Passions Update Wednesday 10/9/02

Passions Update Wednesday 10/9/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Sam and David are fighting. Sam is doing most of the damage. Eve and T.C. show up and T.C. stops the fight. Sam thinks that David is trying to stop the annulment. Sam vows that nothing is going to keep him from marrying his wife. T.C. is still holding him back. Sam gets loose and starts beating David again. Grace looks at the papers and she sees that David has written that he doesnít love her. Sam stops fighting. T.C. tries to make Sam see sense. Sam grabs the papers. Why did David do that? He said that he was going to write down that he loved Grace, but he changed his mind. He decided that there was nothing left for them. David knows that Sam loves Grace and he wanted to make it easy for them to get together. T.C. suggests that they go for a walk, so that Sam can cool down. Sam turns to David in friendship, but David tells him that all is forgotten. Grace turns to David after T.C. and Sam have gone and she tells him thanks before he goes to the washroom to clean up. Eve can see that Grace is shaking. Eve thinks that something is going on with her. Eve thinks that Grace is reacting to David not loving her anymore. Eve is her best friend and, she knows that Grace is feeling something for David. Grace says that she will be happy when this part of her life is behind her. She is glad that David has put this behind him. Eve isnít all that sure that Grace is through with David herself. The man has been madly in love with her.

Theresa tries to explain Whitneyís behavior to Chad. Chad canít understand her choosing her family over him. Theresa thinks that he shouldnít give up so easily. He would go to the ends of the earth for Whitney. Theresa knows that Whitney loves him, even though she isnít standing up for him. Chad thinks that it is too late for him. Ethan thinks that he should give Whitney a break. Ethan says that there is nothing that could keep him from being with the woman that he loves. Theresa hears him and remembers telling Whitney that a woman has to make her own destiny. If Cinderella were around, she would expect to get the prince for herself. That is what Theresa is going to doÖTheresa remembers finding the ring that Ethan has bought for Gwen. She thinks that proves the Ethan wants her too. She has the velvet box in her pocket now and she looks at the ring that he bought. She tells Ethan that there is nothing that would keep him from the woman that he loves. He doesnít understand what she is thinking. They are thinking different things. He turns back to Chad and tells him again that he has to cut Whitney some slack. Real love doesnít come around enough for him to miss this chance.

At Crane Industries, the repairman tells the assistant that it is a good thing that there are signs warning not to get in the elevator. Someone could get hurt.

In the elevator, Julian and Whitney are stuck. Whitney desperately punches the numbers trying to make the elevator move, but nothing happens. No one even knows that they are in there. Julian asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that she was there talking to Theresa. He would like to know what happened. The elevator moves and then suddenly stops. He hates that she was pushing the buttons the way that she did.

The repairman is working on the elevator and he knows that it isn'tí going to hold for much longer. Whitney and Julian are in grave danger. The repairman leaves the scene but not before putting a sign on the doors warning that the elevator is broken.

Julian gets the elevator phone and tries to call for help. No one answers. Whitney tells him to use his cell phone. He gets it out and Whitney tells him to not say that she is with him. That puzzles him but he agrees to her wishes. He makes to the call to Theresa, who ignores the ringing for a while and then goes to the phone. She hears Julian on the phone and he starts talking when the elevator shakes and almost knocks Julian and Whitney down. Theresa canít understand what is happening with the phone, but she is sure that Julian will call back if it is really important. She only cares for Chad and Whitney.

In the elevator, Whitney and Julian are on their bottoms on the floor of the elevator. Something is happening, but they are not sure what. They have no idea what is going to happen to them.

Liz talks to Antonio and she is glad to see him happy. He feels that he has just lost his best friend. She is sad for his condition, but he thinks that it is something else. Liz remembers Luis telling her that he and Sheridan are married. Liz thought that Antonio was crushed, but it turns out that he hasnít even heard the news yet. Luis tells her all about it. There are complications. Liz was scared by the way that Luis was talking to her. He tells her that Antonio is dying. The doctors say that he has a few weeks or months to live. Liz was devastated by the news. He had a head injury and the smallest upset can kill him. Liz knows that they have to do everything to protect Antonio.

Luis is upset with Sheridan for being in a position to marry Antonio. Luis thinks that she is falling for him. Luis offers to tell his brother the horrible truth. Beth stands nearby listening to their conversation. She only hopes that Luis doesnít marry Sheridan so that she can get him for herself. Sheridan couldnít stop him. What could she say to him to stop his wishes without hurting him? Luis doesnít believe that the man could die from hearing this news. Sheridan has to wonder if he would really gamble with his brotherís life when he could be wrong. Luis canít be apart from Sheridan for even one more day. Sheridan knows that their future would be doomed if they caused Antonioís death.

Outside, Liz is talking to Antonio when he suddenly falls to the ground. Liz goes to him calling his name. ďAntonio! Antonio!Ē He comes to, and Liz wants to know what is going on, but Antonio says that nothing is wrong with him. Antonio is sure that he will be fine when he comes back from his honeymoon. He is going to go back to Bermuda. He tells Liz that she will be handsomely paid for her kindness to Sheridan. Liz doesnít want anything from Sheridan. Antonio knows that Sheridan is going to want to reward her for her kindness.

Grace tries to envision David coming home to her. She would be in a fur coat and she would kiss him madly. Then she would push away from him and sit by the couch to put her leg on the coffee table to show off her legs and her sexy high heeled shoes. She would turn her back to him and drop her coat to show him her naked body. He would gasp at the sight of her. This was just a fantasy that Grace had. Grace thinks that maybe this has to do with Julianís feelings for Grace.

The elevator is still shaking unstably. Julian reaches for the phone again and dials. He calls Theresa again. Theresa answers finding Julian on the phone again. He tells her that he is stuck and that he needs help. Whitney screams as the elevator swings unsurely. Theresa recognizes her friendís voice and knows that Whitney is with him. Julian tells her that they desperately need help.