Passions Update Wednesday 11/13/02

Passions Update Wednesday 11/12/02--Canada; 11/13/02--U.S.

By Glynis
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Ethan tells Theresa that he has decided who he wants to marry now. He is holding the ring in his finger and he is thinking carefully about what he is going to say to Theresa now that he has made a decision about the way that he is going to live the rest of his life. Theresa waits with anticipation on his every word.

Gwen has collapsed after hearing that Ethan still has feelings for Theresa. She is alone with her mother when it happens. She just sorts of loses her footing and almost falls over. Her mother thinks that she is acting but Gwen is serious. She really canít stand up right now. Rebecca is sure that Ethan will propose to Gwen now that she is sick. She loves that her daughter has come up with this great plan to get the man that she loves. She was just telling Gwen that she has to fight for the man that she loves if she wants to get him and here Gwen is coming up with a plan that is fantastic. Rebecca gets up to get Ethan so that he can see her daughterís acting but Gwen falls to the floor and Rebecca can see that the girl is really very sick.

Antonio has just passed out and all in the room run to help him out. He is in the Crane living room and he almost was told by Luis and Sheridan that he isnít the one that Sheridan really loves, but then everyone learns that Antonio is really a lot more ill than they thought and now it is very difficult for anyone in the room to tell Antonio what he needs to hear. That is all that he has to hold on toÖ his love for Sheridan. Hearing the news will kill him for sure. Eve can tell that the condition is getting worse. He seems to be getting the pain more often along with the flashes of light. His condition is graver than Eve thought. His mother holds him and comforts him as it is clear that the end is near.

Luis is telling Sheridan that they have to tell Antonio the truth about their love. Sheridan canít do this. She really want to be with Luis but she canít live with herself, knowing that she would be the one that broke Antonioís heart this way. She refuses to help Luis deliver this bombshell. She canít tell Antonio the truth after hearing everything that he had said. She just canít! Antonio told her that she had brought him lots of joy in his life. She makes everything that is going on with him bearable and he thanked her for that from the bottom of his heart. Sheridan absolutely canít tell Antonio the truth after hearing all of that. She runs off for help before Luis does the unthinkable. Luis calls to her but she doesnít stop running. She heads straight up the stairs.

Rebecca is frantic that her daughter has collapsed. She tries to revive her. Finally, Gwen wakes up. She doesnít know what happened to her. Her mother thought that she was acting but she really did pass out. Gwenís head is hurting and she is very dizzy. She has trouble standing up. Rebecca is going to get her checked out thoroughly. Rebecca knows now that there is no way that Ethan is going to propose to Theresa now. Her daughter is really sick and that is going to weigh on Ethanís mind and soon Gwen will have him over that Chihuahua! Gwen is not going to be a part of these manipulations anymore. She is through with this crap. Rebecca tells her that manipulations are the basis of many successful marriages. She tries to urge her daughter to do the thing that is right and good for her, she believes. Gwen is finished will all of this. She is not going to live this way anymore. She is going to get herself a life without Ethan. Enough is enough. Gwen canít live her whole life wondering if Ethan is ever going to decide that he loves Theresa more than he loves her. Then the hurt will be much worse and she will really be hurt. Her stomach is churning. She asks for some ice water. Rebecca leaves to get her the water. She promises not to say anything to Ethan about this. Rebecca leaves the room and is sorry that she lied to her daughter. She is not going to let Theresa win and that might mean revealing her daughterís illness.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has made his decision. He has been through the mill with Theresa and that has been the way that it is from the day that they met at the carnival so long ago. It was love at first sight for her. He thought that she was a stalker and he never wanted to see her again but that time has changed. He feels differently about her now. They are better people now and they both have changed for the better. He has watched her turn into a caring and compassionate human being over time. She makes sacrifices for the people that she loves. That kind of love doesnít come around every day and Ethan can see that now. For the first time, he believes that she really changed and that she understands that the smallest lies can take a toll on a relationship. She was just ready to give him up earlier and he could see that at that point, she really was tired of the way that she had been living her life and lying to him. She will never keep a secret from him again. She promises him that and he can believe her this time. He has looked into his heart to make a decision and he has. That is what he has come to talk to her about. Sheridan comes bursting into the room asking for Ethanís help. Ethan and Theresa turn to the door to see a very frightened breathless Sheridan standing at the door.

Everyone stands around Antonio waiting to see if he is going to be okay or not. He seems better now. The flashes of light have passed and it seems that he is going to be okay after all to everyoneís relief.

Liz wants to know the truth from Eve about Antonio. She sees that the woman is the only key to Antonioís survival and she clings to the hope that he is going to be okay soon. Eve doesnít know what is going to happen as Antonio is experiencing his pain more frequently now. It would seem that things are not getting better for him at all. There is really not much hope that she can give the people that have gathered there for him.

Antonio doesnít know why Sheridan left the room the way that she did, but Liz thinks that Sheridan is taking the prognosis pretty hard and had to get out of the room. That is to be expected after all. It is hard for her to lose someone that she loves, Liz tells him. Liz seems to be crying but she denies that she is. Antonio knows her better. In fact, Antonio knows her very, very well as they used to be an item. It didnít work for some reason and he never understood why. How should she be reacting when she can see that he has little time left with her. TC offers to get everyone out of there so that they can have privacy but Liz doesnít want that. She unlike others that she knows doesnít have anything to hide. She casts a glance in the direction of Eve. Antonio cared for her once but she kept pushing him away. She kept herself locked up and to herself and avoided letting him get close to her. She couldnít function in a relationship as she was afraid of getting hurt. He wanted to get close to her but she pushed him away blaming him for everything that was wrong in the relationship in order to protect herself. Liz didnít know how to trust anyone. It was a big deal and it cost her the one chance that she had for happiness. She knows that this was directly related to the treatment that she had many years before. Because of that, she couldnít properly be with anyone. Antonio will not hear that. He knows Liz and knows that she is a strong woman who can do many things. He has seen that for himself. There is someone out there for her but she is not so sure that will happen. Antonio keeps telling her that, but she finds that hard to believe. She feels that it is late for her and that there is going to be no one for her after all. She has said enough right now. She is doing it again. She is pushing Antonio away. He wants to know the gory details of her life. That might be helpful to her and him. She tells him that she wasnít born with a wall around her. Things happened in her life that made her build her own walls. She turns to look at Eve. She says that someone that she trusted and loved and counted on, turned her back on her. She stabbed Liz in the back and she has never gotten over the betrayal. Antonio rubs her shoulders to comfort her.

Pilar finds Luis in the foyer. She is frantic. She tells him that Antonio had another one of his attacks. Eve is trying to help but they all know that will be temporary. She is crying now. Her oldest son has come home to be on the verge of death. Pilar is looking for Sheridan who is upstairs. Pilar doesnít blame her for being upset. Luis is going to tell Antonio the truth that night. He deserves to know. Pilar loves her sons so much and only wants what will make them happy but will breaking Antonioís heart make Luis really happy? Will Luis be happy taking Sheridan away from Antonio?

In Lizís past she had a lot of problems and she counted on one person to protect her and help her. She always ran to that person who made a vow with her that they would always be there for each other. They were very close and they needed each other to survive. That person walked out one day and didnít say anything. She skipped off and left her alone to deal with all of the problems on her own. Liz didnít know how to deal with all of the things that was happening. She didnít know how to stop the bad things from happening and they got worse. She says that there was nothing else that happened. Enough about her. Antonio wanted to know this and now he does. That person could have made the difference in her life, but that person wouldnít hack it or couldnít. TC asks who this person was. It wasnít a family friend, it was her sister. The person who she loved with all of her heart.

Sheridan comes in to tell Theresa and Ethan that Antonio is in trouble. Sheridan explains that Luis wants to tell Antonio about the both of them that night. They thought that telling Antonio with everyone around, would help him get through it but his condition has gotten worse. He is really bad. Luis has to hold off but he wonít. Sheridan doesnít know what to do. Theresa knows that it is important to be honest. You canít lie and keeps secrets as it always backfires. Ethan wishes that there were something that he could do. Theresa has to go and be with her brothers, she will talk to Ethan later. He tells her that he will talk to her later. Sheridan can tell that she barged in on something really important. She sure did. Ethan was going to ask Theresa to marry him.

TC is horrified to hear that Liz was stabbed in the back by her own sister. Liz says that the woman had her own plans. Liz didnít understand thinking that her sister would come back for her. However, she didnít come home and then Liz went searching for her sister. She thought that is she could get her sister to see her, they would be together like before.

Mrs. Wallace doesnít want Beth to get Luis but she remembers that her daughter has a very bad temper and has tried to kill her in the past. Mrs. Wallace would like to tell Luis what she is really like.

When Liz found her sister, she didnít recognize her. She was a singer in a bar and she drank and did drugs. That was the sister that she looked up to and the woman was now nothing more than a common tramp. Eve remembers those days quietly to herself. Liz was devastated and told her sister that she would help her and they would help each other. She wouldnít come though. The reason that she didnít come was that she loved that life more than she loved her sister. Her sister couldnít offer her anything like what she had. That was bad being abandoned again but that time broke her. Her own sister robbed her of any happiness that she could ever have. Liz starts crying.

Sheridan canít believe that Ethan is thinking of marrying Theresa. She was thinking that he would surely propose to Gwen. He has been having heart to hearts with other people. Julian said some things to him that made sense. He said to follow his heart and marry the woman that he really loves. He loves Gwen but Theresa gives his heart flip-flops. He believes that Theresa has changed and he doesnít want to live without Theresa. Sheridan wants him to be with the woman that he loves. Theresa is the one for him. Sheridan is worried about Gwen and she had high hopes for he and she.

Gwen is lying on the sofa thinking about her life. How could she lose him again?

Rebecca finds Theresa in the hall and throws a pitcher of water at Theresa soaking her. ďTake that you tramp!Ē

Luis is trying to explain to his mother that he has been with Sheridan long before Antonio met Sheridan. Pilar understands but she is worried about her son. She remembers him talking about Sheridan and he knows that Antonio is going to feel betrayed by the people that he loves most. Luis is sure that Antonio is stronger than they think. Luis tells her that everyone is there and that they are all there to give him support. Luis believes that this has to be doneÖthat Antonio has to be told the truth.

Theresa is angry that Rebecca has dumped water all over her. Theresa wants to go to her brother but Rebecca will not let her pass. Rebecca tells her that she is going to fight her to the finished. She tells Rebecca that Ethan is going to propose to her. Rebecca is surprised to hear that he hasnít proposed yet. Theresa knows that there is nothing that Rebecca can do to stop the proposal. She walks by Rebecca but the woman gets her in a headlock and holds her there. Pilar comes up and finds that her daughter is in trouble. She runs to help.

Ethan and Sheridan talk some more. Ethan hates having to hurt Gwen and Sheridan hates the thought of hurting Antonio. She has no idea what she is going to do.

Luis is torn but he canít lose Sheridan again. He loves his brother but he canít lose her again.

Eve tells Liz that maybe her sister didnít have a choice about what she did. Eve tells her that maybe the girl wasnít running away from her but running away from her life. Liz doesnít care. She thinks that her sister shouldnít have left her alone. Liz acts like this happened yesterday. Liz says that her sister is in Harmony. Liz tells everyone that she made a promise that if she ever saw her sister again she would do to her what her sister did to her. She will have her revenge.

Pilar pries Rebeccaís hands off her daughter. Rebecca is acting like a junkyard dog. She warns that this is not over and that she is going to win. Rebecca walks off and Pilar demands to know what has been going on. Theresa only wants to know about Antonio. She knows that Luis is going to tell the truth about his relationship. Theresa is afraid. Sheridan is in Theresaís room with Ethan and she is afraid. The situation is not black and white and Pilar canít stand the situation any longer. She tried to make Luis see the facts but she canít. Theresa tells her mother that the truth is very important. She knows that as now that she has been truthful with Ethan, he is going to propose to her.

Rebecca goes to Gwen telling her that Ethan hasnít proposed yet. There is still time to stop Ethan. They just have to think. Gwen starts to cry as she thinks that she has lost Ethan again. It is clear that Gwen doesn't have the energy to fight this fight again but Rebecca has that energy.

Antonio wishes that Liz had told him this story before. She couldnít as she couldnít trust anyone to tell the story. He tells her that it would have made a difference back then. He loved her and they would have stayed together.

Eve is moved by what Antonio has said. TC says that he doesnít blame Liz for wanting revenge on her sister.

Beth comes to Luis learning that Sheridan is upstairs. Beth understands after what Antonio said earlier. Luis still thinks that Antonio has to be told the truth. He is going to follow through with his plan. Beth shouts out that he is making a big mistake by thinking that he should do that.

Ethan knows that Sheridanís position is difficult. She loves both men. Ethan knows what she is feeling as he loves 2 women too. Gwen did nothing wrong and yet she is going to be hurt. Sheridan tells him that Gwen is going to be hurt. She thought that he bought that ring for her. Sheridan tells him that he has to tell Gwen the truth about things first. He really should tell her before he proposes to Theresa.

Gwen is angry that this is happening to her all over again. She wishes that someone would put her out of her misery. She feels so sick that she wishes that she were dead.

Theresa asks her mother to be happy for her that she is going to get the man that she loves to be her husband. Pilar canít be happy for her as she is worried about her son dying. She hopes that Luis is going to wait with the news that he has. Luis could kill his brother.

Luis tells Beth that it is better that Antonio hear the truth from him than someone else. That is best for Luis and he is going to tell the truth that night.

Mrs. Wallace hears Luis talking to Beth and she is glad that Luis is going to stick to his guns and do what is right.

TC is horrified that Lizís sister has done the things that she has. The woman must be a monster.

Liz knows that if she were with Antonio, he wouldnít be with Sheridan now. He knows that too.

TC asks Liz who this sister is. She is apparently living in Harmony and TC would like to know who that woman is and what her name is. Liz looks at Eve, who happens to be looking back at her sister.