Passions Update Thursday 11/14/02

Passions Update Thursday
11/14/02--Canada; 11/15/02--U.S.

By Glynis

Pictures by Juanita


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Sheridan wants Ethan to tell Gwen the truth first before going to Theresa to propose. She knows that Gwen who is her best friend had her hopes pinned on Ethan proposing to her and she knows that when Ethan originally bought the ring, he bought it for Gwen and not Theresa. She is going to be crushed but at least he can do her the duty of telling her before running off into the arms of another woman. Ethan knows that what Sheridan is saying is right. He never wanted to hurt Gwen but that is the way that things are going to turn out. Ethan cares for her and doesn't want to hurt her but he canít possibly marry her without loving her as much as he loves Theresa. That would be just wrong. Sheridan cares for Antonio but she loves Luis and so she can relate to the problem that Ethan faces. You care about 2 people but only one of them is going to be the winner of your charms. Ethan is sure that Gwen will realize that marrying Theresa is for the best for all of them.

Gwen is crying over losing Ethan. She is in her room after having felt ill and she is crying over the fact that she has lost Ethan again to that Theresa creature. She canít believe that she was close to having the man of her dreams propose to her and she missed out on it yet again. How many times can a person go through a thing like this?

Pilar is upset that Antonio is going to die. Eve has just told them all that he is getting worse and she actually experienced him having another attack of flashing blinding lights and headaches. The attacks are coming faster now and so the end must be getting closer. She doesn't want Luis to tell Antonio about he and Sheridan at this time. This is wrong. What is the purpose of this anyway? If Antonio is going to die and there really is no hope, then he should be left alone and left to Godís plan. Rushing him this way canít be good. Even if Antonio lives Theresa thinks that if they pray, they can get Luis to change his mind about telling Antonio the news that night. She knows why her mother is so concerned. She should be as Theresa too doesnít want to lose her brother over this issue. Theresa believes in miracles and she does because of the fact that God has granted her another miracle with Ethan. No matter what happened, Theresa never lost her faith in the belief that Ethan would come back to her some day and now he has. It was all very interesting as he came back to her when she thought that he was gone forever. She was ready to give him up, but that was not Godís plan and now she has her miracle for herself and her baby. She is sure that there is a miracle for Antonio out there. If they pray, they will be able to receive it. Maybe this is Godís plan though. Just because they want Antonio to live, but doesnít mean that he will. God could very well want him to go and leave his family. Luis telling Antonio the truth could kill him on the spot. If that is Godís plan, Pilar canít accept it.

Beth warns Luis to be very careful with Antonio. He just had an attack a few minutes ago and it seems that his condition is worsening all the time. Luis doesnít care, as he feels that it is time that Antonio be told the truth.

Mrs. Wallace is happy that Beth will not get her hands on Luis if he tells Antonio the truth. The first thing that Luis will do is claim Sheridan as his own and Beth would just have to live with that. Beth is going to have nothing in her life but Mrs. Wallaceís bedpans to look forward to. She goes into the other room and learns that Liz has been telling the story of her past life. Liz says that her sister is there. She was telling everyone in the room about how she had a sister who mistreated her and left her many years ago. She tried to get the girl to come home but she was into drugs, and sex by then and she couldnít be convinced to come home. Liz was devastated by that. She never trusted anyone ever again with her feelings or herself. That is why when she was dating Antonio back on the island, she would let him get close to her as she couldnít truly and freely love him. She told everyone that her sister is right there, right now. Liz looks at Eve, but she canít expose her, she just canít do it right now. She goes running off and out of the room. Antonio wants to go after her but Eve stops her. She thinks that Liz should be left alone for a moment to collect her thoughts. What did Liz mean by saying that her sister is there with them right nowÖright here? Mrs. Wallace knows that she isnít the sister as she only tans in the summer. Her little joke isnít funny to anyone but herself. Antonio turns to Eve asking her if she is the one that is Lizís sister.

Sheridan tells Ethan that he is lucky with Theresa as he has already hit the hard bumps in the road with her. He already has an idea what her major flaws are and they have dealt with them. Ethan is making the most important decision in his life and Theresa seems to have learned her lesson as far as lying goes. She really has matured. Ethan learned that Theresa lied to be with him but deception for any reason is not acceptable. Ethan is sure that she will never lie to him about anything ever again. Once they are married, they are going to be married forever. He can see it all happening now.

Gwen is feeling sick. She soon falls on the bed again unconscious. Rebecca calls out to her again but Gwen doesnít answer this time. She is out cold.

Beth is still trying to make Luis see that his brotherís life is on the line. She wants him to forget about telling his secret for now as Antonio has other things that are more important to deal with. Luis only wants to do what is right for all of them. He doesnít want to have a relationship like the one that Theresa had with Ethan. She lied to him so much to protect him that it ended up damaging their trust in the end. He has learned from her experience and he is not going to let the same thing happen to him and Sheridan. Beth thinks that in light of the fact that Antonio has only a little time left, Luis should reconsider his position. He will not. He is going to stand firm on his decision. Luis doesnít want Antonio to learn the truth some other way. That can be devastating and Theresa can tell Beth about that as she has lied and kept secrets. Luis wants to get this over with. It is time for the truth to come out.

TC is angry that Antonio has asked Eve if she is the one that is Lizís sister. TC demands that he apologize to Eve. Eve stops the argument and goes running out after her sister.

Eve finds Liz in another room in the house. Eve thinks that Liz is the one that has no heart after the way that she treated her sister just them. Eve has apologized for what has happened. Liz thinks that Eve is just trying to make herself feel better but Liz knows better. Liz says that she is the same miserable sister that she has always been. Everything that Liz said was true and Eve canít deny it. Liz is going to make sure that everyone knows who she really is. She tells Eve to enjoy her life right now as that is not going to last.

Sheridan and Ethan are happy with the way that they turned out. Their family hasnít been the best role model. It was hard for Ethan to learn that he wasnít born into the family after all, but sometimes it is a relief. Sheridan hopes that she has more of her motherís characteristics than her fatherís. Ethan and Theresa havenít talked about having children but family is important to Theresa as it is to Ethan. Ethan is going to be a wonderful father and he is going to try his best. He is sure that they will be able to overcome everything that comes their way. Sheridan remembers how she felt when she first fell in love with Antonio. She felt safe in his arms like nothing could ever hurt her. She really loved him but she was Diana then. Now she has to break the heart of a truly wonderful and innocent man. Their situations are very similar. Once Ethan tells Gwen, she is going to hurt but she will get over it. The difference with Sheridan is that when she tells Antonio, he could die.

Rebecca jumps on the bed trying to revive her daughter. She canít. She gets up to go and get a doctor and Gwen gets up asking what is going on. Rebecca thinks that Theresa has been stressing her daughter out and making her sick. Gwen knows that is not the reason. Gwen feels that she doesnít need Ethan to validate her life. She wants to finish packing now. Rebecca will not let her do that. She actually has no say in this though.

Liz wants to see Eve twist and turn in the wind, so that she can remember how she treated her sister. Eve was young then, but she didnít mean to hurt her sister. Lizís life was destroyed by what happened. Eve thinks that Liz can still get her life together, but Liz doesnít think so. Liz only wants to pay her sister back. She wants Eve to feels what it is like to have no one in your life but yourself. Eve knows that TC will not leave her. He will be upset and angry but he is not going to leave her and let their marriage fall apart. Liz feels that she has a better take on the situation. She can see that TC has some bitter threads in his makeup. She is sure that he is going to feel the same way that she does. They hear TC yelling at Antonio. Heís mad that Antonio thought that Eve was the backstabbing whore that Liz was talking about. It is clear that TC has some trouble with anger.

TC is telling Antonio that his wife is the most caring and helpful person that he has ever met. Eve mends life, she doesnít destroy them.

Liz and Eve are hearing the way that TC is laying into Antonio. Liz knows now that TC is not going to forgive Eve for her sins. She makes Eve return to the living room with the others.

Liz apologizes to the group. Antonio tells her that things are okay now. TC tells her that Antonio thinks that Eve is Lizís sister. TC turns to his wife asking her to set Antonio straight on the matter once and for all. All turn to Eve but Liz says that Eve isnít her sister. She sees why they all thought that they thought that she was the one that is the sister but Liz says that is not true. Antonio apologizes to Eve and TC. TC is sorry that he blew up at the man.

Eve knows that this was a perfect time for Liz to get her but Liz didnít as she wanted to see her suffer. Liz is going to play with her until Eve is begging her to tell the truth to everyone and put her out of her misery.

Beth knows that she canít convince Luis to change his mind this time. The man is sure to tell his brother the truth about he and Sheridan and then Beth will have lost him forever.

Sheridan continues to talk to Ethan telling him that she canít tell Antonio because if he dies, then people are going to look at Sheridan and think that she split up the brothers. Ethan tells her that she canít do this to herself. She is being unproductive. Ethan will come with her but Sheridan thinks that Ethan should go and find Gwen and tell her what he has decided. Ethan is fine with that plan. He leaves the room so that Sheridan can think for a moment by herself. Sheridan kneels on the floor and looks to the heavens. ďDear GodÖI donítí want to hurt Antonio but I want Luis. Please help me to do the right thingÖĒ

Ethan bumps into Theresa and tells her that he has to talk to Gwen. He still feels the same way about Theresa but he has to talk to Gwen first about it. Pilar can see that what Theresa has been saying is true. Ethan really is going to marry her daughter. Ethan kisses Ethan and walks off to find Gwen.

Gwen is packing her things and her mother is telling her to stop packing as she can barely stand up. Gwen feels so stupid and would like to leave with her dignity. Someone knocks on the door. It is Ethan. Rebecca is happy but Gwen will not answer the door. Rebecca knows that she is not thinking clearly. Gwen knows that she is not sick. Rebecca threatens to answer for her. Gwen shouts out that she needs a minute. She gets her mother to help her put away the suitcases so that Ethan will not see them. Gwen sits on the bed as she doesnít want Ethan to see how shaken she is. Her mother lets Ethan in the room. Ethan is glad that she is still up as he would like to talk to her about something rather important. Rebecca smiles widely as she stands behind Ethan hearing what he has to say to her daughter.

Mrs. Wallace is with the doctor and her family and she sees the talk that Eve and Liz are having. She knows that more is going on with them than meets the eye.

Liz tells Eve again that the second that TC learns the truth, she will be history. Liz is going to tell the truth when she is good and ready. She is going to tell aboutÖ It is all going to come out. The whole nasty business and when it does, Eve will have as much of a life as Liz has and Eve can take that to the bank.

Luis, Antonio and Beth wait for Sheridan to come down the stairs. Antonio thinks that he and his brother are two lucky guys as they have 2 beautiful women that love them. Antonio leaves and Luis heads up the stairs to find Sheridan. Beth tries to stop him but he ignores her.

Theresa and her mother come into the room to find Sheridan finishing up her prayer. Theresa goes over to her baby and picks him up. She leaves with the baby to take him for a walk. Pilar could see that Sheridan was prying when she came in. Sheridan has been asking God what to do. She has always thought of Pilar as a mother. She was just a child when they met and now Sheridan is a grown and strong woman. When Sheridan fell for Luis, that was the most wonderful time of her life. She was glad that she would finally be related to Pilar. Now things have come full circle. Sheridan cares about Antonio but she is in love with Luis and wants to marry him. She canít though under the circumstances. Pilar would do anything to ease Sheridanís pain. Sheridan wants to tell Antonio that she canít marry him as she wants to love Luis instead. She is going to break someoneís heart.

Ethan wants to talk to Gwen but Rebecca would like to stay. Gwen asks her to wait outside. Rebecca heads for the door and closes it on the way out, but not completely so that she can hear what is going on inside.

Ethan turns to Gwen. He tells her that he cares about her. She cares for him too. She tells him that she knows why he has come to talk to her. She remembers the time that he spoke to her before when he proposed to Theresa at Christmas time. Her phone starts ringing and she tells Ethan that she has to take that call. It is important and she sends him out of the room. Rebecca comes in and wants to know what Ethan said. Gwen tells her mother that she really has to take this call as it is important business. She gets up to walk from the bed and falls promptly to her knees. Her mother comes over to pick her up off the floor.

Sheridan hates that either Luis or Antonio is going to be hurt. She is so scared. Theresa told her mother that things will work out for the best if they pray but if something happened to Antonio, they have to remember to not turn their backs on God. Pilar has nothing to offer Sheridan to help her deal with this. Luis comes in telling Sheridan and his mother that things are going to change that night. He tells her that Antonio is waiting downstairs. He tells her that it is time to go downstairs and tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan sees that he is right. That is the only thing to do. They all hug each other and head for the stairs to go down. Pilar stays back and sits in the room. Theresa returns with the baby saying that she wants to be downstairs when Luis talks to Antonio. She leaves to put the baby down.

TC asks Liz what her sisterís name is. Liz thinks that she should tell him the womanís name. The phone rings and it is Rebecca calling Eve to tell her that Gwen is upstairs and something is wrong with her. Eve says that she will be right there. Eve turns to the group saying that Gwen is ill and she has to leave and go see her. Liz sees her running off and she knows that Eve can run but she canít hide. Liz is going to ruin her sister, she swears.

Rebecca takes care of her daughter as they wait for Eve.

Ethan sees Eve in the hallway and finds out that Gwen is sick. He comes in asking what is wrong. Rebecca tells him that Gwen is dying and that he is the only one that can save her.

Liz thinks that they should wait to talk about her sister later when Eve is back.

TC can see why Liz meant so much to Antonio. She is smart and beautiful but Antonio had no idea that Liz had such a hard time in the past. She is vulnerable right now. TC follows Eve out to the patio to see if she is alright. He goes out there and Liz smiles brightly for him when she realizes that he is there.

Theresa tells Antonio that Ethan is going to ask her to marry him. She tells him that prayer did it for her and that prayer can do it for him too.

Luis and Sheridan are coming down the stairs.

Mrs. Wallace knows that soon Antonio is going to be told the truth. Both Beth and Mrs. Wallace run and hide from the group.

Luis and Sheridan come down the stairs and he assures her that nothing is going to happen to Antonio. They are going to tell Antonio the truth and then they are going to start their lives together. They really do love each other. They walk into the main room and Beth peeks out behind them.

Luis and Sheridan walk into the living room and Antonio stands to greet them, knowing that something else must be going on due to the look in their eyes.