up a glass of drugged milk to Whitney, and her and Simone overhear Whitney and Chad telling each other they love them from the window. Whitney thanks Simone and goes to bed.

Liz tells Eve that she will lose everything she has; her family will hate her. Liz lets her know that she will make her suffer just as she did, and leave her alone. Once Eve goes to bed with TC, she is awaken by a dream in which Simone and Whitney think of her as a horrible person, and walk out on her. TC, also leaves her. She is startled awake, and then sees Liz is standing over her.