Passions Update Friday 10/25/02

Passions Update Friday 10/25/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
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Liz has slapped Eve in the face, and Eve thinks about that as Liz threatens to tell T.C. exactly who some woman in her past is. Liz says that the woman is a person who is trash, and she vows to get revenge. T.C. has no idea that Liz is talking about Eve. Liz swears revenge. Liz is about to tell the person’s name, but Eve stops her. She wants to know more about the story, she says. Did Liz ever learn more about the woman and find out what she was going through? Liz finds that there is no excuse for what this woman did. She is respectable now. She is living one big lie. Liz finds that the lie is about to end, and Liz is just the person to end the lie.

Pilar is trying to comfort Theresa about losing Ethan. Theresa tells her mother that Ethan has been the only man that she has ever loved, as her mother only loved her father. Theresa has been through a lot, and her mother would like her to go home and get some rest. Theresa wants to go to the hospital and check on Ethan. She is not going to convince him to be with her anymore, she just wants to make sure that he is going to be okay. Theresa walks off, and Pilar wonders about the state of her children’s lives.

Sheridan tells Ethan that she has lost Luis, as he has gone back to Beth, and she can’t reach him now. Sheridan remembers that Ethan is suffering too, as Theresa wants to be with him, and he thinks that he should be with Gwen now. Sheridan thinks that Ethan isn’t going to be happy with Gwen. She doesn’t want to see what happened to her, happen to him. She wants him to be with the woman that is going to make him happy. Gwen has been her friend for many years, but she wants the best for Ethan. Sheridan thinks that she should tell Antonio the truth, and maybe, Luis will give her another chance. Ethan is sure that things will work out for her. She walks off to find Antonio. She hopes that she is not too late to make things right.

Luis is with Beth, and she is telling him that he made love to her on the couch, as her mother listens from the back room. Luis was sure that he was making love to Sheridan. He is embarrassed and gets up to put on his clothes. Luis is sorry that he has spent the night with Beth. He thought that he was making love to Sheridan. He says that he was really drunk and should have known better. Mrs. Wallace is happy that Luis is giving Beth the kiss-off speech.

Rebecca tells Antonio that Sheridan may be in love with Luis, and Antonio gets a pain in his head and falls to the floor. Rebecca picks him up. He can ‘t stand that Sheridan may be in love with his brother. Rebecca thinks that it would make sense if Sheridan is in love with Luis. That causes Antonio to have more pain in his head, and he grimaces, as the pain runs through him. Antonio knows that what Rebecca is saying has to be true. He is going to find Sheridan and tell her that he knows that she is in love with Luis. He walks off, and Gwen comes to her mother. She tells her daughter that Antonio knows the truth. Rebecca doesn’t want Pilar to get away with having her son not know the truth. Rebecca tells her daughter that she didn’t have to tell Antonio the truth. She is happy with herself. She tells Gwen that she should go and make sure that Ethan is going to be hers. Gwen is sure that this time, she is going to have Ethan all to herself.

Chad and Whitney are happy that they are going to be together soon. Simone and Kay are watching from a window, and Simone is disgusted at her slut sister. Chad is worried about Simone. Simone can see that her sister isn’t going to leave the man alone. Whitney leaves, and Simone thinks that Chad has no choice but to play up to Whitney. Kay is sure that one day, Simone is going to wake up and be married to Chad, and she is sure of it. Simone could kill her sister for this.

Antonio is trying to walk off. He is alone now. He hates that he has been made a fool of himself. The area around him starts spinning, and he falls to the ground. He pulls himself off the ground. He is going to find Sheridan and tell her that he knows the truth.

Theresa comes to the hospital and asks about Ethan. She learns that he is fine. She can see him through a curtain, and she decides not to go in and see him. Whitney arrives, and Theresa tells her that things are finally over for her and Ethan. Whitney is sorry to hear that. Whitney is happy, and she tells Theresa that she is going to be with Chad finally. Theresa is glad to hear that.

Chad comes to see Ethan in his hospital area. Ethan is going to be let loose soon. The nurse comes to Ethan bringing him a rose, that Ethan had asked for. Ethan is going to ask the true love of his life to marry him. Chad thinks that he is talking about Theresa. Ethan explains that he is going to ask Gwen to marry him. Theresa found the ring that he had bought, and she thought that Ethan was going to ask her to marry him. Ethan can’t live with Theresa’s lies. Ethan thought that Chad understood that. Chad was depressed when he thought that Ethan and Theresa were breaking up. Chad is happy now, and he thinks that Ethan should reconsider. It is like Julian said: you should marry the woman that you love. So if Gwen is right for Ethan, he should marry her, but if he has any doubt… Ethan knows that everything that Theresa has done, has been out of love for him. Ethan thinks that everything bad that has happened could have been avoided. Chad knows that Ethan is going to do what is in his heart. Chad only asks him to pick the person that he really loves. That is all that matters. Chad has to go now. Ethan is left to think some more about asking Gwen to marry him.

Kay is telling Simone that she is going to help stop Chad and Whitney from getting together. Simone isn’t used to acting sneaky. Simone thought that when she fell in love, her relationship would have been built on honesty and trust. Kay assures her that her parents have lots of secrets. Simone is interested in that. Kay tells her that T.C. is a great catch, but people are always wanting to go after a great catch. Couples that love each other have to fight to stay together.

Theresa and Whitney meet up with T.C., Eve and Liz. Liz can see that Whitney is Eve’s daughter. Whitney is glad to see her. She can see that her parents are very proud of her. T.C. announces that Whitney is the future of tennis. Theresa and Whitney walk off. Liz sees that they have a wonderful family, and if that woman hadn’t destroyed her past, she would have had a wonderful family too. T.C. wants to know who this woman is. Liz plays with that idea. Liz tells T.C. that she is convinced that she should tell who the woman is. Liz wouldn’t be a bit surprised if T.C. knew this woman really well.

Theresa and Whitney talk about Theresa’s optimism rubbing off on Whitney. Whitney thinks that eventually, she will be able to marry Chad. The girls hug before they separate. Theresa thinks that if Chad and Whitney can be together after all this, there must be hope for her and Ethan.

Beth says that she is fine with everything that has happened. Luis thinks that she wouldn’t want to be with him, if she knew that he was thinking about Sheridan. Luis knows that Sheridan loves him. Luis is going to tell Sheridan that he was wrong to end their relationship. He loves Sheridan, and he has always loved her. He thanks Beth for understanding. He turns and walks out. Mrs. Wallace comes out of the back room, and she knows what her daughter has been told. She is never going to have Luis now. Beth is still sure that she is going to get Luis. Beth thinks that her mother doesn’t know anything. Beth is going to go to Sheridan’s cottage to see what is happening. Mrs. Wallace isn’t going to let her go alone. Beth tells her that she is staying home, but Mrs. Wallace demands that she is going to be there, and they both leave the house.

Antonio arrives at the cottage looking for Sheridan. His head still hurts. Sheridan comes in the cottage, as she has been looking everywhere for him. Antonio asks her a question. “Are you in love with my brother?” She is shocked to hear his question. He has to know the truth. Every time that he walked into the room, everyone seemed like they knew something that he didn’t. She knows that he needs to hear the truth, and that he deserves to hear it from her. He gets a pain in his head and only wants to know the answer to his question. She gets him some water. He asks her again, as she watches him suffer. She tells him that she loves him. He loves hearing that. He wants to be the only one that she loves. He has to hear that. Sheridan remembers that she could kill Antonio with this news. She tells Antonio that she loves him and only him. She hugs him.

Ethan is looking at his ring in the velvet box, when the nurse says a woman is there to see him. He turns to see the woman that has come to visit him. He tells the woman that he has been waiting for her, and that he has a question for her. He opens the box and gets on his knees, asking if the woman will marry him and make him the happiest man in the world. Theresa says "Yes!"  Ethan stands and puts the ring on her finger. She says yes to him. “A million times…yes…” They hug, and she looks down at the ring on her finger.

Chad comes in the area, and Simone and Kay see him. Kay tells her not to let Chad know how she really feels. Simone goes over to Chad. She is glad that he is there. She tells him that it is so romantic there, and they are all alone. Whitney comes up behind them, and she sees them in an embrace. She was on her way home, and she popped by there to get some fresh air. Chad says that he was on his way to the studio. Simone offers to come with him and listen to some of his new songs. She wants to spend some time with her boyfriend. She hugs Chad, and Kay smiles to herself. Simone is excited to be hearing her boyfriend’s new songs. Chad tells Simone that they should go now, and they walk off, passing Kay. Kay goes to Whitney, saying that Simone and Chad make a wonderful couple. They watch as Simone and Chad walk off. Whitney can’t stand this, and she leaves.

Antonio and Sheridan are talking in the cottage, and Luis is looking through the window, hearing Sheridan tell Antonio that he is the only man that she loves.