Passions Update Wednesday 10/16/02

Passions Update Wednesday 10/16/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Tabitha and Connie are gorging themselves on fast food and take out. Tabitha remembers the babies. She has been so tired lately. She remembers asking the babies who their mothers are, and a baby turned to her and called her momma. She is tired now and heads to have a nap. She turns on the television to let Connie watch Fear Factor for a while. Tabitha goes to sleep, and Hecuba speaks to Connie invisibly. Hecuba reminds her that she will help the girl, if the girl helps her. Connie thinks that it would be fun to bring Hecuba out to give Tabby a run for her money. She heads to the basement and calls for the boys in the basement. The spirits shout for her to close the door. She asks the spirits if that is anyway to talk to a lady. They are happy that she would like to stick it to Tabitha. They invite her down into the basement. She soon comes back up with the tiny bottle in her hands. She tells the bottle that she is going to let Hecuba free. Tabitha didn’t want this to happen and that makes things more fun for Connie. Hecuba is ready to deal with that old crow. The cork is stuck. Tabitha is still asleep. Connie plans to throw the bottle against the wall. Hecuba screams for her to "Stop!" She tells Connie to get the corkscrew that she was told about. They don’t know where it is, so Connie will have to go look for it. Connie puts the bottle down and goes running off to find the corkscrew. Hecuba blames Tabitha for this happening to her.

Connie goes looking into the cabinet, and she finds the corkscrew that they have been talking about. Tabitha is going to wake up to a nightmare. Hecuba is thrilled that she is going to be free. She is going to fry Tabitha when she gets out. Connie is about to open the bottle, when Tabitha comes up behind her and grabs the bottle away from her. Connie threatens her, but Tabitha doesn’t care. Hecuba is bouncing around in the bottle, and she is mad. Hecuba warns Tabitha to stop and listen, or they are going to be shaken, rattled and rolled. Connie panics at that. Tabitha thinks that Hecuba should be ignored.

Simone talks to Kay, asking her if she has a guilty conscience for what she has been doing. Kay would like to be left alone to see what is going to happen when Charity learns that Miguel slept with her. She is sure that then Miguel is going to be hers. She goes back to the hospital window. She sees them smiling in there and isn’t happy at all. Miguel has come to a decision. He has something that he would like to ask Charity. He gets on his knees beside her bed. This can’t wait. Kay sees him there and knows that something is going to happen. Miguel is about to propose to Charity. Simone is happy at what she sees. Kay tries to get in the room, but Simone stops her.

Miguel asks Charity to marry him and she tells him "Yes!"  They hug. Simone and Kay can tell what is happening. Kay breaks in the room and asks what Miguel is doing. Kay says that she saw him on his knees and that she thought that something bad was happening. Charity explains that Miguel has asked her to marry him. Simone gushes over that. Miguel had wanted to do that for a while, but he waited until they were 18. After everything that they have been through, he couldn’t wait for Charity to be his wife. Charity is glad to marry him. She asks Kay to be her Maid of Honor. Miguel would like them to pitch in so that they could have the wedding at Christmas. The bridesmaids can wear red, Charity thinks. Kay can wear another color if she would like to. Kay tells Miguel that she would like to talk to him, and she drags him from the room. She asks him, in private, why he asked Charity to marry him. Miguel did it because of Kay. He knows that his love for Charity is going to be strong enough to survive. Kay tells him that he can’t do that.

Eve tells Sheridan that she is worried about Antonio and his blackouts. Sheridan is worried about him, too. Gwen arrives and goes to Sheridan for an explanation. Sheridan tells her that Ethan has been electrocuted. They don’t know what is going on as the elevator shaft is broken, and the elevator can’t move. Theresa was upset and jumped into the open shaft to save Ethan. She managed to save him from falling to his death. Gwen knows that she can help. Eve tells her that all that she can do is hope and pray. Sam arrives. He is upset. Grace is not there. Sam remembers Grace wanting to stay with David. That hurt him deeply. Sam left Grace to be with the man. That has broken his heart. Eve knows that Ivy knows what has happened. T.C. has a chain holding up the elevator. The chain might not hold for long, but they hope that it holds for as long as they need it to.

Down in the elevator shaft, Theresa is with Ethan on the top of the elevator. She cradles him in her arms, telling him that everything is going to be alright.

In the elevator, Julian assures Whitney that everything is going to be alright. They are huddled together in a corner.

THE CHAIN BREAKS, AND THE ELEVATOR GOES CRASHING TO THE BOTTOM!!! Theresa and Whitney both scream. Theresa doesn’t care what happens now, only that she is with the man that she loves. All watch from above, and wait, as the elevator car goes crashing to the bottom of the shaft. Only then will they know what has really happened to all that are in there. They all try to grab the chain to stop it from falling, but it just causes them all to fall to the ground. They get up, all worried about someone in the shaft. They go running to the bottom of the shaft by way of the stairs.

David and Grace are on the floor, too. The plan seems to have worked. They pick themselves up off the floor and dust themselves off.

In the elevator, Julian and Whitney are unconscious, as are Theresa and Ethan. There is no telling if any, or all, of them are alive.

Everyone else arrives to save the victims of the crash. Sam looks for a minute at Grace trying to help David. Then he just walks off. Grace thinks that David needs some help too. He has a sore hand, and she would like to help him with it.

Everyone else goes to where the victims of the crash have fallen; to get the doors open, to free the people that are in there.

Theresa wakes up and tries to revive Ethan. He says nothing to her. She calls to him, and calls to him, but nothing happens. He doesn’t even stir. She is frantic now.

Hecuba tells Connie and Tabitha that Miguel and Charity are going to get married and exchange vows, and then they all will be destroyed. Tabitha thinks that Hecuba might be telling the truth, and she goes running off to save the day.

Charity tells Simone that she is happy that her wedding is going to come. Charity would like to get started on the plans right away. Charity wonders what Kay and Miguel are talking about. Simone thinks that Kay just wants to congratulate Miguel.

Miguel knows that Kay wants him to tell Charity the truth about them, but he wants to wait. He wants to marry Charity first and then tell her. To him, making love with Kay was the most horrible thing that he could have done. It wasn’t horrible for her, though.

Julian starts to stir. He is lying on top of Whitney, and he tries to wake her. He shakes her, and she stirs. She wonders if they are dead, but they are not. Outside of the shaft, the men work to open the door. Eve is frantic. They can hear Theresa talking and crying for Ethan. Ivy only cares for Ethan. Gwen goes to get the fire extinguisher, and Antonio takes it and tries to pry the doors open. They get the door open, and they see Theresa lying below them with Ethan. Luis goes in to get her. He reaches his sister and carries her to the opening, where Antonio picks her up and brings her to safety. Luis goes next to Ethan and lifts him gingerly. He holds the man up as if he is a rag doll, and pushes him to Antonio to carry him out. Sheridan is glad to see that he is still alive. Gwen tries to talk to Ethan. She asks him to squeeze her hand. Theresa pushes between them, crying for Ethan, begging him to live. “You have to! You have to!” Gwen can’t believe that even at a time like this she can’t be with the man that she loves, and she can’t help him because of Theresa. Theresa moves to him and puts her head on his chest.