Passions Update Monday 10/14/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Miguel saw a baby in her room in the hospital. The baby looked evil. Miguel thinks that she only needs a rest. Charity doesnít want to be alone right now.

Simone drags Kay out, so Miguel and Charity can have some privacy. Outside, Simone tells Kay to leave the couple alone. Simone starts frisking her for an amulet or potion. She is sure that Kay has conjured up the baby that Charity has seen. Kay says that she knows nothing about any dancing baby that has been appearing. Kay walks off and finds the baby walking alone. She tried to get the baby to come with her, but he dropped kicked her in the face. Simone finds her insensitive to Charity. Kay would like Simone to give things a rest. Simone is sure that she knows a whole lot more than what she is saying now. Kay thinks that Simone is just like her mother, who blames her for everything that goes wrong. Kay doesnít care what she thinks. Kay thinks that if Charity goes on about this baby, she will look unstable.

In Charityís room, she tells Miguel that the baby was kooky. It had a smile that showed that it knew something about her and Miguel, that no one else did. Miguel assures her that he will make sure that nothing happens to them. Nothing and no one is going to mess with them again. She wants to believe him. He tells her that nothing will come between them. She believes him, and they kiss. Kay is watching from outside and wants to go in, but Simone stops her. Simone knows that somewhere along the way, Kay got bad inside. She is wild and wicked. Kay even wants her parents to split up. Maybe her parents will be happy with other people. They are not like Simoneís parents.

Liz has been taken to the hospital. Antonio would like to get married now to Sheridan, but Luis says that they canít do that. Antonio is getting suspicious. He is starting to think differently about his brother interrupting his wedding to Sheridan. He asks Luis if he has a problem. Luis tells him that there is a lot that he doesnít understand. Liz thinks that they should forget about this discussion, until they get out of this place. That is fine with Antonio. He only wants to get married. Liz says that Luis only wants his mother to be at the wedding, too. Antonio tells Sheridan that this marriage is to make things legal, and they are going to have the fancy wedding after the honeymoon. Luis didnít know they were going on a honeymoon. Antonio thinks that is going to be the best time of the marriage. He is going to have a huge reception, later. Antonio goes to call the Justice of the Peace, to let him know that they are going to get married. As soon as he is out of earshot, Luis tells Sheridan that they are not going to get married. Sheridan has no idea what can be done. Antonio could die. She has no other choice to make. Luis asks her how she would feel if he married another woman. He canít stand the idea that she is going to marry another man. Antonio returns to say that they can marry. Liz says that things sound great, but first she has to be officially released. That is fine with Antonio. They will then get in their cars, and head up to the Justice of the Peace, and get married. Liz knows that nothing is going to stop the wedding now.

Sam, David and T.C. get to Crane Industries and come up with a plan to save Ethan. Sam decides that he has to be lowered down into the shaft to save his son. The cables are letting loose, and suddenly, the elevator car with Ethan on top of it lowers even further. Whitney and Julian are sure that they are going to die. Ivy cries out that they have to save her son. The elevator plunges down, but slowly, so that the occupants of the car, and Ethan, who is on top of the car, donít suffer the quick plunge that is sure to come yet. The elevator stops. It is wedged in the shaft. They know that if the shaft moves, they could all fall to the bottom and die. Theresa is frantic. Sam calls Luis and tells him that there is danger, and Ethan could die. Luis will go and help. Ethan was trying to rescue Whitney when he fell down an elevator shaft. Luis tells the others that Ethan and Whitney are in danger. Sheridan would like to go with Luis, and Antonio understands. They can get married another time. Liz thinks that was an act of God, as the wedding has been stopped. Beth has nothing to say on the matter.

The group trying to save Whitney, Julian and Ethan decide that they have to go to a lower floor to save the trio. Whitney is hurt. She panics when she thinks that Julian is coming on to her, but he is only trying to get his shirt ripped up to make her bandages.

Theresa and the others get to a lower floor and pry open the doors of the elevator. They see Ethan lying unconscious on the top of the elevator.

They are closer to him now. The cables give way again, and the elevator starts falling. Theresa screams out to Ethan. Theresa fights to get to Ethan, but she is stopped. Theresa tells everyone that Julian is in the elevator. Eve is frantic. Grace tells Theresa that she has to come with her to the office. They walk off. Sam assures Ivy that he will take care of Ethan. She believes him, and she walks off. Sam feels that it is his duty to save his sonís life.

Grace, Eve, and Ivy have Theresa in the office. Grace would like Eve to get a sedative for Theresa. Eve goes reluctantly. Theresa wants a glass of water, and Grace goes to get it. Ivy tells Theresa to cut the act. She says that the audience has left the building. Ivy doesnít buy this for a minute. Ivy says that if Ethan dies, it will be her fault. That is the truth, she thinks. She knows that it is because of Theresa that Ethan found out that he wasnít a Crane. He would be married to Gwen, if it wasnít for Theresa. Theresa tells her that she is wrong and knows nothing about real love. She should compare her love for Sam to Ethan. Ivy was the one that gave up love for Julian. Ivy knows that marrying Julian was the biggest mistake that she ever made. Theresa doesnít believe that she thinks that. Ivy saw what her life was like, if she followed her heart. She knows what things would have been like, if she were married to Sam. Grace has returned with the glass of water, and she has heard what Ivy has been saying.

Julian and Whitney are sitting still in the elevator. He knows that her father has turned her against him. She tells him that it isnít only her father, her mother hates him too. Julian remembers telling Ivy that he loved her. He reminded Eve of what they used to be. She thought that he ruined it all. She was so innocent when she met him, and she only wanted to sing, and he took that away from her. She didnít want to say "no" to him. She loved the lifestyle of the Cranes, and she loved that he loved her. He saw then that she loved him. He loved her, too.

He touches Whitneyís hand, as he is in deep thought, and she moves away from him sharply, making the elevator sway under the movement of her body.