Passions Update Friday 10/18/02

Passions Update Friday 10/18/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Kay ends up kissing Miguel in the hall at the hospital, and Charity comes out and sees them. Miguel seems to be enjoying the kiss, and it is taking much longer than necessary, it seems. They are supposed to be only friends, but this isnít right in Charityís mind. Tabitha and Connie are there, and they are happy to see this. They have to prevent Charity and Miguel from getting married. That would ruin things for evil everywhere. Simone comes up, and sees Michael and Kay kissing, and she canít believe it. She asks Tabitha what is going on. Tabitha doesnít really have all that much of an explanation for her. Connie has turned herself into doll mode, for Simoneís presence, but she is still able to talk to Tabitha in spite of it. Charity is hurt, and she walks up to Miguel and Kay slowly. She shouldnít even be out of bed, but she tries to get to them anyway. They see her, and Miguel tries to explain it, but he canít. Charity asks why he was kissing her. Kay says that something happened. She tells her that something has been kept from her for a long time. She thinks that it is time that they tell her the truth. Charity is ready to hear this truth, whatever it is. Tabitha thinks that honesty is the best policy here. That is her way of pushing the truth to come out, so Charity will not be in love with Miguel anymore. Miguel knows that Tabitha is right. It is time that Charity knows what happened, he decides. Simone tells Charity that she should go back to bed. She says that Miguel was only comforting Kay and making her feel better. Charity tells Miguel that she is going to marry him at Christmas, so Kay shouldnít be upset, she should be happy. She assures Kay that she shouldnít be sad anymore. The nurse comes and makes Charity go back to bed. She really shouldnít be walking around in her condition. So much for shocking Charity. Tabitha knows that another opportunity is going to come so that Charity will find out that Kay and Miguel slept together That should end things, forever, for the both of them.

Theresa is worried about Ethan. She is told by Ethan that the ring that he bought is for Gwen. He is going to ask her to marry him. Gwen is listening behind a curtain, and she canít believe her good luck. Theresa thinks it is good for her that he got the ring at the same place where her ring was bought. He tells her that the store means nothing. He has been shopping there for years. Theresa tells him that they are meant to be together. He is going to marry Gwen, and he will. He tells her that the ring that she found was the one that was meant for Gwen. Theresa tells him that he canít marry Gwen, as she loves him, and she knows that he loves her. Ethan canít trust her anymore. She reminds him of the other things that she has done for him. She went to Bermuda to get him back with his family. She got drunk by Julian and pregnant for him. She did all those things for him. She even went to a death chamber for him. She jumped into an elevator shaft for him. He is the most important person to her. That doesnít matter, as he canít trust her and that means that they canít have a relationship. Gwen smiles behind the curtain. She has won, and Theresa has finally lost. Theresa assures him that she has learned from her mistakes. Ethan finds that she has said that before, and still, he canít trust her. What about their love, she wonders? She loves him, and she knows that he loves her. She says they can use that to rebuild their love. He begs her not to embarrass herself anymore. She wants to start over and make him love her again. She thinks that if he only admits that he still loves her, the rest will take care of itself. Gwen waits, patiently, to hear what Ethan is going to say to that.

Luis and Sheridan talk, as Antonio is in the other room, at the cottage. Luis tells her that he thinks that she really loves Antonio. She was more worried about Antonio than him. He was the one that Sheridan was worried about. Whether she realizes it or not, Luis sees that she chose his brother. He is going to take himself out of the picture, so that she can have a life with Antonio. Sheridan says that she was only worried about Antonio as he is going to die anyway. She wasnít worried about Luis as he is a trained professional. She remembers him saving her from killers, long ago. He has to admit that he understands her thinking. This, however, isnít about that anymore. Antonio has had setbacks, but that hasnít killed him. Luis knows that there is more going on here. Sheridan must love him, and she must face that fact. Luis has been trying to get her to dump Antonio, and that hasnít happened. She has had many chances to tell the truth. She begs him to stop saying that. He doesnít care. That is the truth. He tells her that she met him and fell for him. When the truth came out, Luis went to Beth and told her the truth. He knows that there is something deeper, and he accepts it. He is going to give her what she wants. He loves her, too much not to see her happy. She begs him to listen to him. He will leave her alone. He asks only that she save him a dance at her wedding. He can see the love in her eyes when she looks at Antonio. She is sacrificing their love and making Antonio happy instead of Luis. She denies that she is doing these things. Luis canít do this anymore. He tells her that she is going to be with Antonio. He is sorry. His phone rings and he answersÖ

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that heaven is making sure that Beth doesnít get to be with Luis. Beth has made her mother some tea. Mrs. Wallace has more to say. She thinks that the angels are her friends, and they have other plans for Beth. She thinks that the angels want Beth to stay single, so that she will always look after her mother. Her mother thinks that she is pious and pure. Beth laughs at that. She knows that her mother was a slut and a whore. Beth doesnít even know who her father is. Beth thinks that the woman is delusional. Mrs. Wallace tells her that no way is she going to marry Luis, as her prayers have been answered. She starts singing, ďHallelujah!Ē Beth knows that the way to a manís heart is through his stomach. She also knows that the way to a manís heart is also the place below a manís stomach, and she is going to go there.

Charity goes back to bed, and Miguel tells Kay that they should go and talk. She doesnít want to do that. She walks off. Miguel tries to follow her, but Simone stops him; telling him that he needs to go and be with Charity. She will take care of Kay for him.

Kay goes running off, and Tabitha and Connie follow for a moment. This is the moment that they have been working for.

Beth calls Luis and asks him to come over to her house and fix some plumbing. Luis tells her that he will be right over. Sheridan hears his call and knows that he is going over to see her. Antonio comes out of the back room in a towel. Luis tells him that he was telling Sheridan to save a dance for him at the wedding. Antonio is glad to talk about that. Soon, he is going to be married to the woman of his dreams. Sheridan has tears in her eyes. Luis says goodbye, and he walks out. This is not what Sheridan wants, she thinks.

Beth goes under the sink in the kitchen and damages the pipes. Mrs. Wallace hates that she is doing that. She thinks that Beth canít win because she is not as beautiful as Sharon. Beth is willing to make a deal, with the dark side, to get Luis for her own. She will not rest, until she is with Luis. There is nothing that Mrs. Wallace, or heaven, can do to stop her. Mrs. Wallace finds that to be blasphemy!

Miguel comes to talk to Charity, telling her that he is sorry that Charity saw him with Kay that way. Charity knows that she has to trust her fiancť or there is no one that she can trust. Something is bothering her. She thinks that their relationship is being threatened, and she doesnít know where the threat is coming from.

Tabitha goes over to Kay, and she is crying over Miguel. She loves the guy. She has loved the guy her whole life. Miguel apparently never realized that Kay loved him. Tabitha pretends not to know about Kay sleeping with Miguel. Soon they start talking about it.