Passions Update Monday 11/04/02

Passions Update Monday
11/4/02--Canada; 11/5/02--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio has a heart to heart with his mother and he tells her that he is going to be fine because he has had Sheridan in his life. He found out that Sheridan knows the details of his illness and he thinks that has been the reason that she has been acting so funny around him. Eve comes into the room to talk to Antonio. He had asked to meet with her before, but wasn’t able to speak to her until now as the baby was very ill. Antonio knows about his medical condition now and he knows that Sheridan knows about it and he has questions for her. Eve wants him to stay calm and not get worked up over anything. That could make a big difference in how long he continues to live. He wants to know how long his has but she can’t give him a date. He could go at anytime. That isn’t fair but that is the best that she can do. She tells him that she will run some new tests and they can look that over together and they can assess the situation together to see if there is something else that can be done for him. He agrees to that. Eve leaves him to talk further with his mother. Pilar is worried but he assures her that he is the luckiest guy in the world because he has Sheridan by his side.

Sheridan and Luis have bumped into each other in the Crane mansion. He is there because of the baby being sick, but the baby is better now. Luis is about to go and see the baby when Phyllis comes in to tell him that Theresa just put the baby down and he needs his rest. Luis knows that this isn't’ the time to see the baby or Theresa, so He stays in the living room and Phyllis offers to get them some coffee while he visits with Sheridan. Luis tells Sheridan that he is glad that things are working out for she and his brother. That is not what she wants to hear, but she lets him speak anyway. He cares that she is getting a life together with Antonio. He wants her to be happy even if that means that he can’t have her. He has no choice but to look at her as a sister-in-law now. It is going to be hard, but that is what he is going to have to do.

Kay is talking to Tabitha and Tabitha is trying to make her see that she should tell Charity the truth about sleeping with Miguel right away. Tabitha thinks that the truth should come out. Kay likes Tabitha’s way of thinking. Tabitha even offers to drive her over to the hospital to tell Charity the truth. Kay likes that idea too. She is sure that once she tells Charity the truth, Charity and Miguel will be a thing of the past. Tabitha knows that all hell is going to break loose soon. That is what she wants. She wonders about Connie and Cecil and what they are doing.

Father Lonigan is telling Miguel that he should tell Charity the truth. Father Lonigan is ready to give him absolution but first Miguel has to tell Charity the truth and clear his conscience. Miguel knows that the man is right. He should trust God and the love that he shares with her. Someone else telling her the truth first could damage the relationship beyond repair.

Charity is in her room talking to Connie and Cecil in Halloween masks. Instead of saying ‘Trick or Treat’! They say ‘Trick or Truth’. That puzzles her. What do they mean by saying ‘Trick or Truth’? They give her a vision to show her how the truth could hurt her. She sees Kay and Miguel in bed together in the vision making love. She screams in horror. Connie and Cecil have given her a glimpse of reality. Charity knows that she is seeing a vision but she can’t help thinking that what she is seeing is the truth. They tell her bluntly that Miguel and Kay did the nasty together. Charity shouts out in horror…”NO!” Connie and Cecil cackle with glee at Charity’s distress. They know that Charity’s screams may bring people into the room and so they hide quickly. Father Lonigan, Eve and Miguel come in to take care of Charity. The two imps take off and are not seen by the others when they enter. Eve sees that Charity’s heart is beating much faster than it should be. The heart monitor is beating off its stand. Charity asks Miguel if it is true that he made love to Kay. He doesn’t have a chance to answer. Kay comes to the room with Tabitha and Father Lonigan tells her that she shouldn’t come in now. He knows that Kay is the cause of some if not all of Charity’s troubles and he is going to protect her as she is very upset right now. Father Lonigan knows that she is with someone but Kay denies that anyone is there. He senses evil very close by. Tabitha knows that Father Lonigan can tell when she is around even though he is blind and so she darts off down the hall to get away from him and his probing eyes which work so much better than seeing eyes.

Grace and Sam return home. What a night. Everyone is finally safe and sound. She was sure that Sam was getting into bed with Ivy earlier but Sam explained that what she saw was only him helping her get into bed from her wheelchair. He was dressed in a robe and that was because he had something spilled on his clothes and had to take them off. Sam explained everything afterwards and now Grace is fine with his explanation and what she saw. Grace feels safe and sound with him now. She is sorry about what happened with David earlier. He will hear nothing about that anymore. Sam tells her that they never have to doubt each other again. As long as they are completely truthful about their feelings, there is nothing to worry about. They love each other and he would like to make love to her. She says no, but he assures her that he is her wife even if it is not in the eyes of the church. She kisses him and allows him to pick her up to carry her off but the phone rings. Sam gets a call and has to leave right away. It is Charity and she is at the hospital in trouble.

Antonio tells him mother to relax as he has the most beautiful woman in the world and he is thankful for her. He is going to find Sheridan and spend every moment that he has left with her. He and Pilar find Luis and Sheridan in the other room and Antonio tells Luis that he and Sheridan are together and happy and that is all that matter. Antonio kisses Sheridan and Luis stands by and watches. Antonio would like to talk to his brother for a moment and asks Pilar and Sheridan to excuse them. Both men leave the room. Pilar assures Sheridan that she is doing the right thing. Pilar tells her that Antonio thinks that he could die now because he has been with Sheridan. Sheridan thinks that Luis has moved on with Beth and that means that Antonio has to never know now how much she really loves Luis.

Whitney is glad that Theresa’s baby is fine. Theresa says that it is all worth giving up a future with Ethan, but she is not ready to give him up if that is not what Ethan wants. Whitney is shocked at what she is hearing. Theresa thinks that Ethan may not propose to Gwen and that will be a sign to her that Ethan is going to be hers. Whitney thinks that Ethan is proposing to Gwen right now and that Gwen is going to say yes.

Ethan and Gwen are drinking wine and Gwen is trying to bring him to tell her what he has to say to her. He remembers Theresa giving her son a bear and telling him that the bear has been special to her and that she hopes that the bear will be special to him. Gwen shakes him out of his thoughts. He tells her that he wants her to be happy as she wants for him. He tells her that he thinks that they should call it a night and start fresh in the morning. Gwen is very disappointed. She offers to get him a nightcap and he tells her that he will wait for her there. Gwen leaves.

Charity tells him that some kids came into the room and told her the truth about Miguel and Kay. Connie and Cecil are hiding in the closet. Charity thinks that she really saw these kids. Eve tells Charity that she has to calm down as her heart is racing and she could damage it. Miguel sees Kay out in the hall and he leaves to talk to her. In the hall, he is angry with Kay as he thinks that she was the one that told Charity the truth. She tells him that she just got back to the hospital and isn’t the one that told Charity the truth. Tabitha is listening nearby. Kay says that she has no idea who told Charity the truth. Grace and Sam come up behind Kay demanding to know what she has done to Charity. Kay denies that she has done anything to Charity. Sam tries to smooth the waters and takes Kay off to talk. Miguel goes to Grace and tells her that Charity has been having a hard time with something and that her monitor is beeping quickly. Kay knows that Grace has no faith in her. She thinks that she is the bad daughter and gets blamed for everything. She is sure that Grace loves everyone else more than her.

In Charity’s room, Connie and Cecil run out of Charity’s room and find Father Lonigan standing there. They fiddle with him and his seeing-eye stick. He feels Tabitha there and knew that he was in the presence of evil. Father Lonigan asks Tabitha who she is as she is the personification of evil. Connie and Cecil watch nearby as Father Lonigan tries to figure out who she is. He knows that Tabitha will not be able to stand against the good people of Harmony. He leaves and Tabitha goes to Connie and Cecil and tells them that she knows what they have been up to.

Antonio takes Luis out to the solarium and tells him that he has something to say. Antonio tells him that Sheridan has told him the truth about what she has been hiding the past few weeks. Luis thinks that the news that Antonio is talking about is the fact that he has been the one that Sheridan is in love with. He is wrong. Antonio says that he and Sheridan living forever together is not in the cards. Antonio is not going to complain. He thinks that he has been with Sheridan for a long time and he will be with her for as long as he lives. Luis was hoping to hear more news, but there is nothing else to say. It is clear that Antonio knows nothing more about his brother really being the man that Sheridan loves. Luis is really sorry that things are so bleak for Luis. Antonio is going to live his life to the fullest. He is going to get married to Sheridan as soon as he can. He is going to live until his last breath. Antonio likes that his brother cares about what is happening to him. He likes having his family back in his life. Antonio thinks that Luis is as happy and content as he is because of Beth. The reason that Antonio called Luis out there is to ask if Luis and Beth will take care of Sheridan after he is gone. Antonio knows that Sheridan seems a lot stronger than she really is but after he is gone, she is going to need all her family and support. Luis promises to look after Sheridan after Antonio dies. Antonio thanks Luis from the bottom of his heart.

Theresa is looking at pictures of Ethan and Whitney has to wonder why she is torturing herself. She already got one miracle that night. Theresa thinks that she may be being greedy. He baby is her life but so is Ethan. She knows that she shouldn’t keep wishing for the impossible but she can’t help it. She has dreamed of having a life with Ethan ever since she can remember. Theresa thinks that Ethan will not be able to propose to Gwen. She knows that he is going to realize that he wants to be with Theresa and that is when he is going to ask her to be his wife.

Kay keeps denying that she has been the one to hurt Charity. Miguel leaves her to return to Charity. She is still a little shaky. Charity demands to know if Miguel did sleep with Kay. Miguel lies to her saying that he didn’t sleep with Kay and he warns her not to keep worrying about things that didn’t happen. That seems to be what she has been wanting to hear.

Theresa and Whitney come downstairs and they see that Ethan and Gwen seem to be celebrating something. Theresa thought that she could have stopped the proposal but it seems that she is too late. Whitney thinks that she should be mature and congratulate Ethan on his proposal. Whitney tells her to smile and wish him the best. Theresa knows that she is right in what she is saying. Theresa knows that she has to do this herself and Whitney leaves her to talk to Ethan. Theresa goes into the room and Ethan is surprised to see her. Theresa tells him that she knows that he must have some good news for her.

Antonio and Luis return to Luis and Pilar saying that everything is fine. Antonio thinks that he should go back to the cottage. Pilar offers to walk him out. They leave the room together. Luis and Sheridan are alone again. Luis thinks that Sheridan really does love his brother after all.

Tabitha, Connie and Cecil know that Kay is evil and they continue to watch as she talks to her father about being blamed for Charity getting ill. Kay doesn’t give a damn if her parents believe in her or now.

Eve comes to Grace telling her that they have given Charity a sedative and she is sleeping well. Miguel says that he will make sure that nothing happens to make Charity anymore upset than she is.

Tabitha was right. Kay is positively evil.

Miguel says that he would like to stay with Charity and he leaves to take a shower in the hospital to return later. Looks like Charity is going to be fine after all. Kay thinks that since she has been given the time, she might as well commit the crime. She heads off in the direction of where Miguel has gone to stir up more trouble.

Miguel is having a bath and Kay decides that he needs a little help. She heads into the showers in the hospital and she takes off her clothes. He has no idea that she is there.

In Charity’s room, she is trying to sleep but she gets visions of her walking in the hospital and the water sprinklers going off. She then turns to find Miguel and Kay in the shower. She gets up from her dream and shouts for Miguel. “Where are you?” She jumps out of the bed.

Kay gets into the shower with Miguel and he is shocked to find her there. She jumps naked into the shower with Miguel and starts kissing him.

Tabitha, Connie and Cecil head off to the showers thinking that they could learn a thing or two from evil Kay.

Theresa is talking to Ethan when Gwen shows up with drinks for she and Ethan. Theresa sees Gwen’s hand and can see that she isn’t wearing the ring.

Luis and Sheridan and talking in the living room and they discuss their feelings. Luis can’t imagine how losing Antonio is going to be for her. Sheridan is upset because of different reasons. She fears that the man that she loves the most isn’t Antonio, it is Luis. Luis is glad to hear that.

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