Passions Update Tuesday 11/05/02

Passions Update Tuesday
11/5/02--Canada; 11/6/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Antonio is having his examination. He wants to see if there is more that can be done for him. He is afraid of leaving Sheridan alone. Eve has offered to do the tests. Eve tells Antonio that his condition is serious, more serious than they thought. He has the dizziness and headaches and he sees a bright white light when he gets ill with his condition. He wants to live but what are his chances? Eve turns to him and tells him that she is going to do a test that night that will tell him more about his condition. He would like to give Sheridan some hope instead of having her think that he is going to die. Eve canít predict the test yet but there is always a chance that something is going to happen in his favour. Antonio wants to live and canít die right now. He canít do that to Sheridan and leave her all alone. Who will look after her? He has asked Luis to take care of her and he has agreed to do that, but Antonio would like to be the one that does it.

Sheridan and Luis are still talking in the mansion. She is upset at the way that things are going with their relationships. She would really like to be with Luis but she canít risk Antonioís life by telling him that she really loves Luis. That might kill him and she canít live with the guilt of that. Luis thinks that she is upset because the man that she loves is going to die, but that is not true. Luis hates that his brother is going to die. He could lose two people that he cares for if things go wrong. He doesnít want to lose either of these important people. Sheridan is upset but for other reasons. She is more upset that she is losing Luis, and not Antonio. Luis is glad to hear that. He really thought that she loved Antonio more as he heard her telling him so though the window at her cottage and he really believed that things were over and that was why he went to Beth.

Eve has done some tests and is waiting for results of Antonioís condition. She tells him to go to the cottage and wait for news, but he doesnít want to do that. She doesnít want him to get his hopes up as his condition is very serious. He has too much to live for. She likes his positive attitude. That always helps with patients like him. A positive outlook can sometimes make all the difference. He decides to go to the book cafť and meet Eve later to hear the results of the tests. She will go and see if there is someone that can help her with this case. There are some specialists that might be able to help somehow. She is going to show Antonioís records to them and see if she can get some help with this. Antonio feels that he has to live for himself and for Sheridan.

Sheridan knows that it isnít fair that she let her emotions out on Luis, now that he is in love with Beth. Luis doesnít know what she means about him being in love with Beth! He denies that he is. Who is Sheridan talking about? She tells him that she saw him. She tells him that she went to find him earlier to talk to him and that was when she saw Luis in the window of Bethís house. They were alone on the couch and they were making love. That was her cue that things were over for them. She saw him making love and she realized that it was over and that he had moved on.

Gwen comes in and finds Theresa and Ethan talking. She left Ethan to get them some drinks and when she returned, Theresa saw over her shoulder that Gwen wasnít wearing the engagement ring that Ethan had bought. She knew that there was still hope. She hears Theresa trying to say something but then she stops. Ethan thinks that Theresa should go to bed as she must be very tired, but Theresa is going to stay awake and make sure that Little Ethan is okay. She really is a good mother. Ethan turns and leaves the room. He doesnít see that Gwen is there and has heard Theresa talking to Ethan. Theresa can see that Gwen hasnít gotten her ring yet and she taunts Gwen with that. Gwen tells her that she hasnít been proposed to yet, but she will be. She believes that it is only a matter of time before Ethan comes to her and asks her to be his wife. Theresa thinks that the reason that Ethan hasnít proposed to her yet is because he still loves her. That is something that Gwen doesnít want to hear.

Miguel and Kay are in the shower together at the hospital. She knew that he was going to take a shower and she has taken advantage of that and has removed her clothes to jump in the shower with him. He wanted her once, she thinks and she believes that she can make him want her again. She has been kissing him and he is trying to tell her that this is wrong and that they have to stop. He tells her that they have to stop but he has trouble himself stopping the kissing. She really has him hot and horny for her. Kay tells him that she knows that he wants her and she knows that this is right. She knows that he wants her. They are naked and alone talking in the shower. It is a dangerous situation and he knows that he has to get out of there.

Charity is telling Grace that she had a premonition and someone took Miguel away from her in it. It was Kay in the dream but Charity knows that Kay wouldnít do that. They are like sisters. Charity tells Grace that some weird kids came in and told her that Kay and Miguel made love. The kids were dressed for Halloween and they said, ďTrick or Truth!Ē They told her that the truth was more hurtful than a trick and that was why they used that term. That is very strange and they have no idea who the kids were. It could have been Charityís imagination but Grace thinks that Charity shouldnít worry about this. Charity knows that Miguel loves her but it seemed so real to Charity. Grace tells her that not all of the premonitions come true. Charity would like to know where the premonitions are coming from tough. What is making her have them? She shouldnít worry as Miguel loves her, she knows that, but stillÖ. Grace wants her to get some rest now. She has had a rough night and is tired. Grace leaves the room and wants to find Kay to see what she is up to now. She starts searching the hospital to find her.

Kay is still in the shower hugging Miguel. She has a chance to be with him and she is not going to let him go. He is telling her that he canít do this to Charity. She can tell that he wants her. His body canít lie. She thinks that his body is screaming out for this. He admits that he is aroused. He is a normal guy and his body is ready for her but he canít do this to Charity again. He thinks that she is beautiful but he is not going to make love to her. She is angry now as he has already made love to her. Why wonít he do it again and make her really happy? The night that they made love was the most meaningful night to her. He isnít going to let this happen to Charity again. He loves Charity and that is what he is going to remember from now on when he gets tempted by Kay. He walks away from her in the shower.

Antonio tells Beth at the book cafť that the baby is fine and that Luis is at the mansion with Sheridan. Beth didnít know that Luis was with Sheridan. She doesnít want that at all. That is not good for her plans. Antonio was having some tests run on him earlier. He is glad that he knows the truth about his condition now. Eve is calling a specialist to look at him closer. Beth hopes that he will be okay. Antonio canít die right now. He is in love and he canít lose Sheridan. Beth knows how he feels. She thinks that he should be with Sheridan but he wants to wait for some news before he goes to Sheridan. Beth knows that they both have a lot to worry about.

Sheridan understands why Luis has moved on. She shouldnít tell him this but she loves him and she just wants him to be happy. If he is happy with Beth, she wants him to move on. Luis says that he didnítí move on with Beth. He will always loves Sheridan forever. He doesnít want to be with Beth.

Eve comes to see Antonio telling him that there is not good news. His condition is getting worse.

Sheridan doesnít understand what Luis is telling her. He tells her that he went to Bethís to fix her sink and he had a couple of beers and he hadnít eaten. He fell asleep on her sofa and he was dreaming that he was making love to Sheridan. It was so real and that was why he was making love to Beth. Sheridan thought that Beth understood what he felt. Luis tells her that Beth thought that he was over Sheridan and that he wanted to be with her but that was not true. Sheridan couldnít ever stop loving him and she thought that she lost him. They hug. They both thought that they had lost each other. They kiss and makeup.

Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan would have proposed to her a long time ago if Theresa hadnít interrupted that. Gwen thinks that Theresa used her baby dying to stop her proposal. Theresa reminds her that her baby was dying but she made a promise to god that she would leave Ethan alone if her babyís life was spared. Ethan was free to ask Gwen to marry and he didnít do it. Theresa knows that she had nothing to do with that. Gwen feels that Theresa always has something to do with things. Ethan tells her over and over again that he canít be with her. Theresa thinks that God has intervened again. Things are looking up for she and Ethan. She feels that she has another chance with Ethan.

Ethan is helping Phyllis with the tea. He offers to stay with the baby and let the maid go to bed. Phyllis says that Theresa is an amazing mother for her child. Phyllis leaves and Ethan goes to the baby to talk to him. He knows that Phyllis is right that Theresa is an amazing mother. Phyllis is listening outside the door. Ethan says that he loves Theresa, but has she changed? Ethan has no idea. He loves Gwen and has loved her even before he met Theresa. He doesnít know what to do. He only wants to do the right thing but he doesnít know what the right thing is.

Charity thinks that her aunt is right that premonitions donít always come true. She remembers her dream of Miguel and Kay in the shower. She has to find Miguel and find out what is going on. She gets up from her bed and walks from the room.

Miguel is out of the shower and in a towel. Kay is still in the shower talking to Miguel. Miguel canít tell Charity he truth. If Charity saw then like this, it could ,kill her. Kay touches his shoulder. She begs him that one last time, they make love. Charity doesnít even have to know. Miguel steps back into the shower with Kay and starts kissing her. That is when Charity shows up looking for Miguel. ďMiguel are you in there?Ē Miguel and Kay hear her coming and Miguel panics. He canít have Charity finding him in there with Kay. Charity comes in and Kay ducks down so that Charity doesnít see her. Charity is there because she had a premonition of Miguel making love to Kay. The dream was real and that was when she came to find him. Miguel assures her that nothing is ever going to happen between he and Kay. Kay hears him talking to Charity and she cries.

Gwen thinks that Ethan only ran to Theresaís side as he thought that the baby was dying. She thinks that Theresa is delusional. Theresa tells her that she has lost Ethan and that he is not going to propose to her. Theresa knows that she has a chance now and she is going to do everything to use it.

Eve is sure that the tests are true and that Antonio is very ill. He has to take medication to help with the pain. There are stages that Antonio is going to go through before he dies. His headaches are going to continue and then he is going to go blind. The specialist told her that there is nothing that can be done. There really is nothing that can be done. He is going to die. His condition is fatal.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing and hugging in the Crane mansion and they canít get enough of each other. She tells him to lock the doors so that they can make love. He does that and he gets the lights to make them dim and low. They walk to each other and fall on the couch to make love.

Theresa comes into the room and finds Ethan putting the baby to bed. She knows that he has the magic touch with the baby. Ethan puts the child down in his bed. Ethan brought her some coffee and she thanks him for that. He tells her goodnight and he heads to the door. She closes the door behind him and is positive now that she still has a chance to get Ethan back.

Charity waits for Miguel to get dressed and when he is ready he tries to get her back to her room. Kay is left alone naked in the shower. She cries over what she has heard Miguel say to Charity.

Miguel and Charity leave the shower area and Grace sees them walking out. She goes into the shower after Charity and Miguel leave and she finds Kay in there thinking that Miguel has returned. Kay jumps up naked shouting out, ďMiguel! I knew that you would come back!Ē Grace sees Kay in there and knows that she was up to no good. ďYOU TRAMP!Ē

Miguel puts Charity back in bed so that she can get well. He would like to plan their wedding when she gets out. She feels better now. She doesnít know why the kids came in there and told her that crazy lie, but she is alright now. She knows that he wouldnít lie to her. She trusts him and he wouldnít lie to her about Kay. She knows that he would never lie to her.

Grace apologizes to Kay for calling her a tramp. Grace knows that she was in there with Miguel but Charity didnít see her. She should have some self-respect for herself and stop throwing herself at Miguel. Kay tells her that Miguel has told her that he doesnít love her so she is fine now and thinks that her mother should help her with this and be sympathetic. Grace loves her but what she is doing is wrong and she canít condone it. Grace knows that Miguel loves Charity and she loves him. Grace thinks that Kay has brought this on herself and she has to let this go. Kay is in pain. Kay thinks that Grace only cares about Charity. That is not true. Grace tells her that she has to give up obsessing over Miguel. Kay is not going to give up on Miguel.

Phyllis tells Theresa that she heard Ethan telling the baby that she is a good mother and that he still loves her. Theresa loves to hear that. She hugs the maid who says good night and wishes her luck. Theresa turns to her baby and tells him that God has answered her prayers. She sacrificed Ethan and now God has given her both her baby and Ethan. Everything is going to be perfect now.

Gwen can tell that Ethan is not coming back to her. She has been waiting. She isnít going to let Theresa get the best of her. She is going to go upstairs to Ethanís bedroom and be with him. She looks out a window and sees Ethan with the ring in his hand. He has a lot to thing about. Which one? Which one should I spend the rest of my life with?

Gwen sees Ethan thinking and she has to wonder if Theresa is right about Ethan. Has Gwen really lost him?

Eve wraps up her talk with him. He could have months or years to live. Beth is listening to Eve too. Eve tells him to take care of himself. If he gets upset, he could die immediately. He knows that he has to tell Sheridan the bad news of his condition now.

Luis and Sheridan have just made love on the Crane couch. She asks him to promise her that nothing will come between them again. He promises. He is glad that he was wrong about she and Antonio. Luis couldnít handle seeing her with his brother. He will never have to find out what that feels like. Sheridan knows that they have to tell him about their relationship. She is worried about Antonio but she almost lost Luis because she was afraid to tell the truth but she will not let that happen again. She hopes that he will be alright. They think that he may be at the cottage and they should go and talk to him. Luis will let her go, but not yet. They kiss some more.

Eve offers to go with Antonio to tell Sheridan the news. Antonio wants to do this himself. She reminds him again that he has to be careful with his condition. He assures her that nothing is going to upset him. He promises her that.

Back at the Crane mansion, Luis and Sheridan steal a few more moments together. They love being together. Soon they will be able to be together forever.