Passions Update Thursday 10/17/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Tabitha leans down and listens to Timmyís heart beat, in Charity. Charity says that she wouldnít be alive, if it wasnít for her and Timmy. Charity tells Tabitha that she will never forget what she did for her and Miguel. Tabitha asks her if Miguel has a piece of Timmy too. Charity says that she wouldnít be alive to see Miguel propose to her. Tabitha says that she will be Miguelís wife in every way. Connie tells her to remember what she came there for. Charity says that Tabitha gave her life. Tabitha runs out of the room. Simone says that she misses her Timmy. Charity says that she is sweet.

Kay tells Miguel that she loves him. Miguel says that he loves her too, as a friend. Kay says that she loves him the way that a woman loves a man.  Miguel tells her that he didnít know that. Kay asks him how he couldnít see it. Miguel says that he thought that they were just friends. Kay says that she thinks he knew all along. Miguel says that he didnít know. Kay tells Miguel that he made love to her. Miguel says that he thought it was Charity. Kay says that she and Charity look nothing alike. Kay says that she had the most wonderful night, until he said that it was a mistake. Miguel says that he was influenced by evil. Kay accuses him of thinking that she is evil. Miguel says that he doesnít think that. Kay says that she loved him forever. Miguel says that he had no idea. Kay asks him if he even cared about what it would do to her. Kay says that he didnít care. Kay tells him that no one cares about her. Kay says that he doesnít care, and neither does his mother.

Theresa tells Gwen that it is not her place to go with Ethan. Gwen asks her why. Theresa shows her the engagement ring. Theresa says that Ethan bought it for her. Gwen says that he wouldnít do that. Theresa walks away.

Sheridan tells Antonio that he should rest. Sheridan says that she is going to get Eve. Antonio says that she is the only one that can make him feel better. Sheridan asks him how. Antonio kisses her, and Luis sees.

T.C. continues to punch Julian. Eve yells for him to stop. Whitney tells T.C. to stop. Chad says that he is getting what he needs. Whitney says that Julian didnít try to hurt her. Whitney says that he was protecting her from the glass. Eve and T.C. both say ď He saved you.Ē Whitney goes to Julian and hugs him. Whitney says that she knew he wasnít hurting her. Luis says that Julian never tried to save anyone, but himself. Eve goes to Julian and canít get a pulse. She finally gets one that is weak. She asks the paramedics if they can take him to the hospital. They say that they will. They take Ethan out.

Sheridan asks Gwen why she isnít going with him. Gwen pulls her aside and tells her that he gave an engagement ring to Theresa. Sheridan says that she doesnít believe that. Sheridan tells her to go anyway, and ask Ethan what is going on. Gwen says that she will. Sheridan tells her not to give up. Gwen leaves. Antonio tells Sheridan that he wants to go back and get married. Luis says that there is no way he is going to let that happen. Sheridan says that it is getting late, and she just wants to get some rest. Antonio agrees. He asks Sheridan if she can forgive him for not getting married. Sheridan says that it is fine. Luis says that he will drive them home.

David kisses Grace. Grace pulls away and tells him that she loves Sam. Grace tells David that she canít be with him. David tells Grace that he loves her. Grace asks him to stop saying that. David says that he canít. David tells Grace that he wants her. Grace pulls away and asks David why he canít just make things easy and hate her. David says that he could never hate Grace. Grace asks herself how this happened. Grace tells David that she canít get him out of her mind. Grace says that all she thinks about is David.

Ivy tells Sam that Grace loves David. Sam says that she doesnít. Ivy reminds Sam that Grace kicked him out of her bed. Sam asks her how she knows that. Ivy says that it is a small town. Ivy continues to say that Grace loves David. Ivy tells Sam that she loves him. Ivy says that Sam is her first love. Ivy says that Grace has David. Sam walks away. Ivy tells herself that she is going to make sure that David stays with Grace.

Cracked Connie asks Tabitha what is wrong with her. Tabitha says that she canít hurt Charity because she has Timmyís heart. Connie reminds Tabitha that Charity killed Timmy. Connie says that if it werenít for Charity, Timmy would be here right now with her. Tabitha says that Connie is right, she has to destroy Charity. Tabitha goes back into Charityís room. She tells Charity that if she plans on marrying Miguel at Christmas, then she better start getting stronger. Charity says that Tabitha is right. Charity says that as soon as Miguel gets back, she is going to ask him to walk with her. Tabitha says that she will walk with Charity. Charity tells Tabitha that would be great. Tabitha then helps Charity out of bed.

Kay tells Miguel that she thought that he realized that he loved her. Kay asks Miguel how she is supposed to watch him marry Charity. Miguel says that he doesnít know. Kay asks him for one last kiss. Miguel kisses her, and Charity walks out and sees them.

At the hospital, Eve heads towards Julianís room. Theresa stops her and tells her that she has to look at Ethan first. Eve agrees and goes to Ethan. Eve asks him if he feels any pain. Ethan says that he is just sore. Eve tells Theresa that Ethan is fine. Eve heads towards Julian. Ethan tells Theresa that he should thank her for saving him. Theresa says that God gave her the strength. Theresa tells Ethan that she is sorry for spoiling the surprise. Ethan asks her what surprise. Theresa pulls out the ring and puts it on. Theresa says that it is beautiful. Gwen walks up and listens at the door. Ethan tells Theresa that the ring is not for her, itís for Gwen.

Eve says that Julian has at least one broken rib. She tells the nurse to get him to X-ray. Eve goes back out to her family. Whitney says that Julian has changed. Whitney tells them that he told her about his first love, a beautiful singer. Eve gets nervous and goes back to Julian. He wakes up and holds her hand.

Luis, Sheridan, and Antonio arrive at the cottage. Sheridan tells Antonio that he should get some rest. Sheridan says that she is going to make some tea. Antonio says that he is going to take a shower. Antonio leaves the room. Luis tells Sheridan that he doesnít know how much more he can take. Sheridan says that she knows. Antonio calls for Sheridan. Sheridan kisses Luis and goes to Antonio. Antonio is in the shower. Sheridan asks him what he wants. Antonio tells her to take off her clothes and get in. Sheridan tells Antonio that Luis is still there. Antonio says that Luis will understand. Antonio pulls Sheridan towards her. Sheridan says that she is not getting in. Antonio splashes her with water and tickles her. Luis can hear her and Antonio giggling. Sheridan starts to walk out the bathroom door, and Antonio says that she is a party pooper. Luis heads for the door. Sheridan walks out and asks him where he is going. Luis says that he is leaving. Sheridan asks him if he wants to stay for tea. Luis says no. Luis says that it is obvious that Sheridan wants to be with Antonio. Sheridan asks him what he is talking about. Luis says that she was so worried that Antonio would get hurt in the elevator. Sheridan says that she was terrified for Luis. Luis says that she didnít show it. Luis says that it is over. Sheridan just looks at him.