Passions Update Tuesday 10/8/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Sam paces back and fourth wondering when David is going to arrive. Sam says that he doesn’t trust David. Grace says that he will come. Sam reminds Grace that if David still loves her then they won’t get the annulment. Grace says that David will do what is right. Sam asks her why she is defending him. Grace says that she just feels sorry for him because he is losing someone that he loves. Sam says that he loves Grace, she is his. Sam says that he is not going to give them the annulment. Grace tells him to stop assuming the worst out of David. Sam asks Grace if she wants the annulment, or if she wants to stay with David. Grace says that she wants Sam. Sam says that if he was married to someone else, and he could see that they were happy then he would walk away. Grace says that she can sense the good in David.

Ivy wheels around to David and asks him if he is filling the papers out honestly. David says that he loves Grace. Ivy says that she will have Sam. David says that he is not going to be a part of this anymore. David says that he loves Grace and he will not hurt her. Ivy says that she can’t believe what she is hearing. Ivy says that she will expose David’s past. David says that he doesn’t care. He wants Grace, but only if she wants him. Ivy says that David is a fool living in fairytale land, she says that he should live there with Theresa. David asks Ivy if she can make Sam love her. Ivy says that Sam does love her. Ivy says that she will do anything to have Sam. She says that she will lie, cheat, steal, or even kill to have him. Ivy tells David that he doesn’t want to know what she has already done. Ivy says that she will ruin David’s life, and John’s life if he doesn’t do it. David says that he understands.

Theresa looks at the engagement ring with excitement. Whitney walks in and Theresa shoves the ring in her face and says "look."  Theresa says that the ring was bought at the same place that Ethan bought her first ring. Whitney tells her to stop. Whitney says that she needs Theresa to be there for her. Whitney says that the ring is for Gwen, not her. Theresa asks Whitney what is going on. Whitney tells her that she has to uphold the family dream of tennis. Whitney says that she can’t sacrifice her life. Theresa asks her what Chad said when she talked to him. Whitney says that nothing has changed, he can’t forgive her.

In an elevator, a maintenance man says that there is something wrong with the elevator. He tells her to make signs to put on it.

Chad sees Ethan and says that he is ready to help him get the stuff out of his office. Ethan senses that there is something wrong and asks Chad what is going on. Chad says that it is Whitney. Ethan says that she loves him. Chad says that she told everyone that she doesn’t love him. Chad says that maybe Whitney doesn’t love him. Ethan says that is not true. Chad says that it is over between him and Whitney. Ethan says that he didn’t do the right thing. Ethan tells Chad to look at the situation from Whitney’s point of view. Ethan tell him to put her feeling’s first. Ethan says that Whitney just needs time. Chad asks him how much time. Ethan says that it could take a while. Chad says that is a lot to ask. Ethan says that Chad will never believe who gave him advice last night. Chad asks him who. Ethan says that Julian did. Ethan tells Chad that Julian gave him fatherly advice. Ethan asks Chad if he can imagine his life without Whitney. Chad gets upset and says that he has to leave. Ethan chases after him and tells him to stay and talk. Ethan asks him if he would want Whitney to give up on him. Chad says that he will stay.

Liz says that she hopes they’re not too late. Luis says that they can’t be too late. They walk into the chapel and the justice of the peace says, "I now pronounce you man and wife" Sheridan turns around and sees Luis. Luis asks her how could she do this. Beth says “Well they're married.” Luis says “What the hell is going on.” The justice of the peace tells them that they are ruining it for the other couple. Luis looks around and sees another couple getting married. Luis says that they are not married. Antonio says not yet. Antonio says that is a good thing that Luis and Beth showed up, now they can stand up for them. Antonio says that Beth can be Sheridan’s matron of honor. Liz calls out for Brian. Antonio asks her what she is doing here. Liz says that Sheridan called her. Liz asks him if he wants to go and get some coffee. Antonio says that he would love to. Luis tells Sheridan that they are not going to get married, he won’t allow it. Sheridan asks him what took him so long. Luis says that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Sheridan tells him that she called him and left a message. Luis says that he never got it. Beth remembers what she did. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio backed her into a corner. Luis asks her if she really would have married him. Sheridan just looks at him. Luis says that she couldn’t get married without signing the marriage license. Luis says that she wouldn’t sign that. Beth knocks the license down onto the floor. Luis picks it up and says that Sheridan was really going to marry him.

Sam asks Grace if she is having second thoughts about the annulment. Grace says that she does want the annulment. Sam says that he doesn’t want to fight with her. Grace says that she doesn’t to either. David walks in. Grace asks him if he finished the papers. David says that he did. Sam yells that he put down that he loves Grace. Sam grabs David and punches him.

Whitney says that what ever decision she makes, someone is going to get hurt. Whitney says that she just wants it all to end. Theresa says that things are never hopeless. Chad walks in and Whitney yells “When can I be happy!” Whitney sees Chad and takes off. She runs into an elevator. Right after the door closes, a woman puts a danger sign on it. Chad wonders if he should run after her. Theresa says that she just needs time.