Passions Update Monday 11/25/02

Passions Update Monday
11/25/02--Canada; 11/26/02--U.S.

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Gwen accepts Ethan's proposal, Luis is heartbroken when Sheridan won't tell him her choice, Eve and Liz fight, Ivy and David manipulate Sam and Grace.

Cast: Theresa, Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca, Sheridan, Antonio, Luis, Pilar, Mrs. Wallace, Beth, T.C., Eve, Liz, Ivy, Sam, Grace, David, John.

David calls Ivy and informs her of the pain that's been inflicted as Grace and Sam argue. Grace rushes off in tears and is comforted by David who takes her to see John. John tells Grace about a dream he had as Ivy comforts Sam.

Antonio makes a proposition. Luis rushes after Sheridan, questioning her choice. Liz and Eve argue and later, Liz slaps Eve. When Sheridan returns, Antonio asks for her answer as everyone waits.

Ethan proposes to Gwen as Theresa is heartbroken. Gwen refuses, but later, accepts due to encouragement by Rebecca.

The End.