Passions Update Thursday 11/21/02

Passions Update Thursday
11/21/02--Canada; 11/22/02--U.S.

By Glynis

Pictures by Juanita


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Grace and David are listening in on Ethan and Sam talking. Sam took off to go for a walk and found Ethan along at the docks. Ethan has a lot on his mind as the 2 women that he loves are waiting for him to make a decision about his life and which woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ethan was ready to propose to Theresa when he found out that Gwen is pregnant. For him that changes everything. He has to think now about his child and what will happen if he marries Theresa and doesnít live with his son and misses out on those important times that a parent has with his or her child. Gwen said that she is moving to New York. Ethan tried to stop her from packing but she seems bent on going and making a life for herself and her child without him. That would kill him. It would be bad enough living in different houses but if Gwen moves away, that will make it almost impossible for him to ever see his child. Ethan asks his father if he would have stayed with Ivy if he knew that she were pregnant. Sam says that he would have stayed with Ivy and left Grace alone. To him, doing the right thing is important and being with his baby is the right thing and he would have done it no questions asked. He would have raised Ethan and made a family for the boy. Grace is devastated by the news. She almost falls over when she hears what Samís true feelings are. David takes her from the area telling her that she didnít need to hear that. Grace knows that David thinks that is exactly what she needed to hear. Sam and Ethan still have no idea that Grace and David are in the area.

Gwen is in her room sleeping and she rests quietly. A little creature opens her door and enters unknown to her. It runs to her bed and jumps on the bed using a Ninja pose and it awakens her. She stares up at it dumbfounded. It appears to be a little baby. It is a little baby but it moves like a full grown person. It moves close to her and then jumps into her stomach, disappearing while plugging its nose. She wonders what the heck that was. She thinks that she was dreaming, or maybe Theresa might have been behind that crazy baby stunt, but Theresa has no idea that Gwen is pregnant yet as that is the way that Gwen wants it.

Theresa is told by Ivy and Rebecca that Gwen is pregnant by Ethan. Theresa thinks that this canít be. Ivy thinks that there is no question as Gwen and Ethan has been sharing a bed. Theresa knows that. Ivy can see that Theresa is upset as she thought that Ethan was going to propose to her. She dancing around and getting in Ivyís face over the fact. Rebecca wants to make a toast and she goes to make Ivy and herself a drink to celebrate their good fortune. Rebecca is especially happy as she is going to get Julian away from this woman and her daughter the man of her dreams. They invite Theresa to have a drink with them. But of course, she isnít interested in that. She is still whirling from the shock of it all. They then figure that Theresa has lost everything. That must be what has her so quiet! She has no Ethan, no Crane marriage, and no Crane fortune. She will have to crawl back into the gutter from where she came. Theresa and her little brat will have to move out after all. Ivy and Rebecca clink glasses to the end of Theresa.

Liz tells Eve that she hopes that the devil takes Eve when God takes Antonio.

Luis tells Sheridan that he is not going to put this off anymore. Liz has tried to talk to him and he didnítí want to listen to her either. She felt that he had a vendetta against his brother as she has against her sister, but she somehow finds his vendetta worse than hers. He goes into the living room anyway.

Liz wishes that Eve were on the verge of death instead of Antonio. That is how much she hates her sister. TC comes out to see the women seeing that everything might not be okay with them. Liz tells him that everything isnít okay but then that is all that she says to him.

Luis enters the room and Antonio asks for Sheridan. Luis tells Antonio that he would like to talk about Sheridan. Antonio would like very much to hear what his brother has to say about Sheridan and he waits to hear what his brother is going to say.

Grace is upset knowing that Sam would have married Ivy instead of her at the time that they got together. That upsets her terribly. She always thought that she was the one that Sam would have picked no matter what but now she has learned different. David tries to comfort Grace but she will not have it. She wants to hear more of what Sam has to say to his son.

Sam says that he would have married Ivy in spite her of social class. Nothing would have kept him from being with the mother of his child. Grace and David are still listening quietly. Ethan feels the same about Theresa. It doesnít matter what gets in his way, he wants to be with that woman and that woman alone, but he also wants to be doing the right thing. Ethan wants to know if Sam ever regretted his decision of marry Grace instead of Ivy.

Grace still listens no matter how much it hurts. She has to know what Sam is going to say at this time. He might not be that honest with her and she wants the chance to see how he really feels about things. Sam regrets not having had Ethan as a son all those years. He missed watching him take his first steps and teaching the boy how to throw a ball. He would have given anything to have been there. Now that Gwen is pregnant, Ethan has been thinking of what it would be like to miss out on his child. He too wants to be there for his child. He too would like to teach the child things that he/she needs to learn. If Gwen and he are living in different places, he will miss out and he doesnít want that. Ethan loves Theresa truly and deeply but a child needs two parents. Sam reminds him that one loving parent is better than two that canít get along. Marrying Gwen because of a child might not be the answer. Ethan is going to have to search his heart and get the answer for himself. Sam loved Ivy at the time, but Ethan doesnít love Gwen. That is the difference between the two situations. At least Sam had the basis of love to stand on but Ethan doesnít have that with Gwen. Ethan is the only one that can make this decision. Whatever he decides will be fine with Sam though. That is what fathers are for. Ethan walks off alone and Sam is left to think of his life and the mess that it is in. One minute he is married for 20 years and the next he has nothing. Grace walks towards him slowly.

Rebecca and Ivy are still taunting over Theresaís loss. They remember how Theresa was gloating over getting Ethan. She was bragging to the ladies of all the children that she is going to have and going on about the life that she is going to have. She even gave up her marriage to Julian and the Crane fortune for this man and now she has nothing. Gwen comes into the room to tell Rebecca and Ivy that they shouldnít tell Theresa that she is pregnant. However, she can see that Theresa has heard the news. Theresa asks if this is true of if this is another attempt to get between she and Ethan. Theresa feels that she has a right to know the truth. She grabs Gwenís arms in an effort to see the truth in her eye. Gwen orders her to get her hands off her. She tells Theresa that it is true that she is pregnant and that Ethan is the father.

Mrs. Wallace taunts her daughter about her losing Luis. It seems that Beth will not be getting married in this lifetime.

Antonio wants everyone to wait with there news as he has something to say. He knows that he hasnít got much longer to live. He hasnít got much in material things, so what he would like to leave everyone there with is his love. He wants Luis to look after Sheridan and make sure that she is okay. He would like Luis to tell him again that he will look about Sheridan. Antonio would be more peaceful if he knew that Luis were there looking after the woman that he loves. ďSo what do you say Luis?Ē

Theresa has no idea what to say. Gwen thinks ht Theresa shouldnít be surprised as Gwen has been sleeping with Ethan. Theresa had a lot to say a while ago when she thought that she had Ethan but now Theresa has nothing to say. Theresa shouts at them to stop. Things are not as much fun when you are on the other end. Gwen tells Rebecca and Ivy to leave so that she can talk to Theresa alone. She wants them to leave and not lurk around to hear what she is going to say. Rebecca and Ivy leave the room. Theresa tells Gwen that she will not get away with this. Theresa thinks that Gwen couldnít stand the fact that Ethan was going to marry her. She thinks that this is a cheap trick. She tells Gwen that she is not pregnant. She knows that this is a cheap trick. Theresa tells Gwen that the whole thing is very transparent. How could Gwen decide that she is pregnant just minutes before Ethan was going to propose to her. Theresa will see Gwen in hell before she lets her get away with this.

Antonio asks for Beth who comes forward. Antonio thinks that she and Luis are getting married and Antonio wouldnít like to put a damper on their marriage but he thinks that Luis is avoiding saying that he is going to take care of Sheridan as he doesnít want to hurt her feelings. He wants Beth to be okay with this. Beth says that she will be okay with this and that she understands. Antonio thinks that Luis is a lucky man to have her. He thinks that Beth is beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Antonio asks Luis again to say that he will take care of Sheridan. Luis tells AntonioÖ Antonio interrupts him again. He can feel that there is something else going on. He thinks that this has something to do with Luisís feelings for SheridanÖdoesnít it?

Grace approaches Sam at the docks. She is there looking for him and she has found him. He knows that he acted childish earlier at the house. He says that he said things that he didnít mean before. He is glad that she is there. He has great news. Grace looks very upset. He turns to find David there. Sam gets angry and moves over to the man. Sam is sick and tired of David hanging around day and night. Grace tells Sam that their problems are not Davidís, they are his.

Theresa thinks that Gwen has made a trick to get Ethan to marry her. Gwenís mind doesnít work that way. Theresa thinks that Gwen canít be pregnant. Ethan knows the truth and that is all that matters to Ethan. Gwen hasnít ever lied to Ethan to hold on to him. Ethan walks in and finds the girls talking. He is glad that they are both there as he would like to talk.

Antonio thinks that Luis isnít offering to look after Sheridan as she is a Crane. Antonio tells Luis that Sheridan isnít like the other Cranes. She is loving and kind. Antonio says that if Luis takes care of Sheridan, he will not have to deal with any of the other Cranes. He thinks that he has taken care of the issue and asks Luis again if he will take care of Sheridan. Luis tells him that he will take care of the girl and that he doesn't have to worry. Antonio is ready now to hear what Luis wants to talk to him about.

Mrs. Wallace taps her daughter on the shoulder as she is sure that the news that Antonio needs to hear is coming up right about now.

Grace tells Sam that she heard that Sam would have married Ivy if he knew that she were pregnant. She knows that Sam was speaking from his heart. Sam says that she is twisting everything that he said. She finds him hypocritical. He attacks her for wanting to take care of her son, when he would have done the same for his son.

Ethan confirms that Gwen is pregnant with his child. Theresa knows that Gwen said that. Ethan can see that Theresa is shocked by the news. Theresa tells him that this doesnít have to change anything about their future. She says that they can still Mary and he can see the baby whenever he wants. Gwen surely will give him visitation. Theresa assures him that he can see his child as often as he likes. Gwen tells him that she will send him videos and pictures are often as he likes. He can even fly in. He didnít think that she would still be moving away. Gwen assures him that nothing have to change. Gwen was leaving town as there is no reason for her to stay there. She and her baby will be living in New York.

Antonio tells Luis that whatever it is that he has to say, he should say it now. Luis decides that he shouldnít say anything right now.

Beth turns to her mother telling her that she was wrong again.

Antonio asks about the scrap book that Luis was going to show him. Antonio is sorry that he lost his eyesight at this time. He would have liked to have seen the fun times that he missed out on. Luis says that there is nothing really important in there. Sheridan takes Antonioís arm. Antonio asks her and Pilar to sit with him and tell him about the pictures. Pilar is uncomfortable with that. Antonio begs her to do that. Pilar takes the book and she sits with her son and opens the book. She tells him that the first picture in the book is Miguelís 10th birthday party and they were all there. She is making up the stories as she turns the pages.

Liz tells Eve that there are different types of lies. She tells Eve that Pilar is lying to her son out of love. She is going to make Eve learn a hard lesson. A very hard lesson.

Sam says that things are different with he and she as David is getting in the way. Sam is sure that David has been trying to cause trouble, but the truth is that Ivy had been doing that for years.

David gets a call and it is Ivy. She tells him that she wants Sam. David tells her that there is trouble even as they speak. He tells her that Grace says that Ivy is behind the trouble that they have been having. Grace is fighting with Sam over things that might have been. Sam even said that he would have married Ivy if he had known that she was pregnant.

Things are going to be hard for Gwen but her job will pay her very well. She tells him that he will be able to visit every few weeks or son. Gwen will do whatever she can to make this work. Ethan canít see how this will work. Theresa says that they can all move to New York together. After she married Ethan, they can all move to New York.

Antonio asks for Sheridan. She moves to him and sits with him. Antonio tells her that now that Luis is going to take care of her after he dies, he would like something from Sheridan. He asks her to remember the first night that they were together. They promised that no one would get in between them. He says that something has come in between them. He tells her that he is sorry that he has broken his promise to her. Sheridan says that his illness is her fault and not his. She doesnít feel abandoned at all. They had a future planned and were going to have a family. Sheridan hates hearing him talk this way. He loves that she cared for him the way that she has. He feels like a simple man who is very lucky. He is sorry that he has broken his promise. He has something to say to her that is very important.

Grace knows that she can fight Ivy. She is devious and manipulative but Grace is smart. She thinks that she wanted Sam as much as Ivy does, but now that she has heard that Sam would have chosen Ivy over her. She never expected to hear Sam say the things that he has said that night. Sam apologizes. She feels kicked in the gut by someone that she trusted. She knew that he had a great love for Ivy but she never knew how strong they were. Sam brings up David and the fact that they are not sleeping together. She tells him that David is her legal husband just like Ivy would have been his legal wife.

Ivy is still whirling over the fact that Sam said that he would have married Ivy instead all those years ago. David canít hear what is going on with Sam and Grace but he can see that they are not very happy. Ivy knows that this may break up Sam and Grace forever.

Theresa thinks that she has gotten the solution. They can all move to New York. Ethan thinks that Theresa is getting ahead of herself. Theresa says that nothing has to change for them. They can still get married and move to New York. Ethan tells her that things are not that simple. To him, the child changes everything.

Antonio broke his promise to Sheridan. Something has come in between them. Antonio canít ask her to sacrifice anymore of herself for him. He canít cause her anymore pain. Antonio is offering Sheridan a way out now. He will ask no questions and there will be no hard feelings. He doesnít want her to hurt anymore and feel the pain.

Mrs. Wallace can tell that Antonio is handing over his love to his brother.

Liz sees that Antonio is completely unselfish.

Antonio is taking away the chance that Sheridan will see him die.

Luis tells his mother quietly that this is just the chance that they have been looking for.