Passions Update Wednesday 11/20/02

Passions Update Wednesday 11/20/02--Canada; 11/21/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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Tabitha has decided that Connie and Cecil are not going to anywhere that night. The badly want to go out and cause trouble but Tabitha is not in the mood to chase them around town anymore. She is tired and only wants to rest. She wants them to stay put so that she can keep an eye on them and keep them out of trouble. She tells them to read a book, maybe ‘Hidden Passions’. She shows the book to the dolls but they are not that interested in that. Connie will not read some old book that has been laying around. She wants action! So does Cecil! Tabitha tells her that the book is a national bestseller that she wrote and that they might enjoy reading the contents of it. She remembers writing that book with her Tim-Tim. Tabitha misses her Timmy terribly. She lies on the couch to take a nap and Connie tells Cecil to come with her so that they can make their own passion, whatever that means.

Grace wants to make John some soup, but Sam wants David to do it. He thinks that Grace hasn’t been giving as much attention to him and the kids as she has to David and his son. He tells Grace to call him when she can fit him into her schedule. He will not stand around anymore and watch his wife take care of others when he is so clearly in need of attention from her. Sam leaves and David tells Grace that Sam just needs a little space. She tries to go after Sam, but David stops her and makes her relax and think a bit about leaving Sam to lick his wounds for a while. Grace wishes that all of this was resolved. She puts her head on David’s shoulder and Sam sees that from outside the house. The moment that he leaves, it seems that Grace finds her way to David. Sam is finding this harder and harder to deal with everyday. It would be too much for anyone. David also sees that Sam is watching from outside as David is holding Grace.

Rebecca comes up in the hallway and finds Ivy with Theresa, and learns that Theresa is getting married to Ethan. She shrieks in shock at the news. That is not what she wants. She wants her daughter to be the one that gets with Ethan. Gwen has waited for Ethan all this time and Rebecca vowed that Ethan would be her son-in-law.

Ethan is thinking of what he is to do now. How should he make this decision? Gwen told him that nothing is going to change now that she is pregnant. She is going to get on with her life in New York and she wants Ethan to get on with his life here in Harmony without her. She isn't going to be sidetracked by him anymore. He has made his decision and she is willing to live by that decision. Ethan doesn’t know what to do now. The child coming has changed everything for him. He would like to be there for that child, but he can’t be if Gwen leaves. He really wants her to stay but does that mean that he should marry her and forget about Theresa? Could he forget about Theresa that easily? What should he do? He loves Theresa and wants to marry her but he can’t turn his back on Gwen and his child. He couldn’t live with himself.

Sheridan tells Luis that they can’t tell Antonio the truth about their relationship. Sheridan has been trying to stay in the same room with Antonio and the others and every time that he tells her how much she means to him, Sheridan is overcome with the guilt of it all. She thinks that she and Luis should just forget about their plans to be together now and let Antonio have the life that he thinks that he has with her. Luis disagrees with her terribly. Luis thinks that Antonio would like to know the truth and that is what he is going to tell him. Antonio went on and on before about people keeping secrets from him before and he didn’t like that. He wants everyone to be honest with him he said and Luis has taken that to heart. Beth and her mother are listening to Luis and Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth will have nothing now. She can see that nothing is going to stop Luis from telling his brother the truth. That is what Mrs. Wallace has wanted all along. She wants to make sure that Beth doesn’t get Luis. She feels that Beth doesn’t deserve a man like Luis, or any man for that matter. She will have nothing but Mrs. Wallace’s bedpans to clean from now on. Mrs. Wallace cackles at the thought of Beth having nothing in her life. Liz comes to tell Sheridan that Antonio is asking for her. Sheridan goes to him. Luis tries to follow Sheridan. Liz stops Luis from going with Sheridan. She stands in is way. She begs him to let Sheridan go to Antonio, to let her ease Antonio’s moments now.

Rebecca tries to get to Theresa to wring her neck for saying that she is going to marry Ethan but Theresa warns her not to touch as that will anger Ethan. Rebecca still lunges for the woman but Theresa dodges her lunge and circles around the wheelchair to get away. Rebecca is angry with Ivy for letting this happen. Ivy was supposed to have control over her son and make sure that this very thing didn’t happen. Theresa thinks that Rebecca should be jumping for joy as she signed the divorce papers for Julian. That will allow Rebecca to marry Julian as that is what she really wants. Rebecca is thrilled that Theresa signed the divorce papers, but she really thinks that Theresa is crazy to give up her millions. Rebecca would have had to draw the line there herself. Theresa doesn’t care about the money as she is going to have a family with Ethan and she is going to have more children to keep Little Ethan company.

Ethan has to wonder how he got himself into this mess. What is he going to do now that he is in this mess? What can help him decide the right path to take? Which woman should he choose? Sam comes up and finds Ethan talking to himself. Sam has time for his son and so he goes to him and tries to help him out as Ethan seems to be in need of a little talk with his father. Ethan needs fatherly advice and welcomes it from Sam. Ethan tells his father that he has backed himself into a corner and doesn’t know the way out. Sam always seems to do the right thing with Grace and Ivy, and Grace and he seem to always come out stronger because of it. Maybe Sam can help Ethan come to a decision on the things that are plaguing him. Sam isn’t sure that he will have the answers, but he will gladly try.

Grace and David come into John’s room with his soup. John is sitting up and smiling and he feels much better. John feels better now that his mother is there. She takes his temperature and gives him some aspirin to take after his soup. That will get his temperature down. His temperature is 99. John misses having his mother with him all his life. He would have given anything to have had her by his side. Grace is sorry that she wasn’t there for him. John doesn’t blame her and seeing her with his father is a dream come true for him.

Sheridan comes back to Antonio in the Crane living room. Antonio doesn’t have his sight back yet but that doesn’t matter to Antonio. She is like a ray of light in the darkness to him.

Liz stops Luis from going into the room where Sheridan is with Antonio. Luis tells Liz that she is wrong to separate him from Sheridan. Liz loves Antonio and thinks that she should give him space. Liz knows that Antonio only loves her as a friend and she isn’t the one that he wants now. She blew her chance with him and he loves Sheridan now. The kindest most caring thing that Luis should do is to leave Antonio with Sheridan. Luis disagrees with her reasoning. He will not be without Sheridan for a month, a week, not even for a night.

TC feels bad for Antonio and so does Eve. Eve knows that this is a tragedy. TC knows that if something had come between he and Eve, he wouldn’t be able to handle it either.

Liz doesn't think that Luis should be doing this as he is not a cruel man. Liz has to wonder if this is payback for what Antonio did to him years ago. Luis says that he would never be that vindictive. Liz would like to get revenge on her sister but Luis doesn’t think that he feels that way. He is not out for revenge.

Tabitha jumps up out of her nap and sees the lights flickering in the house. What is going on here? She gets up and suddenly a wire cage falls from the ceiling and encloses Tabitha in it. A magic baby comes out and dancing in front of the cage at Tabitha. She asks the baby what it wants from her? Tabitha is having a terrible dream and hasn’t awakened yet.

Connie and Cecil take the Passions book and Cecil reads to Connie. “his tongue…began to push passed her lips…as his tongue pushed deeper inside and he began to ravage her…” Connie is overcome by the words that Cecil is reading and she jumps up and attacks him, throwing the book to the side and hopping on top of Cecil and kissing him. Cecil cries out in terror…”No…don’ t!” But Connie doesn’t stop! She keeps kissing and kissing him until he can barely take it anymore. He jumps up and socks her to make her stop kissing him. He warns her not to do that again. Suddenly they hear a scratching noise. Where is it coming from? They head over to the wall. Connie opens a compartment in the wall and the magic babies come running out.

Ethan tells Sam that he has to tell someone his news. Gwen is pregnant with his child. Ethan just found out. Sam is surprised to hear that. Sam realizes that he is going to be a grandfather. He doesn’t find that Ethan is acting happy. Ethan was going to marry her, he said, so this should add to his happiness. The problem is that all the good advice that he has been getting about making the right decision got to him. He loves Gwen very much but then Theresa came along. Ethan knows that he has changed his mind a few times, but the fact is that Gwen is not the right woman for Ethan. He is going to ask Theresa to marry him but now that Gwen is pregnant with his child, he has no idea what he should do.

Liz tells Luis to get his priorities straight. Luis thinks that he does have his priorities straight. Luis says that he would do anything to save Antonio. Eve comes up and Luis asks her if there is anything that they can do to save Antonio. There is nothing that can’t be done. Things are not that simple. Luis wants to tell Antonio the truth. He would do anything to save Antonio’s life, but he just can’t let him be with Sheridan. He walks past the women to go back into the room. Liz goes after him and tells him to stop. Luis says that he has thought about this and he knows that he and Sheridan will be over if he doesn’t stop her from going to Antonio. Sheridan returns and demands to know what is going on.

TC goes to Antonio and he only wants Sheridan to come back so that he can be with her.

Liz wants Eve to go and talk to her privately. Beth sees them go into another room. Liz turns to Eve telling her that the whole situation is killing her as she should be living with Antonio by her side. She feels that Eve is to blame for her life. Eve should have been with her so that she could have learned how to trust another human being and she is going to make Eve pay for that.

Sam can see that Ethan is faced with a difficult situation. Ethan loves both women but Theresa is more of a soul mate. Theresa proved her love for him over and over. Gwen on the other hand, has been with him for years. He would like her to be happy too. He almost married her. If Theresa didn’t come along, Ethan would have been married to Gwen by now. Ethan finds that he is in the same position that Sam was in years ago. Sam loved Ivy and then Julian came in between them. Ethan knows that Sam still has feelings for Ivy but the difference was that Sam didn’t know that Ivy was pregnant at the time. Ivy kept her secret and let Julian think that Ethan was his son for years. Gwen didn’t keep anything from him. She told him the truth that she was carrying his child. What would Sam have done if he had been told that Ivy had been carrying his child?

Rebecca and Ivy go to get a drink. Rebecca makes the drinks for them. She thought that things were going to fall into place and now this. Theresa marrying Ethan is going to be disaster. There must be something that they can do. Gwen arrives but doesn’t feel like having a party. Gwen has some news to tell the ladies. Rebecca has news of her own. She tells Gwen that Ethan is going to marry Theresa. Gwen knows that already. Rebecca says that they are going to come up with a way to get Ethan to marry Gwen instead. Gwen is fine with giving up Ethan. Rebecca thinks that Gwen has to come up with a plan to get her man. Gwen has other things to think about. She says that she has her future and her baby. She is pregnant with Ethan’s child. She took a test and it was positive. There is no doubt. Ivy and Rebecca are thrilled to hear that. The older women clink their glasses at the news.

The babies are jumping all over the room. Connie and Cecil are trying to round up the babies and trap them in the closet again. Connie doesn’t understand why they have to get the babies anyway. Tabitha wants it that way so they better do as they are told. Connie sees that the babies are getting away and she and Cecil run after them.

Tabitha is still dreaming and she is in the cage ordering the babies to get her out of the damn cage. The babies come into the room where Tabitha is dreaming on the couch and they jump on the couch. Tabitha wakes up and Connie and Cecil tell her that the babies have gotten loose. Tabitha warns the dolls that they have to get the babies or they will wreak havoc on the people of Harmony.

Ethan is curious as to what Sam would have done if he knew that Ivy were pregnant when he was leaving her. Grace and David have come up on Sam talking to Ethan. Grace hates to interrupt them talking. She can see that they are talking about something important and she thought that she heard Ivy’s name. Grace and David keep their presence quiet so that Sam and Ethan can still keep talking.

Rebecca is happy that her daughter is having a baby. Ethan was shocked when he was told but that is to be expected. Rebecca knows that Ethan is going to be a wonderful father. Gwen can’t have an alcoholic drink but she wants to go and get a glass of milk. She leaves and Ivy is happy that this has happened. And the timing! Ethan is going to be a father. Rebecca thinks that this is the best news. Ivy knows that Ethan will not let Gwen do this alone. He will want to be there. He will do the moral thing. He will ask Gwen to marry him. Rebecca thinks that Ethan is off thinking of what to do. They see Theresa walk by and Ivy and Rebecca call to her. They tell Theresa that there is some news that is going to change all of their lives forever.

Grace wants to listen in on Sam’s talk with Ethan. Ethan tells Sam that he really needs advice on what to do. Would Sam have married Grace if he knew that Ivy was pregnant? Sam believes in doing the right thing. If he had known that Ivy was pregnant with Ethan, he would have gone back to Ivy and married her and raised a family. Grace is stunned by the news and leans on David for support.

Rebecca and Ivy have difficulty telling Theresa the news that they have. Ivy decides that she will be the one. She tells Theresa that Ethan is going to be a father and that is why he hasn’t asked Theresa to marry him yet. Theresa doesn’t believe it. Rebecca tells her that Gwen took a pregnancy test and that the rabbit is as dead as a doornail.

Gwen is back in her room; she lies on her bed to rest.

The babies are coming to Gwen’s room. Gwen is sleeping now and the babies run up to the bed and Gwen awakes to see the baby jump on her stomach and enter it, going inside her body.

At Tabitha’s house, the babies are jumping all around. Tabitha, Connie and Cecil chase the babies around the house trying to get them back in the closet. The task is harder than they think. Tabitha sees that there are 3 babies there and she knows that one has already escaped and is causing havoc already.

Antonio is still sitting in the living room thinking that he will be fine as long as he has Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace is thrilled that Luis is going to tell Antonio the truth.

Liz tells Eve that she is going to have her revenge she will see to it.

Sheridan tries to talk Luis out of telling Antonio the truth. Luis will not be stopped. He thinks that Antonio needs to hear the truth and Luis is not going to put it off any longer. He walks past Sheridan and she shouts after him, “NO!”