Passions Update Monday 11/11/02

Passions Update Monday
11/11/02--Canada; 11/13/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Gwen decides that it is time that she gets on with her life and forgets about Ethan. She has given him every opportunity to ask her to marry him and he has not done it. Now he is talking to Theresa in her room and Gwen thinks that he is probably asking her to marry him instead. She has really had it this time. She has waited for this man for a long time and she is finished with doing that. She calls Sheila her friend, and she tells her friend that she is going to take the offer. They will go over the details the next day of what her position is going to be. Her mother learns that Gwen was offered a job and she is going to take it. She is going to move to New York and get away from all of this madness. She isnít going to marry Ethan and there is no reason for her to stay in town anymore. She has to get on with her life and find some other things to occupy her time. She starts packing as her mother watches on. She is stunned as she had no idea that her daughter was thinking of getting a job and giving up on the man of her dreams. Rebecca is frantic as Gwen isnít positive that Ethan is going to marry Theresa and is jumping the gun in her opinion. There is nothing to think about as the ring is going to be on Theresaís finger, Gwen thinks. Rebecca thinks that Gwen is making a mistake that she is going to regret for the rest of her life. She tells her daughter to fight fire with fire. She canít be so apt to give up so easily! She has to fight for her man.

Ethan comes to talk to Theresa in her room. Theresa is with the baby and is glad to see him. She wonders what he has to talk to her about that is so important. Theresa is sure that Ethan is going to propose to her and she goes to put the baby down telling the child that this is what she has been dreaming of. She is sure that Ethan is going to ask her to marry him. She puts the child down gingerly and turns to Ethan to hear what he has to say to her. He is looking at the engagement ring as he stands before her. He tells her that he hasnít given the ring to Gwen yet as he has had a lot of thinking to do. She wants to know why. He told Theresa that the ring was for Gwen, so why hasnít he proposed to her yet?

Luis and Sheridan discuss Antonio and how he seemed to be in trouble. All are gathered for Antonio to be told that he really isnít the love of Sheridanís life. They want to make sure that nothing happens to Antonio once he has been told the truth. They have his family and Eve for any medical assistance that might be necessary. They all stand around like they are already at Antonioís funeral. Most of them really donít want to see Antonioís heart broken for a variety of reasons, but it must be done. He has to be told the truth. Luis doesnít want to hurt his brother but he doesnít want the woman that he loves sharing the same bed with his brother. That is too much for him to bear. It has been long enough for him to watch Sheridan and Antonio together thinking of what they might be doing alone in that cottage. Luis only wants this all to be over. Antonio hears them talking and comes over. Antonio sees that Liz and Eve and others are there. Luis tells him that there is something that he has to be told. Antonio will not sit. He doesnít have a good feeling about this meeting. Eve tells Antonio that Luis is right and that he has to listen. Sheridan gets a little light-headed and moans. Luis and Antonio run to her. Antonio wants to know what is going on and what the big news is that Luis has to tell him.

Ethan is still talking to Theresa and she tries to get the answers out of him about what is going on with him not giving Gwen the ring. He wants to make sure that he is doing the right thing this time. She doesnít understand. Everyone that he talks to about this tells him to make certain that he is marrying the right woman and he agrees with that. He wouldnít like to make a mistake. The woman took would be at risk and any family that they make. Theresa thinks that he doesnít believe that Gwen is the right woman.

Gwen thinks that maybe her mother is right. Rebecca assures her that she is right. She thinks that he is just talking to Theresa about leaving her. Rebecca says that she should go and listen in on the conversation. Gwen is not like Theresa and she will not be manipulative to get Ethan. Rebecca tells her to stop being a good society girl and do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Whatever it takes.

Luis starts his talk with Antonio. Antonio is really uncomfortable. His mother tells him to calm down. Luis and Sheridan tell Antonio that they are there because of he and Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace can hardly wait for the news to be told. There will be nothing standing in the way of Luis and Sheridan being together. Beth finds her mother to be cruel as Antonio is going to be hurt. Mrs. Wallace knows that her daughter only cares that Luis be available for her. Antonio can see that everyone is depressed. Luis starts talking and Sheridan tries to stop him. Luis tries to talk again . Antonio thinks that he has figured it out. He thinks that they all have been told the results of his latest tests. Sheridan wants to know what the results of the test were. Antonio tells her that he isnít going to be living as long as he thought. Antonio is okay with it and thinks that Eve told them the truth but she didnít. She doesnít get a chance to tell him that she didnít do anything of the sort. Liz comes to him but he doesnít want to be comforted.

Sheridan and Pilar go to Eve thinking that this is a mistake but it isnít. It is true. Antonio is going to die. Pilar knew that he was having tests but she never thought that he was going to die. He really doesnít have long to live.

Rebecca tells her daughter to go and see what Theresa is up to. Gwen doesnít want to be a snoop. Rebecca tells her to go in there and swallow that Chihuahua bitch. Gwen gets moving.

Theresa is still trying to pry answers out of Ethan. Things are complicated for him. He has feelings for Theresa and issues of trust. The most important thing is trust and Ethan trusts Gwen completely. That is not what Theresa wanted to hear. She gets upset. She tells Ethan that all this talk about trust and honesty is something that Ethan canít get from her, he thinks.

Gwen is listening and thinks that Ethan is going to choose her.

Theresa assures Ethan that she is still a liar after all this time. He doesnít get it. She tells him that he is the best and he deserves the best. She wants that for him. What is she trying to say. She tried hard to be different. She made resolutions but she ended up breaking them because she was afraid of losing him. She lied. She knew that he didnít give Gwen the ring and she saw that Gwen wasnít wearing it. She is asking him a question now to which she knows the answer. He is the one person in the world that she hasnít been honest with and she knows that he hates that. God knows that when it comes to love, she is her own worst enemy. Whenever she lied to him, she thought that she had a good reason but the one thing that he never lied about was being in love with him.

Gwen continues to listen at the door for something that will tell her that she is the one that Ethan really wants.

Theresa tells him that she has slipped into a bad habit of lying to him as she loves him so much. She has dreamed about him and being with him and wanting him to love her. She has lied to him more than a few times and thenÖ when she had lost him, she was desperate to get him back and she lied some more. She loves him. She wants him in her life so badly. However, she is sure that he is going to pick Gwen. She would just like him to forgive her and move on with Gwen if that is what he wants. She canít blame him if he couldnít forgive her. She would do anything for him. He remembers that she was put to death to save his life and she jumped down into an elevator shaft for him. She would do it again. She would sacrifice her life for him. She has said it all now. He doesnít have to believe her and trust another word out of her mouth. It is over.

Gwen is waiting for him to tell her that he will not believe anything that she says.

Ethan thinks that it took a lot of honest for her to do what she did. She didnít have to tell him all that but she did.

Gwen is panicking outside the door as she and her mother continue to listen.

Antonio is telling the group that he is accepting the death sentence that he has gotten because of Sheridan. He came back to Harmony for her. She makes everything else bearable and he would like to thank her from the bottom of his heart for that. She rushes to his arms and they hug.

Pilar watches on as Luis holds his motherís head in his hand.

Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that the clock is ticking for Beth and it wonít be long now. She tells Beth to say goodbye to Luis and hello to the bedpan.

TC can see that Liz really cares for Antonio. He can tell. She admits that they were very close at one time. She hates to see him hurting like this.

Antonio and Sheridan stop hugging and Antonio tells everyone that he loves them very much and it is wonderful having family like he has. He goes to Eve to tell her that she is the best. She is a wonderful physician and a good friend. He thanks her for being open and honest with him. Antonio turns to Liz. She is such a good friend to him. They have had such wonderful times together. She knows that is true. She nursed him after his race car accident and he wouldnít have made it through without her. He has done a lot for her too. She wishes that she had all the good times back. She would stick to him like glue again. Antonio tells her not to say that as he has found his soul mate in Sheridan and he knows that there is a soul mate out there for her too. Antonio goes to his mother next. He apologizes for running out on the family so many years ago. She wonít hear of that now. He tells her that he should have spent more time with his brothers and sisters. She tells him that he was always in her heart. He could feel that. They hug. Antonio wishes that he could turn back the hands of time for her. He messed up everything for her. She would have been married to Luis by now, but Luis had to look after the family and Antonio is sorry for that. He hopes that they can make up the lost time. She tells him not to worry about her. Antonio goes to his brother next. He owes his brother the biggest apology of all. Antonio would like to make things up to him. If he canít do it here on earth, he hopes to do it wherever he ends up. The two brothers hug.

Theresa asks Ethan again what he is saying to her. He is closer to trusting her than he has ever been and that is the truth. She accepts that it is too late for them but he tells her no. It is not too late after all. He makes her look at him. He is talking to her, and not to Gwen.