Passions Update Tuesday 11/19/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Sam and Grace are kissing on the swing outside the house, and she is sorry that she overreacted when she saw him with Ivy earlier. They have made up and everything is better now. She came into the room at the Crane mansion and saw Sam with Ivy. He was in a robe and she saw him over Ivy on the bed. He was only helping her into bed, but to Grace, it looked like he was about to make love to Ivy. Sam got something on his clothes and took them off to get them clean and wasn’t in the process of ‘getting to know Ivy better’. She knows now that he loves her implicitly and could never doubt his love for her again. She knows that he loves her and that is all that she has to know.

John tells his father that he is happy that they came to Harmony. He is in bed and his father is over him as he starts going to sleep. It is like a dream for John and he thanks his father for that. He has been wondering who his mother is and where she is and his father has found her for him, (or so he thinks). He can’t thank his father enough for that. David would like to tell John the truth but he can’t right now. He has to keep the secret that he has started for a while longer. John can’t find out that Grace is not really his mother. That would ruin him and John may never forgive him. David has to wonder if he can ever have Grace though. Sometimes he sees that she only cares for Sam, but at other times, he thinks that he has a chance with her. He looks out the window and sees Sam and Grace kissing on the lawn in the swing. Maybe he really doesn’t have a chance after all.

Theresa talks to Ivy about the children that she is going to have with Ethan. Ivy is furious over that. She told Ethan that he is not to marry that woman and Ethan stood before her telling her that he is going to marry her as she is the woman that he loves and he couldn’t stand being married to a woman that he doesn’t love. Ivy doesn’t care. She has always thought that Gwen was the woman that Ethan should have chosen but that doesn’t seem to be the way that Ethan is going to go. She even told Ethan that she is going to disown him if he marries Theresa but Ethan didn’t care. He is going to follow his heart. He is willing to give up his mother to be with Theresa. Theresa was listening to the whole thing and she loved that Ethan stood up to his mother for her. Ivy is not going to let Theresa marry her son. There is no way in hell that she is going to sit by and watch that happen. Theresa tells her that she is going to marry Ethan whether Ivy likes it or not. She taunts the woman in the wheelchair as she knows that she has finally won.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is pregnant with his baby and is carrying his child. That is a shock to him. For him, this changes everything.

Eve tells Luis and Sheridan and Pilar that Antonio is getting worse. He was about to look at a photo album of Luis and Sheridan and their history together. The idea was for Antonio to see that Luis and Sheridan had a history before Antonio ever came on board and that would make the blow of knowing that Luis and Sheridan being lovers much easier for him. When Antonio took a look at the album, he didn’t see anything that shocked him as he suddenly went blind. His condition took over and he suddenly couldn’t see. Eve tells TC quietly, the news that Antonio may die that night. His condition is worse than ever. The attacks are coming on more and more often. He was blind once before but he got his sight back. There is no telling if he is going to get his sight back this time. It is clear that he is in deep trouble. Antonio senses that something is going on in the room. People are speaking and he knows that they are talking about him but what they are saying is a mystery to him. He is blind but he knows that something is terribly wrong and he would like to know the truth. He asks Eve to tell him how bad his condition really is. He wants to be told the truth.

Sam gets carried away kissing his wife outside on the swing, and Grace stops him. She can’t get passionate with him. They are not married and she feels that this isn’t right for them to be acting as if they are really married when they are not. She will not sleep with him while they are unmarried in the eyes of the church. That is not the example that she is going to set for her children to see.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is still going to move to New York and that he is going to marry Theresa and get on with his life. She is pregnant and that is a nice thing, but she is not going to let it cloud the issues for her. She is going to get over this indecisive man once and for all. Ethan has to think about that for a moment. The child makes all the difference to him.

Theresa knows that she is going to have the wedding of the year. She grabs a bunch of flowers in a nearby vase and she practices walking up the aisle. “Here comes the bride!” She can’t wit to see Ethan waiting for her at the end of the aisle. He is going to look so handsome on that day. She just knows it. She remembers that Ethan told his mother that he was going to choose Theresa over her. That made her so happy. She was eavesdropping on his conversation with his mother when she heard this but that doesn’t matter. He said the right thing. He really does love her after all. Ivy works to fix her wheelchair after Theresa has disabled it. She has to get this thing moving or she will never be able to stop this ridiculous engagement. She plans to get to Ethan and make him see sense once and for all. Ivy gets the connections back on her wheelchair. It is mobile again. She tells Theresa that Ethan is not going to have her heart as she is going to rip it out of Theresa’s chest first. She lunges forward with her wheelchair to get at Theresa and rip her eyes out but Theresa is too fast for her.

Eve tells Antonio that he is getting worse. He wanted to know that truth and so she is telling it to him as he wants her to. He would like everyone to know what they have to about his condition. He wants no secrets about anything. Everyone has been so good to him and he only wants to be good to them by telling them everything that they have to know about him. Eve says that there are a lot of questions about his conditions that she may not be able to answer. She only has probable answers. He may die at any moment, even that night or he may live for 10 more years. Pilar goes to him. She kneels by her son and holds his hands to show him that she is there as he can’t see her face and see the hurt that is in her eyes. Antonio asks for Sheridan, and Sheridan answers him. She is crying and he can hear that in her voice. He would like Sheridan to sit with him as he would like to hold her in his time of need which is now. They hug on the couch as the others watch on. He tells Sheridan that he loves her and he tells her not to cry for him. He is fine. He has lived a beautiful life. Everyone is praying for him. He assures her that everything is going to be okay as he has Sheridan in his life. Her love is the most important thing to him.

Mrs. Wallace knows that Antonio is close to croaking and that means that Beth will never get Luis. She can see the longing in Luis and Sheridan’s eyes.

Antonio feels that he is a lucky man and has lived a wonderful life. He has a great mom and a brother that he would trust his life to. He also has a beautiful and wonderful fiancée that has brought him joy. He feels that his life is perfect.

Sam can’t understand why he has to be on his p’s and q’s with Grace as he is her husband. She tells him that the truth is that he isn’t her husband. That hasn’t been making his life simple. He is tired of being away from her. They have been together for 20 years. They have built their house together. In his eyes, they are married with a future. The church doesn’t see them as married but David can’t get the annulment. He won’t lie for the annulment to go through. Sam doesn’t want to argue with her about this as he has another plan for them to get together. He thinks that she should get a civil divorce and then he can marry Grace and stop living as her brother. He would like to get back to the way that they were for 20 years. Grace can’t do that. She could never do that.

David is listening to the conversation between Sam and Grace and he has to wonder if Grace wants to be with him after all.

Ivy is using her wheelchair and trying to get to Theresa but she blows a fuse and smoke comes out of the chair. Theresa knows that nothing is going to stop her from marrying Ethan. She loves him and has never lied about that. Theresa tells her that she is either for them, or against them. She would like Ivy to be a part of her children’s lives. Ivy cries to God that this not happen.

Gwen is still packing and Ethan wants her to stop. She tells him that he can see the child any time that he wants. She really wants to be alone now. She has to be by herself. He is trying to change her mind but she won’t let him.

Antonio loves the support that everyone has given him these last few weeks. Luis has been so strong for his brother and it is in Luis that Antonio sees that he has to fight and never give up. Sheridan can’t stand this anymore. She goes running from the room. Luis goes after her.

TC can see that everyone is in pain. It is worse because secrets are being kept from Antonio. TC is glad that he has a rock solid relationship with his wife and no secrets. Liz overhears TC talking to his wife.

Luis and Sheridan are outside the house hugging. She is torn. Luis has to wonder what they should do. She can’t believe that he thinks that they should still tell Antonio he truth about them.

TC thought that the worst thing that he was going to hear was about Liz’s sister. TC feels helpless for Liz. Her sister became a drug addict and a whore. Eve remembers those days. Her sister was begging her to come home, but Eve told her no. She even offered to get her sister something that would make her feel good. Eve told her sister that she had a party to go to instead and she left her sister crying in the street.

Liz remembers the old days too and vows again that she is going to make her sister pay for what she did. She swears it.

Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that Luis and Sheridan are going to be together and that Beth is going to be in the outhouse.

Sheridan is angry with Luis as he still wants to talk to his brother about them. Luis heard Antonio say that he would like everyone to be honest with him. Sheridan knows that news would kill Antonio and she can’t believe that Luis would kill his own brother.

Sam tries to explain that the civil divorce is just as good but Grace thinks that would be sending the wrong message to the children. David shows up and Sam feels that David is interrupting on purpose. David says that John has a fever and he would like a little chicken soup. Grace hops to it and offers to make the soup for the child. Sam would like to talk some more but Grace is going as her child needs her. Sam tells her that he needs her and that their family is falling apart.

Ivy finds the engagement of Ethan and Theresa to be an abomination. Theresa tells her tough! She is going to marry Ethan and there is no way that Ivy can stop it.

Gwen tells Ethan that he is to keep her secret as she doesn’t want her mother to know about this yet. She has some things to think about. She will sit and talk about the baby soon but not now. Ethan is really pushing her but she makes him stop. Finally, he agrees to leave her alone, knowing that they will talk later. He leaves the room. Gwen is thrilled about the baby…their baby.

Ethan leaves Gwen’s room and he is downtrodden. Theresa would like to know what is bothering him. He tells her that they have to talk about something…something very important.

Grace tells Sam that they have a lot to discuss but right now, she is going to look after John. She was never there for John when he was a little child and she is going to be there for him now. She goes into the house for a thermometer. Sam tells David that he wishes that David had never come to Harmony. David heard that Sam had unresolved feelings about Ivy before he came. Sam just wants to get to the point. He knows that they both want Grace. Sam would like to be part of the deciding party on what happens with Grace. David loves Grace too and will fight for her.

Liz comes to TC and Eve. She is okay and is dealing with things. What choice does she have? TC knows that her sister has ruined her life and now she has to deal with Antonio. Antonio has a death sentence. Liz starts coughing and TC goes to get her some water. Liz tells Eve that she can’t do anything about Antonio, but she can do something about Eve. She abandoned her sister and now Liz is going to do the same to her by taking everything away from her.

Pilar tells Antonio to pray for a miracle. Antonio’s mother always taught him to have faith and he would like to thank his mother for that. He will pray too. The only thing that he regrets is not being able to spend more time with Sheridan. He thought that he would have lived a long happy life.

Luis is angry that Sheridan thinks that he would like to kill his brother. Luis loves his brother, but he feels that he has no choice. Mrs. Wallace and Beth are listening to Luis and Sheridan talk outside. Luis is going to tell Antonio the truth. He thinks that Antonio may live for 15 years. Would Sheridan really risk their relationship for that? This is too hard for Sheridan. Luis knows that Sheridan feel in love with Antonio when she had amnesia, but she has to tell him the truth, he feels. Luis wants his brother to know the truth for the little time that he has left.

Theresa wants to know why Ethan looks so stern. She knows that he has spoken to Gwen and has gotten everything squared away. She tells him to go ahead and ask her the question. She knows what the answer is going to be. Ethan remembers his talk with Gwen and he turns from Theresa. He looks down at the ring in his hand. Theresa waits patiently behind him for him to proceed with his proposal.

Grace goes to her son and cares for him as he lies sick in bed. She wishes that she had been there for John when he was a baby and growing up. She tells him to drink his soup. She leaves the room.

Sam and David are in the house now and Sam tells David to pack his bags and get out of town. David wants Grace to tell him to go. Sam wants to bounce him out of town. Grace comes down and finds the men fighting again over her. Sam tells her that what they are doing now is the wrong thing. They would like to get the divorce but Grace won’t get a civil divorce. Sam asks her if she has time for him and their kids. Sam would like to solve the problem right now. He wants her to divorce David and marry him so that the can start their future right now.

Ivy has a technician over fixing her chair. He tells her that everything is fine and he leaves her there. She is angry but not about the chair. She would rather burn in hell than let her son marry Theresa. There is nothing that she can do about this. She knows that Theresa will destroy Ethan’s life. Her poor son.

Theresa can see that Ethan has something on his mind. Ethan tells her that he has some things to work out. He has to go. He can’t tell her anything now but he will talk to her later. He leaves her and Theresa is upset. She wonders if she is still going to marry the man of her dreams. She knows that he will work out his problem and get back to her and they will be a happily married couple.

Ethan is alone now. He looks at the ring again. He has to clear his head and figure out what he is going to do. Gwen…or Theresa?

Grace wants to make John more soup. David could do it but she wants to do it for him. Sam is upset now. He will wait outside. He tells her that when she has time for him and their children, she should let him know. He leaves and David tries to comfort her. David holds her as she hopes that this gets resolved. Sam sees through the window that David is holding Grace in his arms and David see Sam watching. Sam is sure now that he is going to lose Grace.

Theresa seeks Ivy out and tells her that Ethan is busy right now, but he is going to return and propose to her as soon as he can.

Gwen is alone in her room telling herself that she can do this. She will do this. She smiles to herself as she always wanted to have Ethan’s baby but she didn’t want to have the baby quite like this. She is going to be a mother, but is she going to be a wife?

Ethan is out having a walk alone. He is on the docks thinking to himself. He remembers seeing Theresa come down the stairs to him…dancing in the moonlight with Gwen…seeing Theresa look up at him from the dinner table…sharing ice cream with Gwen on the docks…making passionate love with Theresa on the beach…drinking wine with Gwen…Gwen telling him that she is pregnant… That thought gets him out of his thoughts. What is he to do? What should he do?

Antonio has had a wonderful life full of adventure and now being with Sheridan has made his life complete. Sheridan is not back to him yet. Antonio is worried about her. Pilar goes to find Sheridan for him. She leaves the room and Eve goes to Pilar. Pilar wants to know if something can be done. Eve has been perfectly honest with everyone. Eve has spoken to doctors all over the world and the news is that Antonio can live, days, months, who know? A sudden shock though could end his life more so now than before. Any shock could be fatal.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth hear Sheridan say that they can’t tell Antonio the truth. Luis disagrees. He knows that Antonio would want to be honest with them so they have to do the same. Mrs. Wallace knows that is it. Luis is going to say the truth finally. Beth looks on in horror.