Passions Update Thursday 10/10/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
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Sam thinks that a part of Grace wanted David to say that he still loved her. David has been totally honest, and Sam would like Grace to do the same. He will believe her, if she looks him in the eye, and she tells him that she has no feelings for David. Sam wants the truth once and for all. He demands it. Grace canít tell him that she has no feelings. She canít lie either. She has some feelings for David. Eve and T.C. canít believe their ears. She loves Sam, but she has feelings for David. They do have a child together. David is Johnís father, just like Ivy is Ethanís mother. He doesnít want to talk about Ivy. Why not Grace wonders? What about the vision that he shared with Ivy and the kiss that he had with her. This has gone too far. Eve goes to get something to calm Sam. Sam wants Grace to admit that she has feelings for David and that she loves him.

Eve is outside, and she finds Ivy outside listening to all that has been going on inside. Eve demands to know what she is doing there. Ivy admits that she has been eavesdropping. She can see that a wedge has been put between Grace and Sam. Eve knows that she has been using David to manipulate Sam and Grace. Ivy loves Sam, and she wants him back. She thinks that she is getting what she wants. Eve says that she is not going to let Ivy do this. She is going to take Ivy in there and tell everything. Eve doesnít care that Ivy is going to tell the world all her dirty secrets. She grabs Ivyís wheelchair and pushes her into the house.

Antonio and Sheridanís marriage is taking place. Luis, Liz and Beth are watching the nuptials take place. Luis remembers Sheridan telling him that she canít risk Antonio dying. When it comes time for someone to say if Antonio and Sheridan shouldnít be married, Luis speaks up. Antonio demands to know what reason Luis has for thinking that he and Sheridan shouldnít be married. Luis tells him that Sheridan doesnít love him. Antonio thinks that Luis is joking with him. He laughs everything off. He thinks that Luis is pulling his leg. Antonio turns to the minister again and apologizes for his brotherís prank. The minister starts the ceremony again. Sheridan canít help looking back at Luis. Beth is loving every minute of this. She canít help smiling to herself. Liz whispers to Luis that he has to let them get married. Luis is not able to let Sheridan marry Antonio. He will not do it. The ceremony is almost over. Luis goes to stop the wedding and Liz tries to grab his arm and stop him. That is when she falls to the floor, unconscious, with a dull thud. Antonio and Sheridan turn to her and go running to her to see what is wrong with her. She is out cold and no one understands it. They revive her and have to get her to the hospital. Antonio knows that they canít get married with Liz ill like this. Liz is sorry that she has ruined the wedding. Antonio will not think twice about taking care of her. They all leave, but Luis and Sheridan.

Julian and Whitney are stuck in the elevator. He tells her that she will make better decisions if they get out. He is sure that all of her dreams will come true. She is comforted by his words.

Ethan is climbing down the elevator shaft and there is clear danger there. Theresa and Chad give him rope and slowly let him down, but there are sparks from the electricity in the wires, and he falls to the elevator, roughly hitting the top of the box that holds Whitney and Julian. Whitney and Julian hear the thud as Ethan hits the elevator ceiling. Theresa passes out. Theresa calls and calls to him, but there is no answer.

Whitney wonders what is happening. The whole car jolted. She thinks that they are going to die. The lights keep flickering on and off. Something must be coming loose. Julian wonders what it was that fell on top of them. He tells Whitney that they must remain positive that they are going to be rescued. She canít believe that they are going to be saved. Theresa might not have believed Julianís call to her and his cell phone doesnít work anymore. He knows that Cranes donít die in freak accidents. He is trying to think of something that is going to make them okay.

Tabitha thinks that Connie is good for something as they are able to watch the lives of the people in Harmony on the television set. Maybe that was beginners luck. Tabitha is going to be on her guard from now on. She is not going to let Connie interfere with her plans for the people in Harmony. Connie comes into the room with popcorn. She tells Tabitha to get her own, and she sits on the couch with a large bowl to watch Julian and Whitney in the elevator. Connie is bored with that. Tabitha thinks that the show is pretty good. Connie programmed the TV to tape the elevator accident so that she can watch it over and over again. Connie wants to watch something romantic. Tabitha waves her hand, and on comes Sheridan and Antonio getting married. Connie doesnít want to watch that. She wants to see a tragic ending. Tabitha is sure that this romance is going to have a tragic ending. Connie is happy to hear that.

Theresa thinks that Ethan is dead from the fall. She knows that he has hit the top of the elevator. Chad thinks that they have to get down there. They need help.

Ethan lies unconscious over the elevator car, and above him, the cables creak and strain to hold both him and the elevator from plunging to the bottom floor.

Whitney is sure that the elevator is going to crash, and that they are both going to die. He knows that she is going to live to change the things that she regrets. Julian knows that he has made some mistakes in his life too. He regrets every one of them. He has a flashback to being in bed with Eve long ago. He has regrets too. He used to love a woman long ago he says, and he still sees her around. Whitney has questions. She feels that he still loves the woman, as she can see that in his eyes. He is sure that it is too late for him and the woman. Whitney asks him who the woman is, that is the love of his life. Julian has never known anyone like Eve since he met her. She made him feel like anything was possible. She was innocent and had the most amazing voice. She was a singer and an incredible one. She had a great career, but then things change and complications arose. Chad thinks that Whitney should be a singer. He knows about music. Simone doesnít sing. Whitney thinks that she is the only singer in the family. Julian remembers Eve singing way back when. He tells her that she got her voice from her mother. Whitney wants to know how he could know that.

Tabitha and Connie see that Liz has fallen, and they hope that she is dead. Tabitha has done an exceptional job. Connie looks at her in awe. Luis, Antonio and Sheridan have been her masterpiece. She has been working to keep Luis and Sheridan apart for centuries. She wishes that she had the powers that she used to have. Antonio thinks that Sheridan is in love with him, but she is really in love with Luis. Connie wants to hear about their pasts. Tabitha tells her that millions of years agoÖ Never mind. Connie loves the way that Luis looks. She would have loved the way that Luis looked as a centurion. Sheridan was Cleopatra and Tabitha shows her footage of them on the screen. Connie laughs. This is better than a horror film fest. Connie loves it.

Eve wheels Ivy into the house. Eve tells them that Ivy has something to say. Ivy thinks that she has something to say. Eve prompts her to tell her news. Eve is about to tell the secret when the phone rings. Sam goes to the phone, and Theresa is on the line. She tells him that there is an elevator and it is going to crash. Sam canít understand her. Chad takes the phone. He tells Sam that he has to come quick. The elevator at Crane Industries is damaged, and something is wrong with Ethan. He has gone down the elevator shaft and has gotten electrocuted. Ivy hears him talking about Ethan and wants to know what is going on. Chad tells Sam that he thinks that Ethan may be dead.