Passions Update Monday 11/18/02

Passions Update Monday
11/18/02--Canada; 11/19/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Simone is upset. She is crying and Kay is comforting her. She saw Chad with her sister and they clearly are together. They were kissing and talking together about everyone knowing about their love and how they were going to tell everyone about it. Chad is impatient to tell everyone about them and that hurts Simone to no degree. Whitney promised to make things up to him later on when everyone knows about them, but for know, she prefers that the secret be kept so that she doesnít shock her family with the news. She needs to show her father that she can be a great tennis player and in the meantime, Chad is to show her sister that he really doesnít love her and that he will be better with someone else, as she will be. Whitney is sure that everything is going to be fine and then they can tell everyone about them and their love but things must be done this way for now. Kay was right all along. She thought that something was going on with Chad and Whitney for the longest time, but Simone didnít want to believe it as she loves her sister and couldnít see her sister doing something so underhanded to her as she has. Simone feels that Whitney stole her boyfriend right out from under her. She is positive that Chad had nothing to do with this relationship being started. It must be Whitney What is she to do?

Whitney and Chad are at the studio. Chad has convinced her to come over there with him as he knows that she really like being there with him. Whitney should be home sleeping as she has a big day ahead of her, but she couldnít resist the invitation to come over to the studio to spend time with her favourite guy. Whitney really thinks that she should be home but Chad is sure that the both of them together will be the best thing that can happen. She can even sleep there with him if she wishes.

Rebecca is ready for her man. She is dressed as a toll collector and she and Julian are going to have wild sex like they have never had it before. Rebecca is waiting for her lover as they are going to celebrate as soon as he gets the document signed that says that Julian will give up his marriage in return for the Crane fortune. Rebecca hopes for the best as she wishes to be the next Mrs. Crane of the house. Julian returns happy as a lark. Theresa signed his paper and he is going to get his divorce and keep the Crane fortune where it belongs. Theresa is history now. He can finally get rid of her and her pesky little family and friends. They start kissing and celebrating their good fortune.

Theresa canít believe that things are going to work for her after all. Getting Ethan to want to marry her was a big hurdle, but then she would have had to face Julian and getting him to agree to be her ex. That was something that she hadnít even thought of but now Julian has brought it up and it seems that all her problems are behind her as she has signed a document agreeing to leave Julian. She has no idea that the paper also said that she is to give up the Crane fortune. She didnít make time to read that. She is going to get her divorce from Julian. She overhears Ivy talking about her again. That woman is insufferable. She already overheard Ethan telling her that he is not going to do what she wants. He is going to marry the woman that he loves no matter what. Ivy is just going to have to deal with that piece of news. Ivy is telling Ethan that Theresa is going to marry him over her dead body. She warned him that she will never speak to Ethan again if he marries that girl. She calls Theresa some terrible names and Ethan warns her not to do that as Theresa is the woman that he loves and he will not have her spoken of in any derogatory manner. Ivy doesnít care. She doesn't want that woman in her family and she will do anything to stop it. Ethan thinks that he is marrying the woman that he loves and Ivy canít change that no matter what she thinks of Theresa or what she may do. Theresa is proud of her man. She loves him so much.

Gwen is waiting for her pregnancy test to be ready. Eve came to see her earlier and she had a test sent up to the house for Gwen to use, so that some things could be ruled out. Gwen was shocked to find that the test was a pregnancy test. She had to ask herself if that was a possibility and it is. She has been making love to Ethan and therefore, she could very well be pregnant. She took the test to the bathroom and after carefully reading the instructions, she took the test. Now she is almost done waiting. She picks up the stick and she sees that there is no mistake. She is definitely pregnant. She is pregnant with Ethanís baby. A smile comes slowly to her face.

Luis has brought a book for Antonio to look at. It is going to help him understand what it is that everyone wants him to know. Antonio takes the book and opens it. He turns his head down to the pictures in the book and the newspaper clippings of Luis and Sheridanís engagement announcement from long ago. He says nothing. Everyone waits patiently for Antonio to say something about the pictures of Luis and Sheridan and more importantly of the newspaper clipping of the announcement of Luis and Sheridanís engagement. He says nothing. He continues looking downwards at the book. What does all this mean he has to wonder? Sheridan wants to explain but Luis stops her from going to Antonio or saying anything. Pilar comforts her son as she waits for his reaction.

Mrs. Wallace laughs quietly at Antonio and his reaction to having the book placed before him. Mrs. Wallace knows now that her daughter will never get to be with Luis. Beth tells her to stop this as she is being incredibly cruel.

Rebecca canít believe their good luck. Theresa didnít fight Julian for the divorce. She gave up the Crane fortune. She was so happy to get to Ethan that she didnít care about the fortune. He is ready to get it on with Rebecca now but she stops him, telling him that he has to pay the toll first. Julian goes to the bubbly and gets it open so that they can have a celebratory drink. The cork pops and they laugh with glee.

Ivy sees that there is nothing that she can do to stop Ethan from marrying Theresa. Ethan loves Theresa and he is going to marry her. Nothing that Ivy can do or say can change that. Theresa is listening but moves from the door when she hears that Ethan is going to talk to Gwen to explain. Ivy knows that Ethan has broken the poor girlís heart. Ethan told Gwen the truth as he knows that she needed to hear the truth. Gwen is a strong woman and Ethan knows that Gwen will not be hurting long for him. He leaves and Ivy calls for him but he leaves her without turning back. When Ivy makes it to the hall. Theresa stops Ivy in her wheelchair so that she canít follow Ethan to Gwenís room.

Gwen is still freaking over the fact that she is going to have Ethanís child. He enters her room and sees her staring into he image in the mirror. He asks her what is wrong. Is she alright?

Simone isnít sure that she can look her sister in the face anymore. Simone knows that she should have listened to Kay but she never thought that her sister would do such a thing to her. Kay knows that Whitney goes after what she wants whether it is tennis or love. Kay tells Simone that she has to get tough and fight fire with fire. She knows that if she tells her parents, they will just blame Chad for everything. Simone has no options. She is going to look like an immature, jealous teenager. How can she keep Whitney out of Chadís bed?

Chad and Whitney are kissing but she has to go. Chad needs her and wants to show her how much he loves her. She wants to stay but she has to go. He keeps kissing her and she remembers the times they shared together making loveÖthe way that he made her feel in his armsÖBeing alone by candlelightÖkissing and lying naked with her body pressed against his.

Everyone is waiting for Antonioís reaction to the information that Luis and Sheridan used to be together. Luis tells Antonio that he has been trying to tell Antonio this for the longest time. Antonio tells everyone that he doesnít see anything as he is blind. Everyone realizes that Antonio has no idea that the pictures in front of him are of his love and Luis. He is blind at the moment and canít see anything.

Ivy wants to go after Ethan but Theresa has stopped her. Theresa doesnít want to be the womanís enemy as they are going to be related very soon. Ivy tells her that is not going to happen. Theresa says that Ethan is going to ask her to marry him and she would like to be civil, but Ivy will not agree to that. Ivy demands that she be left alone. Theresa grabs the cords on the wheelchair and disengages them. She pushes the chair back in the room and tells Ivy that she will make her stay there until everyone gets the news that Ethan is going to marry her. Ivy thinks that Theresa has put a spell on Ethan. Theresa tells her that she and Ethan are going to be together every night, so Ivy better get used to the idea.

Ethan asks Gwen how she is feeling and she tells him that she is feeling much better. Her stomach was bothering her and Ethan can see why as she was ready to move to New York. She tells him that everything has changed now. One minute, she knew what she was doing and now everything has changed. She tells him that this is not about Theresa and has nothing to with her. Ethan can hear that she is sombre now. She tells him that she has sobering news. He would like her to stay in Harmony. She likes hearing that. He cares about her very much and wouldnít like her to do something rash. She should think slower and more clearly. She tells him that it is too late for that.

Rebecca and Julian have just made love together. He tells her that she can be there every night, morning and afternoon as well. She is glad that Theresa hasnít fought him on the divorce. He is glad that he is free. She tells him that once the divorce is final, she will marry him. She can marry him at Christmas or Thanksgiving. He would like to discuss things first. She is not going to let him weasel out of this one.

Antonio really canít see. Everything went black for him like someone turned off the lights. Eve comes to Antonio and shines a light in his eyes. He canít see it at all. The light moves but Antonioís eyes donít.

Beth is happy that she still has a chance with Luis after all.

Chad and Whitney have just made love and Whitney really has to go and win that match the next day. She will be a tennis pro as her father wishes. Chad has something for her. It is a good luck charm to help her win. He shows her the necklace in the velvet box. She worries that he canít afford something like that but he loves her and money is of no worry. She will accept the gift then as she doesnít want to hurt the feelings of the man that she loves. He puts the necklace on her neck and kisses her. Soon they are making love again.

Kay tries to calm her friend telling her that there is something that Simone can do. It is sure-fire. Kay tells Simone to get Chad in her bed. Simone isnít sure that is the way. Kay is sure that is the way. She should give the man totally hot sex. Simone remembers that the totally hot sex didnít work for Kay so why should it work for Simone? Kay knows that Chad will come around soon. Simone canít count on that happening. She needs something that will work for sure. She would love to have sex with Chad but she would like to make her first time special and she would love to cherish it. Chad might not even remember the next day. Kay tells her that she canít play fair as Whitney doesnít play fair either. Simone doesnít want to be honest with her sister but sex isn'tí the right way for her. Kay tells Simone that there is something else that she can do. Kay remembers that Whitney has been hoping to win her tennis tournaments and be in top form for her father. Kay wonders what would happen to Whitney if she werenít in top form? Simone should ruin the game so that would ruin Whitneyís chances at getting Chad.

Antonio still canít see. Pilar sits with him.

Luis and Sheridan knows how hard things are for Antonio. Sheridan is crying now as she knows that Antonio is hurting.

TC tells Liz that he can see that this is hard for her. He can see that she loved Antonio. Liz did love him but she couldnít be with him as her sister caused her to be unable to receive love.

Sheridan is crying now. This is horrible. Luis thinks that things are not that bad really. He tells her that Antonio was blind before and that it didnít last long. Sheridan wonders if the blindness was caused by the photos of she and Luis. Maybe the shock of it all caused the blindness to come on. Luis holds her tightly to him to stop her fears and crying.

Julian offers Rebecca more sex, but Rebecca will not take it. She wants him to marry her as he said he would. Julian tells her that it is wise for him to wait again to jump into the pit. Rebecca doesnít like him referring to her that way. She tells him that if he doesnít marry her, she may have to testify against him about Sheridanís attempted murder and other things. She reminds him that there is no telling what might happen to him if Luis and Antonio learn that he attacked Sheridan and tried to end her life. Rebecca has the proof to put the man away. She reminds him of the beating that he has had in the past from Antonio and Luis.

Theresa tried to be nice and Ivy will not listen. She is going to marry Ethan and that is that. Ivy refers to Theresaís baby as a bastard. Theresa hates that she does that. She tells Ivy that the child is not a bastard. He is a Crane. She is there to stay.

Gwen says that it is too late to go back to undo things that have been done in the past. She is not okay. Ethan asks about her tests. He would like to know if anything is wrong with Gwen. Gwen tells him that something serious has happened to her. Ethan is frantic now. What is it?

Eve takes Antonioís pulse as everyone watches.

Luis and Sheridan are in a corner of the room and Sheridan is still crying as she watches. Luis gave Antonio the book but it is clear that he didnít see anything in it as he would have said something by now. Sheridan knows that now they canít tell Antonio the truth as that could kill him.

Mrs. Wallace watches as Luis and Sheridan hug each other and she is uncomfortable with what she witnesses. She isnít sure if Beth really is going to get her chance will Luis or not.

Whitney is ready to go now. She has to get some rest as she needs to play great the next day. He tells her that tomorrow that time, she will be ready to tell the whole world that she loves him.

Simone wants to know what Kayís plan is. Kay tells her that she has to throw off Whitneyís game by playing loud music or making her eat something that will make her sick. Simone isnít sure that she can do these things. She is Whitneyís biggest fan and her father wants to see Whitney successful. The disappointment will be in Whitney and not in Simone. Simone canít do that. She canít rob her father and her sister of their dreams. Kay reminds her of what Whitney has done to her. Kay says that she has no choice about this. Whitney canít win the tournament the next day. Simone tells her that she loves Chad, butÖ she finally agrees to do it. She will find a way to make Whitney lose the tournament that next day.

Julian and Rebecca are still in bed and Rebecca tells him that she doesnít want to have to testify against him in court. Julian canít have that. She tells him that she loves him and couldnít send him to jail. She would be forced to hand him over to Luis and Antonio. She asks him again when they are going to get married.

Theresa tells Ivy that she and Ethan are going to have more babies and Ivy can decide what the kids are going to call her. Will it be grandma or nanna?

Gwen tells Ethan that she is pregnant. He is stunned. She is going to have a baby. He asks her if the baby is his. She tells him that it is his baby of course. Who else would be the father of his baby?

Beth is thrilled that things seem to be working in her favour right now. Mrs. Wallace tells her not to count her chickens. Mrs. Wallace knows that Luis and Sheridan will be together even if Antonio is blind.

Luis still wants to tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan canít do it.

Pilar and Antonio ask Eve about the blindness. She moves from him and calls to Luis and Sheridan. She tells them that things are not that good. Antonio is very, very ill. Pilar comes over to ask how long Antonio has. Eve says that Antonioís is not very well indeed. He could even go that night.

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