Passions Update Monday 10/21/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Chad can’t believe that Julian took care of Whitney. She is glad that Julian did that too. She tells him that when she thought that she was going to die, she realized what was important to her. She knows that she made a mistake before. She told Julian that Chad is the only person that she wants to be with forever and ever. Julian understood, as there was someone that he loved too, when he was very young. He begged her not to make the same mistake that he made. She tells Chad that Simone is her sister, but she can’t let this happen. Simone comes running up to Chad and hugs him. She was really worried about him, and she is glad that he is okay. He has a cut on his arm, and Simone starts kissing it. She turns to her sister, and Whitney tells her that she is alright. It has been a horrible night for her. Simone doesn’t know what she would do, if she lost her sister. She learned that Chad risked his life to save Whitney. Whitney tells her that Julian had things to tell her when they were in the elevator. She got some good advice. He was fatherly to her. She talked to him about love and never letting go. She never knew that Julian was so wise. Whitney tells Simone what Julian told her, and Simone knows that she is never going to let love get away from her. She hugs Chad. She is always going to be with him.

T.C. is shocked that Julian saved their daughter’s life. He even forgave Simone for wrecking his car. That doesn’t sound like Julian Crane. In the elevator, he saved Whitney and risked his life to do it. That is unbelievable. The woman that he was talking about from his past… What kind of woman would want to get involved with Julian? Eve remembers talking to Julian and him wanting her to admit that she loved him as much as he loved her. T.C. always hated the Cranes. T.C. thought that the man was taking advantage of Whitney. T.C. hates that he beat the man up, but he thought that Julian was doing something wrong. T.C. wants her to think of the woman that Julian used to be involved with. How would the woman’s husband react now, if he knew that she used to be with Julian Crane. T.C. thinks that any man that knew Julian wouldn’t forget or forgive him for being with his wife. Julian is lying in a bed near them in the hospital and he wakes up. Eve walks to him and calls his name. He remembers lying with her so long ago. He looks up at her. He tells her that he is glad that they can talk about their love. T.C. comes up behind them and asks Julian what the hell he is talking about. He tells Julian that there is nothing between he and Eve. Eve says that he is delirious. Julian assures T.C. that is what he meant. T.C. doesn’t believe that the man has changed. He appreciates what Julian did for Whitney, and he is grateful to the man. Eve tells T.C. that she has to examine Julian before he goes to x-ray, and T.C. leaves. Eve turns to Julian and reminds him that T.C. will kill him, if he ever learns what happened in the past. He looks half dead. He seems to be acting like he has a death wish. The orderly comes to get Julian and take him to x-ray. Julian looks longingly at Eve.

Beth has doped up Luis, and Mrs. Wallace is worried that things are not going to go his way. Mrs. Wallace prays to the angels to have Luis saved from Beth. She would do anything to ruin Beth and Luis. She wants the girl punished for what she is going to do.

Luis is in Beth’s kitchen with no shirt on. She has him drinking, and he tells her that if he got smashed there would be no telling what he would do. Luis tells her that when he was called over to her house, he was at Sheridan’s cottage. Beth wants to know why. Antonio is fine, but he and Sheridan are not. Luis said to Sheridan that he was standing in the way of her being with Antonio. When he went to the emergency at Crane Industries, Sheridan wasn’t worried about him at all. She had lots of opportunities to tell Antonio the truth, and she never did. She wouldn’t let him tell either. He thinks that she didn’t want him to be told the truth. He thinks that she loves the man. She had amnesia, and she had a strong relationship with the man, and that is why he is going to get out of her way and let them have their happiness. His relationship with Sheridan is over now. He has the drink that Beth has gotten him, and he sits at the table and keeps drinking. Beth knows, now, that nothing is going to stop her from marrying Luis. He is going to be hers. Luis knows that Antonio is sick, but telling him the truth isn’t going to kill him. That doesn’t matter now, as he and Sheridan are over. Luis only wanted Sheridan to be happy, and he is sure that she is going to be happy now. Beth tells him that she is sorry, as this must hurt. She tells him that she is there for him. If he needs to talk or anything, she will be there. He knows that she has always been there for him and has been supportive. He is really woozy now. She knows that he didn’t have much to eat that day. He goes back under the counter to fix the sink.

Mrs. Wallace can’t believe her ears. Everything is going to fall apart. She is hiding in a nearby room, listening.

Antonio and Sheridan are talking, and she is upset. Luis has just left her. Antonio thinks that things are the way that they are supposed to be. He is with the woman that he loves, and he is about to marry her. She remembers the things that Luis said to her. He couldn’t do this anymore. He told her that he is leaving her. Sheridan is crying now. She has to tell Antonio the truth. She turns to him. She can’t let this go on any longer. This is all about Luis, and that is why she has to tell him the truth.

Someone comes to the door at the cottage, and it is Pilar. She senses that something is wrong. Sheridan tells Antonio that she has a headache, and he leaves to get her some tea. Pilar wants to know what is going on. Sheridan is crying and tells her that she wants to be with Luis. Luis has left her, as he thinks that she wants to be with Antonio. She says that is wrong, and she can’t lose him now. She knows that Antonio has to be told the truth. Pilar begs her not to. She knows that her son will die. Sheridan has decided that she wants to tell Antonio the truth in a controlled environment. That is a risk that she has to take. Her life, and Luis’s, will be ruined forever if she doesn’t do this.

T.C. finds his girl in the hall of the hospital. It is a miracle that his girl is alive. Whitney would like to talk to him. T.C. wants to hear nothing from her. Simone is proud of Chad and Whitney. T.C. found the whole experience weird. Julian is a hero. What is next? Pigs flying? Eve comes to see the group. T.C. remembers what Julian was talking about: the woman that he loved. T.C. remembers the tape that Julian listens to all the time. That is the woman that was probably the love of Julian’s life, and he let her get away. They can’t imagine Julian being romantic. T.C. thinks that if they find the woman on that tape, they will understand the man better.

Mrs. Wallace walks into the kitchen and sees Luis trying to fix the sink. She thinks that Luis should go home, and they will call a plumber. Luis refuses to leave until the job is done. Beth pushes her mother into the other room. She knows that her mother is trying to scare Luis off. Beth isn't afraid of the angels in heaven. Mrs. Wallace will not let her get Luis. Beth warns her that she will end up in a nursing home, if she gets in the way. Beth is going to do whatever she has to in order to get Luis.