Passions Update Wednesday 11/06/02

Passions Update Wednesday 11/06/02--Canada; 11/07/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Chad secretly knocks on Whitney’s bedroom window and she lets him in giggling like a school girl. She first brings in his knapsack and then he climbs in her window. They hug and greet each other as lovers do. She is glad to see him there. She has missed him so much. She tells him that Little Ethan almost died that night but now he is okay. She starts to ramble on and on, but he stops her with a kiss. He tells her to forget about everyone else as he only wants to think about her. She likes that idea and starts kissing her madly.

Charity is back in her bed with Miguel hovering around her. She went to the showers to get Miguel as she had a terrible premonition that Miguel had an affair with Kay. Kay was in the showers but she hid and listened to Miguel profess his love for Charity and that almost killed her. She tried to seduce Miguel that night in the shower and she was almost successful, but Miguel told her over and over again that he only loves Charity. She only wants his love and nothing else she says to him. He sees that something may be wrong with her. She is still shaken up over the kids telling her that Miguel slept with Kay. The ‘kids’ are outside the hospital door. The giggle and chuckle quietly as they listen to Miguel talk to Charity. They know that bubble is going to burst soon and that Charity and Miguel are going to be history. Charity tells Miguel that his love is the one thing that she can count on. That… and his trust in her. The guilt is too much for him.

Grace tells Kay that she can’t let her go after Miguel anymore. She has caught her daughter in the showers naked thinking that Miguel was coming in and she is angry that her daughter is still doing things to get between Charity and Miguel. She even called her a tramp which upset Kay terribly. She feels that her mother has always hated her and never loved her or cared for her like she does for Charity. Kay is going to do what she wants in spite of her mother’s feelings. She will not listen. She will not ever give up on Miguel. She leaves her mother in the shower room at the hospital and walks out, fully dressed to get away from the woman. Sam sees Grace in the shower room and comes in to be with her. She tells him that she and Kay had another argument. This last argument has left her frazzled like never before. Kay will not see that it is wrong to go after Miguel.

Kay goes to Simone and tells her that her mother called her a tramp. Simone knows that Kay must have done something to make her mother angry. Kay is not happy that he buddy thinks wrong of herb before anything else, but she lets the moment slide. Simone knows her friend and this has to do with Kay trying to get a hold of Miguel in her life again. Kay was trying to seduce Miguel in the shower. She had to do it as she loves Miguel and she had to do something to get him to see that he loves her. It didn’t’ work. The ‘kids’ are nearby and listening. Connie and Cecil laugh over Charity almost dying after being told that Miguel made love to Kay. They are in a total groove and want more fun and excitement. Connie says that they have to find Eve and have a chat with her too. It is her turn to join in the festivities. Liz and TC are about to spark something that is about to change lives. Connie tells Cecil all about Liz’s story and he loves it. That is evil with a capital ‘E’ he thinks.

Liz comes into the house and finds TC doing push-ups. He is playing music in there and he doesn’t see that she is around. She is dressed in a negligee. She thinks to herself that Eve has managed to get herself a wonderful home and Liz finds her to be very lucky indeed. Liz was going to have a life like this once, but that was taken away from her. How did she manage to get a man like TC? If he knew her past, he would leave Eve in a New York minute.

Antonio is going to tell Sheridan what he knows about his condition. He knows that she is going to be sad by the news, but at least they can spend some quality time together. Eve assures him that the test results are true and that he is going to have a worse time with his condition. It isn’t going to get better. At least Antonio knows the truth now and he can spend all of his time with Sheridan, until he dies. He will get a cab and go over there to the cottage to have a talk with her. He walks from Eve and suddenly falls forward. He sees a blinding light and then he can’t see anything. Beth and Eve run to him and help him into a seat. He can only think of Sheridan but Eve assures him that there is plenty of time to think about Sheridan. He knows that she will be strong for him in his time of need. He knows that she will give him the best time of his life. Eve and Beth share a knowing look over his head.

Luis and Sheridan have just made love on the couch in the Crane mansion and they stare into each other’s eyes. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry about telling Antonio the truth. Everyone will be around to give him medical attention if he needs it. they will be careful with him and make sure that nothing happens to him, but he has to be told. If they continue living apart, they will go crazy without each other. She knows that he is right. They can’t be apart any longer.

Mrs. Wallace shows up at the Book Café and she knows that Beth is upset that Antonio is getting sick cause that means that Luis might have a chance with Luis after all, if his brother dies suddenly. In that case, there will be no one to stop Luis from being with Sheridan and Beth will have lost yet again. She knows that her daughter will never get to be with Luis ever and she thanks the angels for that.

Sam is pretty shocked that Kay was trying to go after Miguel again. Grace explains that she found Kay naked in the showers thinking that Miguel was coming back for her. Sam thinks that Miguel led Kay on for her to be acting like this. Grace doesn’t believe it. she thinks that her daughter is out of control for this boy and that is going to ruin her. Grace finds Kay to be sinking so low these days. She really is pathetic. Sam knows that Grace is a wonderful mother and no one is more caring than she is. He knows that they can work this out. He will show her that something can be done.

Simone thinks that Miguel might get a guilty conscience and tell Charity the truth and everyone will hate Kay for trying to seduce Miguel. Miguel was furious that she tried to come on to him again. Sam comes up to Kay and he would like to speak to her. Kay has nothing to say to her mother. Nothing at all.

Charity is telling Miguel that she feels safe when he is with her. That is because of the trust that they share. Miguel turns to the window and he sees that Kay and her family are talking outside. Miguel tells her that there is something that he has to talk to her about. She keeps telling him that it is important to be open and honest and now the time has come for that. He is going to be open and honest about everything.

Chad puts on one of his tapes that he mixed specially for Whitney. He then reaches out the window to grab a bouquet of flowers that he got especially for her. He looks in his knapsack and gets some candles out and places them around the room. He is going to light the candles and he gives her some take out that he got for them to share. The candles are lit one by one. They can’t go public with their love and so he decided to show her how he feels anyway. She loves his surprise. they kiss.

Mrs. Wallace thinks that it is time that she calls Luis and Sheridan and tells them of her daughter’s manipulations. Beth tells her that if she does that, the next call that she makes will be from a rat infested basement. She will find the nursing home from hell and she will send her mother there if she doesn’t behave. Eve comes up and greets Beth and her mother. Eve thinks that Beth takes good care of her mother and praises her on that. Mrs. Wallace tells Eve that Beth promised her stepfather that she wouldn’t ever put her mother in a nursing home. Eve tells them that it was nice to see them but she has to be running off. She leaves and Mrs. Wallace turns to her daughter telling her that she remembers hearing Eve ask about the trips that she has been taking to the hospital. The truth is that Beth is the one that keeps sending her mother to the hospital. Now wouldn’t Luis love to hear that?

Connie and Cecil see Eve walking home and they follow her home. She is going to freak when she sees what is going on in her own home with her husband.

Liz comes into TC’s room and thought that Eve would be there too but she isn’t. Liz is dressed in a negligee. TC tells her that he makes a mean cup of milk if she would like something to drink. Liz says that she has everything that she needs in the room. TC doesn’t understand what she is saying.

Miguel goes to get everyone to bring into the room so that he can have a talk. Everyone comes into Charity’s room and Miguel closes the door behind them. He tells them all that there is something that they all have to talk about. It concerns him and Kay. Simone knows that Miguel is finally going to tell the truth. Miguel tells everyone that they are engaged and they want to get married right away. Sam thinks that they are too young, but the couple feel that they know their hearts and they know what they want. There is no one else in their lives and there never will be. They will save money in college and live in the dorm. They love each other very much. Kay looks like she is about to die. her mother knows that she is feeling bad but she congratulates Charity and Miguel as does Sam. Charity has another announcement. She wants Kay to be her Maid of Honour. She would like to show the weird kids that there is nothing to worry. Charity wonders if there was another reason why Miguel wanted her in there. Miguel says that there is nothing else that he has to say.

TC wonders what Liz means by saying that she has everything that she needs in the room. That comment is ignored and TC asks her more about the hotel that she runs on the island. The hotel is her and she owns it. TC thinks that she must have a lot of character to do a thing like that. She hopes that this will be the start of a relationship that will have the start of something for the both of them.

Eve is walking home and she comes across two masked kids. She asks if they were the two kids that told Charity that Miguel and Kay slept together. The ask her, ‘Trick or Truth?” They tell her that they know her past and that she is nothing but a slut. They are going to destroy her and take away everything that she loves.

Luis and Sheridan are by the fire at the Crane mansion in blankets. Luis promises her that they will never be apart again. They have to tell Antonio and the truth will be such a shock. They have to be careful. Luis promises that they will be sensitive to him. He is sure that once Antonio knows how strong their love is, he will understand. Luis knows that Antonio will be happy for them. Luis thinks that Antonio is much stronger than everyone things.

Antonio comes home to the cottage calling out for Sheridan. She isn’t there. Where could she be? He figures that she is at the mansion and he walks to the door to go there but he is hit again with a blinding pain in his head and he falls to the floor, clutching his head. He manages to get himself off the floor and get his pills. He chases them with a mouthful of wine and heads to the door again. He goes out to head to the mansion to get to his beloved.

Luis and Sheridan are dressed now and sitting on the couch again. She can’t stop worrying about Antonio, but she can’t as she is a caring woman. That is why Luis loves her. He tells her that he is going to show her how much he loves her. He starts kissing her.

Chad and Whitney are on her bed having takeout. This has to be the most romantic moment that any woman has ever shared with a man. She keeps looking at her bureau and he turns to see the pictures of Simone on the bureau. Whitney wishes that she could tell her sister the truth about she and Chad. Chad will not let her talk about Simone that night.

Charity would like to go to the bridal shop and get some magazines, but Sam, Simone, Kay and Grace decide to get them for her and they leave. Charity is looking forward to a Christmas wedding. That would be wonderful.

Outside the hospital room, Grace would like to talk but Kay doesn’t want to talk about that. Her mother called her a tramp as Grace has been pushing Sam away to be with David. Kay thinks that her mother hides behind the teachings of the church. Kay says that her mother is a tramp and a liar. At least Kay doesn’t hide the way that she is. Sam tells Kay that she is to never talk to her mother that way again. Sam tells her that Grace wants to marry him and forget about David. Kay says that she has seen her mother and knows what she is really like. Grace feels that her daughter doesn’t understand. Kay says that she is staying with Simone that night. She is 18 now and can do what she wants. If she can’t stay with Kay then she will just find the first guy on the street and shack up with him. She walks off and Grace has to wonder where she went wrong.

The masked kids tell Eve that it is pay back time. Eve wants to know what is going on with these kids. They tell her that Liz is in the house with her husband and they are getting it on. They tell Eve that she is going to lose everything.

TC and Liz are in the bedroom talking about Liz’s life and how she knows how to fly planes. she has bought him something, rather he and Eve. She shows him the Jamaican Rum. It is a present for their hospitality to her. she convinces him to have a taste with her. She pours the drinks. He finds her to be an exciting person. She tells him that he has no idea how exciting she can be.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing on the couch. He has taken full of advantage of this time that they have had together. he goes to the CD player and he puts on a tango and they start dancing the tango. She twirls and dips in his arms. The dance really is the dance of lovers. Antonio comes up to the Crane mansion and hears the tango music and he has to wonder why Sheridan would be listening to tango music. Inside, Luis and Sheridan continue dancing, not knowing that Antonio is just outside the door.

Grace is really worried about Kay driving a wedge between Charity and Miguel. Sam thinks that Kay can’t do anything to drive a wedge between the two. Sam will try to talk sense to Kay. Connie and Cecil are watching Grace and Sam and they know that Sam can’t do anything about his lustful daughter.

Kay and Simone are outside Whitney’s door and Kay tells Simone that she should go into Whitney’s room and talk to her and see where her head is at. Simone decides to go in the room and face Whitney. she is not going to let her take Chad away. she won’t!

Eve is home now and she hears voices in her bedroom. She remembers the kids in the park and she has to wonder if what the kids said was true.

Luis and Sheridan are dancing to the tango and Antonio is outside the door listening to the music. Sheridan twirls and twirls and she ends up in Antonio’s arms. Sheridan is surprised and Antonio asks her what is going on. Sheridan looks terrified from Antonio to Luis and then back again.