Passions Update Wednesday 10/30/02

Passions Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Theresa is home now after learning that Ethan wants nothing to do with her anymore, and she finds Ethan and Gwen on the couch together. She apologizes and leaves the room. Gwen thinks that Theresa is butting in again, but she doesn’t have to tell Theresa to get out as Theresa leaves willingly. Ethan says that she doesn’t have to rush off, but she does. Rebecca finds her leaving the room and gets angry that Theresa is there while Ethan is trying to propose. She closes the door and turns to Theresa who she would like to strangle for making things so hard for her daughter. Rebecca reminds her that Gwen has won and she has lost. She makes sure that Theresa is told that she will never marry Ethan…never. Rebecca tells her that Ethan is righting all the wrongs by asking Gwen to marry him. Rebecca doesn’t believe that Theresa didn’t know what she was doing. She tells Theresa to try something new and let Ethan and Gwen have their moments alone together. Theresa assures her that she is no one to worry about anymore. She accepts the choice that Ethan has made. Theresa will leave but not because Rebecca orders her to. She prefers to be with her baby right now. She walks off. Rebecca is not going to let anyone interrupt while Ethan is proposing.

In the room, Ethan and Gwen get back to their conversation. Ethan remembers Theresa offering to make him the most happiest man in the world. Gwen edges him on and Rebecca listens at the door.

Grace and David are together and she thinks that she saw Sam’s car. Where would he be going at this time of the night. Grace thinks that someone may have been with him in the car. It looked like a woman.

Sam and Ivy are alone in his car. They both saw that David was at Sam’s house with Grace and she was in his arms. Sam remembers hearing his wife telling David that she loves Sam and David too. Ivy has to wonder what Grace is doing in another man’s arms now.

TC moves Liz into the spare apartment. He is glad to help out. She feels that she has known Eve all her life. TC says that there is something about her that reminds him of Eve… Eve comes in and brings Liz some towels. Liz tells Eve that TC thinks that they are a lot a like. TC leaves and Eve attacks. Why is Liz doing this? Eve is sorry about what happened to her years ago. Eve wasn’t trying to hurt her. Eve tells Liz to go ahead and spoil her life if that is what she is there to do. Liz likes watching her squirm. Eve used to find Liz to be the most kind and sensitive girl. Liz wants her to reap the benefits of her cruel little lesson. One by one, Liz is going to make sure that Eve loses everything and everyone in her life. Eve is going to see how mean Liz can be. She isn’t going to be kind, caring Liz anymore. Liz has nothing thanks to Eve and Eve is going to pay for that. Eve keeps saying that she is sorry and will give Liz whatever she wants. Liz doesn’t want money as there is not enough money to make up for the hurt that Eve caused her. Liz wouldn’t take a handout from her if she were living in a cardboard box. Liz remembers her putting herself up for sale more than once. Eve has had enough of this and she grabs Liz and opens the door to throw her out of there. Whitney walks up and sees the women arguing and she asks “Mom…what is going on?” Liz explains that she will be staying in the garage apartment. Whitney thought that they were having an argument, but Liz denies that. Whitney likes Liz and thinks that it will be nice to have another woman around. She is staying just long enough to complete the business that she has to do in Harmony. Whitney and Liz discuss tennis and how great Whitney is at it. Liz is sure that Whitney can do whatever she wants. Whitney reminds Liz of herself when she was younger. Liz wasn’t all that successful. Someone stole her plans from her. Whitney wants to hear all about that. Liz doesn’t want to tell that story as it is not that nice. She makes Whitney promise never to let anyone stand between she and her dreams. Whitney goes to get a blanket for Liz and Eve turns to Liz again. Liz isn't going anywhere until she is good and ready. Liz likes Whitney who she thinks is a wonderful girl. Eve hopes that she isn’t going to hurt the girl. Liz doesn’t want to hurt that girl. Eve tells her that she is going to destroy her husband and crush her girls.

Sam comes home carrying Ivy and they both find Rebecca standing near the closed door where Ethan is supposed to be asking Gwen to marry him. Rebecca is shocked to see them, as Ivy has been trying to get to Sam for a long time. Sam has to set Ivy down somewhere and he goes into the room where Ethan is proposing and puts Ivy down. Rebecca is beside herself. She wanted her daughter to get the man that she wanted. When Rebecca and Ivy are alone, Rebecca tells her that she could have ruined everything.

Grace is waiting for Sam with David. She can’t relax as Sam thinks that he has lost her to David. David tells her that nothing that happened with them is a big deal. Grace thinks that what happened between them was her fault. She blames herself. She was the one that was married when she met Sam. She doesn’t blame Sam for being angry with her, she just wants him back.

Theresa is up in her room and she knows that Ethan is going to ask Gwen to marry him and there is nothing that she can do about it. She is only going to look after her baby as it is only she and her baby now. She moves to the crib and sees that her baby is not there. She is frantic. Where is he? “My baby! My baby! NO!”

Ivy wants Gwen to marry Ethan to marry Gwen, but she wants Sam back more. Rebecca could see that she thought that she died and went to heaven with Sam carrying her in. Rebecca wants to know how Ivy broke her wheelchair. Rebecca knows that Ivy planned tha.t.

Ethan tells Sam that he is thinking of proposing to Gwen that night. She is the best. She reminds Ethan of Grace, but Ethan wishes that Sam could have a strong marriage too. Sam isn’t even sure that Grace knows who she wants to be with. Ethan is sorry to hear that. If Grace and Sam have troubles, that makes Ethan think that he might not be able to have a good marriage too. Sam thinks that Ethan should follow his heart. Ethan thinks that he may be over Theresa. Most of the time, Ethan is sure that he is over Theresa but then his feelings take over. Sam tells him that he shouldn’t move on with Gwen if he has feelings for Theresa. Ethan tells Sam that Ivy never got over him. What if Grace chose David? That would make the way clear for Sam to be with his mother. It is natural for any child to want to see his parents back together. Sam will always have feelings for Ivy but he isn’t going to give up on Grace. Sam will believe Ethan if he really thinks that he is over Theresa. Sam congratulates him.

Theresa is about to leave the room to look for her baby when Phyllis comes in with the child. She says that the child has been a bit warm. Theresa can see that the baby is burning up. Phyllis wants to call Ethan, but Theresa tells her to call the doctor instead.

Eve knows that if TC learned the truth about her, he would eventually get over it. Eve knows that Liz despises her but she can’t see her hurting innocent people. Liz knows that Eve’s family would feel betrayed and think that their lives were built on nothing. The past has been something that Eve has been trying to put behind her. Eve will take being punished by Liz but she will not stand by and let her family be hurt. Liz thinks that Eve was the one that decided to hob knob with the rich and famous and so she was the one that caused all of this. She should have given up her drugs and her sex and her precious music. Liz can see that she has really turned things around but did she really think that she could get away with it forever? Eve is crying now. She loves her family and no one has any idea how much. Liz used to be a good Christian and she should be able to forgive. Liz is a good Christian, but even Jesus threw out the moneychangers and when Liz is done with her, she will not be able to go into her own home again. Liz seems to be full of hate. TC and Whitney return and Whitney has the cordless phone that she offers to her mother. Eve gets a call from Theresa who tells her that the baby has a fever and is burning up. Eve tells her that she will be right over. She turns to her family and Liz and tells them that she has to go and look after the baby. Liz tells her that she will get to know TC better while Eve is gone.

Ethan and Sam return with a wheelchair for Ivy and Sam picks up Ivy and puts her in the chair. She feels great now, she says. Sam has to go and Ivy tries to make him stay for a drink. Ivy would like to repay him for helping her out this way. Ivy finds that Sam has nothing to rush home for. Sam has to agree. He will call the station to to say that he is going to be late. Sam leaves the room and Ivy follows him. Rebecca turns to Ethan and Gwen and tells them that she is going to leave them alone to talk. She knows that 3 is a crowd. She scurries off and Ethan and Gwen turn to each other.

Grace is calling the station looking for Sam. He is not there. Grace learns that Sam just called into the station to stay that he wasn’t on official police business and that he is busy.

Sam and Ivy are alone in the solarium where Ivy makes him a drink. She remembers his favourite nightcap. She remembers lots of things. He used to come and meet her after being on his fishing boat. They used to have to hide then as she was the governor’s daughter and he was the son of the police chief. He smelled of fish but she never noticed. She was too much in love back then.

Grace knows that Sam is at the Cranes and she is going to go over there. David tries to stop her thinking that Sam will be home soon. She isn’t sure that Sam will be home soon. She has loved Sam most of her life and she has no idea what she would do without him. David can’t drive her over to the Cranes and that is fine as Grace would like to go by herself. She leaves the room and David makes a call to David. Ivy answers her phone to learn that David is on the phone. David tells her that Grace is coming over there right now. Ivy thinks that the evening could turn out even better than she planned. She knows that Grace could find them in a compromising position and she likes that idea. David tells her that Grace has never done anything to her and she shouldn’t do this. Ivy thinks that David should send Grace over.

TC shows Liz pictures of his family. She finds them to be beautiful. TC is very proud of both of his girls. He thinks that they are just like their mother. He would like to hear about Liz’s life. She offers to tell him about herself.

Eve arrives with Whitney at Theresa’s house. The baby is burning up. Eve takes the child to examine him. Whitney tries to calm Theresa down. Whitney is sure that her mother will be able to take care of the baby. The baby’s fever is very high. Theresa begs that the baby be saved.

Ethan turns to Gwen telling her that he has been doing a lot of thinking about them. He has made a decision that he thinks is right for the both of them.