Passions Update Wednesday 10/23/02

Passions Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
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Kay tells Simone to calm down about Whitney and Chad. She tells her friend that she has to pick the right time to confront Whitney. Simone thinks that her sister is a backstabber, and Simone is going to tell her. Simone thinks that Whitney is trying to take Chad from her, but Kay thinks that she should act like a woman. Simone wants them to know that she knows what is going on. Kay tells her that this could have been going on for a long time. Simone is sure that Whitney is the one that has been going after Chad. Kay thinks that Simone can’t be sure what is going on. A lot more could be going on.

Chad and Whitney are talking about telling her parents that they are going to be together. They are happy with their decision. They decide to go and find Simone. Whitney chickens out. Chad is frustrated with that. She wants to be with Chad, but she doesn’t want to do it right now. She can’t just blurt it out to her sister. Whitney thinks that there is another way that they can be together without hurting Simone. Whitney thinks that they need some time. Simone thinks that they are going to be together, and her dad wants Whitney to be a tennis star, so she thinks that they should give them what they want. Chad will not do it. There is a big tournament coming up, and Whitney is going to play in that series, and she is going to win. After that, she is going to tell her father that she loves Chad. Chad thinks that is not going to be enough for T.C.. Whitney can still compete, but at least then she is going to have Chad in her life. She would like Chad to ease his way out of his relationship with Simone. Then she & Chad can pretend that they are just starting their relationship. Whitney is sure that this will work. This is a perfect plan for her. Chad loves her and would do anything for her but not that. He finds her plan to be deceitful, and he can’t do this. Whitney asks him about the truth. That would destroy her sister and her father. She would like them to keep the truth a while longer. It is a lie, and Chad thinks that lies catch up to them. She loves him, and she knows that he loves her. She thinks that this is the only way that they can be together and not destroy her father and sister. Whitney thinks that with her way, no one will get hurt, and they will eventually be able to be together. He doesn’t want to lose her, and so he will do this for her. She hugs him. She is sure that this is going to work out just fine.

T.C. is looking for his wife, not knowing that she is with Julian in his hospital room.

Julian tells Eve that she is more beautiful than ever, and Eve is overcome with feeling, and she kisses Julian. She pushes him away, telling him that he has no right to kiss her. Julian couldn’t help himself, and Eve finds that he has incredible nerve. He is in pain, but she demands that he not do that again. He apologizes. She can see that he is in pain, and she offers to get him more medication, but he says that he will be fine. He has been thinking that getting hurt was karma for him. Maybe that is the way that he is to make up for T.C. getting hurt so long ago. Eve can’t believe that he is admitting that he was the one that was responsible for T.C.’s accident. The past is something that they can’t change. Julian wishes that T.C. could have had the chance to be a professional ball player. Alistair didn’t want to see his son being beaten by a grounds worker’s son. Julian is sorry for all the things that have happened to T.C.. Eve is glad to hear what he is saying, but nothing can ever change between them. Eve tells him again that nothing can happen between them. He assures her that he would like to see her happy, and he is not going to cause her anymore trouble. She isn’t sure whether to believe him or not. He assures her that no one will ever hear about the past from him. She thanks him for that. She has to go, but will come back and check on him later. She leaves him now, and Julian looks after her.

T.C. enters the room and thinks that he is seeing his wife kissing Julian, but he is mistaken and closes the curtain to the room.

Sheridan is upset that it seems that Luis has forgotten her and is getting on with Beth. Gwen is sure that Luis is still in love with her, and whatever Sheridan is thinking is not true. Sheridan is glad that she spoke to Gwen, who tells her that she needs to speak to Luis about things.

Luis is sleeping on Beth’s couch when she comes in to find her mother over him, talking to him and telling him that he doesn’t love Beth. Beth moves her mother from Luis and tells her to go to bed and leave Luis alone. Beth was gone for a while, and her mother would like to know where she went. Beth only says that something came up. Mrs. Wallace thinks that her daughter is trying to kill her by withholding her medication. Mrs. Wallace can’t believe how evil her daughter is. Beth is not going to let her mother mess this up for her. Mrs. Wallace tells her that Luis has been saying a name over and over again, and it isn't Beth’s name that he is saying. Mrs. Wallace doesn’t care what she does. She is sure that Beth is never going to break up Sheridan and Luis. Beth is going to fix things so that Sheridan sees that Luis is making love to her. Mrs. Wallace laughs at that. Beth thinks that is going to cause Luis to be back with her where he belongs. She tells him that Sheridan is on her way over, and she is going to see Beth and Luis making love on the couch. Luis is drunk and sleeping, but Sheridan will not know that. He is too drunk to know who he is going to be in bed with. Mrs. Wallace thinks that her daughter is a tramp. Beth tells her mother that she has learned everything that she knows from her mother. Beth drags her mother into the back room, so she can put her plan in place. Mrs. Wallace thinks that her daughter is horrible and wicked. Beth reminds her that she was going to marry Luis, and soon, Sheridan is going to be out of the picture for good. Beth threatens to put her mother in the worst rest home that she can find, if her mother intervenes. Mrs. Wallace goes into her room quietly, and Beth sets to acting out her plan. She turns off the lights.

Luis is dreaming, and in the dream, he is watching Sheridan marry Antonio. Luis interrupts the wedding, telling Sheridan that he can’t let her marry Antonio. He apologizes to her and tells her that he loves her. Antonio can’t believe what he is seeing. Luis kissing Sheridan… Luis calls out Sheridan’s name because of the dream. Beth hears him and sits with him telling him that he is going to forget about Sheridan very soon. She starts taking off his clothes, and she goes to the window to open the curtains. That will give Sheridan the best view possible of her and Luis on the couch. She takes off her top and her bra and climbs into the covers with Luis, who is playing up to Beth thinking that she is Sheridan. Beth kisses his face, reveling in the thought that Sheridan is soon going to see them.

T.C. is roaming the halls of the hospital, looking for his wife. Liz finds T.C., who talks on and on about his wife, and how they have the perfect marriage, and how nothing could get in their way. T.C. is looking for his wife to ask her if Liz can stay in the garage apartment. He is sure that Eve and Liz will get on great in the apartment. Liz has forgotten something at the nurses’ station, and she runs off to get it. Eve shows up, and T.C. tells her that Liz is looking for an apartment, and he has offered her the one in the garage. T.C. can see that she is upset. Eve tells him that she has been treating Julian, as he has cracked ribs and a cut on his shoulder. Julian got hurt by shielding Whitney from harm in the elevator. T.C. is not ready to trust Julian yet, even though he has been acting like a good person lately. Eve is a little shook up still from the accident with the elevator. They really have to thank Julian for what he did. T.C. still hates the man. Eve has paperwork to do before she goes home, so she leaves her husband to meet him later.

Simone is starting to see what Kay is saying to her. Kay tells her to be cool about this. Simone only wants to smash her sister’s face in, for being with Chad. Kay warns her that her parents might not like all this, and they might stop her from seeing Chad. Simone has to agree with that. If Simone doesn’t handle this right, Whitney will win. Simone will think before she makes her next move. How could Whitney do this to her? Kay knows that Simone can’t trust her sister, and she has to fight like a woman and play it dumb. She should pretend that she knows nothing about Chad and Whitney. Kay tells her to use her body to win Chad over. She has to use sex. Kay tells her that is the only way. Simone doesn’t want to use sex to do this. Kay did that, and it didn’t work for her and Miguel. Kay thinks that she hasn’t lost yet. She is going to do whatever she has to do to get Miguel. Simone isn’t going to do that. Kay tells her fine, but she will lose too Whitney. Simone knows that Kay is right. She decides to do whatever it takes to get Chad and not lose him to Whitney.

Antonio puts Sheridan in the car and goes to talk to Gwen. He can see that Sheridan is upset, and he asks Gwen what is wrong with Sheridan. Gwen can’t answer his questions. She only saw Luis and Sheridan kissing and that upset her. She will not tell him anything, and so he has to figure out what’s going on. Gwen tells him to go and talk to Sheridan and things will be better.

T.C. comes to see Julian to apologize to him. He is sorry that he attacked the man. Julian has done one good thing, but he still wants Julian to stay away from his family. T.C. tells him that the next time that Julian comes to his family, he will be killed.

Eve is at the front desk when Liz comes up looking for her wallet. Eve turns to find Liz looking in her face. Liz shouts out, “YOU BITCH!” and with that, she backhands her in the face.

Mrs. Wallace is saying her prayers. She doesn’t want to see Beth with Luis. “Please angels…I beg of you…STOP HER! She has put alcohol and beer in Luis and made him drunk. Now she is going to pretend to make love to Luis to upset Sheridan. That is going to tear Luis and Sheridan apart forever. Sweet angels…”

Beth is pulling off her plan. There is a lit candle by the couch, and Luis is sleeping as he talks about Sheridan and says, “I love you….I love you…” Beth can’t have him saying that when Sheridan comes to the house. Luis opens his eyes and thinks that he sees Sheridan on top of him. “Sheridan …I love you so much…” Beth starts kissing him.

Outside, Sheridan and Antonio arrive at Beth’s house. Sheridan goes to the door and sees the window beside the door. She looks inside and sees Beth and Luis on the couch. It looks to her as if they are making love. She stares at the sight, horrified.