Passions Update Monday 10/28/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Beth and Mrs. Wallace are in Bethís car going over to the cottage. Beth tried to fool him into thinking that he slept with her in order to make him want her over Sheridan, but that didnít work. Luis woke up from his drunken stupor thinking that he had made a terrible mistake taking Beth to bed. He confesses to Beth that he thought that he had been making love to Sheridan all along. He knows that he could never love another woman and with that, he got his clothes on and he left. Beth thinks that she still has a chance with the man in spite of everything that her mother keeps telling. She made a plan to follow Luis to Sheridanís cottage in order to see what goes on there. Beth wants to see what is going on over there and Mrs. Wallace wants to just see the fireworks. She is glad that Luis didnít want to be with Beth and has chosen Sheridan over her daughter, but she canít be too sure that things are going to stay that way. Beth sees Luis at the cottage and she stops the car. Beth is sure that Luis is going to be hers no matter what happens.

Luis has been looking through Sheridanís window and he hears Sheridan talking to Antonio and telling him that she loves him. She is hugging him and she seems really sincere, not like when she was supposed to be faking her feelings for him. She is only doing that as she thinks that Antonio may die if she leaves him but Luis has no idea. This is what he has been thinking all along, that she really loves Antonio. That is why he bowed out of the race. He wants her to be happy, even if it is not with him. She denies loving Luis to Antonio and Luis wouldnít have believed it before that day, but there it is. There is nothing else that he can do without risking his brotherís life. She refuses to tell the truth to Antonio, so how can they be together?

Gwen gets a call from her mother who wants to know if she has seen Ethan yet. Gwen knows that Ethan has bought a ring and she overheard him saying that the ruing is for her. She can hardly wait. She has finally beaten Theresa at her own game and she didnít have to do anything to get to this point. True love is going to prevail after all. Gwen hasnít seen him yet, but she is sure that Ethan is going to choose her to spend the rest of his life with over Theresa. She will pretend that she has no idea that he is going to ask her to marry him when he finally asks her. She hangs up and heads to Ethan in the hospital.

Ethan has just proposed to Theresa and put the ring on her finger. Theresa has accepted the proposal as she loves him so much. They seal the deal with a kiss. It has all been a dream. Ethan has been dreaming about putting the ring on Theresaís finger. It seems that has been his real desire all along but he is not able to bring himself to admit it. He realizes that he has been dreaming and almost falls over. Theresa comes into the room and helps him up. She has to tell him something but he has something to tell her too. It is very important. Theresa wants to go first. She has something to say and then she will not bother him anymore. She loves him more than anything in the world and she needs him to hear that one more time. She wishes him good luck with his life and his future with Gwen. She is sorry for the lies and she is paying for her mistakes by losing him. She doesnít want him to forget what it was like when they got engaged so long ago. They were happy once. He remembers that. She was really stupid, but she never meant to hurt him. She only meant to make his life easier and she only meant to bring him the happiness that he had when he thought that he was a Crane. They had an incredible love and she is sure that they could again if only he could forgive her and take her back. She asks him again if he can do that and give the ring to her instead of Gwen.

Liz has Eve in front of her with TC and Liz is about to tell TC of the past that she had with Eve in it. Eve had been a terrible person back then and caused Liz all of he happiness. Eve now has the family and life that Liz could have had once and that isnít fair. A nurse comes over to get TC for some reason. TC tells Liz that they can talk about the woman at any time. Maybe after Liz moves in, they can discuss this some more and Liz can tell them who this horrible person is that she keeps talking about. TC insists that Liz move in with them. Eve hates that idea. She knows Liz and that can only mean disaster for her and her family. TC goes off with the nurse and Liz turns to Eve. She tells her that she has gotten away with not being found out this time, but soon she will be found out and Liz canít wait to see her crawl back into the gutter where she belongs. Liz is there as she is friends with Luis and Antonio. Eve would have never guessed that she would ever see this woman again after all those years. Liz was shocked to run into Eve. She didnít plan it. She is there only by chance. She never thought that she would have seen this woman again either. She is going to destroy Eveís life. Eve thinks that Liz is there to blackmail her. Liz is not there to blackmail her, she wants to bring out everyone of Eveís secrets and ruin her life. She ruined Lizís life and Liz is going to pay her back for that. She is going to take away everything that Eve holds dear. Liz is going to wipe out everything that Eve has built there. Her career, her familyÖher life!

Beth is trying to see what is up with Luis. She wants to go to Luis but her mother wants to come too. Beth tells her no, but her mother plans to honk the horn if she leaves the car. Mrs. Wallace will not be left out of the loop this way. She is going to be involved in everything to make her that daughter of hers doesnít get her paws on Luis. She is sure that Luis belongs to Sheridan.

Luis thinks that it is over now. It is really over. He remembers her accepting his proposal to her. She seemed so happy to be with him back then. He thought hat nothing would have gotten in the way of their love. Apparently, he was wrong. Something did get in the way of their love, his brother. Those days are over now. He has lost Sheridan forever now. Luis figures that if that is what Sheridan wants, she can be happy with that. There is nothing else that he can do to change her mind. He walks from the window and leaves. Beth and Mrs. Wallace see that Luis looks devastated. Mrs. Wallace thinks that they canít tell anything from the way that Luis is walking. Beth thinks that she knows exactly how Luis is feeling. She isnít Miss Cleo, but she knows Luis. Beth knows that Luis saw something that he didnít like and that has made him upset. Beth has to figure out a way to comfort Luis. What can she do to make him think that she is helping him out of his misery?

In the cottage, Antonio has things that he would like to say to Sheridan. He thanks her for reassuring him and telling him that she loves him. He really needed to hear that. Thinking that he had lost Sheridan made him physically ill. He feels that he was crazy before thinking that she wanted his brother. She offers him water, but he is fine now. He asks her what she wanted to talk to him about before. She told him when she got there that she had something important to talk to him about. She searches her brain for something to say besides, ďI am in love with LuisÖĒ. What should she say? She remembers talking to Ethan and telling him that she was going to tell Antonio the truth. She was determined to do just that when she came by the cottage, but now, seeing him in pain and clutching his head, she canít bring herself to do what she planned. She was crying then and she was telling Ethan that she was losing Luis, who is the man that really matters to her. Sheridan tells Antonio that what she had to say wasÖ Antonio holds his head again. He is in pain again. She tells him that he has to be more careful as he could die. That sparks his interest. He asks her if that has been the reason that she has been so emotional with him. She knows that he has been hurting, but he didnít know that she was aware that he could die. That was a secret that he kept to himself for a long time. Is it because he is going to die that she has been acting so funny? He thinks that she has been emotional because he may die and they will not have a chance to share special moments like Luis and Beth. She must have been under a terrible strain watching him suffer and knowing that he could die at any moment. Antonio has been in denial. Antonio was told before that his condition was precarious. Antonio thought that he was fine but then he kept getting the headaches. That must have been why everyone was worried about him. Eve ran tests and then made a turn. She gave him some pills for his headaches. He knows now that Sheridan knows that he is dying. He wants her to tell him the truth. She tells him that she does love him and that she wants him to live. He would like to concentrate on the positive. He is a big boy and he can take what life has to throw to him. As long as she is in his life, that is everything that he could ever dream that he could have. He thinks that they should go out for something to eat. She thinks that is a wonderful idea. She hopes in her heart that Luis understands as she is doing that best that she can.

Liz wants to know how Eve became a doctor. Eve tells her that she used blood, sweat and tears. Liz canít believe that Eve married a decent man. Liz is going to tell TC who she is and what she used to do. Eve canít stop her, but she knows that Liz has no idea why Eve did what she did. Eve tells Liz to think about what Eve is capable of before she gets involved in ruining her life. Eve loves her husband and her friends and if Liz canít listen to her side of the story, she should stay away from her family. Eve withdraws the invitation to stay at her house. She is not going to let this woman ruin her life.

Theresa knows that she doesnít deserve any chances with Ethan, but she wants to be different. She wants to trust their love like Ethan did. She knows that his feelings for her are true. She loves him with all of her heart. She would like him to forgive her and take her back. Gwen comes into the picture and hears Theresa talking to him and begging him to take her back. Gwen asks her if she has no decency. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa said that she wouldnít be after Ethan anymore. Gwen calls her a lying little bitch. Gwen says that she will never have Ethan, not ever. Ethan tells Gwen that things are alright. Gwen lets on that she knows that Theresa has been saying to Ethan. Theresa knows that she hasnít said anything like that to him. Theresa knows that she has made her point. The only reason that she is there is because something happened and she had to talk to him one more time. Gwen thinks that she made a fool of herself. Theresa didnít want him to have any regrets. Theresa wishes him the best and she hopes that he picks the right person to spend the rest of his life with. She couldnít stand it if he lost the love of his life. Theresa says goodbye and asks him to remember what she has said. She walks off. Gwen is sorry that Ethan had to put up with her again. Gwen has a fantasy of her own. Ethan turns to Gwen and kneels at her feet asking her to marry him. She tells him yes. He puts the ring on his finger and kisses her lips. The nurse comes in asking Ethan quietly if he has popped the question. He tells her that he hasnít yet. Gwen knows that he could ask her at any moment. Theresa is behind the curtain praying that Ethan is going to ask her to marry him.

Beth and her mother arrive home after their little ride. Beth tells her mother to get into the house and go to bed. Beth is going to go after Luis and she is going to be there for him. Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth wants to go and lick Luisís wounds. Mrs. Wallace thinks that God is going to punish her for breaking up Luis and Sheridan. Beth warns her that she is going to put her in a home if she doesnít behave. Mrs. Wallace decides to do as she is told but she warns Beth that the angels are going to punish her for her wicked ways. Beth walks off and gets into the car.

Luis is down by the docks. Beth comes to see him knowing that he might want to talk. He tells her that it is finished. He was just at Sheridanís cottage and he saw her with Antonio through the window and he thinks that it is his fault that thinks have gone that far. He thinks that Sheridan has taken what he said to her earlier to heart. Beth wishes that she could help. He thought that she was in love with Antonio and now that he has seen her with him, he knows that he is the one that Sheridan loves. They are finished. She is glad that at least he knows for sure that things are over. Luis knows the truth now. He thinks that Sheridan has realized now that she really loves Antonio. Beth knows that Sheridan has seen them in the window and that is why she has turned to Antonio. Beth tells him that she is taking him to dinner. He finds that Beth has been kind and generous to he and Sheridan. She says that she only wants to see him happy. She goes to get her car and then they are going to leave. She loves him and she does want him to be happy with her.

TC and Eve come home and Eve tells him that Liz has turned down the garage apartment. Eve says that she went to a hotel. TC wanted to hear about the woman that Liz was going to tell him about. Eve thinks that the woman that she was talking about probably isnít that way anymore. TC suddenly knows what is going on. This person that has risen to respectabilityÖ He knows who it is. He thinks that he knows exactly who that woman is. He thinks that it is Rebecca. Maybe not. Rebecca has a terrible past but everyone knows that. Who the hell could this woman be? Eve hopes that her husband never finds out that she is the woman.

Liz makes her way to the house where Eve lives. Liz is going to destroy the woman and send her straight to hell. She is carrying her suitcase and she walks to the front door.

Luis and Beth go to the diner to eat and he is happy to be with her. She brings up earlier that night how he thought that Sheridan and he were finished. She says that was why they made love. Luis feels terrible for making love to her and thinking that she was Sheridan. The beer that Beth gave him had some kick to it. Beth remembers spiking the beer before giving it to him. Beth asks him where he stands with Sheridan. Is it really over this time? Luis thinks back to what he saw in the window and what he heard. It was clear that Sheridan had moved on. Luis tells Beth that things are really over this time. He and Sheridan are over forever.

Antonio and Sheridan arrive at the restaurant where Luis and Beth are sitting and talking. Luis is telling Beth how it was for him living the lie that he has been living because his brother is dying. He knows that he is going to live through it. He feels that his heart has been torn out. He looks up and sees Antonio and Sheridan walk in and take a seat. Sheridan sees him too. He calls out her name quietly and Beth turns to see what he is looking at.

Theresa is alone at the docks. She prays to the lord. ďI love Ethan so muchÖIf there is any chance that we can share our lives togetherÖLet him choose meÖpleaseÖĒ

Ethan is ready to leave the hospital now and Gwen stops him to ask him if there is anything that he would like to ask her.

TC brings up the prominent woman in Harmony who had a terrible past. Eve thinks that the woman has changed. TC thinks that people donít change that much. They are what they are. Someone knocks on the door. The phone rings at the same time. TC gets the phone as Eve goes to the door. Eve opens the door to find Liz standing there. She demands to know what Liz is doing there. Liz tells her that she is there to destroy her.