Passions Update Friday 11/1/02

Passions Update Friday 11/1/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Sheridan tells Gwen that she had decided to tell Antonio the truth but then she saw Luis with Beth making love. That stopped her from carrying out her plan. Luis didnít see her and has no idea that he was seen naked on the couch with Beth. Antonio canít understand why she is upset. She has been trying to fake things for him but she canít do that much longer. She canít tell Antonio the truth as that might kill him tough. Antonio wants to know the truth about his condition and so he had gone to see Eve, later, she went to the shack to have dinner and she found Luis there with Beth. In Sheridanís heart, Luis is the man that she wants to marry but she canít seem to find her way to him. Gwen knows what she is feeling as Ethan is the only man that she wants to marry. She too would fight to be with him. Sheridan canít trade Antonioís life so that she can be with Luis. She canít do it.

Beth and Luis are together and Beth is telling him that he is her dream man and that she never wanted to marry anyone else. He didnít think that she put her life on the backburner for him. She was happy to wait and find an opportunity to get him for herself. That was her choice and she didnít want to settle for second best, so waiting for Luis was the way to go. She thinks that maybe this is her chance to get him as she has been waiting her whole life for him.

The baby is sick and Eve comes to check his temperature. His fever is very high and is not dropping. Theresa is frantic now. She demands that Eve save him. Antonio, Whitney and Eve bathe the baby and Ethan is there for support.

Eve tells Ethan that the baby could die. They have to save the child as his life could be ruined forever, or he could die.

Tabitha remembers the times that she spent with her Tim-Tim. A storm is brewing. She saw lightening. Where is that coming from? The weather was fine, so where is the lightening coming from?

Connie is fiddling around with machines to make the weather bad. She has come up with an idea and is carrying it out.

Ivy and Sam are getting in bed and Grace and David find them together. Sam was putting Ivy in bed, but it looked like he was getting in bed with her. Grace goes running off and Sam follows her. David calls Ivy a bitch! He wants Grace for himself, but he hates the way that Grace is hurt by Ivyís schemes.

Luis tells Beth that he cares for her but he doesnít want to lead her on. He canít promise her anything and he doesnít want her to think that they are going to have a future just because he has broken up with Sheridan. He is just getting over Sheridan. That hurts and Beth knows it. He wouldnít have believed that Sheridan loved Antonio if he didnít hear it himself. He is not sure that he can get over Sheridan. He thought that he lost her 3 times already. Losing someone three times is more than painful. Beth knows as she has lost him after high school, then Luis broke off their engagement after Sheridan was found to be alive and now he left her again. She knows exactly how he feels. She too has been left 3 times.

Eve gets the babyís temperature down. The medication has worked. Ethan takes the baby out of the bath and gives him to Theresa. Theresa assures the baby that she is there for him.

Sam catches up to Grace who came to the mansion to talk about their marriage. She thinks that he is there to be with Ivy. Ivy and David have followed them and Grace thinks that she knows what happened. She thinks that Sam has picked Ivy over her. Her worst fears have come true. She tells him to go on with his life and she will go on with hers. If he wants to be with Ivy, he can go ahead and be with her.

Tabitha wonders where the storm is coming from. Things were fine a moment ago, but nowÖ

Connie is going to create her crowning achievement now. She has to throw the switch the exact moment that the lightening hits the rod to complete her plan. There is lightening and she throws the switch. She is electrocuted and goes flying back into the wall. What a rush! She heads back to the stretcher and sees it rising. There is a body under there and the hands stretch out. Connie shouts out, ďHe is alive! He is alive!Ē She has accomplished what she set out to do!

Sam tells Ivy that he loves her and only her. Grace wants to know the truth. David knows that Ivy isnít going to win again.

Beth tells Luis that she is still there for him even though he has hurt her. The pain that she has gone through isnít nearly as strong as he may think. She feels happier than she has ever felt. She would go through it all again gladly for him. He tells her that he doesnít understand why he made love to her and he doesnít even remember it. That should make her unhappy, but it doesnít. The beer that she gave him really hit him and that is the only explanation that he has for that happening. Beth remembers doctoring the beer so that Luis would crash out and be vulnerable to her. She did it in hopes that she would be his wife. She wouldnít trade his time with him for anything. He tries to explain but she wants to hear nothing from him about how he hurt her. She still feels the same way about him and she always has felt the same way. He is it for her and there can be no one else in her life. He canít promise her anything and he really wants her to understand that. He knows that it is over for he and Sheridan, but there is something in his head that thinks that maybe there is something that can bring them together. She appreciates what he is saying and accepts it. He leaves the table and she tells herself that he canít get Sheridan back after what she saw. Beth knows that Sheridan will never be able to forget what she saw.

Gwen thinks that Sheridan should be thinking of ways to get back with Luis. Gwen loves listening to Sheridan. Sheridan asks if Ethan has proposed yet but he hasnít. Every time that Ethan was going to propose, something happened. Usually, it is Theresa that gets in the way. She thinks that this whole thing with the baby is fake to get Ethan back for her. Gwen is sure that Ethan loves her and will propose soon.

Ethan knows that Theresa loves the baby but he didnítí know how much until now. Whitney tells Ethan that Theresa is a wonderful persona and her capacity to love is huge. Whitney reminds him that Theresa saved his life in the elevator shaft. It is clear that Theresa is going to be a wonderful mother.

Eve thinks that the baby is doing very well. Theresa couldnít bear to lose that child.

Tabitha is back in her living room with popcorn trying to watch a movie.

Connie has made her very own Frankenstein. HolyÖthe monster that she has made is better than she thought. The man is a midget like her and he is dressed in a tuxedo. Her eyes bulge at the sight of him. He sees that she is pleased with him and he winks back at her.

Sam is surprised that Grace is hurt that he was with Ivy. He can see that Grace is still in love with him. He explains that he spilled something on his clothes. He had to take them off and he was only putting Ivy into bed. There wasnít anything going on with them, but she on the other hand told David that she loved him. Grace told him that she loves David as they have a son together, but she could never love anyone like she loves Sam. Sam wants her to believe him that he could have nothing to do with Ivy.

Sheridan used to be sure that she could love Luis forever but now she just feels trapped. Antonio has to be kept calm. She is worried about Antonio but she canít protect him from everything. She canít live with the guilt that Antonio is dead. She couldnít be happy with Luis knowing that Antonio was dead.

Eve makes arrangements for the babyÖ Antonio gets a pain in his head again. Eve is there to see what is going on with him.

Grace believes Sam that he has no feelings for Ivy. They hug and Ivy and David watch. They love each other and he knows that she really doesnít love David. Since David is there, Sam knows that he is not needed. He is going to get his clothes and go home with his wife.

Gwen tells Sheridan that she will be with Luis if she wants to be. Sheridan isnít sure of that. She saw Luis and she knows that Luis has a past with Beth and now he has a present and she will not be able to overcome that.

Luis is with Beth at the diner and they discuss their lives. He loves that she is independent and self-reliant. She likes having people in her life. He loves everything about her and she likes everything about him. He feels that he has made many mistakes but she feels that he hasnít hurt her. She is so happy and she thinks that she can make him happy too. She is waiting for another chance for them to be everything that they were meant to be.

Tabitha is still watching movies when Connie comes up to get her. She has something talk to her about. Tabitha will not make a male doll for her. Connie tells her that she has created what she wanted. She tap dances and introduces her male cohort. ďHey Tabitha! Whatís happening?Ē Tabitha nearly chokes on her popcorn.

Eve gets a call and has to leave Antonio who goes back to the others who are looking after her baby. They are sure that he will be fine in the morning. Theresa sees that something is wrong. Theresa calls for Eve to come. Something isnít right with Little Ethan. She can feel it.

Sam has changed now and he goes back to Grace and they talk about how they love each other and trust each other. They are ready to go home and they walk out of the Crane mansion.

Ivy is drinking now. David thinks that Ivy has nothing to be happy about. Sam and Grace have left happier than ever. Ivy thinks that they survived this time but next time, they might not survive. An evil seed has been planted and that doubt will drive a wedge between them. She thinks that their love might not be strong enough to survive. Sooner than later, Sam is going to be Ivyís.

Sheridan saw Luis making love to Beth and she has to think that things are over. Gwen tells her that she has to think differently. Some women will let another woman take their man, but they are not those women. Gwen wants to see her fight for her man.

Beth is glad for the friendship that she has with Luis. She wants the best for him. She always has wanted the best for him and she always will want the best. He finds her so special. He wants her always in his life.

Tabitha is stunned by the new doll. His name is Cecil. The new doll is one hot stud.

Theresa is sure that something is wrong with the baby. Eve comes to look at him. The baby isnít breathing and Eve canít feel a pulse. The baby seems to be dead.

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