Passions Update Friday 10/11/02

Passions Update Friday 10/11/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Simone wants Chad to go with her to the hospital to see Charity, but he wants to go with Whitney to see Theresa at the mansion. Whitney is in the other room getting her purse and Chad decides that he is going to tell Simone what she needs to know. This will be his chance to smarten her up once and for all. He is about to explain things to her when Whitney comes over again to confirm that Theresa is alive. Simone tells her what she wants to hear and Whitney is off in a cloud again. She is happier than ever. Whitney canít believe that such good things have been happening to her in such a short time. Simone wants to know what she means by that. Whitney gets flashbacks of Chad and she making love, she and he had decided so many times that they were going to talk to Simone and they never did it. She suspects that Chad was about to talk to Simone about the truth just now and she was right. Simone says that she wants Chad to go with her, but he would like to go with Whitney to see Theresa. Whitney knows why he wants to go with her. She is the sister that he loves. Simone is only a friend to him. Whitney is jittery and Simone can understand that. She thinks that this has to do with Theresa and the shock of learning that she is alive. Chad tells Simone that she should remember that thinks are not always as bad as it may seem at first. He seems earnest to show her at every turn that she needs to take things as positively as possible. That will be some cushioning for the blow that is sure to come. Simone thinks that she understands why Chad wants to go with Whitney to see Theresa. It is all clear to her now. He must be worried about Whitney driving across town by herself while she is feeling shaky from the good news. She is happy that he is the way that he is and she kisses his cheek, cause he is just so wonderful. That is just another of the reasons why she loves him so much. He is so thoughtful and considerate. Simone thinks that Whitney and Chad should kiss and makeup as they didnítí like each other before and now they are getting to be friends. That is what Simone wants more than anything. She would like her sister and boyfriend to finally become the friends that she knows they can be. Simone tells them that she isnítí going to get jealous as she knows that Chad really loves her. She pushes them together and so Chad and Whitney hug each other. While they are hugging, Chad whispers to Whitney that he is sorry for this. Chad and Whitney separate and Simon goes to Chad and plants a big wet one right on his lips. He wasnít expecting that. She feels better as she thinks that she has the best boyfriend in the world. She tells Whitney that she was really messed up before. Everything was always happening for Whitney. Whitney had tennis and she was the one that everyone preferred and Simone was feeling like a nothing. Whitney was always the popular one and now it is Simoneís turn to shine and it is everything that she has always dreamed of. She has to go back to the hospital and she kisses Chad on her way out. Chad tells Whitney that this is bad. When Simone gets the news finally, her world will be crushed. She is not the only one that stands to lose.

Luis and Sheridan are having a heart to heart as they wait on word from the hospital on Antonioís condition. Luis canít see past her being with his brother. He canít see that she couldnít control what happened to her memory. How could she let this happen? She thought that she was alone in the world when he found her. She was lucky to even find a friend and that was what he was to her. Luis believes her, but he thinks that his brother knew that she was Sheridan all along. Sheridan finds that ridiculous. She is a Crane but that doesnít mean that Antonio should have known who she was. Luis is sure that he must have seen her picture somewhere. She reminds him that she was on a remote island. They donít get information as quickly or as often as the rest of the world might. Luis has to believe her. That is not an excuse for Luis. To him, Antonio must have found a way to take advantage of the woman that he loves, and that is not acceptable to Luis. Sheridan tries to make Luis understand, but he just canít. Why would Antonio have brought her to Harmony if he knew that Luis was going to be there? How would that help him steal Sheridan from Luis? He calls Antonio a bastard and Sheridan is shocked at that. Luis is letting his hurt get the better of him and that is not pretty. Luis thinks that he knows more than anyone else what Antonio is capable of. He hates that his brother has been closer to her than he recently. No one was supposed to touch Sheridan but Luis. He is like a boy that has lost his favourite toy. Luis did nothing wrong, but neither did Antonio. She tells him that his brother is home after all these years and he deserves a chance to get to enjoy being with his family again. Luis finds her going out of her way to stick up for Antonio. He is suspicious of that coming from her. She used to care for him like that. Is that because she is in love with him? He wants an answer.

Pilar talks to Antonio in his hospital bed and he tells her that he has been with Sheridan all this time that she has been missing. Eve is there and she slowly gets the news of Sheridan and Antonio. She is surprised to hear Antonio talking the way that he does about Sheridan. Antonio notices that she is shocked. He thinks that the shock is because he is poor and Sheridan is rich. Sheridan and he fell in love before they even knew who they were, that is what makes their love so wonderful. People are going to think that they are mismatched but that is okay. He will just have to get used to that. Sheridan is nearby and Antonio wants to see she and Luis together. He has something to say. He knows that Luisís socks are going to be knocked off when he sees who Sheridan is going to marry. Pilar knows that is so true. Antonio tries to get up but the women push him down into the bed. They will get Luis and Sheridan for him. They want him to stay there and rest awhile. Eve and Pilar leave him and Eve tells Pilar how sorry she is to see what difficulties Pilar is going to have. Pilar has no idea what she is to do. Luis knows the truth already of Sheridan being the woman for both brothers, and soon Antonio is going to find out. Sheridan should be the one that tells Antonio the truth. Look what Antonio has come home to? This is going to tear the family apart.

Kay has gone into the chapel at the hospital. The statues start moving and they want her out of there. ďEvil must be punished! Evil must be punished!Ē Kay is flailing her arms but only she can see the moving statues that are coming after her. Jessica, Miguel and Reese stare at her and can seem to understand what her problem is. She shouts out, ďThey are coming after me! They are coming after me.Ē Miguel tries to follow her line of sight and sees that she is looking at the statues along the walls of the room. They are not moving, but to Kay it seems like something is coming after her. She looks like she is fighting with the air. Jessica thinks that she could be having a nervous breakdown. Kay is fighting so hard, she falls down. Suddenly she is okay. Miguel and Reese go to look at the statues and check them out. Jessica thinks that Kay is losing her mind, or maybe this is just Kayís guilt working on her. Why didnít the rest of them see what Kay saw? Kay is frightened by that idea. Jessica thinks that someoneís conscience is working overtime. She must be feeling guilty. Jessica leaves the room and Kay turns to a statue. It turns in her direction slowly and winks at her. She runs screaming from the room. Jessica tells Miguel and Reese that she doesnít understand her sister anymore. Reese thinks that it is a wonder that any of them are acting normal. Miguel feels that Jessica knows more than she is saying. Why is Kay acting so strange?Ö Kay is alone outside the chapel when Father Lonigan walks by. He senses that someone is there and he demands to know who that is. She tells him that she went to talk to Miguel and chapel statues tried to attack her. They were calling her evil. Father Lonigan knows that the statues are from God and they want her to repent. She will not go to Miguel and tell him the truth. If she doesnít do this, she will not go to heaven. She has to tell Miguel the truth, the whole truth. She would sacrifice her soul to be with Miguel. That is a small price for her to pay. Father Lonigan is disappointed in her. Miguel doesnít love her and loves Charity. Kay remembers throwing the essence on herself. A bright light came over her and she felt all warm inside. She knew that she appeared to be Charity. She went straight to Miguel and he instantly knew that he was looking at the essence of the woman that he loved. He thought that Charity was her old self again. This relationship that she would like to have is based on a trick and will never work. Kay says that she could feel the passion of Miguel and she is sure that Miguel knew that she was Kay. She was there and she knows that this is going to work out. Kay is sure that Charity is going to die. Father Lonigan tells her that Charity has gotten a new heart, but Kay thinks that she could still die. If that happens, she will be there for Miguel. Father Lonigan tells her that what she wants will not last anyway. There is no love. Kay thinks that Miguel will commit in time because he is a good person. Kay needs him and she is sure that everything is going to work out just fine. She is fooling herself. Miguel comes up to the two and wants to make sure that Kay is all right. Father Lonigan leaves to pray for Charityís recovery. Miguel comes to Kay and tells her that she scared the hell out of them. She thinks that she was hallucinating. Reese thought that she might be. The night has been rough on all of them. Miguel needs to talk to her about this. He has to say something. He makes her sit with him. He tells her that he is sorry for accusing her of tricking him into bed. He is sure that she would never do that. He sees that she was a victim too. He is convinced that they were under a spell. He thought that he was making love to Charity. That hurts her. He canít explain it, but that is the reality. Kay knows that he loves Charity and that he would never sleep with anyone else. She starts to cry.

Eve and Pilar come to see Sheridan and Luis. Pilar says that Antonio is asking to see Luis and Sheridan. He wants to see the both of them. Luis refuses to go and see his brother. Sheridan tells Luis that she seems like she really wants to go and see Antonio. She tells him that she was the reason that Antonio got hurt. She owed some money and Antonio entered the race to get the money for her. She needs him to know that she is there. If he doesnít want to go in with her, that will be his choice, but he has to understand why she has to go in. She turns and walks in to see Antonio. Luis can see that Sheridan is in love with Antonio. That is why she needs to see Antonio. He remains outside the room. Luis tells his mother that Antonio has brought nothing but pain to the family. Luis is not going to forgive his brother. How can he be angry with anyone when Sheridan is back. Luis is grateful for that, but why did she have to come back with Antonio. Luis is not going to work with Antonio on anything. He is going to make Antonio understand that Sheridan is going to marry he and not Antonio. He walks off in huff.

Sheridan sits with Antonio and he tells her that he loves her so much. He calls Eve over telling her that he is the happiest man in the world. Eve doesnítí know what to say.