Passions Update Tuesday 10/22/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Antonio asks Sheridan if she would just tell him what is going on. Sheridan tells him that they have to talk to Luis first. Sheridan goes up to Bethís window. She sees Luis and Beth passionately kissing. Beth sees Sheridan and kisses Luis anyway. Sheridan starts to cry. Antonio asks her what is wrong. Antonio says that Luis and Beth are just kissing. Sheridan yells "No" and takes off. Antonio gets a pain in his head but chases after her anyway.

Luis pulls away and tells Beth that he is sorry. Beth says that it is fine. Luis says that he had too much to drink. Luis tells her that he didnít mean to do that. Beth gets up and says that it is fine. Beth opens the window and says that she will get him another beer. Luis says that he shouldnít. Beth says that he will be fine. Beth leaves the room. Luis gets up and looks out the window. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Luis has had enough to drink. Beth pours more liquor in his beer. Mrs. Wallace says that Sheridan will never let her have Luis. Beth tells her mother that Sheridan saw her and Luis kissing and took off. Beth goes back into the room where Luis is and gives him the beer. Luis takes a drink and says that it is very good beer. Beth smiles and says that it is. Mrs. Wallace listens at the door and says that she has to stop them.

In the Book Cafe, Liz is on her cell phone with a hotel. The person says that there are no rooms available. T.C. overhears and asks her what she is doing in Harmony. Liz says that she is here because some friends wanted her help. He asks her whom she is here with. Liz tells him that she is there with Antonio and Sheridan. T.C. says that any friend of Sheridan and Antonio, is a friend of his. Liz thanks him. He asks her how she knows Antonio and Sheridan. Liz tells him that Antonio used to live on Saint Lisaís island with her. Liz explains that Antonio rescued Sheridan. T.C. says that Pilar told him that story. Liz asks him who Pilar is. T.C. says that she is Antonioís mother. T.C. asks her if she knows about Antonioís condition. Liz says that Luis told her. T.C. asks her if she knows about Luis and Sheridan. Liz says that she knows all about it. Liz tells T.C. that she met his girls. T.C. says that Whitney and Simone are talented young women. Liz says that Whitney and Chad are a couple. T.C. tells her that she must be mistaken because Simone and Chad are together. T.C. tells her that Whitney is a tennis player. Liz tells him that she was sure that Whitney and Chad were together. T.C. says that she got it wrong.

Simone listens as Whitney tells Chad that she loves him. Simone gets ready to storm in, but Kay stops her. Simone tells Kay to let her go. Kay says that she needs to calm down. Simone says that she is not going to calm down. Whitney and Chad hear someone yelling and walk out. Kay pulls Simone away before Whitney and Chad can see her. Kay tells Simone that if she goes in there and confronts them, she is going to make a fool out of herself. Simone says that Whitney is doing that for her. Kay says that she will look like a foolish teenager. Kay tells her to calm down and think.

Whitney tells Chad that she thought it was her father. Whitney says that she loves Chad. Chad says that he has heard it all before. Chad says that she has to tell her family, before he will believe her. Whitney says that she will tell them. Chad says that he loves her too.

Eve asks Julian if he is playing a game. Eve says that he confuses her because of the car and then Whitney. Julian asks her if she thinks that he is trying to hurt her. Eve says that she doesnít know what to think. Julian says that he just cares, now. Eve says that he is trying to seduce her. Julian says that he is doing no such thing. Julian says that he is telling her how he feels, how much he regrets not telling his father about her. Julian asks Eve if she misses what they had. Eve says that she doesnít think about it. A nurse walks in and gives Eve, Julianís x-rays. Julian asks Eve if he is going to be all right. Eve says that he has a few cracked ribs, and he needs stitches in his shoulder. Eve says that he will be ok.

Mrs. Wallace walks out and says that she has heartburn. Beth says that there should be some medicine in her room. Mrs. Wallace says that there isnít any left. Mrs. Wallace says that she will just have to stay up all night with Beth and Luis. Beth says that she will go get some medication. Luis says that he would drive, but he had too much to drink. Beth says that it is fine. Beth starts to leave and tells her mother not to say a word to Luis. Mrs. Wallace agrees.

Antonio catches up to Sheridan and asks her what is wrong. Sheridan says that she doesnít want to talk about it with him. Antonio begs Sheridan not to shut him out. Sheridan just cries. Gwen walks by and sees Sheridan crying. She runs to her and asks her what is wrong. Antonio pulls Gwen aside. Gwen asks him what is wrong with Sheridan. Antonio says that Sheridan wonít tell him. Antonio asks Gwen if she will talk to her. Gwen says that she would love to. Gwen tells Antonio to go get a coat for Sheridan. Antonio leaves, and Gwen goes to Sheridan. Gwen asks Sheridan what is going on. Sheridan says that she lost Luis. Gwen says that is not possible. Sheridan says that Luis told her it was over. Gwen says that Luis would never do that. Sheridan says that she went to Bethís house to find him, and she found them kissing on the couch. Gwen says that she must have misunderstood. Sheridan says that she knows what she saw. Gwen says that maybe Luis can explain. Sheridan says that she doesnít see how. Gwen reminds her what she told her about Ethan and Theresa. Gwen says that the ring turned out to be for her. Gwen tells Sheridan not to give up. Beth walks up and listens behind a bush. Gwen suggests that Luis was giving Beth a goodbye kiss. Sheridan says that the kiss was passionate. Gwen tells her to go find him and talk to him. Sheridan bites her nails and tries to decide. Beth tells herself that if Sheridan comes back, she will walk in on her and Luis getting it on.

Liz says that she must have been wrong. Liz says that she has to get back to looking for a hotel room. T.C. says that she will never find a place close. T.C. says that she can stay at his house. Liz says that he better check with his wife. T.C. says that he will stop by the hospital and ask. Liz asks him if his wife is sick. T.C. says that she is a doctor there. T.C. gives her a card and tells her to page him if she canít find anything.

Simone says that she is going to set Whitney and Chad straight. Kay grabs her and tells her that she has to have a plan.

T.C. arrives at the hospital. He asks a nurse where Dr. Russell is. She tells him that she is right in that room. Eve finishes with Julian's shoulder. She asks him if he is in a lot of pain, she wonders if she is causing it. Julian says that she is going fine. Julian and Eve kiss, just as T.C. walks in.