Passions Update Friday 11/15/02

Passions Update Friday 11/15/02--Canada; 11/18/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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Julian is in the bath when Mrs. Wallace comes in and finds something worth stealing there. She puts it the item in her pocket and then Julian rises from under the water. She didnít see him there and she is startled. Both find That another is in the room and scream out loud!

Liz tells TC that her hotel in the islands is rustic but TC could tell from the pictures that the hotel is beautiful. TC would like to go there with Eve some day. TC is still interested in who Lizís sister is. She started to tell the group about her, but then stopped short at the name of the person. He doesn't know any woman like the one that Liz described. Who could Liz be talking about? TC is sure that the woman deserves to be punished. She has done horrible things to Liz and she deserves to get some revenge. TC will help Liz get back at her sister if she needs him to do that. Liz is happy to hear that.

Pilar tells her daughter that she is upset that Luis is going to tell Antonio the truth. She is in the Crane living room with the others and she is dreading the next few minutes as that could mean the end of her sonís life. He is going to be upset at the very least. Theresa tells her that God will protect Antonio. She knows he will. God does wonderful things as he has done for her with Ethan. Because of God, Theresa is going to get to be with the man that she loves forever and ever. Miracles are real and she wants her mother to remember that when the time comes.

Beth is upset that she is going to lose Luis forever. She is thinking to herself what it is that she can do to get Luis to stop telling Antonio the truth. There is no way that this situation is going to be good for her. If Antonio dies, Luis will head straight to Sheridan and if Antonio lives, Luis will go straight to Sheridan. Her only chance in getting the man that she loves is if Antonio is still kept in the dark. She has to do something. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She goes running into the room shouting that Luis and Sheridan canít do this. ďYou canít!Ē Everyone in the room turns to her and wonders what her outburst is all about. Even those who know what the secret is, (and that is everyone but Antonio,) think that Beth is acting strange. Why canít Luis and Sheridan talk to Antonio?

Julian demands to know who Mrs. Wallace is. He doesnít remember meeting her before. He is trying to take a bath and here is some old woman in his bathroom taking away his privacy. She reminds him that she was at a party there before. He remembers her, as she was the one that peed on his couch at the party. She is sorry for that. She had forgotten her diaper that day and couldnít help the mess. She says that she was there to use the toilet and she thought that no one was in there. He tells her to go to the other washroom down the hall where there is no one in it. She turns in her walker and tries to get out. If he were a gentleman, he would help her, but does she really want him to get up and help her? She has to wonder if he is up to it. He finds her antics boring and demands that she gets out. She keeps walking out and then the item that she stole falls from her garments. Julian recognizes it immediately! It belongs to him and it is very expensive. What is she doing with it falling out of her garments?!!!

Eve comes to see Gwen to see what is wrong with her. Her mother had been with her before and Gwen kept passing out and dropping like a rock. Gwen has been having dizzy spells and pain and her mother demands to find out why. Eve would like to run some tests on Gwen, but Gwen doesnít have time for that as she is going to New York. Ethan is shocked to hear that. He is in the room and wants to talk to her and tell her that he will be marrying Theresa and he had no idea that Gwen was on her way to New York. He is curious about that and wants to know more. She tells him that she is leaving Harmony forever.

Antonio demands to know what is going on with everyone and why Beth was so upset that Luis and Sheridan were going to speak to him. He would really like to know what is going on and what the big secret is that no one will tell him. Everyone stands around saying nothing and just staring at one another.

Julian sees that he is being ripped off by Mrs. Wallace and is angry with the fact that he has no control over who is in the house at anytime anymore.

Antonio hates that people didnít tell him that he was sick and he knows that there is more that he needs to hear. Beth tells him that she stopped people talking as she thought that Sheridan was upstairs and she was looking for her mother who at the moment seems to be missing. They are sure that she is around there somewhere. That is the only thing that Beth could come up with to stop Luis from telling Antonio that he is in love with Sheridan and they are going to be together. It seems to have worked for now.

Liz worries that they are telling Antonio the truth about his condition while she and TC are outside talking, and she and TC run into the room to see if anything has developed. She finds that everyone is talking about where Mrs. Wallace is, but no one knows where she is exactly. She must be exploring the house. Theresa takes her brother out of the room as she has some news that he will love to hear. Liz thought that Antonio was being told of the truth while she was outside and is glad to see that he hasnít been told yet. She would like to be there for him for additional support. They didnít tell Antonio yet, and now they see that Eve isn'tí there and they really should wait for her as she is the doctor that could help if something goes wrong. Liz thinks that they should think again about telling Antonio this news. Luis tells Liz that she is a newcomer there and that she shouldnít really be involved in what he is doing. What if Antonio doesnít understand though? Beth thinks that Antonio might not understand that Luis and Sheridan were in love before Sheridan met Antonio. Sheridan sees that. Antonio might think that Sheridan has been cheating on him. They have to make him see that Sheridan had been with Luis before she met Antonio. Luis has an idea and he is going to follow it through and end this once and for all.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is going to leave but Eve thinks that she shouldnít get on the plane in her condition. She promises that she will see a doctor when she gets to New York. Rebecca asks if Eve can do the tests there. Eve says that she will have the tests brought over. She goes into the hall to make her call. Rebecca leaves so that Gwen and Ethan can talk. TC calls the room looking for Eve. She comes in to take the call. TC tells her that Luis is about to tell Antonio the truth and they need her downstairs. Eve says that she will be right there. Ethan will stay with Gwen until she gets back. Ethan is worried about Gwen but she is sure that she is going to be well. She is leaving as she has landed a great job. She was born there and everyone that she loves is there but that isnít enough. For her, the person that she loves doesnít love her anymore and so she has to get out of there.

Rebecca tells Ivy that Ethan is about to propose to Theresa. Ivy doesnít believe that. Rebecca tells her that Theresa has done something to Ethan to make him want to propose to her again. Ivy will not have it. She will not let that gutter snipe get near her son again.

Julian lights up his cigar and that is when Rebecca comes in hearing Julian bitching about Mrs. Wallace. Every time that he turns around, there is another piece of riff-raff in his house bothering him. Rebecca tells him that Ethan is proposing to Theresa that night and she finds that to be a mess. Julian is interested in that news. Julian reminds her that Theresa is still his wife. That isnít going to be for much longer though. Theresa will divorce him in a minute to be with Ethan. She sees that Julian is thinking hard to himself. What is he thinking?

Gwen is packing as Ethan talks to her. She thinks that he doesnít care for her anymore. How could he ask Theresa to marry him when earlier he was going to propose to her. She sees that he has decided that he wants to spend his life with Theresa and that is okay. She is a big girl and she can handle that. The sad thing is that they have been through this before. She will survive and she will move to New York and move on. He would like to say some things to her but she doesnít want to hear it. He tells her that if she needs anything at all, she is to call him. He heads to the door and turns, but her back it to him. He leaves, closing the door behind him.

Gwen cries inside the room. This isnít easy for her. Why Theresa and not her?

Theresa tells Antonio in private that Ethan is going to propose to her that night. Antonio is glad to hear that. She tells him that he is talking to Gwen right now and telling her what he has decided. Antonio thinks that she should be upstairs waiting for the man that she loves to come and talk to her some more. She hugs her brother and goes running up the stairs.

Antonio comes back into the living room wondering where Luis is. Sheridan tells him that Luis will be right back. He had to run out for a moment and they are going to wait for him before they continue talking.

Luis is outside the mansion with a big box under his arm. He is sure that the contents of the box will make Antonio finally understand what is going on.

Julian thinks that Theresa might want to give up her right to the family fortune to marry Ethan. Rebecca loves where he is going with this. Julian will call his attorney and have a document drawn up that will give her the divorce as long as she gives up her rights to the fortune of the Cranes.

Ethan comes to see his mother. He has something to tell her. She wants him to tell her that he is not going to marry Theresa. Ethan knew that Rebecca came to her as soon as she heard. Ivy gets angry and he tells her that he will talk to her later then. Theresa is walking by and hears Ivy talking in the room to Ethan. Ethan stands up for Theresa. He will walk out the room if she doesnít stop attacking Theresa. Ivy says that he belongs with Gwen. She tells him that all that Theresa has done to him is make him crazy with her lies. And what about her child? He is the spawn of Julian. She forbids him to marry that girl. She is still his mother and she is going to make him do as she says. She will not let him stay with a girl that will do nothing but make him miserable. Theresa panics as she listens. What if Ivy makes him change his mind.

The maid comes and brings Gwen a package that Eve has ordered for her. She goes to the bag and it drops to the floor. She sees an early pregnancy test fall out of the bag. Why would Eve order that for her? She canít be pregnant.

Mrs. Wallace talks to her daughter and can see that her daughter is scowling. She knows that Beth is never going to get Luis. Mrs. Wallace worries that she has missed the bombshell. Maybe Antonio has been told already. Beth assures her that Antonio hasnít been told yet. Beth says that Antonio is not going to be told the truth. Even if Antonio is told, Luis is going to be hers that night. No matter what.

Pilar goes to Liz knowing that she loves Antonio very much. Liz admits that. She is scared about how he is going to react when he gets the news of Luis and Sheridan. Pilar has been praying to God about this crisis.

Antonio tells Sheridan about Lizís past and the sister that she had that treated her badly. Antonio canít understand how one sibling could do that to another. Luis has returned and he hears what Antonio is saying to Sheridan. Antonio is stunned that a sibling could hurt another that way. He knows that he could never do a thing like that to one of his siblings and cause them pain that way.

Julian gets his typed document in the fax and now all he has to do is get Theresa to sign the document and give up her fortune to be with Ethan. Rebecca loves this. When they get the signature, they will play one of their little sex games. Julian runs off to get the signature. Rebecca loves this. As soon as Julian is free from Theresa, she is going to get him to marry her. Then she will have all the power as Mrs. Crane. She digs in her drawer and gets out her little change machine for the sex games later. She is going to be the toll collector this time. She gets the costume out and starts putting it on.

Theresa is still listening as Ethan tells his mother that he is going to spend his life with Theresa. He is going to marry Theresa with or without her blessing. Theresa is thrilled to hear that. Ivy tells him that she is not begging or pleading. She is giving him an order. She tells him to march into Theresaís room and tell her that he isnít going to marry her ever. Ethan will not do that. Ivy tells him that he can then say goodbye to her. If he goes against her wishes, she will not see him again. She would rather lose him forever than see him waste his life. She would rather to alone and die with a broken heart than see him with someone that doesnít deserve him. She will never see him again and she will cut off all contact. All his life, she has been his closest ally and strongest support but that will stop. It is going to be his mother or Theresa. Ethan wants her in his life but if she insists on giving him this ultimatum, so be it. He loves Theresa and he is going to marry her. He will miss her but he will not be bullied to do what he knows to be wrong. Theresa loves what she is hearing outside that door. If Ethan can stand up to Ivy, she knows that there is nothing that can stand between them ever again.

Gwen asks herself again if she is pregnant. Maybe. There is only one way to find out though. She heads to the bathroom.

Luis tells Sheridan that he has brought something that will help Antonio understand what they have to tell him. He opens the box and takes out a photo album. That will help Antonio to see that Luis and Sheridan have loved each other before he loved Sheridan. Eve comes up seeing that Luis and Sheridan are still going to tell Antonio the truth. That is what they planned. Everyone is there now.

Mrs. Wallace can see that everyone is sharpening their knifes. Beth doesn't care. She is going to be with Luis. Bethís eyes are cold. What is she up to? Beth is ready to sell her soul to the devil to get what she wants.

Everyone is standing around Antonio now. He senses that everyone is standing around him and looking at him. Luis tells him that it is time for him to be told the truth.

Ethan tells his mother again that he has chosen Theresa over Gwen and he will do the same over Ivy. He is going to ask Theresa to marry him.

Theresa is outside the room rejoicing when Julian comes to see her. Julian is very agreeable and Theresa wants to know why. He tells her that she is too smart for him. He was going to keep quiet about her marriage but he canít. he knows that Ethan is going to ask her to marry him. He was going to find out sooner or later. He is thrilled for her but there is one little stumbling block though. She doesnít get what is going on. He tells her that she is still married to him. She thinks that he is going to force her to stay with him. He corrects her thoughts. He shows her the document that he has that will end the marriage that she has with him. He has a pen and she signs without reading. She thanks him for his present. They shake hands. It is his pleasure to help her out this way.

Gwen does her test and looks at the stick. ďOh myÖI must be doing this wrong. OhÖThere is no mistake. I am pregnant with Ethanís babyÖĒ She smiles for the first time in a long time.

Beth tells her mother again that one way or another, Luis is going to be hers.

Antonio is shown the big book that Luis has brought to the group. Luis wants his brother to look at the book and then he will understand. Antonio takes the album and looks at the clippings and photos. He sees pictures of Luis and Sheridan and newspaper articles of them together as a couple. He looks up into space. ďI canít believe thisÖĒ