Passions Update Thursday 11/07/02

Passions Update Thursday
11/07/02--Canada; 11/08/02--U.S.

By Glynis

Pictures by Juanita

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Luis and Sheridan are dancing the tango and staring into each other’s eyes. They are in the Crane mansion and they are alone. They have just made love and now they are dancing to celebrate being back together again. Antonio comes in and Sheridan twirls into his arms by accident. She is shocked to find him there and she knows that Antonio is going to have questions as to what she is doing dancing the tango with Luis. Antonio would like to know what is going on and then he thinks that he knows what is going in. He needs no explanation.

Liz and TC are laughing and having fun when Eve comes in to find them laughing together in the bedroom. She was warned by the masked kids in the park that something was going on at her house and now she is shocked to find Liz with TC huddled in a corner together giggling. TC explains that he has been helping Liz out. Liz likes that TC has been helping her out with his big muscles. Eve is so lucky to have a husband like him. Liz is surprised that Eve has managed to snag a husband as good as TC. How does she do it after the life that she has led? Liz says goodnight to them and leaves the room. She knows that Eve is going to be very angry at finding her with TC. Eve is not okay with what she saw. She demands to know what Liz was doing with her husband in their bedroom. TC tries to explain. It was all very innocent. Liz is listening outside the door and she knows that things have just started for her there. She has a long way to go before she is finished with Eve.

Simone is going to go into her sister’s room and confront her about Chad calmly. Kay is staying over that night and she has been telling her friend that she has to keep a handle on things with Whitney or she will surely steal Chad from her. She has her hand on the door knob when Liz comes over to talk to Simone and Kay. Simone is surprised to find her there. Liz explains that she couldn’t find a hotel room and so Eve and TC have suggested that she stay in the garage. Chad used to stay there, Simone gushes. Simone tells her that Chad is her boyfriend and that they are so in love. Liz is interested in hearing about that. Simone introduces Kay to Liz. Simone explains that they are in front of Whitney’s room and Simone was about to go in and wish her sister luck for a tennis tournament the next day. Simone opens the door and walks into her sister’s room and what she sees shocks her.

Beth is giving her mother a pedicure. She hates doing that as she hates doing other things for her mother. Her mother has calluses over her calluses. The whole thing is really very gross. her mother thinks that Beth is trying to avoid her responsibilities. If she were a good girl, she would welcome them and love taking care of her mother. Beth hates taking care of her mother. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she better get used to taking care of her mother as she will be doing it for the rest of her life. There is no way that Mrs. Wallace is going to let Beth marry Luis or anyone else for that matter and leave her alone to fend for herself. She knows that Luis and Sheridan are together and going to be together for the rest of their lives. Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth’s plan has failed and that she has no hope of getting with Luis. Mrs. Wallace wants her to clip the toe nails and get the dirt out from under them. Beth dutifully does as she is told.

Antonio is sure that he knows what is going on with Sheridan and Luis after having seen them dancing together. He should have seen it before. He thinks that Luis has been trying to keep Sheridan distracted as he is very ill. He thinks that Luis is already taking care of Sheridan for him. Antonio remembers that he could die at any moment and that he is getting worse with his condition but he says that he is fine to make everyone feel comfortable. He says that everything is going to be okay and that they shouldn’t worry. Luis thinks that he should leave now. He feels that he should leave Sheridan with Antonio so that he can have a few moments of happiness before he learns the truth that he and Sheridan are not really an item. Antonio thanks him for taking care of Sheridan. Luis is fine with that. Luis leaves and forgets his jacket. Sheridan grabs the jacket and runs out to Luis to give it to him. Luis says that he is going to get Eve and his mother and meet them at the cottage later. They have to tell Antonio the truth now. He knows that she is worried about Antonio, but they have to tell him the truth. It is going to be a shock but he needs to hear the truth. He has lived through other shocks and he is sure that Antonio is going to be able to live through losing Sheridan to his brother. Luis tells her that everyone that can help will be there at the cottage when Antonio learns the truth. That is better than Antonio walking in on them making love and finding out the hard way. He will meet her in an hour and then everything will be okay. He leaves and Antonio comes out after Sheridan with her coat which he puts around her shoulders to keep her warm. He is ready for some quiet time with the woman that he loves.

Eve is disgusted to find booze in the bedroom. What was Liz thinking coming on to her husband right in front of her face and in her own bedroom. She wasn’t even dressed properly. TC explains that Liz bought the Jamaican Rum as a present for them. She was scantily dressed but that wasn’t a plan or anything he assures her. TC finds her very exciting and she owns her own resort in Bermuda. She is some woman he thinks. She told him some amazing stories. That peaks Eve’s interest. Just what did Liz tell him about her, she wonders? TC thought that Liz was trying to tell her something but she never got around to it. There is more to Liz than meets the eyes. He is sure of that. He can’t believe that she has never been married. She is so fascinating. He is glad that Eve is an open book though. Liz is exciting but he likes the way that his wife is. She has nothing to hide and her life is wide open. He is going to take a shower and he is going to come back and spend some time with his perfect wife. He kisses her and leaves the room. Eve knows now that Liz has to be stopped. She is not going to let the woman destroy her life or her family. She has already gone too far.

Simone has come into her sister’s room and she sees her sister lying in bed alone with candles lit all over the room. Music is blaring and yet Whitney lies there unaffected like a corpse. Whitney gets up and blows out the candles. Liz and Kay come into the room and look around too. Things do seem a little strange there. Liz can see that Chad is under the bed. She is the only one that notices him there. He motions to her to keep quiet and she does. Liz asks Simone and Kay to help her out with something in her room. They head off in that direction and Liz closes the door behind them for a moment. Whitney thanks her for what she has done. She seems to have been a true friend by keeping Whitney’s secret. Chad comes out from under the bed. Liz will not say a word of what has been happening there she promises. Liz tells them that it will be their little secret.

Antonio and Sheridan are back at the cottage and he is in the mood for love. He kisses her. He is feeling better already. She tells him that it has been a long day and she only wants to have a shower and relax. She is afraid that he will want to make love to her and she can’t let that happen. That would be the ultimate betrayal to her true love. She asks him to make her some tea. He heads to the kitchen. She heads into the bathroom and once alone, she removes her shoes and starts the shower. She then takes off her top and her skirt. She is naked now and she steps into the shower to relax. She thinks about her time with Luis making love and that makes her smile. Antonio steps into the shower with her. She is shocked to find him there with her. That wasn’t the plan. He too is naked. He kisses her head and then her shoulders. Sheridan is fearing what may happen next. It is only natural for him to want to make love to her but she can’t let that happen as she doesn’t really love him and that would be wrong.

Kay is telling Simone that she doesn’t buy that Whitney was sleeping in the room when they came in there. There was something funny about the room and the way that Whitney was laying there all alone. It didn’t seem right. They are outside and Chad happens to be walking by. Simone offers to get them some sodas or something to eat. He agrees to that. Kay walks off with Simone telling her that she doesn’t buy that Chad has just shown up. Something is weird here.

Eve comes to Liz and tells her that she needs to stay away from her family. Liz tells that she that she has been getting along with the girls and they trust her. Eve warns her to stay away from the girls and TC. Liz knows that she hated finding her in the bedroom with TC. She assures Eve that she was only chatting with TC. They were not talking about Eve, they had other things to talk about. Liz thinks that eventually, she will get around to discussing Eve with TC. she opens her suitcase showing Eve the evidence that she has on her. It is full of record albums with Eve’s picture on them and other things that are sure to incriminate Eve.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace are arguing and Luis shows up. Beth explains that she was giving her mother a pedicure and they had a little accident. She brings him in. Luis greets Mrs. Wallace. He has come for a reason and tells her what it is. He tells her that he and Sheridan have figured out a way to tell Antonio the truth. He will be getting some people together to tell Antonio that he isn’t engaged anymore. Sheridan and he are back together. They are determined not to let anything happen to them again. Mrs. Wallace is happy to hear the news. She knows that Sheridan and Luis are the perfect couple.

Sheridan is very uncomfortable being in the shower with Antonio. He doesn’t’ want to make her uncomfortable and so he doesn’t force her to make love to him as he wishes. How is he going to break the news to her he wonders? He has to tell her that he is going to die.

Sheridan leaves the shower and looks at the clock. she knows that Luis is going to be there soon so that they can tell Antonio that they can’t be together. Antonio comes out of the shower in a towel. He can see that she is distracted and upset. He has something to tell her. He would like to talk to her.

Kay is sure that Whitney wasn’t alone in the room when they walked in. Simone thinks that everything was as innocent as it seemed. Kay thinks that Chad showing up right after was a coincidence. Simone doesn’t believe that…should she?

Whitney comes out to see Chad. They had a close call back there. He hates sneaking around and hiding under her bed. she promises him that things are going to be better soon.

Eve looks at the proof that Liz has in her suitcase of Eve and her past. Liz has matchbooks from nightclubs, record albums, and Eve’s birth certificate… Liz has been saving these things all of these years. Liz knew that she would be able to use those things, but she didn’t know when. For over 20 years, she has been carrying these things with her everywhere that she goes in hopes that she would meet Eve again and she is going to take full advantage of it.

Antonio sits Sheridan down for a talk. He knows that she has been worried about him and his health. He has been dealt some really bad hands in life. She is the most important thing in his life. Some people go through their lives without a love like he has, but he has something to say. She has done so much for him and he is so appreciative, but they only have a small amount of time together. He is going to make every second with her worth while. She wants him to stop and soon she is crying. He is going to get them some wine and get them both relaxed so that they can enjoy each other. He kisses her face and heads out of the room. she goes to her phone and calls Luis who is sitting with Beth and her mother. Sheridan tells Luis that she can’t go through with this. She can’t tell Antonio the truth. She can’t tell him that night.

Eve packs up all the evidence that Liz has shown her to ruin her life. Liz doesn’t care, she is going to expose Eve for the slut that she is. Eve warns her again to stay away from her daughters and her husband. Liz asks her what she is going to do. Liz tells her that she can go to her family and tell them the truth herself. Liz tells her that she is going to take everything from Eve that was taken from her all those years ago and that is a promise.

Sheridan can’t tell Antonio the truth that night. Luis is upset about this. He tells her that Beth was even coming as well. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio was telling her that he was in love with her again and that he depended on her. How can she take that away from him at this time? Luis thinks that he is going to suffer more if he learns the truth some other way. Sheridan hangs up as Antonio is coming back to the room.

Luis tells Beth that Sheridan doesn’t want to tell Antonio the truth now. Beth thinks that Luis should listen to Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that he has to tell Antonio the truth right away. She tells Luis that he has to go over to the cottage and tells Antonio the truth that very night. “Tonight!”

Chad is crazy pretending that he is not really with Whitney. She tells him that soon enough they will be able to be together. He can’t wait. She is sorry that he has to go through all this, but she will make it up to him. She wants to show her father that she can be a great tennis player and have a love of her own and in the meantime, he can show Simone that he is not the right one for her. They kiss, and Kay and Simone see it. Kay was right all along. Chad and Whitney have no idea that they are being watched.

Liz grabs the damning evidence from Eve as TC comes in the door. He sees the items in Liz’s hands and wants to know what that is all about.

Mrs. Wallace is telling Luis that he has to go and tell Antonio truth. She tells him to follow his instinct. Beth is not happy with her mother at all. Mrs. Wallace says that she is just supporting Luis so that he can be with the woman that he loves. Beth says that she can understand that. Luis thinks that he should make this decision for Sheridan. Beth is worried that something could happen to Antonio. Luis knows that Sheridan is afraid of that but Antonio has been through some setbacks and he has survived. Mrs. Wallace knows that is the only way to handle this. Luis is going to do this himself. He loves Sheridan and he is going to relieve her of the burden of having to tell Antonio the news herself. Luis hasn’t been surer of this in his life. He tells Beth to meet him over at the cottage in an hour to help tell the news. Luis leaves and Mrs. Wallace taunts her daughter saying boo hoo… “You lose again.” Beth is so angry that she tells her mother that she is going to kill her that night and she is going to die.

Luis takes off to go to the cottage and he is as happy as a pig in mud.

Antonio tells Sheridan that his time is going to be cut short but she is going to make his last days happy as she is going to be by his side. They clink glasses. He can’t stand losing her.